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About null

hired 3 times on Thumbtack

Rock/R&B/Pop experienced voice coach 4 LADY GAGA, ALICIA KEYS and many others/also work on Skype too
HI. My name is Gordon Grody, I'm a skilled, dedicated and focused voice/songwriting/performance coach. I coached Ms. Keys on a previous J album. Most notably on the Grammy winning hit song "If I A'int Got You" before she recorded her final vocal. Vocal coached and collaborated for about a year with current superstar and sensational talent and social activist Lady Gaga whose singles "Just Dance" #1 "Poker Face" #1 "Bad Romance" #1 "Born This Way" #1 were huge hits as you know (she's on Interscope and has had a lot more smash hits as well). I have been hired by hundreds of students through Thumbtack. The reason I don't ask them to write reviews about our working together or for me to inform Thumbtack that I'd been hired is that I get hired from lots of places and simply don't have the time and would much rather focus on the student's vocal/musical needs and careers. I think my credits in the music biz speak for themselves. They should? Big things happening right now for an amazing artist/singer/songwriter named Ashton Parson or Ashton LP (depends on his mood) We've been working together for over 3 years now and he just co-wrote the single for Damien called ("Soldier") who was a finalist and performed the song on this years "The Voice". Co-wrote it with Max Martin and Max Martin produced it as well. Major stuff. Adam Levine loved it and chose it for Damien and it's already charting well.1st week out it's #74 on Billboard's Hot 100! Ashton is also signed to Lordes Mgmt. Co. and he's been recording his debut album all over the world (collaborated with Iggy Azalea too). His first big single will be coming out very soon. He's gonna have a different name when it's released but I've been asked to keep that quiet for now. Watch out for him because he's gonna be everywhere. He deserves it Big Time and is the Real Deal. Also work as a vocal coach and vocal co-producer for various artists with my super talented friends Dan and Brandon whose production company is called Robopop. They had a worldwide smash hit as co-writers and co-producers of Gym Class Heroes' song "Stereo Hearts" featuring Adam Levine. They're incredibly talented and great guys as well and I always love working with them and for them with any artist they're working with. Thrilled for 2 of my artists who recently signed real good major label recording contracts. Moxie (Laura) Raia got signed by Capitol July-ish 2013. I've worked with Laura since she was 13 or 14. She wrote her first song with me, recorded for the first time with me. All vocal training with me including teaching her piano first and guitar second. She's been living in L.A. for a while now and is around 21 or 22. She has worked so very hard at this and deserves it so much. She's very talented and beautiful and her first single should be out very soon. Go Moxie!!! The 2nd student/artist of mine who just signing a major recording contract is 21 year old Manny Vocalz. Check him out on his YouTube pages (Manny Vocalz). He has 2 million views and you will see and hear a huge superstar in the making. I am not saying which major label he's signing with because I'm a bit superstitious about these things. Been coaching emerging incredibly talented superstar Andrea Rosario whose single "We Own The Night" went all the way to #7 on Billboard's top 25 dance chart and is looking like it's going to be a smash and is being played on lots of stations all over the U.S. I introduced her to her current producers the Berman Brothers (music biz veteran producers "Who Let The Dogs Out" and several other big hits. The song is all over the clubs and soon will be everywhere. Just had a total blast working for old friend Paul Schaffer (Dave Letterman's side kick) singing and performing background vocals during Elvis week on Letterman. If you wanna watch me perform on Letterman just go to YouTube and enter in the search box (Dave Letterman Show 2/8/13 Ben Portsmouth Elvis) and click on the first box which says pretty much what you entered in the search box. If you are an Elvis fan or not you can't miss this amazing live TV production number. Just so you will know which of the 4 male singers is me, When the four of us male BG singers make our vocal entrance, I am the 2nd guy and I'm wearing a Black Real Deal Cowboy Shirt hand stitched and embroidered in white and I'm also seen a lot in this segment ( FYI that as of 4/26/13 has 470,000 hits/plays on YouTube and could go viral) I'm right behind and slightly