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DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment Wedding & Party DJ's

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About DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment Wedding & Party DJ's

hired 26 times on Thumbtack

We know that you want only the best and most experienced DJs at your once-in-a-lifetime event to provide flawless service, but at reasonable prices. Too many times, we've seen low-budget and inexperienced DJs get hired and perform weddings. With every guest watching and judging, you need perfection. With over 3,000 events completed since 1999, we've maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. This is proven success, and no other company works harder than we do!

We've also seen those same "low-price-leading" DJs back out of events and weddings at the last minute or show up with poor sound that you can barely hear, or even play the wrong first dance song, or play no songs at all! We then get that dreaded call on a Friday (or even Saturday) to see if we have a DJ available. That's why we can confidently write our guarantees to you in our contracts that we also sign with you. Their "pitch" sounds perfect, but ours is always written and guaranteed.

Choosing a high-class professional DJ company is crucial to the success of your evening. We are the leading professional, high-end but affordable DJ service company. We flawlessly provide high-end music, sound and DJ services, which include all types of music, our high-end HD equipment, lighting, and wireless mics.

With our award-winning online planner, you can pick all your music, or our extremely knowledgeable DJs can pick a lineup suited to your tastes. We also include a "Do Not Play" list for those songs you don't want played. We also do the MC (master of ceremonies), which are all the announcements. All your planning can be done via our website; just click on "wedding planner" on our website. We can obtain 99.9% of all music and have millions of songs in our database!

Karaoke? We can do it solo for a party, add it to your wedding, or have the amazing sound and DJ with karaoke at your bar. Over 45,000 songs are in our database!

Our equipment is perfect for all indoor or outdoor events. We are providing outstanding HD sound. Many brides and grooms require their reception entertainment to be absolutely outstanding. Our professionalism, experience, and sound make us one of the top choices when brides and grooms are searching for the perfect DJ company. "Discount" companies charge so low that they have no other choice but to provide less-than-par services.

Photo booth services are now available! It's normally $895. Thumbtack customers get it for $595. Our DJ prices start at $495 and up. Three-, four-, five-, six-, and all-day packages are available as well as ceremony services.

We now offer financing: 0% interest, no credit checks, down payments can be on the day of your event, and no payments before your event. See if any other company offers you that!


Minneapolis, MN 55441

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  • 5/5 stars March 30, 2015

    We chose DJ Sound because they weren't just a 1 DJ company. We used them for our wedding this weekend And picked them beca use they allowed us to pick our music and have the DJ do just as we wanted. I should say, they hit a home run. We expected a home run because of all the 5 star reviews...and nothing less. They had EVERY song we requested. Out of all the other DJ's we talked to, they were the most educational, informative, professional, and personal.
    HINT: ASK THEM FOR A TUMBTACK DISCOUNT. we didn't use this service, but a friend who did and booked DJ Sound thru Thumbtack gave us the referral. they gave us 20% off their prices. :)

    Best wedding referral we got. Would recommend them to everyone.

    Email me with questions any of you have!

  • 5/5 stars March 25, 2015

    How could we not love this company. 6 times hired for all our family parties and weddings...and they keep getting better and better! Will keep on using them...forever!

  • 5/5 stars March 24, 2015

    My experience was outstanding. I wanted a DJ for my party that had experience as a club DJ And the sound to go with it. They brought it all! They made my party amazing. The DJ actually mixed the music really awesome. The DJ came with turn tables. My sisters DJ last year was lame. All he used was an ipod....and it sucked. I'm so glad I went with this company and hope you do too! Of course I'd recommend them to every one for their party or school event! Thanks guys!

  • 3/5 stars January 22, 2015

    Hired DJ Sound Production for a party because they specialized in Karaoke, well they had next to nothing to choose from which is a big bummer as that was a huge reason to hire them. Our guests were disappointed cause every song they picked he did not have.
    If you want a DJ that plays music they are good for that.

