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Stephanie Merwin Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Stephanie Merwin Osh Kosh, Wisconsin Married October 11, 2014 With just a few months before the big day, Stephanie Merwin didn’t have much time to plan her wedding. “It all happened so fast – we got engaged and married within ten months.” Stephanie started looking for vendors online and quickly discovered Thumbtack. “I put in a request for a DJ, and the quotes came back quickly. I chose ...

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4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home

Your home is already pretty great. You searched for it and decorated it and you even (hire someone to) clean it. But it's still a work-in-progress - homes always are. Maybe your taste has changed ...

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How Improv Classes Can Change Your Life

For many of us, the idea of stepping onstage and being thrown into action without a script or prep time sounds terrible and definitely not how we’d choose to spend a Tuesday night. But improv teacher ...

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Celia Bigelow Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Celia Bigelow Milford, Virginia Married on October 18, 2014 When Celia went for her first hair and makeup consultation – just three weeks before her wedding – she panicked. Unfortunately it ...

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9 Questions Customers Have When Hiring a Professional

Reading your quote is the first step of a customer’s journey to accomplishing their project. To get hired, you’ll need to answer all your customer’s questions - even the ones they don’t know they ...

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Eva Harrison Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Eva Harrison Married August 17, 2014 Woodbridge, Virginia When looking for vendors online, Eva stumbled on Thumbtack and instantly became hooked. “I was married previously, so I know what it’s ...

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Need to hire a tax accountant? We can help

The single most feared date of the year: April 15th. The day that thousands of Americans rush to post-mark or e-file their taxes on time for Uncle Sam’s accounting. Don’t want to tackle this on your ...

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Diana France Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Diana France Atlanta, Georgia Under challenging circumstances, Diana planned a wedding that wowed. Many brides spend months or well over a year planning a wedding. But when Diana learned that ...

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4 Decorating Ideas For That Baffling Spare Corner

We all have that one spot we just don't know what to do with. It sits there, mocking us in its idleness, taunting us with its unmet possibility. Here are a few ideas on how to make that spare corner ...

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Liliana Arias Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Liliana Arias North Hollywood, California Married July 25, 2014 For Liliana, Thumbtack was crucial in planning a wedding in a different city. Liliana Arias lives in North Hollywood, but got ...

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An Important Deadline You (and your Small Business) Should Know About

A few weeks ago, a group of Thumbtack Professionals met with representatives of the Small Business Administration (SBA) to discuss issues that were important for small business success. We’ll be ...

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