to the left of Ben P. (the amazing Elvis impersonator). I've also worked for Paul Shaffer many times: Singing lead and background vocals on the Strangers With Candy movie soundtrack a few years ago as well as performing a number of times singing BG vocs on Letterman for Paul with Fat Boy Slim, Willie Nelson and others. Have Coached Patti Scialfa Springsteen (Bruce's wife). She has a Columbia album out and has been touring worldwide with the E Street Band. I worked with her while she was doing TV gigs promoting her new album (Play It As It Lays) Performing on Conan, The View, Letterman, Today, etc. Just finished co-producing 2 tracks and vocal producing 4 other tracks for Matt Johnson who had been filming in LA for Disney. He was one of the 5 finalists for Disney's "The Next Big Thing" contest 2010. His 9 or 10 day segment aired on the Disney channel and Disney radio in late November 2010. I co-produced, arranged, co-wrote, sang background vocals, played some guitar on what looks like the main song. If you'd like to hear some of the work I've done with this amazingly talented 13 year old (then) you can visit his website mattjmusic.com or go to myspace.com/mcjentertainment. I also had been vocal coaching and guitar coaching/teaching Matt for about 2 years. Just sang and arranged BG vocals on Keli Price (of the Naked Brothers) new tracks produced by Kiyanu Kim (formerly band member and co-writer with Gwen Stefani) and have completed all vocal production/singing BGs with Michael Lombardi (co-star of FXs hit series Rescue Me) for his band Apache Stone were featured in the show last season. The album has been released and you can check them out on their Myspace page. I've been vocal producing/ coaching and collaborating with contemporary rock/pop/dance recording artist Freddy Wexler who is completing his LP for a large Swedish Record Label and has a huge European deal with a release date set. If you'd like to check him out go to his websiteoperationfreddy.com and you can hear some of our recorded work together. Freddy had been involved in a media blitz through Kidd Kraddick a huge rock radio DJ at his website (check Freddy out at (Kiddlive.com) in Dallas where he is still being billed as the greatest unsigned artist (left Virgin due to creative differences) who deserves a second chance. Because of all this attention he had been #1 and sometimes #2 on Sirius radio Hits Hit Bound list beating Coldplay (Viva La Vida), Rhianna, Fergie etc. #1 and #2 for 7 weeks exploding with a song we collaborated on called "Defying Gravity". Recently finished producing all vocals and singing BG vocs. with a rock band called Apache Stone whose lead singer, Michael Lombardi (who I voice coached for as well) is one of the stars of FXs hit series Rescue Me. They're signed to MySpace's new label and record release is set for July 7th. Check them out at their MySpace page for ApacheStone amd watch them perform on Rescue Me. Worked with Alexa Ray Joel (Billy's daughter) as producer/arranger/co-writer and had been her voice coach for over a year. (thankfully had nothing to do with her EP sold at Target) She is currently on tour with her band and is being shopped. You can check her out at myspace.com alexarayjoel. Worked for a couple of years coaching Reni Lane who's album is out now on Motown/Custard produced by Linda Perry who's produced and co-written huge hits for Pink (I'm Coming Out) and Christina Aguilerra (Beautiful). and David Patillo. For B'way singers who need assistance in the auditioning with contemporary material process I can really help you folks and have done so. Coached Jamie Linn Sigler (Meadow on the Sopranos) for her Broadway debut in Beauty and the Beast and John Tartaglia of Avenue Q. as well as folks in Passing Strange, Caroline Or Change and Grey Gardens. If you'd like to take a look at some of my credits as a NY. L.A. London session singer, enter Gordon Grody (artist) on allmusic.com and after my name comes up then click on "credits" which are above and to the right and a new page and long list will appear or just do a Google search on me. I've sung live and on records for David Bowie, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, John and Yoko, Peabo Bryson, George Benson, Sting, Debbie Harry, Gene Simmons (Kiss) Phil Collins, Bebel Gilberto, Lea Lorien, Cyndi Lauper, LMNT, Carly Simon, Bonham and many, many more. I also performed a character named Riot on a well known TV cartoon show called Jem and the Holograms. I was trained vocally by Julliard's best classical teachers and have a serious bel canto background. I play guitar and piano and offer varied services to suit the artists' specific needs. I'm looking for serious students who want or have recording deals and need someone to help them achieve any creative aspect of their goals. My extensive time in recording studios as an artist myself (made albums on RCA, SBK and Arista) gives me a real edge over other voice coaches especially in Rock, R&B and Pop. If you'd like to hear some of my past recorded and released lead vocals in several vocal styles go to You Tube and enter Gordon Grody and my pages will come up and you can listen to me singing lead on a lot of released albums mostly on Major Labels 1) Zinc "This Is Where The Love Is". I was the lead vocalist and the band Zinc was released on Arista. 