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We do it all, from roof to basement, decks, painting, plumbing, and electrical.

No job is too small!

References and pictures are available.

We have over 18 years of experience.


111 Stoner Avenue,Westminister,MD
Westminster, MD 21157

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  • 5/5 stars January 15, 2015

  • 5/5 stars December 19, 2013

    Jacop, I have to say was one for the best contractor/hand man I've come across! Since he did most of his training in Italy, he learned the "old world" way. Jacop came to fix rotting wood on my doors and windows. During the process he would make suggestions on how to do things, and he would tell me from cheap to expensive and be very honest on which way to go. It was refreshing to have an honest person as they are very hard to come by nowadays. Jacop came in on time and on budget. Since he was so great, he will be coming back to do lots more work around my house to include refinishing my basement to putting up a fence. I have also recommended Jacop to my family members who have hired him to complete their master bathroom.

    I look forward to having Jacop come back to start all the jobs I have waiting for him!

  • 5/5 stars November 14, 2013

    Jacop just finished our roof extension over our upper deck. It was a large job and Jacop and Blas did a wonderful job. Can't wait for summer to really enjoy it.

  • 5/5 stars September 14, 2013

    Mr Pano refenish my basement, renew my kitchen in the second floor and install my hardwood floor.
    He did a wanderful work, clean and Perfect.
    Michele Santulli.

    Jacop P. from A-Z Home Improvement replied to this review on September 14, 2013:

    Thank you Mr Santulli,
    Grazie Signor Santulli, Davvero e' un emmensso piacere lavorare per lei.
    Jacopo Pano

  • 5/5 stars June 18, 2013

    Jacop redid pur porch posts and powerwashed the floor on the porch. He painted our crawl space door and changed the wood around it as it was rotting. The new frame on which the crawl space door sits was very well done. Thank you!

    Jacop P. from A-Z Home Improvement replied to this review on June 18, 2013:

    Thank You,
    Grazie davvero, qualunque lavoro per la sua casa, la proreieta' e' sua .

    Jacop Pano

  • 5/5 stars April 23, 2013

    Jacop was a pleasure to work with. He was flexible, communicative and brought lots of good ideas to the table. I'd gladly work with him again. Jacop worked on a project at my home that consisted of painting, tile work, wall removal and repair. He made a great competitive estimate, responded quickly when I emailed him, he communicated about timing and did an awesome job on the project.

    Jacop P. from A-Z Home Improvement replied to this review on June 18, 2013:

    Thank you, it's a pleasure doing work for you.
    Jacop pano

  • 5/5 stars August 31, 2010

    Back in 2007 we contracted Jacop to remodel our house.
    His price was very compatative, that we thought that the result might not be as we would hope. Jacop proved us wrong; not only did he transform our house, but he exceeded our expectations. The quality of his work, the passion that he has for his own creation is beyond and above any words that we could ever say. Jacop is a master of what he loves to do. He does not do it for money, although he needs it, but he does it becasue this is what he loves to do. I do not think that any one would ever match or come close to what Jacop can do.
    I wish him all the best.

  • 5/5 stars August 30, 2010

    Jacop did an excelent job remodeling our living room, dinning room and family room, his work was very neet, beside that you can count on him with every thing the house needed, electrecal, paint, cabinets, plummbing, instalation, and you can depend on him for what ever you need, so i recomend him to every one he needs a good home improovement job

    Jacop P. from A-Z Home Improvement replied to this review on November 17, 2013:

    Thank You

  • 5/5 stars August 29, 2010

    Jacob did a large blown-into walls insulation job for me. I wanted the walls to be packed with insulation - not just blown in. I had read that this increases the R-value. He did an excellent job that exceeded my expectations, has the ability to communicate with a customer when problems arise and goes the extra mile (if you can not understand his English [he's Italian] for complicated explanations of why something has to be done, he will arrange a time when his wife (American)can speak with you and straighten out miscommunication), is a pleasant personalty to work with, will not leave a job until you are satisfied (within reason - he has other customers too) and the job was priced BELOW other contractor estimates. In addition, he did extra work (for extra pay) = put in an access door to my bathroom tub, shaved off the bottom of a door that was hitting the heat register etc. He is VERY SKILLED. I am working class and grew up around and doing house projects. This man knows what he is doing and he knows building code requirements. If you need your walls re-plastered or patched = after he is done, you will not see the patch. I can not say enough good things about Jacop. I understand from one of his other customers that he is an excellent tile man = he is Italian; all the famous tile work done in turn of the 20th century Newport, RI mansions was done by Italian men, who were hired directly from Italy for the job. I have highly recommended Jacop to my friends - something I do not usually do.

Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

I am very fortunate that I provide work for houses from roof to basement.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Hire someone who is able to provide you with a warranty for his work.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. Everything.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

Decide on the exact work that needs to be done
and provide accurate measurements to the contractor.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. I was trained in Italy where the best
tradesmen and artists come from.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy improving the beauty and increasing the
value of other people's homes.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

Can you provide me a quote for plumbing, electrical, and contractor work? Yes I can. I was trained in all of these areas in Italy.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

My projects are my life and my passion.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

I love to perform an excellent job on my projects. I also love to work so I charge less than my competition and my clients love me both for my price and quality of work.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

I come from a family of talented craftsmen from Italy.
I was encouraged by my uncle to go into home improvement because he knew I loved to create
beautiful homes.

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

I transformed an ugly, unfinished basement into a
modern, attractive apartment. The client, his family, and neighbors complimented me on the job.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

I stay up to date in my field by consulting with other contractors as well as with the professionals who work at Home Depot.

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

My most recent project was to install 9 windows. I charged $250 per window for labor only. I was able to complete the project in 2 days.

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

Treat people honestly and with respect and they will be a long-term client for your business.