Day 1

People often ask me what the founding story of Thumbtack is. I’ll be honest: there was no eureka moment that makes for a neat founding myth. We didn’t start with a product in mind at all--we started with a problem. The unglamorous truth of Thumbtack’s origin is that we were a bunch of dorks who went looking for the biggest market inefficiency that we thought could be solved with technology. We ...

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father's day fishing

6 Father’s Day Gifts That Will Remind Him Why Having Kids Was a Good Idea

You should probably thank your dad. Thank him for grudgingly sending you to that liberal arts college and for never putting any of your boyfriends in the hospital. Thank him for not sending you to ...

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national map

How friendly is your city?

What makes your city work? Is it the tax rate? Sound enforcement of regulations? Some other unknown piece of magic? For the third year in a row Thumbtack has partnered with the Ewing Marion ...

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wedding cake service thumbtack

Featured Pro: Creative Wedding Cakes from Darmayne

You have a wedding coming up. You need a cake, you want it to taste good, and you don’t want the standard white tiered confection with a stiff bride and groom planted on top. But what do you want? You ...

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Kitchen Utensils

Organize Your Kitchen with Help from a Pro

Your kitchen is clean, but prone to paper bags cascading unexpectedly from shelves and disappearing cookie sheets. Doing the dishes is one thing, but diving into the Bermuda Triangle of tupperware is ...

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vacation rental services thumbtack

Make Your Vacation Rental Experience Even Better

You found the perfect beach bungalow on the perfect beach filled with attractive, scantily clad people. Now you just need to figure out how to not lift a finger for anything besides rolling over to ...

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College graduate first job

Prepare Your Grad For Life: Best Ever Graduation Gifts

Life beyond academia is filled with things like starched shirts and job interviews. Don’t make your favorite grad depend on the advice of great uncle Stu whose last job ended during the Carter ...

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andrew eng

Featured Pro: Andrew Eng, Massage Therapist

Never underestimate the power of an individual to make a profound impact on the life of another. When Andrew Eng bid on a job for a 28-year-old man who’d been in the hospital for almost a year after a ...

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Two Men & A Vacuum

Thumbtack Success Story: Cody is Cleaning Up In Columbus

Cody Warren's company, a high-end residential commercial cleaning company called Two Men and a Vacuum, has been on Thumbtack for about fourteen months, during which they’ve booked over 250 jobs. Using ...

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day-of wedding coordinator

Why You Need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

Wedding days are stressful enough without setting your train on fire as you try to light the candles at the reception. When it comes to details, don’t try to MacGyver your wedding day with your best ...

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Danielle Longoria wedding

Danielle’s Thumbtack Wedding

Cue the stampede. Once brides find out that they can hire everyone they need for their wedding in just a few days, the population of bridezillas will drastically decrease. Because planning a wedding ...

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