Dressmaker -compressor

How To Work With a Dressmaker To Make Your Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress is an emotion- and expectation-filled process. Not only should it fit perfectly while moving effortlessly from ceremony to pictures to dinner to dancing, it also needs to be the best and most memorable dress you’ve ever put on your body. No pressure. Here's the first step: breathe. Maybe you've been dreaming about this since you attached a kleenex veil to the head of ...

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Dog Photo compressor

Featured Pro: Lauren Roundtree

Lauren Roundtree has finessed the canine instincts of hundreds of dogs and over ninety different breeds, helping them learn obedience and manners. She can teach even the biggest, toughest dog to be ...

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Dessert Chef - compressor

Why You Should Hire a Dessert Chef For Your Garden Soiree

If you want a Pinterest-worthy garden party, don’t attempt petit fours and stunning tiers of whimsically decorated cupcakes on your own. Hiring a professional to give your guests the sugar high of the ...

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Ease of licensing and state friendliness

Is it Time to End Licensing Rules?

Responses from the 2014 Thumbtack Small Business Friendliness Survey demonstrated that service pros are more frustrated by professional licensing regulations than any other regulatory factor in their ...

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Why You Should Book a Photo Session For Your Newborn

 {source} It may seem like this new human will spend its entire life as a squirming, wailing meatloaf - at least that’s how it feels at the 3 am feeding - but they grow fast. Soon your baby is ...

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pricing services

Pricing 101: How to Price Your Services for Success

Here’s a major worry we’ve heard from Thumbtack professionals: “I’m worried that because I charge more than other pros, I’m getting undercut by my competition and losing work.” We hear you loud and ...

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Mike Yost - wedding

Featured Pro: Mike Yost

Business often feels like business - emails to be answered, clients to be coddled, bills to be paid. But sometimes business intersects the human in a way that feels downright transcendent. In a way ...

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Kids Birthday Party

Why You Should Hire an Event Planner For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Your daughter only turns nine once. Sure, you want to give her the pony rides and the many-tiered cake. But you also want to make it to her tenth birthday with your sanity intact. Lucky for your ...

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art classes for kids

Why You Should Get Your Kids Out Of The House This Summer

Why should you get your kids out of the house this summer? 1) You don’t want them going all Lord of the Flies and killing each other. 2) All those video games might disconnect their eyeballs from ...

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alexa eisner thumbtack

Featured Pro: Alexa Eisner of BabaChic

Story by Alexa Eisner, BabaChic Clothing is one layer of our identity and can be a tool to more consciously choose the way we want to represent our unique expression. I moved back to San ...

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Featured Pro: Mary Ashton

“I never wanted to teach yoga,” Mary Ashton explains. A yoga practitioner for fifty years - “I’m a child of the ‘60s, so I’m pretty old,” she laughs - she was driving to work one day and ...

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