Figure Out A New You


Gaining the knowledge necessary to help people understand why nutrition is so key and why food is not always enough. I would spend hours reading articles and listening to nutrition lectures. Ultimately I became certified by several organizations, including a medical-detox institute and now feel very comfortable handling most issues that I encounter.

Deb Butcher personally knows how it feels to lose your good physique to your corporate job. She decided to regain her previous form, and friends started to ask for her help. This made her realize her passion to become a nutrition consultant. She helps various people like busy entrepreneurs, executives and parents.

[My strategies for success are to] take a personal interest and really get to know them as a person so I can tailor a nutrition and exercise program just for them. Then, following-up, checking-in, making sure they have tools and tricks that allow them to make healthy choices, daily. Offering special services and meeting their needs as quickly as possible. Staying up-to-date on all nutrition research.

Many people have indeed benefited from how Deb helped them battle their health issues. She even helped some of them turn their back on depending on medication. Her recent client, a high-powered realtor who started to gain weight caring for her ailing husband, asked for help to regain her good health. Deb did as she wished, and the client has lost weight and reduced her dependence on medication.

Take control of your body and your health. Book Deb now as your nutrition consultant.

Fine Art Wedding Photojournalism


Natasha Gillet was inspired by her mother’s courage and work ethic to start a business. Her love for the arts began early when she was taking film photography and dark room classes. After getting a degree in fine arts from Scotland, she was given a grant to study in UCLA at Berkeley where she met her husband as well.

I specialize in fine art wedding photojournalism so my usual clients are looking for photographs that are very contemporary and different from the norm. Furthermore, I’m a member of The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalists Association so a majority of my clients are inspired by contemporary journalistic style of photography.

Together, the couple is running the Natasha I Gillett Photography studio where they offer wedding photography as well as cinematography. She considers all projects memorable and successful for both the clients and her. Her latest Thumbtack wedding shoots were accepted for publication, emphasizing the high-quality work she gives to her clients.

I aim to build a close relationship with all of my clients and by doing so found the results are beyond satisfaction. My job is to document their story in an artistic way so getting to personally know them is very important. Additionally, I offer bespoke photography packages to suit each client.

Natasha is a well-regarded and published photographer offering breathtaking artistic photography. Try her services now.

Empowering People

wcv7xwvinzu8m7a_large If you need a powerful motivational speaker for your next corporate event, look no further! Laura George, President of LHG Consulting, is a corporate motivational speaker, author and former human resource director who specializes in empowering people in the world of work. She uses wisdom, wit and humor to get your team members all on the same page. Laura discovered her prowess in motivational speaking after she published her book, “Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting”.

I realized I had a genuine talent for motivational speaking in conjunction with years of hands-on management experience.

She believes that everyday issues at the workplace can be addressed by working through change and empowerment, having the patience and wisdom to seek out the root of the problem before jumping into a solution.

I am aware that for a motivational lecture to be effective, it must be congruent with the company culture where its being presented. The presenter must also be entertaining, empowering and enlightening. I strive to make each lecture meet these criteria.

Realizing the Passion for Music


Do you have a strong passion for music? Nicholas Mazzilli is one of the best professional musicians out there; dedicated and willing to teach you his knowledge of music. His business label, Mazzilli Sound, was established to provide all your music needs and requirements.

Nicholas’ clients come from all walks of life. He has been teaching students who want to study for recreation purposes, school auditions, playing in their churches or simply performing; each student wants to learn music for various reasons. He always gives the opportunity for clients to talk about their specific needs so that he can tailor his lessons for their benefit.

A lot of projects he has done were all successful, but there is one that he considers special.

So far my favourite has been the Professor Button Project. This is a duo group that I began with another recording artist that works by collaborating with other outside musicians and their original compositions. It has been rewarding to work with other artists, networking the music community and its listeners.

There is no greater reward for Nicholas than to share his talent and ability with those who aspire to be a great musician someday.

Property Guardians


If you want property maintenance with a touch of style, hire Jill Carpenter and her team at JTG Property Management Services. Her advocacy on making lives simpler and more beautiful for her clients allowed her to create a broad client base.

Jill ensures that each project she handles creates a blanket of comfort and trust; from tenant screening, home monitoring, landscaping and clean-outs, her team does it with integrity and care. They treat your property as their own.

[Our customers are] satisfied and happy. We build most clients off referrals.

Through constant communication and transparency in every transaction, Jill is assured of repeat business from first time customers.

