Why You Need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

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day-of wedding coordinator

Wedding days are stressful enough without setting your train on fire as you try to light the candles at the reception. When it comes to details, don’t try to MacGyver your wedding day with your best friend and mother-in-law. You’ve already spent the money for the dutch chocolate cake – there’s no reason to skimp on the person who will make sure there are plenty of forks. Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator will give you time to taste the cocoa and smell the perfectly matched roses.

“The main reason a couple should hire a day-of coordinator is so they’re not running around like chickens with their heads cut off on their wedding day,” says Pennsylvania-based wedding coordinator Amy Hake. “If there’s an issue that arises, I take care of it. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the bride will have no idea a catastrophe has been avoided.”

Disasters a Day-Of Coordinator Will Manage

You want to wander amongst your guests and look radiant, not hustle over to drunk Uncle Herbert to remind him that he shouldn’t urinate in the potted plants. (Yes, this is a real thing Hake has done.) Nor do you want to scramble when a vendor runs late or hunt down a bridesmaid who goes missing twelve seconds before the wedding march begins to play.

As anyone who’s ever planned or even attended a wedding knows, these tulle- and tulip-infused events require a baffling amount of work and detail orientation – and it doesn’t stop once the day arrives. The chairs for the ceremony need to be aligned, the reception tables set, the center pieces placed, gifts packed, among countless other tasks. “The bride, mother of the bride, or maid of honor shouldn’t be expected to take care of these things,” says Hake. They’ll be trapped by a curling iron or the snapping of a photo lens and will barely have a chance to shove a bacon-wrapped asparagus spear into their mouth as it is. “This day should be enjoyed and savored, not rushed and stressed,” explains Hake.

The job title is a bit of a misnomer – a day-of wedding coordinator is more like a month-of coordinator. Most packages include a few in-person meetings, a venue walk-through, a day-of timeline, vendor confirmations, and rehearsal coordination. They take the planning you’ve already done and execute it as you become consumed by things like enjoying/avoiding your family and being photographed looking pretty.

“I’m a caretaker. I want everybody – the bride, the entire wedding party, family and vendors – to feel comfortable and well cared for,” says Hake.

Why You Should Hire Someone To Keep Guests From Peeing In the Potted Plants

You’ve spent months, maybe even years, and thousands of dollars getting ready for this day. Countless hours of weighing the merits of peonies versus petunias and servers versus buffets. “You should enjoy every second of the day, because it will pass in the blink of an eye,” she says. “You don’t want to be running around frantically trying to pull it all together.”

Hiring the right coordinator is like most other hires – find out what’s included, like how many hours they’ll work for you on your wedding day. Ask about past clients and how they’ve handled sticky situations. Trust your gut – does it feel like a match? Do they listen to you? Do they seem excited?

Best Tip for a Bride on Her Wedding Day?

“Eat!” Hake laughs. Make sure to eat breakfast and stay hydrated. “I often have to remind my couple to sit down at the reception and enjoy the meal they’ve chosen for their guests,” she says. “Eat, drink, and be married!”

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  • Bride2be

    Wow great advice.! What an awesome cordinator!

    • thumbtack_com

      We think so!

  • Chelle.

    This is great advice. I didn’t even think to hire a day-of coordinator, but I’ll definitely look into it!

    • thumbtack_com

      Right?! I’d never heard of them either until I started planning my wedding. Even if you do all the organizing yourself, it’s really helpful to have someone there to take over in case things go wrong and so you can sit back and enjoy your big day.

  • The Lovely Glass Jar

    Love this article! Many don’t realize what a Day-Of Coordinator does and how much they can help! We loved our coordinator!

  • Constance McCaul

    I thought I had everything taken care of for my wedding Day. We went with an all Inclusive Venue. (which relieved all of the stress). The Venue took care of everything! And I mean EVERYTHING from tables, linens, place settings, decorations, our DJ. I mean everything! All we had to do was pick out our choices for colors, linens, food, decorations, music etc. The Venue did all the work from set up to clean up. This was all done by a wedding coordinator and her very experienced staff. And when we figured out the cost, it was nearly the same we would of paid to run around and rent everything and do it all ourselves.

    That being said, I also had a “Day Of Coordinator” She was my life savor! He duties were vast and varied Boy did she have it covered! There are so many things that come up on the day of your wedding that you can never plan for. This wonderful girl even had extra black socks for a couple of the Groom’s Men who had forgotten to bring them to the venue. She made sure that the flowers got to the right people.(Corsages for the Mothers and Boutonnieres for the Dad’s and the Groomsmen). She even took time to make sure that the guys were dressed properly (believe it or not, some men have no idea how to put on a Tux) … and she made sure each had their boutonnieres pinned on correctly. Trust me, things would not have gone as smoothly with out my Day Of Coordinator <3 I am a big fan.

    • thumbtack_com

      Constance, this is an awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing. The black socks thing is totally genius.

    • thumbtack_com

      Constance, this is an awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing. The black socks thing is totally genius.