Give Back for Beauty


Creating unique looks while helping out for charity is a mission of The Luxe Group. Established by makeup enthusiast LeKisha, The Luxe Group has transformed women from different walks of life into the most stunning that they’ve desired.

LeKisha was inspired to come up with her own business when she experienced how stressful a bridal shower can be when brides and their entourages have to travel to a beauty spa to have their looks done. Her wish to make special days more memorable and hassle-free kindled the fire to set up a group to do on-location makeover services.

Our most effective strategy in keeping our customers happy and satisfied is putting their needs first. We do what it takes to make our clients happy.

Brides, women of glamour, and conventional ladies have been part of The Luxe Group’s success. Their stunning looks form the testimony of how these beauty artists show their sincerity in every brush stroke and color selection made for each session.

One remarkable contribution of The Luxe Group’s that has impressed society is their advocacy on helping out women with breast cancer. They have created a new cosmetic line, Caring Kases, which donates to charity. LeKisha was also a Creative Director for Plitzs Fashion Marketing New York Fashion Week Shows, gaining her more respect from clients and colleagues.

Don’t waste time and get that cover girl look with The Luxe Group.

Building Your Dream House Made Personal

jd sansom

J Sansom grew up seeing his father in the construction industry, so it is not surprising to see him run his own construction business now. J and his team offer general construction services and more. They faced the economic crash and are now running stronger.

My father was a general contractor. I learned from him when I was young. Being on roofs at a young age was exciting. Learning how to build growing up put me in the position I am now. There has always been so much construction going on in the area that it turned out to be a great choice of careers.

J has rendered his expertise to many satisfied clients. Among his works, his favorite is working with a design company in SF with remodeling projects. He also partnered with Kevin Stevens Design Group, which is also rewarding for him.

Be Honest. Lots of builders are still out there low balling the project costs and promising quick built-out times. A realistic time frame and budget is the only thing that gets you to have repeat business.

Experience real contract, affordable budget and prompt product finishes all by one contractor. Consider J Sansom now.

Professional Accounting Solutions


Leah considers her father as her inspiration because of his entrepreneurial skills while she was growing up. Leah left her regular-paying job and braved the world of freelancing uncertainty. She now runs LMP Enterprises, which aims to help small business owners with their professional and accounting solutions.

I think there are two keys to keeping clients happy:
1. Communicate. Clients want to know that they are a priority. So my clients know they can reach me at just about any time.
2. Give clients more than they expect or are promised. If I can continue to do these 2 things, my business will always be successful.

Among their many projects, their favorite is what they call the ‘clean-up’ projects. It’s when they take a client’s “shoebox” of receipts and turn that chaos into a functional and organized file in their QuickBooks. It has been totally beneficial to small business owners.

Like many of my clients, I am a small business owner. I know the struggles that are involved in keeping the doors open and trying to succeed. When they book my services, they are not just getting an accounting specialist; they are getting an accounting partner.

LMP Enterprises Professional and Accounting Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your accounting and human resource needs.

A Million-dollar Voice

I am my own one-woman show. I started performing in my early 30s. I performed in community theatre and had lots of starring roles. I always laugh when I tell people I have a million dollar voice. I think it cost that much with all the singing lessons I had.

Roz has invested much in her passion for singing and performing and it is no wonder to see her turn it into a business as a one-woman show, performing show tunes, novelty tunes and specialty tunes that can be tailored to your private or corporate event.

My greatest challenge is being my own PR person. I was too small for an agent. I play to seniors and do fund raisers. I guess, for me, it is giving the audience all of me and recommendations from other people. I go on the internet to advertise.

Roz had several shows and musicals where she was able to showcase her natural talent in singing and performing. Good reviews always follow her everywhere she performs. Her favorite project to date was her first CD because it was such a thrilling experience for her.

Be entertained and be amazed by a one-woman show with show tunes and specialty tunes tailored to your wants. Book Roz Nissman now.

Learn Arabic Conveniently

bill f

Translating and interpreting were not really new for Bill Farhat because after graduating, his dean immediately asked him to help teach. Then Bill got the chance to experience more when he migrated to the US, where he also got interpreting jobs until he was hired for a language school where he honed his skills more.

The greatest challenge was to tailor lessons to the students’ needs, as Arabic is very diversified and the spoken dialect is different from the classical written one in every region. Each one of those students may not find the class suitable in terms of level and time convenience at one place, but they find it at my personal accommodation.