2) You'll see a pop/rock song from a Euro band called Silence 2 where again I was the lead vocalist called "The Beast In Me" 3) Also on my YouTube pages there's a ballad called "For You Gordon Grody" I sang all the vocals including the lead voc, co-wrote, co-produced and arranged the song in 1994. It was the theme for a huge Brazilian Soap Opera. 4) Enter Starcruiser "Holding Back" which I co-wrote and I was the lead singer of this band as well 5) Enter The Rock Gazers "I Believe In Love" I was also the lead singer of this Disco band and there's lots of other lead vocs of mine from different albums on Youtube including several lead vocs I sang as the character Riot in the huge hit animation TV series call Jem And The Hollograms. I'm also still a working singer in the pop music field (lead and backing vocals on numerous TV and radio jingles (Maybe It's Maybelline) and records). Just sang and arranged BG vocals on Keli Price (of the Naked Brothers) new tracks produced by Kiyanu Kim (formerly band member and co-writer with Gwen Stefani) . I was also a member of David Bowie's Band for a short but amazing time playing keyboards and singing background vocs. This Superstar, Icon is a brilliant man and way cool. David really wanted me to do his next world tour with him back then. The tour was called "Serious Moonlight" following his huge #1 pop hit "Let's Dance". I so much wanted to tour the world with Bowie but a lot was happening in my career in NYC including the fact that Tommy Mottola was my manager, so I really did not and really could not do his year long tour. Bummer. If you'd like to watch me performing in Bowie's Band playing keys and singing BG vocals; go to YouTube and enter in the search box (David Bowie 1980 The Tonight Show) and you'll see and hear me working it and David looks and sounds awesome. I strongly believe that vocal excersizes, of which I have plenty are not really useful unless they can be directly integrated into the artist's material and performance. Unlike other coaches, I don't do the same thing with each and every student. I don't believe in that and make sure I give each student tools that they and I agree are what's needed to achieve genuine results. It takes more work and concentration but it I think it yields better results. I really focus with nearly every one I work with on vowel consistency and voice placement (the right and best spots). When it comes to singing, I believe that effort and struggle are two very different things. Let's increase effort and reduce struggle together. I have recently relocated in Brooklyn but I continue to work and teach in Manhattan as well. Also I have been teaching students from all over using the internet and Skype which is an online video phone. It really looks and sounds great. My hourly rate is $145 (often if we're really into it and working and we go 10-15 mins. over I don't charge extra) And the first time I meet with a student the first 30 minutes are free of charge. During that time I get to meet you, listen to you sing, talk about your strengths and weaknesses, come up with a game plan and get to work and you will see, fell and hear results after the very 1st lesson unlike the other clowns who charge double what I charge and you basically are told that if you do their excersizes for 5 months you'll be great singing your songs or other peoples' songs one day. I actually integrate technique into songs from day one. Because I can and they cannot. I also do not book people back to back because I need to take a minute between artists and clear my head so I can provide the next student with everything that they really need. Also, I have been known to sometimes lower my rate for some extraordinary artists/talents who can not afford what I charge. I have no requirements regarding how often a student has to work with me. That's up to you but your lessons will be recorded and you will have a lot of homework and practicing to do. Thanks. Gordon


Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  • 5/5 stars January 26, 2015

    Gordon is the best! I am an Israeli American singer/songwriter working on my debut album "World Of Champions". Gordon teaches me vocal techniques and makes me understand and work on my weaknesses using different exercises. We also work on the vocals for my album and though he doesn't understand a damn word I sing (Album is in Hebrew), He makes me sound better in every song. He is experienced, knowledgeable and patient. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and can't wait for our next session.
    Thank you Gordon.

    Gordon G. from null replied to this review on January 26, 2015:

    Right back at ya' Yoav my friend

  • 5/5 stars January 7, 2015

    I'm 1/2 of a new Brooklyn band, and we've been taking joint lessons with Gordon over the last month. Gordon has been incredibly helpful in bringing out the power and range we always dreamed of. As we're now navigating the world of publishing and record deals, Gordon keep boosting our vocal chops for showcases and recordings. Gordon rules, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seriously looking to take their vocals to the next level!

  • 5/5 stars January 7, 2015

    Gordon is a really incredible teacher. I play guitar and bass in bands and have never felt confident in my backing vocal abilities. Gordon tailors each lesson to my needs and does not have a cookie cutter routine of scales that are hard to apply to music. After only a handful of lessons my voice is much stronger and I'm excited to rather than petrified to sing harmonies for my upcoming gigs. Gordon gives each lesson 100%, yet keeps them fun. That can't be easy. I highly recommend Gordon!!

  • 5/5 stars December 21, 2014

    I've been working with Gordon for only a few months, he's been very friendly, works really hard and has been working with me writing my songs (mariachi style) .
    My surprise was the high level of knowledge and understanding All my songs are in Spanish..
    Taking voice lessons with Gordon Grody is definitely taking my carrier and confidence to another level, something I've always wanted and it was not easy to find..
    I found and hire Gordon Grody Thanks to the information in this website thumbtack.com

    Gordon G. from null replied to this review on December 21, 2014:

    Daniel Andrade is great to work with for many reasons but he found me through Thumbtack. This is an onsite review.

  • 5/5 stars December 17, 2014

    Gordon is an amazing vocal coach. He is super helpful in helping prepare for auditions, live shows, recording sessions and just general vocal help. I Have been studying with him for six years and I wouldnt use anyone else.

  • 5/5 stars December 16, 2014

    I'm a current student with Gordon Grody.. Reading the review from this young lady SHOCKED me. As a professional vocalist, I've had many teachers through the years-some of N.Y.'s best.. Gordon's style of teaching along with his of ability to communicate to each vocalist impressed me more than anything that I've ever experienced in any lesson, anywhere.
    She commented about the possibility of him "stealing" her tunes. This is laughable! Does she even know who he's worked with over the years?
    I've rarely taken the time to post reviews about my wonderful teachers, but this has
    changed my mind. Gordon Grody is a GREAT vocal teacher-very open, generous & smart.. Working with him made me better at performing & singing than I ever expected to be. THANK YOU GORDON!

  • 3/5 stars December 8, 2014

    Great teacher learned a lot. However he tried to change my original song that me and my partenr wrote he demanded to be part of a profuction and add him as a cowriter after we were working n my vocals , i didnt ask of any new ideas or changing the song melody or words but he was demanding it, so i will never go to him again, it made me feel confused and angry that i let a teacher listen to my oroginal song he may steal it away or tell to ppl he wrote it, which is pathetic !

    Gordon G. from null replied to this review on December 10, 2014:

    Alinn . . So according to your review of me I'm a great teacher and you learned a lot which is what you told me as well. Thanks. But I wish you had just told me that you did not want any feedback on your original songs and I would have said "Yes, no problem. Just trying to help but let's do exactly what you need and want me to do for you and get back to work". It would've been that simple. I explicitly told you the things I thought were merely suggestions and of course you had to be happy with the result and were completely in charge in that area. You accusing me of possibly wanting to steal your songs is vey hurtful, mean spirited and simply false. I don't even remember the song we worked on and I always delete Garage Band sessions after I've made a copy for the student because I don't have enough memory to keep all of my students' lessons. I have written so many songs and been on the charts several times and have co-written with some very successful writers/artists. Not one has ever accused me of such a disrespectful intention. I have way too much integrity, ethics and pride for that and if you look at all the things about me and my career in the record biz on the Net you will see no similar complaint. But remember you told me that I taught you things in a very short time that no one had ever taught you and you were very pleased, excited and surprised by that. I'm here to help people succeed in this very complex industry in any way that I can. And that's certainly what I did with you and then you go and write mean spirited mistruths about me. Very hurtful indeed. I still wish you well on your musical journey. Gordon

Question and answer

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Because I have worked with, vocal coached and sung with many Superstars in Pop, Rock and R&B. Gaga, Alicia Keys, David Bowie, John and Yoko, Steely Dan and so many more. Have been a signed recording artist on several occasions and have made an excellent living in the Recording Industry since 1976 and also was one of the most successful sessions singers ever (sang on way more than 1,000 commercials/Jingles and records). How many vocal coaches can say that and have it verified on the Net? And there is so much more but that's all in my ad. Thanks. Gordon

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