10 Perfect Holiday Hostess Gifts

You're popular. You have things to do: parties to attend, galas to sweep through, dinners at which to be charming. Adding your own holiday preparations to the seasonal social whirl can make it easy to forget things like bringing a token of your gratitude to your host or hostess.  Of course, outsourcing your baking and party scheduling could free up some of your holiday hours. Here are ten great ...

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College -compressor

Back To College Resource Guide: Moving In

It’s that time of year again. Crisp fall air, fresh pencil shavings, chalk dust floating in the late autumn sun. Sure, iPads outnumber pencils these days, but you still have to move all those power ...

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Life Coach - compressor

Why You Should Hire a Life Coach

“Most people never stop and think about the sum of their life and how they spend their time,” explains life coach Gwen Paulson. Maybe you aren’t exercising or taking care of yourself, maybe you’re in ...

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Swimming Lessons-compressor

Why You Should Learn To Swim

Maybe you’re on a yacht and fall overboard. Maybe you discover an idyllic, Mark Twain-esque swimming hole. Maybe you’re caught in a biblical flood, Noah’s late, and you desperately need a back-up ...

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Day 1

People often ask me what the founding story of Thumbtack is. I’ll be honest: there was no eureka moment that makes for a neat founding myth. We didn’t start with a product in mind at all--we started ...

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Tai Chi-compressor

Six Reasons Why You Should Try Tai Chi

We’re all searching for stability in a constantly shifting world - and tai chi is a good place to start finding balance. Lessons learned in training can help when you lose your job, your beloved pet ...

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Tiles - compressor

Featured Pro: Ron Mielke

If you’ve ever taken a shower, you know how important tile is. After thirty years of finessing heavy squares onto walls and back splashes, Ron Mielke is a master craftsman. He’ll outfit your bathroom ...

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small business owner

The three things small businesses really want from government

Watch C-SPAN for more than 30 minutes, and you’ll likely see more than one policymaker sing the praises of one of America’s most celebrated groups: small business owners. And with good ...

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BBQ Corn

Why You Need a Personal Chef For Your Summer Barbecue

Did you know that barbecue isn’t just about hurling meat onto a fiery grill? We didn’t either. True barbecue is a leisurely process of smoking meats using different woods at low temperatures and ...

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Dog Photo compressor

Featured Pro: Lauren Roundtree

Lauren Roundtree has finessed the canine instincts of hundreds of dogs and over ninety different breeds, helping them learn obedience and manners. She can teach even the biggest, toughest dog to be ...

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Dessert Chef - compressor

Why You Should Hire a Dessert Chef For Your Garden Soiree

If you want a Pinterest-worthy garden party, don’t attempt petit fours and stunning tiers of whimsically decorated cupcakes on your own. Hiring a professional to give your guests the sugar high of the ...

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