Lose Those Unwanted Weight

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Many things inspired me to start my own business, however, being that no one in my family nor anyone in the area that I was raised in has successfully owned their own business, has always troubled me. Therefore, I took that as a challenge to prove that we don’t always have to work for someone to be financially stable.

Marketing his own fitness services was a challenge for Tory Wiley, but it soon became a part of the past. He believes that the services they offer together with his trained staff, are unique yet vital. The usual clients they serve are people searching for a natural way to health and fitness.

All of our trainers and staff are specially handpicked based upon their personality and their ability to connect with PEOPLE. They have to be people’s person and care more for the people than anything else. So when they meet any one of us from the Client Support Director on to the Trainers, the clients already fall in love.

LOJ Fit Club has been instrumental for many transformations, but one project stands out, and that was with Stephanie W. It had a short time frame of sixty days, but with her dedication and their excellent program for her, the result was indeed a success.

Get a natural transformation that you can sustain for a long time with Tory Wiley and his LOJ Fit Club.

Roofing and Remodeling Empire

Working for himself is not new for Timothy Liley because since age 11, he has already been working. From a paper boy, now he runs his own roofing and remodeling business. He learned a lot from his father who taught him the ups and downs of running his own business.

My clients are usually by word of mouth. This is the first time I’ve ever advertised. So as you probably figured out that I keep my customers happy is by having a great work attitude and doing more than satisfactory workmanship.

Timothy indeed has a lot up his sleeve. His work experience is so vast, and this reflects into the quality of work he offers to his clients. Among his many projects, his one project in Georgia way back in 2001 was memorable because of the story behind the work, and the client was very happy of the result.

I entice my potential customer by word of mouth and references. Having someone else brag on you is the greatest support of excellent workmanship. And looking at a person for face value is nothing compared to word of mouth.

Get your remodeling and roofing needs fixed from someone who has the experience and the passion to get it done. Try Timothy Liley now.

Data Sentinel


For a person who grew up around self-employed parents, there is no doubt that he will excel in his chosen business field as well. Tim Homer and his team are preferred friends of those who have broken laptops, malfunctioned computers, and lost vital electronic data. With experience and dedication to helping out recover important information, many clients end up happy and satisfied.

If you do a good job, treat your customers well and give good service, the business should be established enough to see you through those tough times.

One of Tim’s success stories in his career was a data recovery from a burnt and destroyed DVR of an insurance company. He has to rebuild it before data retrieval is possible. He was able to effectively recover video surveillance footage that solved the investigation.

We take every precaution when recovering your data ensuring you get the best possible chance of a full recovery.

Classy Harp Performances


Anne Roos started her business by serendipity while playing harp during weekends at weddings. What she conceived to be her transition while changing career became a full time one, drawing inspiration from her astute harp instructor.

I have over 30 years worth of performance experiences. I love performing on TV, because there is an element of sponteneity that happens, and I love the response from viewers after the show. I love playing for honored guests and hosts at business events, because many times, they just didnt expect how live harp music could be such a wonderful enhancement to a cocktail hour or dinner service.

I have all kinds of clients. Some are organizing lavish weddings or business events. Others are planning more intimate celebrations. It doesnt matterMusic is like sunshine, especially harp music. It has broad appeal.

Elegant live music played on the celtic harp; Anne Roos can play just about anything a DJ can play!

Your Make-up Fairy Godmother


Moni Pradier decided to tap into her inner makeup skills and started to become a makeup fairy godmother to her clients. This was after Moni was laid off from her corporate job, and her family encouraged her to be her own boss and operate her own business. Moni followed their advice and never looked back.

One challenge that I have embraced since becoming a professional makeup artist full-time is the continuous development of personal initiative and self-discipline. Being a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry definitely requires a great deal of self-motivation.

Moni has been helping women of various backgrounds to look presentable in their individual special occasions. From the average Jane to wealthy socialites, Moni has been instrumental in their makeup transformation. Her talent paved the way for her into being hired as a makeup artist for a presenter at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and this afforded her the opportunity to watch a real live awards show./p>

I genuinely base my business practices on the old wise saying of “Treat others how you want to be treated”. When I am a paying consumer of a good or service I expect to be treated well and shown appreciation. That is what I embody in each client experience.

