The Enchanted Chef

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I absolutely love my life. I bring passion and enthusiasm to everything I do. My views, ideas and food creations stem from my life experiences.

Ronal Lee Relyea is a professional chef. He has been a Chef for several leading, conscientious cafes across the country, helping to create healthy menus; these include Pure Cafe, The Borrowed Earth, Casa De Luz and others. He also works one on one with clients on weight loss.

I love to encourage others to learn to create their own healing lifestyles for optimal health, for releasing unhealthy weight, avoiding diseases and regaining vitality at any age.

Chef Ronald always makes sure that he meets and exceeds clients expectations. All of his meal creations are done with highest of intention for your health and longevity.

My Passion is to make a difference in the world starting with the food we eat. My Mission is to provide friends and clients alike with the most nutritious, organic and delicious cuisine.

Relocation Masters


Managing a new company might be a challenge, but the wide-ranging professional moving experience that Bill McIntyre and his team have is their profound foundation to guarantee quality services. G.O.A.T Movers have gained trust from their clients.

Bill was motivated by how moving peoples stuffs to their new place can be rewarding, not just in the monetary attribute, but on the satisfaction their clients express after a successful move.

I was inspired by a good friend of mine who did this on his own and made some killer money and I was working for him at the time

Talking about challenges, there are copious especially when dealing with their clients’ properties. They have to be detailed and extremely careful to bring them in mint condition from point A to B. Just like when Bill and one of his guys lifted an 800lbs gun safe down flights of stairs. They were able to bring it down without harm.

Trust only the guys who understand the value of safety and trust. Call on G.O.A.T Movers for your peace of mind.

Property Rain-Check


Put your minds at ease when buying or selling properties. Be assured that there are no possible health and life threats lurking in the corners of your new home. Devine Inspections never leaves a nook unscrutinized with their latest techniques and methods.

We thoroughly inspect all major components of the home, and I use my unique ability to convey deficiencies of the home in terms that home buyers will understand.

They do inspections from the roof down to the darkness of your basements. They also perform radon testing to make sure your property is safe from unseen health risks. With their reporting systems that even a mere civilian can understand, you will have the knowledge of your property’s condition.

Buyers are guaranteed utmost security when they partner with Devine Inspections. They understand that your homes are your safe havens, and you deserve to live where you are out of harm’s way.

Melodic Encounter

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Music enthusiasts are finding fun learning vocal techniques under the support of a voice teacher, Jean Deresinska. Her interest in leading them toward their vocal goals made them work hard and be their best selves.

Jean’s favorite success story was a father of a bride who wished to sing during his daughter’s wedding. The last time he sang was in a choir as a boy, but Jean knew that marvelous voice is still there. He was able to sing the Schubert’s Ave Maria wonderfully.

[The most effective strategy to keep my customers happy and satisfied with my services is to] have a genuine interest in them as individuals and in helping them to be the best they can possibly be.

Kids and adults love Jean’s music classes. They are treated as VIPs and divas! Whether one wants to explore more on his/her vocal capabilities or want to hone singing skills, Jean can surely assist them with eagerness. It is a huge reward for her each time they tell her they are pleased with the outcome and are able to perform from the heart.

In whatever business I have been involved in, enthusiasm for what I offer is paramount, absolutely paramount.

Memoirs of a Colorful Life

There are numerous ways to preserve special moments nowadays. All you need to find is the perfect photographer and videographer to creatively execute them. Having experienced a bad photography service when he was young, Dustin Jones makes it a point to never let his clients go through the same dilemma.

The most effective way to keep people is to work around their budget as well and just really dig into them to make them express themselves.

Building DJ Crow Photography and Film is a first step to fulfilling his dream as an artist and art advocate. Together with his wife, they make each event a memorable and extraordinary one just like the one in Tybee. Whether you need to do a wedding, family, newborn or maternity photo shoot, you will surely have fun!

Dustin’s state-of-the-art wedding videography and live performance coverage are among his sought-after services. If you have any specific project that involves videography, count Dustin in!

It’s all about giving the client the experience, making them explore themselves and then giving me, the photographer, the chance to photograph them truly being themselves and giving them the ability to have something forever to hold.

