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About Sidbury's Custom Body And Paint

I have been doing auto body repair and painting since I was 14. You name it, I can fix it: dents, scratches, cracks, rust, fiberglass, and more.

I do body kits, candy and pearl coats, custom three- to five-stage painting, welding, motorcycles, wet sanding, and basically all touch-ups to total restoration.

Free estimates for clients whose locations are 30 miles (or shorter) from mine. Service fee applies if the distance is more than 30 miles.

Insurance Claims "Get More For Your Money" and "Deductible Assistance is availiable"

Either we set up a time to meet or you can send a picture of what you need done. I can give you a better quote either way.

Thank you.

For a limited time only, I can do whole paint jobs on cars starting at 1500- up, and trucks 1500-2500. Custom jobs differ upon request!

Price may differ depending on bodywork and type of job that you want done.

I do the same work that the average body shop does. I charge a lot less, but you get the same quality.


Midwaypark , NC 28544

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  • 1/5 stars January 12, 2014

    The job I received was horribly less than stellar. Me. Sidbury collected $2,677.68 from my insurance company on a vandalism claim. A 2006 VW Passat is what I own. My vehicle was returned in TERRIBLE condition. My front bumper clips were broken, windshield cracked intially in driver side corner has spread all the way across, my bumper being unstable shakes and dances aroun which some how made my headlights short out. The interior of my vehicle was half put together, and now mostly falling apart. Not to mention greasy fingerprints on the interior.
    My ordeal started on 08/16/2013, insurance paid out 09/06/2013, it's now 01/12/2013 and my car still looks like s**t. Mr. Sidbury returned my vehicle on 09/31/2013, picked it up again put screws in the bumper, and stated that should hold me over until he can afford to fix my vehicle. This incident was 11/04/2013, and I was reassured my vehicle would be fixed right after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving came and went, then I was promised by Christmas, it's now a new year and I see this post trying to solicite more business. I don't advise a kid having they're bike painted by this guy. Also I failed to mention that my custom color is a mix of B.S, because in getting estimates on repair it'll have to be repainted yet again to fix the crappy job I got.
    At one point my boyfriend, whom is not a trained professional worked with Sidbury for about 2-3 months and made about $450. Well it seems like he was just a scape goat, because Mr. Sidbury now blames the sorry job on my boyfriend. Yet unfortunately it's going to cost in excess of $3000.00 to fix the Sidbury Custom Screw Up that I received, and that's not including Small Claims filing fees.
    Word to the wise, if you want good work it's going to cost a little more. In the end you'll be satisfied, just broke.

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