thumbtack wedding catering

How To Hire a Caterer For Your Wedding

Yes, you could ask your aunt Hilda to bake her famous lasagna for your wedding reception, but she may not be equipped to wrangle pasta for 200 people. Instead of begging a relative to spend three days in the kitchen, hire a caterer. We spoke with a few catering professionals to demystify the price and process behind that perfectly roasted Cornish game hen. Big Food On a Small Budget Wedding ...

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How to Spend Your Tax Refund if You Plan to Sell Your Home This Spring

Doing your taxes isn’t fun, but getting a refund is! For the past five years, the average tax refund has hovered around $3,000, which is plenty of money to spend on a shiny new gadget or a trip to an ...

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An Update on Credit Purchases

At Thumbtack, we're always trying to improve the experience for professionals because we don't succeed if they don't succeed. But we don’t always get it right. Last week was one of those times. ...

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Product Update: Purchasing Thumbtack Credits

The below post references product changes that are no longer accurate as of 3/26/2015. An update can be found here. ...

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how to write a quote

How to Write the Perfect Thumbtack Quote

Think of the last time someone helped you out in a way that felt like they understood precisely what you needed and were willing to do whatever it took to deliver. How did they act? What did they say? ...

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A Real Quote on Thumbtack That Got the Pro Hired

Colorado Entertainer Velvet Coleman has been hired 32 times on Thumbtack. Her well-crafted intro messages ensure potential customers understand the magic of her fun children's company. Here’s the ...

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Business Meeting in a Cafe

Get Hired: The Art of Landing a Job Through Messages

We know you understand how to craft an informative and enticing customer message, because you’re just that good. But if you’re still not hearing back from potential clients as often as you’d like, we ...

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wedding photographer thumbtack

Stephanie Merwin Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Stephanie Merwin Osh Kosh, Wisconsin Married October 11, 2014 With just a few months before the big day, Stephanie Merwin didn’t have much time to plan her wedding. “It all happened so fast – ...

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interior designer thumbtack

4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home

Your home is already pretty great. You searched for it and decorated it and you even (hire someone to) clean it. But it's still a work-in-progress - homes always are. Maybe your taste has changed ...

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improv classes thumbtack

How Improv Classes Can Change Your Life

For many of us, the idea of stepping onstage and being thrown into action without a script or prep time sounds terrible and definitely not how we’d choose to spend a Tuesday night. But improv teacher ...

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makeup artist thumbtack

Celia Bigelow Plans Her Wedding Using Thumbtack

Celia Bigelow Milford, Virginia Married on October 18, 2014 When Celia went for her first hair and makeup consultation – just three weeks before her wedding – she panicked. Unfortunately it ...

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