Cleaning dining table

5 Ways To Keep Your House Cleaner For Longer

You found the perfect house cleaner - on Thumbtack, of course. She’s the consummate blend of Alice from The Brady Bunch and Gloria from Modern Family. After she’s whisked through your home, it feels like it’s been touched with Pine Sol and magic. But three days later, the clutter begins to creep forward. In a week, the dust has settled. But she won’t be back for weeks. We can hear you panicking. ...

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First Class Utah team

Thumbtack Launches New Customer Support Team in Salt Lake City

This week marks an exciting milestone in Thumbtack history - the opening of our Utah office. We’re building an exceptional Customer Support team in this new location so we can provide the most ...

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California succulents

Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Now that we’ve spent months being drenched in rain and snow and hail, the crocuses are finally fighting their way to the surface. Help your garden put its best blooms forward by clearing away the dead ...

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Thumbtack Accountant

Solve Your Tax Woes with an Accountant

When you were a kid, April meant spring sunshine and bunnies and chocolate hidden in the planters. As an adult, April means incomprehensible tax forms and esoteric rules determining how much of your ...

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Living Room Corner

5 Ways to Improve Your Home With $250

You don’t like to brag, but your house is pretty fabulous. You have the perfect couch, compliment-worthy dishes, and the cat generally refrains from destroying the place. But there are always a few ...

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roofing work with flex roof

Thumbtack Survey of 8,500 Small Businesses Finds Majority Predict Muted Impact From Minimum Wage Increase

Congress has recently considered raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour. As this increase is debated across the county, there's one constituency that will be affected ...

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Thumbtack SXSW-43

Featured Pro and Mermaid Providers: Austin Occasions

Need a princess for your party? A tantalizing troupe of burlesque dancers? A mermaid? If you need an invitation that will be accepted by both royalty and fairytale fish alike, Maria from Austin ...

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Thumbtack SXSW-71

Featured Pro: Sleight of Mind

Need some magic in your life? Yeah, we do too. Lucky for all of us, Thumbtack is also a purveyor of wizardry. One of our favorite illusionists is Nathan Hadsall, founder of Sleight of Mind. He ...

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Chef and shift manager conversing after a meal

How To Be a Good Party Boss

Since SXSW is the bastion of all things party, your masterful soiree-throwing skills are a boon. Now that the party is covered, here’s how to graciously and effectively manage the service ...

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House Remodel - Thumbtack

Better Questions, Better Quotes

In order to get customers several great quotes, we need to understand exactly what they need: the types of records they want a DJ to spin all night, the kinds of cleaning products they want cleaners ...

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Mona Brooks

Mona Brooks uses Thumbtack to Grow Photography Business from Home

Mona Brooks has been a professional photographer in San Francisco for 11 years. While she began in politics (Mona was one of the photographers on Obama for America), she wanted more. Event photography ...

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