4th of July BBQ: 4 Simple Recipes from the Pros

Gegrillte Ananasringe mit Eiscremekugeln und Honig

We asked some of our top chefs on Thumbtack to provide some delicious and easy recipes for your 4th of July BBQ. From rubs to sides, we’ve got you covered. 3-Ingredient Marinade Recipe from Gianna Ianos of Divadish Kitchens. Here’s an easy marinade for pork, fish or beef. Ingredients 1/4- 1/3 cup of Olive oil 2-3 tbsps. of King's Rub 1/4- 1/3 cup of Lemon Juice, or Wine, or ...

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Featured Pro: Eddie Williams, Fireworks Shooter


Story by Eddie Williams What child doesn't love fireworks? I've been fascinated with them since I was a kid. Luckily, we had a family friend who had been doing professional displays for over 40 years and one day he finally called to ask, "What are you doing this summer?" The rest, as they say, is history. Along with fireworks, I’ve also always had a passion for event production: live ...

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4th of July Decor Ideas for the Porch, Party & Parade

decor post header image (1)

Independence Day reminds us of childhood summers. As soon as it hits July all I want to do is drink lemonade on my (imaginary) front porch and wave my American flag to the soundtrack of of hot dogs sizzling and “You’re a Grand Ole Flag” played by a live band led by Grandpa. I most remember my neighborhood houses and shop windows decked out in red, white and blue bunting. The star-spangled ...

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5 Reasons Why Americans are Choosing to Start Independent Businesses

landscape photographer

Before Tamara Paylor was a graphic designer, she worked in sales. While she had been doing a little freelance work on the side, the money at her day job was good and that’s just what people do, right? They spend 40 hours a week working for someone else as their passion projects simmer on the back burner. “It got to the point where I sat in my car or stayed home, figuring out ways not to do my ...

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Where are same-sex couples getting married in the U.S.?


In light of today's Supreme Court ruling, our economic research team wanted to investigate where same-sex couples have been getting married in the United States. Over the years, wedding officiating has been one of the most-requested professional services on Thumbtack, and we’ve helped thousands of couples in every state find someone to preside over their wedding ceremonies. We looked at ...

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Fun Father’s Day Crafts: This PTA Program Made it Happen

Father's Day Crafts: Photobooth

Elizabeth Slocum is a parent at a San Marino, California middle school. She co-chairs the PTA post Noontime Fun, which provides bi-monthly structured activities for the kids at lunchtime. At the beginning of the school year Elizabeth and her Noontime co-chair Illona published a calendar of events. They planned on organizing fourteen activities throughout the year - activities like cookie ...

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Revising our “Suggest a Question” Feature

Graph 1

We’ve been improving request forms for many Thumbtack categories. As a result, we’ve seen a significant drop in both the number of suggested questions submitted by professionals and the number of questions submitted to a customer. As of June 29, 2015, we will now send all suggested questions directly to our Category Management team rather than to individual customers. History of “Suggest a ...

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Christmas in July: Where is Santa Claus This Summer?

santa claus christmas in july

Tutors, photographers and event professionals usually see bumps in business during summertime months. But some professionals - think writers, designers and dog walkers - might experience the dreaded summer slump, a drop off that happens when families take vacations and businesses push back their goals. The same goes for our beloved Santa Claus. What’s more seasonal than a St. Nick ...

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Thumbtack Connect: Seattle Recap


Last month, 115 Thumbtack professionals got together in gorgeous Seattle to talk shop. And we're still buzzing from it. We knew you guys were great. We knew you had a lot to share - with us and each other - but we could never have imagined the magic that happened on May 27th. (For those of you who couldn’t make it or don’t live in the area, don’t worry, we’re definitely doing more of these ...

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Homeowners Spend More Than $9,000 Per Year in Hidden Costs & Maintenance Expenses


Owning and maintaining a house is much more than paying down a home loan. However, all too often buyers, especially first-time buyers, focus primarily on the sticker price of a house when determining how much they can afford, and don’t budget for all the other expenses associated with homeownership. To help buyers better plan for the expenses associated with homeownership, we partnered with ...

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