    DJ Sound P. from DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment Wedding & Party DJ's replied to this review on February 3, 2015:

    A reply to our review. We tried to call Veronica after the event to follow-up and get her opinion and didn't receive a call back and then saw this review. Although we appreciate the compliment on on the music playing part, I would like to touch on the karaoke portion since that is what is in question.

    After talking with the DJ, he did note that some requests were made that we didn't have. However, the guests did find songs that they wanted to sing and sung them.

    We have over 55,000 titles. One of the largest databases of karaoke on the midwest and a huge investment. However, not all artists release their songs to be remade into karaoke and sung by others. If we make them, it's a copyright violation and being a properly registered company with the music industry and the State of Minnesota, we do not infringe on those copyrights. With millions upon millions of songs out there, we can't have them all unfortunately and as every karaoke event goes, there will be some titles that just aren't made into karaoke versions. Some artists release them for a short period of time, and then stop the release making the selections hard to obtain.

    We get asked if we can pull from YouTube among other online video sources. WE can not as we do not have permission to use these videos "for profit". They want us to pay for them. That would be copyright. So just because they are on youtube, doesn't mean their for sale. We are limited to the sources that we have to purchase legal music from.

    On the night in question, our DJ stated people did sing, those that wanted a song that we didn't have, picked other ones they wanted. He didn't get anyone telling him otherwise that night or any concerns were brought up. He also stated that he did have the party dancing (which is the positive review part). We also have our complete karaoke list on our website to view publicly before anyone purchases our services.

    I'm sorry to hear that guests were disappointed in not having selections that they may have wanted to sing. We will keep adding to our database of karaoke songs to make sure that we maintain the biggest database of any company in the midwest. Thank you!

  • 5/5 stars October 13, 2014

  • 5/5 stars August 31, 2014

    I was very impressed with DJ Sound's professionalism. Though we did not chose them based on price? I was impressed with their business practices and quick responses. They would be a great company for any event!

  • 5/5 stars August 22, 2014

    Thank you for your outstanding service! We searched for the best Minnesota wedding DJ in Minneapolis and out of all the DJ's we heard from, this company was hands down a no brainer. They had so many karaoke songs and even got special ones that we asked for! The online music planner was great for picking our songs and adding to the DO NOT PLAY list they had. We also were able to see them at their weekly venue Stars & Strikes and loved the karaoke there that they do. We had a blast all night! Great job!

    Stacy Fontainis (August 16th, 2014)

  • 5/5 stars August 19, 2014

    What can we say but....PERFECT! I've never seen a DJ work do hard before! They knew exactly what to do to make our night happen! They knew what we wanted before we asked him! This was my 2nd wedding. I thought my 1st wedding DJ was great but...not after I saw what this company does and can do. Here's the list me and my husband loved!!

    - They allowed us to pick all our music
    - The DJ Sound system was PERFECT sounding and was new
    - The DJ made sure the photographers, venue, and food was all ontime!
    - They emailed us on a regular basis to check in
    - I can call them at 10:00 pm which I needed to!
    - They kept people dancing all night. And that's not easy with out 60 people.

    I definately would recommend them to EVERY Bride and groom having a minnesota wedding.
    Great job guys! A night well never forget. Thank you!

  • 5/5 stars February 4, 2014

    We took this task of writing a review on ourselves. We hired DJ Sound Productions with the expectation that all DJ Companies are the same. NOT TRUE. I'll list the highlights below.
    - Luke answered the phone for our questions at 10pm
    - They had the best sounding equipment (I have a music education in engineering)
    - They did play ALL our requests
    - The DJ actually followed the format that WE wanted

    The work that the DJ put in on the night of our wedding was outstanding! He worked with our people to make sure that dinner was served according to our schedule, that the 1st dance was exactly at the time we wanted, and announcements were done exactly as we wanted them.

    What could have been better? We really tried to think of something that could need improvement, we honestly did. Maybe not work so hard and make our wedding coordinator look so bad?? We realized that we didn't even need a wedding coordinator. it was an awesome job done and well deserved tip at the end of the night. Hats off to one of the best wedding DJ's in Minnesota! Thank you for a perfect night!

