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  • Hypnotherapy, AcuPranic Therapy & Angel Therapy

    Duarte, CA · Direct Mindpower

    Direct Mindpower provides hypnosis for depression, anxiety, fear, stress and pain. Apart from that, their hypnotherapists offer hypnosis treatment to enhance creativity.

    5/5 stars 7 reviews · 9 credentials · $44-88 / hour · Licensed in CA

  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles

    Brian Green is a certified Hypnotherapist, a Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Hypnosis Professional Organization member. He deals with alcohol and drug problems as well as family, teen and couple's issues.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 8 credentials

  • Hypnosis

    Hermosa Beach, CA · Debra A. Cucci, MFT

    Achieve the change you want in life with motivation hypnosis from Debra Cucci. She also offers hypnosis for anxiety, pain, weight issues, and more.

    5/5 stars 8 reviews · 6 credentials · $125-150 / hour · Licensed in CA

  • Spiritual Healer

    Sherman Oaks, CA · Enter Your Mind

    Achieve your therapeutic goals through hypnotism by Doreen Cohanim. She provides hypnosis for sleep, stress, anxiety, impotence, past life regression as well as weight loss hypnosis, and more.

    5/5 stars 3 reviews · 5 credentials · $150 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis Certification & Success Coaching

    Burbank, CA · Hypmovation, Inc.

    Solve your problems in one or a few sessions with Hymovation's hypnotherapy services. These hypnotherapists are available for private sessions giving you adequate attention to help you face your life challenges

    8 credentials

  • Holistic Skincare, Massage & Hair Services & Healing

    Signal Hill, CA · Holistic Therapy & Beauty Spa Services

    For complete inner and outer beauty and wellness solutions, check out Holistic Therapy & Beauty Spa Services. They offer various services from relaxation hypnosis to hair styling, skincare, bodywork and more.

    5 credentials · $50-160 / hour

  • Hypnosis

    Tarzana, CA · Advantage Hypnosis

    Try the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss by hiring Richard Williams. He is one of the certified master hypnotists who offer efficient hypnosis sessions for weight loss, boosting confidence, and more.

    5/5 stars 4 reviews · 3 credentials · $150-200 / hour

  • Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Reiki Master

    Downey, CA · Self Help Los Angeles

    Armando Perez will the quality of your life to live your fullest. He offers hypnotherapy for weight loss, smoking, anxiety, depression, trauma, and phobia.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 6 credentials

  • Motivational Healing Hypnotherapy

    Los Angeles, CA · Peter Bedard Hypnotherapy

    Whether you need to remove creative blocks or let go of your fear and anxiety, get in touch with Peter Bedard. He is a professional hypnotherapist who specializes in motivational healing.

    5/5 stars 3 reviews · 7 credentials

  • Hypnotherapy Services

    Los Angeles, CA · L.A.B Hypnosis

    The team of hypnotherapists from LAB Hypnosis offer self discovery and healing through their life coaching, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing and discovery services.

    7 credentials · $75-125 / hour

  • Excellent Therapeutic Massage

    Los Angeles, CA · Best Mobile Massage

    Experience massage therapy with Sasha Lauren. She offers reflexology; Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, and Thai massage; energy work, and hypnotherapy sessions.

    4 credentials · $95-115 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy

    Los Angeles, CA · Soul Horizons Hypnotherapy

    Need hypnotherapists who has years of training on meditation and psychology? This professional offers quality hypnosis therapy services, which include works on weight loss, sports performance, and more.

    8 credentials · $75-150 / hour

  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

    Glendale, CA · Inner Quest Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

    Work through your emotions and achieve fulfillment by utilizing therapeutic hypnotherapy. They offer hypnosis for phobias, regression, smoking, stress, weight loss, self-esteem and more.

    5 credentials

  • Safe, Effective Hypnotherapy Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Power Journeys Hypnosis

    Let go of your inner fears and learn to embrace change through certified hypnotherapist Lynda Malerstein. She offers hypnosis for health, body image issues, fertility and anxiety release.

    4 credentials · $75-100 / hour

  • Hypnotherapist

    Santa Monica, CA · Hypnotherapy & Wellness

    Stop smoking thru hypnosis with Andrea Squibb. She's a professional hypnotherapist and specializes in offering clients hypnosis therapy for anxiety, smoking cessation, confidence building, and more.

    3 credentials · $50-75 / hour

  • Memorable Events & Outstanding Service

    Vista, CA · Amazing Hypnotist James Kellogg Jr.

    Get 100% high-energy entertainment when you check out this provider who offers full entertainment services and entertains you and your guests with hypnotism. He is a licensed hypnotherapist.

    3 credentials

  • Erotica Hypnotist & Behavior Modification Specialist

    Winnetka, CA · Mistress C

    Transmute undesired behaviors with hypnotherapy from Mistress Cie. She has 7 years experience and specializes in erotica hypnosis relaxation as well as hypnotism for weight loss, pre-ops and more.