Bill was able to help an array of clients with their Arabic interpretation needs. These include engineers, lawyers, multicultural families and more. His favorite work so far was with Global Educational Services, where he was hand-picked to be the senior interpreter for a 24-Egyptian Education Professional mission sponsored by USAID. It was such an honor for Bill and a proof of his excellent qualities.

My effective strategy is to always fulfill the students’ needs. The best strategy is to attentively focus on the clients’ wants and needs and create a curriculum suitable to that request; the more a teacher knows about Arabic vocabulary , dialects ,grammar, etc., the more he/she will find opportunities to practice their profession.

If you need expert help with your Arabic language learning or translation, look no more and try Bill Farhat now.

The Prominent Voice


Clear, concise, and appealing are a few adjectives for producer/voice talent Ken Warkentin. This video producer and announcer has always shown enthusiasm in making people informed and entertained at the same time.

My most effective strategy in a nutshell is simply professionalism and to be prompt.

Ken writes and produces videos for Meadowlands Racetrack and tapes infomercials for Franklin Sussex Automall, to name a few. His unique voice makes listeners and clients want to pay attention.

As a professional announcer, he makes sure to convey honest, convincing and straight-forward statements. From creating scripts to performing voice-overs, his keenness remains unsubdued.

There should be one person on top of the list when you want quality voice-over and video production services; that is Ken Warkentin.

Teacher at Heart


Living in the East Bay, Molly Boblett contemplated on what she could do best and what is also doable in the area. Thus, she started with English language tutorials.

Her first clients were foreigners who had moved in the area because of some IT jobs, as well as visitors on short holiday vacations.

I simply love what I do and I’m good at it. That comes across more than any strategy a person could have. My students are satisfied with my services because I pay attention to what they want and need. Every person has a different way of learning a language. There isn’t just one way of learning. Every lesson is individualized. My students appreciate the effort and dedication I put into the process.

Take it from the teacher at heart; nothing beats the passion and dedication that Molly is willing to invest for you!

Video Production Savvy


We always try to exceed expectations. Working with customers on a personal level is what sets us apart.

Dave Duprey and his wife, Darlene, are both passionate in filming and producing videos. Dave’s interest in technology also coincides with the great demand in producing high-quality videos. With the right choice of equipment upgrade and creativity, the output is nothing but superb!

We specialize in filming and producing corporate videos, weddings and other social events. We’ve produced more than 200 wedding videos since we started in 1994.

The couple prides of their production style and uniqueness. They also shoot with HD cameras and use digital editing systems. Book now and get a taste of their state-of-the-art equipment.

Competent Real Estate Agent


unnamed (2)

I primarily represent savvy real estate investors. I’m an analytical thinker and my skills come in handy when finding and evaluating real estate investments for rental properties or flips.

Joshua Berns is a competent, wise, and knowledgeable real estate broker who is much of a listener than a talker; this enables him to know exactly what his clients want. He knows his craft and pursues to realize whatever it is he promised to provide.

My recent most successful project was with a young investor starting up his own real estate company. I sold him over half a dozen properties in 2013.

Whether you are buying, selling, or needing expert advice on real estate, you need to look no further. Joshua is certainly the man for the job! The fact that he is Foundation Real Estate Co. affiliated puts you in good hands.

Jack of All Designs


Joseph Wraith decided to go on his own after seeing his boss earn big, while it was he who was working for it. It was a challenge especially when he was a freelancer collecting his payment, but he survived all of it for 28 years now and still counting.

I personally try and work with companies that care about their products, or services enough to pay what it takes to get the work completed without cutting corners and time. I look for clients who know the value of good creative design and branding.

Joseph is a multi-talented and diverse artist who ensures that his clients get something fresh and effective from the drawing table. His many years of experience gave him a number of favorite projects, and one of the recent works he did was for a new cleaning system product for a power plant. He enjoyed it since it was challenging, educational and fun.

So every time I work on one of these kinds of jobs for this client, they get a different creative and entertaining look and feel to the videos and I learn something new and fresh in my steps to create it as well as learn about the product I am working on.

Check out Joseph Wraith now for your high-quality and entertainingly creative designs of various forms, all for a reasonable cost and completed within your deadlines.