    Lori & Nathan Tanza -

    DJ Sound P. from DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment Wedding & Party DJ's replied to this review on February 4, 2014:

    Tanks Nathan! My DJ said he had a blast! Any referrals get 25% off their wedding package and you get 10% as well! Thanks you and best of wishes in your future!

  • 5/5 stars November 26, 2013

    We hired DJ Sound Productions and their DJ who they call one of two of their best DJs (Headliner DJs), DJ Mike. They claimed that it would be worth the price. We had a budget of $900. However, Mike was $1500. So we thought we'd take the chance and roll the dice to get the best DJ in Minneapolis and Minnesota as they claimed. They had a guarantee in the contract that if they didn't fulfill the contract obligation, we'd get our money back.

    What was the result? THE BEST PARTY EVER!! Hell yea! Just like on TV! He was the real deal. I've only herd this stuff on TV. After we had our party, we actually checked out this DJ. Yep...a Star! This company knows what they are talking about!!! When they say the best....I'll never challenge them again. The sound was totally like the clubs sound! Good Bye Cheesy wannabe DJ's in Minnesota, because were stuck on this company. Email me if you want the full story!

  • 5/5 stars November 7, 2013

    This is my first time working for DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment. We usually have couple parties a year at our house and we were not happy with the past DJ we used, so we decide to go with DJ Sound Productions. We were beyond pleased with the music choice, the equipment and the professionalism. The DJ came early to set up and played a great list of songs for our 80's theme party. We had a big crowd in the dance floor until 2 AM!! I will definitely hire this company again.

  • 5/5 stars May 20, 2013

    Awesome Service! PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. I just rave about this company. From the moment I landed on their web site to the moment of our last song, miracles happened! High tech company with absolutely everything I could have wanted and more. They made music specially for my walk down the isle. They had all the music we wanted. The owner (Luke) was outstanding and extremely helpful every step of the way. I can't say enough good about this company and making our wedding better than anyone thought. Kudos! I recommend them for EVERY wedding in the Minneapolis Area. Thank you!
    Mr & Mrs Geving

  • 5/5 stars March 29, 2013

    Amazing. This company is highTech! Brandon & I got every dollar worth. We searched just about every Minnesota wedding DJ service in Minneapolis and we definitely chose the best. From their way of signing the contracts to the hightech equipment. We didn't want "another I-Pod wedding" or a simple "push play" kind of DJ or the "old guy" hitting on our bride's maids.....again. It was the small things that made this company perfect. From being able to call at 8pm to getting a few small details added on the online planner so that I could add that to my daily plans. No fluff and they pleased a very hard to please group. Outstanding. Thank you!

  • 5/5 stars January 11, 2013

    My name is Scott and my wifes name is Stacey. We used DJ Sound Productions for our New Years Eve party and they did one amazing job. We needed a professional to knock the party out of this world with mixing old school "oldies" to a beat. They did it! Perfectly. I've never seen a DJ so focoused on his music and make music that was so cool, but never herd it done that way before. These are the party guys!

  • 4/5 stars November 13, 2012

    We were skeptical about the reviews. The program said 1 thumbtack job completed, but we contacted three and the reviews are as stellar as they say. So we gave it a go!

    We hired them for our Karaoke party in Maple Grove and were VERY impressed. We paid $350 for the 4 hours and asked them to stay for one more. They charged us $50 for the extra hour and we tipped $40.

    PROS: The DJ was great in picking music. They had every Karaoke request and a HUGE list of songs. Their sound system was awesome. Their Music planner helped sooo much in planning our night. Our friends were able to also use the planner to request songs pre party. The DJs turn tables were awesome to see him use them.

    CONS: (4 star reason) They showed up about 45 minutes earlier than they had told us. The Karaoke book was massive making it hard to look thru all of it and one of the two mic cables went bad, but they did have about 5 backup cables and was replaced in minutes. We are a VERY pick family though.

