New Feature: Track Visitors to Your Thumbtack Profile

You asked, we answered.

Starting today you can now track the number and source of visitors to your Thumbtack profile.

Want to know how many people have visited your profile over the last month, or over the last three months? You can now see that information.

Want to know how many of your visitors come from search engines, from landing pages, or from Craigslist ads? That information’s available too.

Included in your new traffic report is the number of leads we have sent you in the last month and over the last three months. We also show the number of messages that customers have sent directly to your profile.

If you’re seeing a lot of traffic to your profile – great! You keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Not seeing a lot of traffic yet? We’d suggest taking advantage of the marketing tools we provide to you, like sharing your listing on other websites and in social media, collecting more points so you appear higher on landing pages and in search results, and using our tool that allows you to post to Craigslist in one click.

You can find your listing’s report by logging in to your account and going here:


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