Blending Beauty by Moni is a trusted resource for professional makeup and hair services on demand and on location, delivering the best of beauty right to your door. Try them now.

Efficient Massage Services


Looking for an exemplary massage therapist who can provide you relief from stress? Juan Toledo is an efficient and skilled massage practitioner who can deal with your aching muscles or who can help you experience relaxation from this busy world. He handles the clients’ needs and makes them feel better after the massage session is over.

The usual clients are actually various types of people such as the elderly, sports enthusiasts, patients in a hospice, clinics, spas and even gyms. These are the people who just want to feel better physically, and get healthy in the long run.

Juan has handled numerous projects in the past but this was something that is special to him.

Right now it’s my volunteer-ship at the Institute on Aging. There is nothing that beats getting a hug from a 90-year old Chinese mother as an expression of gratitude.

Getting a good massage can be a worthwhile experience. Juan Toledo is one of the best massage therapists who can provide quality massage. Check him out.

Remarkable Musicians

good co montreal3

Good Co by Carey Rayburn provides outstanding music and great performances for any occasion. They play jazz, swing, gypsy and any other combination of music with a more vintage flair. This band has been performing for big audiences and companies such as The Seattle Symphony and Adobe.

Carey’s clients are those who want to make their events extraordinary. The band provides the service requested and allow flexibility with their customers. Communication is one major strategy they apply to have a good customer relationship.

There have been many successful performances they have experienced, but this recent project is a favorite.

We recently toured the east coast and had an absolute blast performing in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, NYC, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte (all in two weeks!)

If you are looking for a remarkable band that can fit in with your budget and provide quality performances, Good Co is the answer. They are one of the best bands who can definitely perform the way you want it.

Keeping Fit is a Breeze


I grew up very athletic and very active. I was always a really skinny kid and wanted to be bigger and stronger. I started working out just out of high school and it took me years of learning and making mistakes before I really started to gain an understanding of what it takes to properly and safely achieve fitness goals.

Dustin Martin was just like anyone else until he decided to pursue his passion for fitness. He was able to influence family and friends to be more fit as well. He now shares this with other people as a personal trainer. Together with his wife, they will soon be opening their own training facility.

I think honesty sits at the forefront of keeping clients happy. I always fully explain what it will take to achieve certain goals. To change your physique and overall health is not an easy task. I think breaking it down into smaller steps and goals helps people feel good about the journey. Also listening to my clients and fully understanding there needs is hugely important.

Dustin has helped many clients achieve their goals after they were unsuccessful with their previous programs. He uses his training on Sports Performance and Nutrition in ensuring his clients high-quality fitness training. He says that his favorite project to date was building their own training facility.

Train with someone who is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience you are looking for. Try Dustin Martin and his services now.

Dependable Handyman Services


Looking for a trusted repairman for your homes and business offices? Nolan Jabczynski is an experienced and skilled handyman who can handle your repairs and maintenance. He has a qualified team, tools that can meet all your demands, and provides a 12 month warranty on his jobs.

His clients come from all walks of life, and consist of those who are honest and hardworking people. These include families and businessmen, who do not have the luxury of time to maintain their properties. Nolan guarantees results beyond his customers’ expectations at all times.

There are countless projects that he has had.

The build of the Gorilla Sun Palace II was a favorite.

If you want to have a bonded and insured handyman work with you efficiently, Nolan Jabczynski is one of the best choices that you can make.

Bringing Dream Events to Life


Tying the knot soon but still groping on what to do? Start it off by hiring somebody who has some true passion in event planning like Shaquana Ronnie!

It’s an industry I enjoy, and it’s more than just a job to me. My usual clients are very laid back, humorous, and trusting. From the very first meeting we always hit it off, and they begin to trust me with their ideas for their wedding.

One of my favorite projects was my Cinderella-wedding-styled photo shoot in late April 2014. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a great success.

Shaquana received her wedding planning certification from the Penn Foster Career School in 2011 and has been an active member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

For experienced wedding and event company that will bring your dream events to life, at the same time promote relaxation and enjoyment in the process, try Uniquely Chic Events!