    Would definitely recommend.

  • 5/5 stars October 12, 2012

  • 5/5 stars October 2, 2012

    I would have all the reviews on here were a "farse". NOPE! They are all true! We hired them for our sweet 16 DJ in Minneapolis at the hotel, and my daughter has the best time and the DJs skills were amazing! He mixed music together so none of it stopped. never once was there a stop in music. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Thank you! A night to remember!

  • 5/5 stars October 2, 2012

    I can not believe how amazing this company is! So many DJ choices, but is what sold us was the fact that they had a written guarantee. Also, they had a resume that matched their statements! Then on the day of the event, it was a marvel to see the system the DJ had. Not to mention the execution of the event was near perfect! As a military family, we are trained to notice detail, and this DJ company has it!!

  • 5/5 stars September 19, 2012

    We used DJ Sound Productions for our wedding reception in Duluth MN on the Lake superior shore for our Ceremony and reception. It was perfect. The ceremony was to the "T", and the reception was played wonderfully. The wind was a factor, but Luke Assured us it wouldn't be, and it wasn't.

    Too bad I won't be getting married again because the reception was amazing! We didn't book on this site (Thumbtack), but wanted to write a review where ever we can so everyone can know what an amazing DJ service this is.

    You can't afford not to use this company. Attention to detial, planning support, and I even called Luke at 11pm and he answered.

    The only kinda neggative thing, they got to the venue way early to set up and contract said "three hours before event time" and we weren't ready for them. But it's better than them being late!

  • 5/5 stars September 17, 2012

    Just like all the rest....5 stars! Our wedding couldn't have been better! Out of all the Minneapolis DJ's, we definataly found the best....but we knew that when we booked them. Worth every penny and our DJ, we actually got a real DJ. Not just some guy with a computer or CD's.

    No problems, absoutely perfect. Thank you!

    Lander Wedding, Minneapolis

  • 5/5 stars September 10, 2012

    We had them for Karaoke. Embarrassingly, we booked the cheapest DJ on here, and they didn't have what they said they had nor did they communicate. I'd say their name but, I'll review them later. :)

    So we had to spend a little more and got DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment almost last minute. They were great and had tons of songs, just about every one we wanted. Our people were very happy! Would definitely recommend and use again!

    Amy, Elk River

  • 5/5 stars September 4, 2012

    DJ Sound Productions & Ent. did a fantastic job at our surprise birthday party, they were very professional and courteous. Their equipment was state of the art and sounded great. I would highly recommend them for any party.

  • 5/5 stars June 14, 2012

    Wedding April 28yh, 2012. If you didn't choose this company for your wedding, you lost out big time. My wife and I used them for our ceremony and reception when our Craigs List DJ backed out 1 week before our event! Id name them but, we were told not to. But I think everyone should know this company came last minute and did an awesome job! My parents and family were amazed that we had a DJ with two vynal tables.

    Pricing: They didn't require a down payment and let us do cash on the night of the event. We weren't gooing to pay up front with out seeing a DJ set up in the room. we got ceremony and reception all for under $800.

    Ceremony: The DJ (DJ Cru) was exactly on his mark with every song.
    Reception: They had so many good songs, we didn't have to request a thing. He knew what he was doing!! The other DJ Company, we had to explain everything to and and spell out step for step what we wanted. The fuy we talked to on the phone at DJ Sound was like he already knew what we were going to ask.

    Conclusion: We've already booked them for our BIG summer party!

  • 5/5 stars June 14, 2012

    If we could give 10 stars, we would! We searched for months trying to find a good DJ in Minneapolis. We choose DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment for the 4 hour wedding. Absoutely amazing!! We actually got a real DJ! He had his turn tables, and one awesome sound system! Not to mention he kept us informed all night and was very detailed about events going on for the reception. His music selections were perfect! We had 115 people show up and he kept people on the dance floor all night! Song after song we loved it! For about an hour, he did some top 40 dance mixing and it was awesome to watch him do his thing. They were so good, my sister cancelled their DJ and went with DJ Sound Productions. This is one company no one should over look!