The Marketing Diva

Moore Remodelign About Us

Kansas City’s support of entrepreneurs and small businesses inspired me to start my own business. Seeing so many people in my neighborhood – the River Market – and surrounding areas like the Crossroads and West Bottoms, helped me to believe I could do it myself. I’ve networked with a lot of people over the last year and the support has been overwhelming.

Stina Hergott runs her own marketing business offering services to small and medium-sized firms. She admits that her greatest challenge has been taking one day at a time, but now she is much better in tackling hurdles as they come.

A high level of communication is key. I spent the last 6 years at a marketing agency where our goal was to under promise and over deliver and that has helped me to keep my clients in the loop today. I’m also a big proponent of positivity and having fun along the way. You only get one life and work is a big part of it – you better enjoy it!

Stina is proud to have helped clients take their business to the next level. Among her many projects, her most favorite so far was working with Moore Remodelling, a local company focusing on older homes. Stina was able to re-position their strategies and the results have been great so far.

If you believe in strategy and doing smart work that helps you achieve your overall objectives and make more money, then better try Stina Hergott.

Memoirs in a Fiddle


Get lost in the soulful melody of the violin, especially when it is played by a music aficionado. Whether it’s a song you want to be played the moment you walk down the aisle or the melody of your life story you want to listen during the reception, Brooksley Bishop will do it with gusto!

I had such a passion for playing music, and loved performing even more because of the beauty it brought to life and the joy it brought to the people listening!

Having always been a lover of performing, Brooksley always finds a way to make sure her client’s dream events become a reality. She knows how to make a music sheet for a song which she just listened to in YouTube! In fact, one of her much-loved project was a video she made in YouTube about the facts and the wonders of the instrument she dearly treasures, the violin.

My objective and passion is to ensure that the music for your special occasion is absolutely perfect

If you want a melodious and unique addition to your wedding and special events, let the four strings of Brooksleys violin fiddle you through memories that will last a lifetime.

The Massage Healer

Neises Working

What inspired me was the need for freedom and flexibility with my craft. I wanted to be able to offer something different to clients than what I saw available. Who inspired me were my teachers along the way.

Michael Croes has over ten years of experience in comprehensive and healing massage. Keeping up through the tough economic times was his greatest challenge yet his clients maintain to be around as people continue to seek healing for injuries and related needs.

I believe in offering caring treatments with compassion that focus on techniques to get my clients back to functioning as quickly as possible.

Starting his business was his most memorable project for Michael. He focuses on pain management, sports therapy, reflexology, myofascial release and prenatal treatments. As a licensed therapist, Michael ensures his clients of high quality services at reasonable rates.

Heal your injury now by booking with Michael Croes.

Learning Guitar With The Pro


My Bachelors Degree in Business Administration really inspired me to start up my own business because it allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills required to begin.

Grayson Erhard has been teaching guitar lessons for 8 years now and has been performing for 14 years. His usual clients are driven, motivated, dedicated, and reliable. He likes to stick with these types of clients and keeps a smaller roster.

I love working with all of my students and being a beneficial part of their lives!

Grayson delivers a fantastic product-guitar lessons that are an interactive, intuitive, and effective-learning experience. He makes sure to keep each student happy with his unique teaching method.

If you are looking for a reliable, friendly, and effective guitar instructor, book Grayson Erhard. He is one of the best choices you can get.

Your Personal Trainer

Starting my own business was something I decided to pursue after a lifetime of working for others. I realized I wanted to be in charge of my life and that being able to work for myself wasn’t beyond my reach in my chosen industry.

Joseph Hart has been offering personal training services to clients from all walks of life. For him, there are no usual clients since every individual has their own set of goals. May it be college athletes, 87-year old cancer survivors, and everything in between. His biggest struggle has been to get his name out there and keep the phone ringing.

I make sure I have a heavy dose of what they need and enough of what they want to keep them interested and excited.

Joseph has worked with a lot of people, and one that stands out more vividly than some was a client named Sarah who was undergoing her fight against cancer. Sarah asked him for help, not just with exercise, but for structure in her crazy new life. They worked together for months until she was in another level and overcame true adversity.

Personal training is proven to be the safest, fastest, and most effective way to kick start a new workout routine. Do it with Joseph Hart now.