Why waste your time and money with property management companies that dole out promises without tangible results? With Jill Carpenter of JTG Property Management Services, you are in safe hands.

Compelling Graphic Arts


Jessica Warren is a graphic artist who possesses prowess in both hand-sketched and hand-painted arts to digital media, combining both to create powerful artworks for promotional use, branding, logo design, book illustrations and more.

My inspiration comes from the people, places and things with which I surround myself. I provide an intuitive edge in developing a project’s look and feel, along with the technical skills that make it functional. When you love what you do, it comes through in your work.

Jessica loves to work on compelling projects, which often involves interactions with artists, entertainers, and non-profit organizations. She considers every project unique, and adapts to clients’ needs accordingly.

Recently I created artwork for the 2014 Mountain Winery Concert Series. I synchronized the artwork, originally done in ink, with all their web and print media. Working with Goldenvoice, a music promotion company, was a great experience.

Book Jessica and blow everybody’s mind with your new project, with just the right push in your promotional ad!

Your First Step to Wellness


Have you been trying to get rid of those stubborn fats with no success? You may be doing it wrong! Let Denise Lee provide simple and feasible workout programs that work for you. She has been using simple equipment and techniques that help improve physical wellness.

Denise’s journey has been a constant learning. Nothing came easy but with perseverance and dedication to her business and clients, she managed to pull through.

I love learning from my clients as much as they love to learn from me.

With Denise’s fitness programs tailored to each of her client’s needs, tangible results are visible in a month of training with her. She doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter workout regimens since each individual has different needs.

Never stop caring about the client. Client happiness and satisfaction are the bread and butter of my business.

Look and feel better! Experience a unique approach toward a healthier and sexier you when you partner with personal trainer Denise Lee.

Moving With Bekins Van Lines


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it is not surprising for Joseph to develop the desire to follow the same path. He now runs a commercial moving business that takes pride in the loyal and hardworking people comprising the company. Bekins of South Florida helps small and large companies as well as families move their abodes.

The most effective strategy is through consistent, reliable, honest service, which we ensure by keeping highly trained and qualified staff that have been with Bekins of South Florida for many years. Our reputation is impeccable and we have won many service awards.

Having years in the business, Bekins takes pride in helping many of South Florida do their transferring. Their numerous awards also tell of their outstanding dedication to excellence and quality service. Among their outstanding projects are with the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, the Trump Resort in Sunny Isles, the Burger King Headquarters, and their many moves for Miami Dolphins’ players.

Expect world class service at reasonable prices and count on our reputation, A+ BBB rating and forty years of experience in South Florida as part of the Bekins Van Lines, the oldest and most trusted national van lines in the country since 1891.

Get excellent service coupled with years of experience from Bekins Van Lines.

Fine-Quality Design at a Fair Price

paul p

Paul Peterson has always loved the arts. He was also very fascinated with the concept of owning a business. It was this love and fascination, with a strong sense of individuality, which inspired him to start his very own design

studio. Paul uses his style as well as his impeccable taste to attract a select group of clientele.

My usual clients are Manhattan residents, urban professionals with a strong interest in architectural design and home decor.

Paul makes sure that he keeps his customers happy by providing communication that is clear, comprehensive and prompt, as well as delivering on his promises with high-quality work. His well-known project is in Manhattan where he did a co-op kitchen remodeling among others.

We always offer fine quality at a fair price.

Check out Paul Peterson’s studio; get great service at reasonable rates.

Give Back for Beauty


Creating unique looks while helping out for charity is a mission of The Luxe Group. Established by makeup enthusiast LeKisha, The Luxe Group has transformed women from different walks of life into the most stunning that they’ve desired.

LeKisha was inspired to come up with her own business when she experienced how stressful a bridal shower can be when brides and their entourages have to travel to a beauty spa to have their looks done. Her wish to make special days more memorable and hassle-free kindled the fire to set up a group to do on-location makeover services.

Our most effective strategy in keeping our customers happy and satisfied is putting their needs first. We do what it takes to make our clients happy.

Brides, women of glamour, and conventional ladies have been part of The Luxe Group’s success. Their stunning looks form the testimony of how these beauty artists show their sincerity in every brush stroke and color selection made for each session.

One remarkable contribution of The Luxe Group’s that has impressed society is their advocacy on helping out women with breast cancer. They have created a new cosmetic line, Caring Kases, which donates to charity. LeKisha was also a Creative Director for Plitzs Fashion Marketing New York Fashion Week Shows, gaining her more respect from clients and colleagues.

Don’t waste time and get that cover girl look with The Luxe Group.