    Minneapolis Hilton

Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Everything from Wedding services, karaoke, party's, Night Clubs, even setting up sound for major national recording artists in major twin city venues.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Does the company your interested in have particular attention to detail? "Detail" can be in various ways. Like detail AND knowledge of their own equipment? Attention to details about your event? Does the person your talking to over the phone ask you questions? Do they offer advice and knowledge that you haven't thought about? These are all things that a well-respected, experienced DJ & Entertainment company does.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. 1. Google the company name AND website address! That'll tell you a lot! You'll find out if they have any history doing business. You'll see if there are any complaints and if there any, how did they respond and resolve them?
2. Contracts. Almost all contracts can be negotiated. Make sure that you aren't "forced" into a contract. Ask for the option to view the contract at home amongst other family. If a company does not make this public, then that should be a red flag.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Attention to detail, experience, and equipment. Customer services is so important, but almost every company has to do it. But is what they try to "fake", and almost never succeed at it, is experience. Without experience, they wouldn't know what detail to have attention to. Without experience, they wouldn't understand the equipment needed to have a flawless performance. Without experience, they wouldn't be able to charge rates that are matched to their qualities developed over time. We stand out because we have accomplished all this and more!

We understand everyone has to start out somewhere, but that is what the backyard parties and charity events are for…..NOT your wedding or professional event.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Do "credentials" such as DJ associations, Better Business Bureau (, the, and others really mean a lot?

Answer: A little, and here's why. ANY DJ company (or any other company for that matter) pays for a placement and a title. Take the BBB for example. Their accredited program. BBB will call each company and ask if they would like to be accredited for about $450. NO special research has been done to accredit that company for worthiness, honesty, or reliability. Search the BBB for Auto glass replacement companies Minnesota. One has about 400+ complaints, one has 2. The one with 400+ complaints IS BBB accredited and has an "A" rating. The one with 2 complaints has a "B" rating and IS NOT accredited. Associations (Like the NEVER rate or give awards for companies that don't advertise with them. Their “awards” are all internal advertisers with In order to get those "Best of The Knot" awards, you have to pay for their ADs and placement program. To get a "certified seal" from the ADJA, you pay for it. Has an association EVER held a DJ company responsible and barred them for misconduct? Nope...they’d lose that money. And when a company is all about money and not the concern of their customers first, that’s a red flag. However, the BBB does report complaints and a NON ACCREDITED company has a truthful BBB rating. But the best solution, is to GOOGLE the website address AND their company name.

Will we ever advertise with one of those companies? We have before, with all of them. And maybe in the future. It gains exposure, but never gives us any more credibility than any of our competitors. All our credibility comes from past customers, venues, and years of tried and true experience.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Do you broker to or for other DJ companies?

Absolutely not. Our DJ's work for our company, under our company name, as employees and NOT as sub contractors. DJ companies that use DJs as sub contractors cannot be held liable for that companies actions if something goes horribly wrong. You have to hold that specific DJ accountable, and that’s not easy to do.

How do you know?

One way is to simply ask. But not everyone is honest. The other way is to read their contract BEFORE you book. A "deal" way to good to be true, usually is. A good DJ company will give written guarantees in their contracts, not just on their web sites. You should also check to see who they will pass liability onto? Is there a clause in their contract stating the DJ is responsible and not the company? Is the DJ company passing the responsibilities onto the DJ? One way to catch this is the common, "after you book with us, you'll be exclusively dealing with the DJ". Any respectable company will always work with you directly, emails will be sent directly to the company, phone calls will ALWAYS be answered by the company with the option of speaking with the DJ, but not making the DJ the main and only contact.

If you are sold on one particular company, and you do not see what you expect in a contract, ALL contracts are negotiable, as them to add the clause to their contract.

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