Why You Should Hire a Pressure Washer


If you’re planning to sell your home, go take a walk out your front door. How does the exterior of your house look? Does it have a visible layer of dirt from recent storms? Is your driveway spotted with oil and clogged with leaves? Hiring a pressure washer will make everything sparkle before potential home buyers come to check out your digs. "Power washing" is a bit of a misnomer. “We do use ...

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Preparing to sell your home? Hire an interior decorator

interior designer thumbtack

“Making sure your home is prepared for someone else to move in is key to increasing the value,” explains Tamara of the The Visual Merchandising Group. “Changes can vary from minor changes like de-cluttering and re-painting in neutral colors to major changes like installing new flooring or knocking down walls,” says Nicole of Nicole Marie Designs. “It's always difficult to definitively say what ...

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Packing for Your Move: Tips from Ramshackle Glam


We’re excited the share the second video in our series with Thumbtack’s Lifestyle Expert, Jordan Reid. Jordan is packing up her house in New York and used Thumbtack to find a mover to help organize and load up the trailer for her impending cross country move. A newly self-professed box-taping expert, check out Jordan’s tips to stay organized and sane during moving craziness. Over to you: Do ...

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How to Hire a Landscaper

Laying Sod

Your yard is the first thing people see, so when preparing your home to for sale, don’t forget the plants. Making sure it’s clean, attractive, and well-tended is an investment that could reap dividends at closing. Hire a professional landscaper to clear out debris, trim shrubs, trees, and repair fencing. They can also design and plant flower beds and create desirable outdoor living areas. “A ...

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Exciting New Partnership Announcement for Thumbtack & Ramshackle Glam

jordan family shot

We're excited to announce that Thumbtack has partnered with Jordan Reid of RamshackleGlam.com. Jordan is joining as Thumbtack’s Lifestyle Expert. If you follow Jordan’s blog you know she's about to move from New York to San Francisco, embarking on a coast-to-coast journey with her family. Thumbtack will be an integral part of the process and through a video series readers will be able to see ...

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How To Hire a Wedding Photographer

How to hire a wedding photographer

You want every glorious detail captured on your wedding day, but you probably don’t want to assign the job to your cousin with the semi-fancy camera. What if he gets drunk? What if his thumb is in half the shots? You only have one chance at wedding pictures, so you probably want to do it right. We asked a few Thumbtack pros to demystify the pricing behind those Pinterest-perfect photos and dole ...

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Thumbtack Professional News: Spring 2015


We’ve developed a communications plan that will provide more opportunities for you to give us feedback, provide more clarity about exactly what’s happening at Thumbtack, and give more useful information on how to make your business succeed. There are so many opportunities for us to work together -- here’s what we have planned so far for 2015, and some product changes we’d like your feedback ...

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A(nother) Real Quote That Got the Pro Hired

Camera Koala Thumbtack Photographer

When Miranda Sutphen, a photographer in Georgia, first discovered Thumbtack, she thought, “I’m going to pay someone to give them a quote? That seems backwards.” But she tried it anyway - and landed a job three hours later. “It all snowballed from there,” says Sutphen. She’s since been hired fifteen times on Thumbtack. But she did struggle to find the right wording for her messages. Her original ...

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How To Hire a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

makeup artist wedding

Every bride wants to glow at her wedding. But most of us need a little cosmetic help. Even if you’re the eyeliner master, hiring a professional eases stress and allows you to relax. We interviewed Thumbtack’s best makeup professionals for tips on how to find the right artist for your big day. How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist “Ask for pictures of their work,” suggests beauty coach DaKyissa ...

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10 Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid


If you've never built a room from carpet to ceiling rail, here's how to avoid the ten most common interior design mistakes waiting to trap the unwary. (Or you can stop reading now and just hire a professional.) 1) Mix It Up Scale is the first thing people lose track of when they’re designing a room. Too many small things and there's nowhere for the eye to land. Too many bulky pieces and the ...

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