Featured Pro: DaKyissa Hall

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Makeup artist DaKyissa Hall - Thumbtack

I am a passionate makeup artist and educator that loves exploring the world. My company, Faces by Kyis, is about the art of beauty. I’m currently expanding my services to provide fashion styling, personal shopping and education to help my clients create and maintain a total makeover. The best thing about my job is that it doesn’t feel like work. I get to do what I love and connect with my clients like friends!

Atlanta Makeup Artist - Thumbtack

I’m a big fan of vision boards – the process of creating them always ends up sparking more ideas, so I always keep a pen and paper handy to write down every thought that pops up. My process always ends with a big brainstorm with mentors and friends who challenge my thinking and help me develop my best work.

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I usually work on a bunch of projects at the same time. Because my brain is always moving and thinking of new ideas, it can get hard to stay on task. This might sound crazy, but I know there has to be someone in the world that struggles with this too!

Makeup Artist Atlanta - Thumbtack

My background is in acting and modeling and photo shoots still give me that rush. On the flip side, I will never stop loving weddings since there’s so much happiness and love in the air.

Regardless of the job, the most rewarding part is that confident new smile on a client’s face. Nothing beats that.

Atlanta Wedding Makeup - Thumbtack

A great example is a recent wedding in Atlanta that melted my heart. From our first appointment, this wedding was the definition of a great time. Everyone was welcoming and so full of love. But the reactions to their new makeup was priceless, from the mother-of-the-bride to the bridesmaids. The bride herself looked stunning and you could tell she felt that way. It was one of the most rewarding weddings I’ve ever done.

Atlanta Wedding Photography - Thumbtack

Thumbtack kickstarted my career. My profile gave clients confidence in booking my service and, because of that, gave me confidence in myself as an artist. I’ve been able to book so many clients now! The fact that I can book work in any location is awesome given how much I love to travel.

Plus, there’s something so motivating about reading a client’s glowing review. I’ve had so much success through Thumbtack and I’m lucky to grow my business here.

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