Winter Garden -compressor

Put Your Garden To Bed For the Winter

Your garden has done its job, sprouting tomatoes and mint so you could make summer salads and mojitos. Now it’s time to give your garden a break by putting it to bed for the winter. Do this right and it will be rested and ready when the weather gets warm again. Since it's tempting to skip these last-minute chores - baking pumpkin pie sounds so much better than gardening when it gets chilly, ...

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alexa eisner thumbtack

Featured Pro: Alexa Eisner of BabaChic

Story by Alexa Eisner, BabaChic Clothing is one layer of our identity and can be a tool to more consciously choose the way we want to represent our unique expression. I moved back to San ...

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Featured Pro: Mary Ashton

“I never wanted to teach yoga,” Mary Ashton explains. A yoga practitioner for fifty years - “I’m a child of the ‘60s, so I’m pretty old,” she laughs - she was driving to work one day and ...

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Customer Spotlight: Dave Krauss

We recently talked to Dave Krauss, a Thumbtack user who recently did that terrifying “pack up all your worldly belongs and tote them across multiple state lines to start over somewhere else” ...

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French Lessons Baguette

Featured Pro: Liliane Daniels

Story by Li Daniels I love being able to share the beauty of the French language with people who are as lured by it as I am. Sometimes students come to me because they're seduced by the sound of ...

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Organized Garage

Hire a Handyman: Awesome Home Organizing Projects

You want to know where everything is, but your house is actively working against you. Sometimes houses do that. Once the missing socks and misplaced keys and homeless magazines pile up, hiring a ...

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Introducing Our Pro Success Team

Each day, more and more professionals like you are turning to Thumbtack to help grow their businesses. And with more than 60,000 pros quoting each month, we thought it was high time we took additional ...

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Socal Fitness Personal training

Featured Pro: Personal Trainer Steve Botsford

When you’re living with Parkinson’s Disease, what you most want to hear from your doctor is, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. It’s working.” Personal trainer Steve Botsford was found on ...

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Mobile DJ Thumbtack disco ball

Featured Pro: Forrest Loomis, DJ

Story by Forrest Loomis I was an executive in the corporate world for years. But I was also running sound for a very large church back in the mid- to late-‘90s, mixing sound for eight, ten, ...

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father's day fishing

6 Father’s Day Gifts That Will Remind Him Why Having Kids Was a Good Idea

You should probably thank your dad. Thank him for grudgingly sending you to that liberal arts college and for never putting any of your boyfriends in the hospital. Thank him for not sending you to ...

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national map

How friendly is your city?

What makes your city work? Is it the tax rate? Sound enforcement of regulations? Some other unknown piece of magic? For the third year in a row Thumbtack has partnered with the Ewing Marion ...

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