10 Perfect Holiday Hostess Gifts

You're popular. You have things to do: parties to attend, galas to sweep through, dinners at which to be charming. Adding your own holiday preparations to the seasonal social whirl can make it easy to forget things like bringing a token of your gratitude to your host or hostess.  Of course, outsourcing your baking and party scheduling could free up some of your holiday hours. Here are ten great ...

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Cooking -compressor

Why Your Kids Should Learn To Cook

What’s the point of having kids if you can’t send them to the kitchen to make you a roast beef sandwich? With a little instruction, kids - even young ones - can make simple meals. “I love getting them ...

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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Interior designers have super powers. Like transforming an ugly or poorly functioning space into something stylish and useful. Saving your relationship from the doom of his black leather bachelor ...

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Getting Into Shape as a New Mom

Growing a baby is hard work. So is getting back in shape after the baby growing is done. At Thumbtack, we have access to thousands of fitness professionals across the country. So we decided to ask a ...

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Why You Should Take Up Yoga

“Whatever you’re looking for, yoga is the answer,” says longtime yoga practitioner and teacher Deborah Douglas. “Everyone benefits from the practice of yoga, from children to the elderly. We all gain ...

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Packing Away Clothes For The Winter

Autumn leaves mean more scarves and fewer beaches. If your summer clothes are sitting in your closet taunting you, now may be a good time to pack them away until the sun comes back. Properly storing ...

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5 Tips For Women Small Business Owners

Running a small business is rife with demands like finding customers, staying up to date with licensing, and filing taxes. Women-owned small businesses face a unique set of challenges. Not only do ...

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How To Make Your Wedding Ceremony as Amazing as the Party

Your dress fits like it was stitched by Cinderella’s magical cartoon birds. Your tulips match the Meyer lemon frosting. No violin versions of "Baby Got Back" can be wrangled from the string quartet, ...

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Dressmaker -compressor

How To Work With a Dressmaker To Make Your Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress is an emotion- and expectation-filled process. Not only should it fit perfectly while moving effortlessly from ceremony to pictures to dinner to dancing, it also needs to be ...

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Engagement -compressor

Enjoy Your Sparkly New Engagement Ring Without Stress

If your hand glitters with more enthusiasm than usual, you may have a brand new ring signifying your upcoming nuptials - and a really big party to plan. But don't wrench yourself from freshly-engaged ...

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Five Great Ways for Tutors to Find New Students

As a tutor, you know everything there is to know about ushering a better understanding of geometry, grammar or Ghengis Khan into a fresh young mind. But you may need some help finding those fresh ...

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