    3 credentials · $250-300 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy, Body Language, Personal & Professional Coaching

    Los Angeles, CA · Mark Edgar Stephens, C.Ht.

    Change the way you feel about yourself through hypnotherapy with Mark Edgar Stephens & Associates. They use hypnosis to modify your body language and behavior in order to improve yourself.

    5 credentials · $150-180 / hour

  • Intuitive Hypnotherapy

    Los Angeles, CA · The Green Heart

    Healing Quintessential provides healing and change facilitation through hypnotherapy. Their certified hypnotherapist specializes in financial and self improvement, addiction, weight shift and more.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 4 credentials · $100 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy

    Los Angeles, CA · Cindy Lee Hypnotherapy

    If you want to manage your pain or stop smoking, get in touch with Cindy Lee. She is a professional hypnotherapist who also uses neuro-linguistic programming in her services.

    3 credentials · $120 / hour

  • Hypnotherapist

    Granada Hills, CA · Breaking Free Hypnotherapy

    If you want a certified hypnotherapist who offers weight control hypnosis, choose Susan Fuchs. She also helps her clients in smoking disconnection, stress reduction and many more.

    5/5 stars 2 reviews · 3 credentials

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

    Tarzana, CA · Carol Rodriguez

    This certified hypnotherapist offers treatments that range from self-esteem hypnosis to regression hypnosis and even hypnotherapy to stop smoking. She also does hypnosis for confidence, and more.

    4 credentials · $75-125 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy & Eft

    Northridge, CA · Mobile Mind Repair

    Get in touch with professional hypnotherapist Regan Forston. He provides mobile hypnotherapy which addresses anger and pain management, anxiety, fears and phobias, and more.

    6 credentials · $125 / hour

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trainer

    West Hills, CA · Hypnosis 2000

    Teresa Van-Zeller does hypnosis for pain management, weight reduction, smoking cessation, fertility and more. She also offers a hypnotherapist training course.

    3 credentials · $125 / hour

  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Scripting Your LifePlay

    Try this therapist's EFT and NLP hypnosis to stop smoking, reduce stress, increase confidence, overcome stage fright, sleep better, improve mental and physical performance, and many other benefits.

    4 credentials · $87-100 / hour

  • Weight-loss Program

    Orange, CA · Angela International

    Angela Schmidt provides hypnotist weight loss program to help you stick with your diet. She also uses a body-type-based system where food is uniquely designed to suit your taste.

    3 credentials

  • Hypnosis Products & Private Sessions

    Beverly Hills, CA · Beverly Hills Hypnosis

    Looking for the best way to quit smoking, lose weight, increase self-confidence or exercise motivation? Try hypnosis CDs and MP3s as well as private hypnotherapy sessions from Beverly Hills Hypnosis

    3 credentials · $150 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy

    Brea, CA · Purpose Driven Hypnotherapy

    Regain your confidence with the help of William Engle. He provides hypnotherapy services including weight control and stop smoking hypnosis, and anxiety, fear, phobia, and stress removal, and more.

    3 credentials · $160 / hour

  • Success Coaching, Time Line Therapy & NLP With The Magic Man

    Burbank, CA · Hugo Doig- The Lighthouse Within

    Looking to find a hypnotherapist who provides in-home sessions? Check out certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Hugo Doig. He specializes in hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy.

    3 credentials · $150 / hour

  • Hypnotherapy

    North Hollywood, CA · Breakthrough Hypnosis

    Get professional hypnosis treatment from certified hypnotherapist Carrie Freeman. She provides therapeutic procedures to assist her clients in obtaining emotional healing and overall wellness.

    3 credentials · $150 / hour

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Services

Provided by: Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles

Mind Gate to Change

Do you want to enhance your internal or external life? Change the way you think, behave, feel or function in some way?

Influence your subconscious mind to accept new beginnings for positive changes. Feel more fulfilled as you live more of the life you've always wanted, and create rapid powerful positive change with experienced and certified hypnotherapist Brian Green.

He is an experienced and certified clinical hypnotherapist as well as a certified chemical dependency counselor, who has been providing positive changes for 14 years.

"Reducing pain and suffering, increasing joy of life, one client at a time." is his ultimate goal.

Brian has worked with most ages, ethnicities, religions and sexes with difficulties in interpersonal relationships, pain, health, addiction, eating habits, anorexia, cancer and many more. He prides that 80% of his clients see big positive changes within 4 sessions, sometimes sooner; and gained access to deep levels of the mind and bring about change in behavior or alterations in psychological states.

Hypnosis is not an experience of an old man swinging a small pendulum to and fro in front of your eyes whilst instructing you to sleep, albeit hypnotherapy has an influence on your subconscious mind. It wont made you say or do something that is against your will. Hypnosis is a state of physical relaxation induced by mental concentration that allows your subconscious mind to predominate and promote positive attitudes, self-sufficiency, confidence and competence in coping with different issues affecting your daily life.

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