Awesome Dishes


Are you having a difficult time looking for someone who can really cook the recipes you want for your family occasion? Jerri Wolfe is a service provider who can efficiently cater special menus that you desire. She is a professional personal chef who handles your food preference in an amazing way.

Jerri’s clients are those who would rather hire an expert to prepare their meals, especially for those who have dietary needs and concerns. Customers with diabetes or kidney problems call on Jerri for assistance. But she can still cater to special events like weddings and birthday celebrations as well.

She doesn’t call her engagements projects because she considers each client unique from each other.

My favorite cooking assignment was for a young woman with autism. Changing her diet to gluten-free has made an incredible difference in her health, reducing her (once 5 times a week) grand mal seizures to once a month. I get most excited about helping people to learn how to eat differently to enhance their health.

If you want a personal chef to educate you on planning your menus in a healthier and affordable manner, Jerri Wolfe is one of the best service providers for you.

Getting Fit


If you are having problems getting fit and healthy, Michael Scheffler is a trained professional who can help you achieve your dream. He has a passion for fitness and is determined to provide you with the optimum results you want. Michael guarantees training sessions that are customized, enjoyable and challenging.

His clients are those who want to improved their strength, energy, and stamina, or want to lose weight. These are the customers who trust him and recommend their friends to try his personalized training. He provides positive results and works beyond their client’s expectations.

Michael has had various successful projects, and this was one of his favorites:

safely training one of my clients through her pregnancy.

If you want to feel and look better and healthier, fitness training by Michael Scheffler is the key to a new and improved you. The true fountain of youth is engaging in fitness training programs like this one.

Happiness through Colors and Brushes


Who would think that a lady from the army could create masterpieces with your face? Shannon Nemechek was part of the armed forces before replacing firearms with makeup brushes. She is exceptional with both kinds of ammunition, making her an exceptional artist.

With her knowledge and passion for makeup artistry, Shannon is making women happier and more contented with how they look while learning how to uphold it. Shannon does not only nourish the look, but her customer’s self-worth as well.

I talk all my clients through the entire makeover so that they can duplicate it themselves if they choose. I have found that when I do they appreciate the knowledge and honesty and they come back.

They say that beauty is from within, and Shannon makes sure she will make you shine.

The Evolution of Capturing Moments


From creating great images to managing a clothing line, Michael Tillack has proven that photography’s evolution depends on the eyes behind the lens.

When he was just an aspiring photographer, inspired by the talents before him, he worked hard to equip himself with the tools and know-how in order to maximize the output of his creativeness.

In order to be successful you need to be able to deliver something different that meets the client’s need.

One of Michael’s business milestones was working with a young model who he considers family. The young model’s family was openly supportive of their daughter’s dream. They were able to team up and conceptualize a clothing business which promotes other hopeful models. It was one of their successful ventures as a team and family.

I knew my work would let my clients have confidence in my ability.

Check out Michael’s work and you will be left in admiration. It will make you want to book a photo session right away!

Bringing Together Happiness


Home revamps would never be complete without service providers who make our lives easier and more manageable. They make us feel at ease during the most trying times and even leave us knowing better by sharing their knowledge.

The one thing everyone appreciates regardless of age or financial background, is a great deal and a job well done.

Let’s put Bart Bartos in the spotlight. What has he done to deserve such recognition? For one, he has made a number of homeowners achieve their renovation goals without hassle. Second, he has made more than a dozen kids delighted with their newly assembled play structures in their daycare. This will surely inspire them to come to school every day.

Besides being friendly and providing quick responses to their questions, I try to give them a very reasonable price, and I try to do something a little extra to make it a value-added experience.

Bart deserves a pat on the back for the simple and complicated things he does in the neighborhood. You can always expect a cherry on the top whenever you hire his services.

Training for Your Fitness



I have been a personal trainer for nine years+ and what inspired me to go on my own is I wanted to make things fair with the client and give them the quality versus the quantity of session. The greatest challenge is continuing to find new committed clients but as long as you give them the quality session every time they will keep coming back for more.

Jeff is offering his clients the chance for them to reach their fitness goals. He helps people from all walks of life, from the young to the old. Whether you are a beginner in fitness or a trained athlete, Jeff knows how to make your program fit your goals.

My goal as a fitness professional is to give people not only the right results but also educate them and make them realize that any fitness goal is possible. I really feel it’s important to understand their needs but also make sure you guide them in the right way to give them the ultimate results that they were looking for. Structure, balance and commitment is key to getting the right results.

Jeff has experienced many success stories and one of those is his client Eddie. He has been training with him for one year now. Eddie had a lower back injury and a torn shoulder. He was a prior athlete and wanted to overcome his injury. Getting him to believe that he could achieve it was Jeff’s goal. Within six months Eddie overcame the injuries and was able to get back into his athletic condition.

Jeff Paquet is here to tell you the truth about your fitness and guide you to get the ultimate results you want. Try him now.

Art is the Way



I had been going to craft fairs for years and always said I can make all the stuff there. So I started thinking of different things I could do. The Durfee craft fair was on and I made over $600. I instantly knew this is where I was going to make my living. I started advertising that I was an artist and could paint anything on anything.

Jennifer Rand made use of her excellent artistic skills to make a living and start her own business. She knows what offers to her clients, from murals to art signs and even face paints. Many of her clients are happy with that they get from her.

If you can dream it, I can paint it is my motto and I live by that. I have painted on everything from vendor trucks, rocks, walls, clothing, vehicles, and faces. I have hired a few assistants to do big events and I am going to keep booking jobs for them to do when I can’t. I have passion for what I do. It’s not just a hobby, art is my life.

As an artist, Jennifer has made many projects special and this is evidenced by the increasing number of bookings for her work. One of her memorable works was for charity event for Cupcake Charlie’s in Newport, RI. The clients liked her work that much that she was hired to be the regular face painter for them.

Make the wise choice of hiring someone who has the passion as well as the skills that you are looking for. Book Jennifer Rand now.

Beauty Reveal


Susan Kim was always an art nerd. She excelled in drawing, oil painting, sculpting, piano and violin. Her high standards and flawless execution are the foundation of success in her makeup career.

The best way I keep my clients happy and satisfied is to be real with them. I am very personable. I ask many questions about whatever is on their mind whether it’s makeup related or not. Every question and secrets they want to know I share it with them.

She attended Make Up Designory at the age of 19, studying hair, beauty, and character makeup. She worked her way up through the industry and was with Estee Lauder and MAC Cosmetics for the last 7 years where she gained new artistry skills working with women and men of all ages, all skin types, and all races.

Susan now works as a freelance makeup artist in Honolulu. It’s a dream come true for her. She has always wanted to work full time on her own.

I have many success stories but one of them would have to be a recent young girl I did. I took everything she wanted into consideration with my expert advice and through the entire interaction she kept saying how happy she was with her makeup and never felt so gorgeous.

Let Susie help bring out the beauty you already have. See for yourself when you book with her.

Great Home Improvement

BSE thumbtack photo

Blue Sky Exteriors by Mike Dinwoodie provides construction and home improvement services for those who want fast, efficient repairs and maintenance of their homes. He has the skills and experience for both small and large projects, and he is inspired by the opportunity to solve different sets of issues that are involved therein.

Mike’s clients are those who are focused with their work and family and cannot find time to handle these things at their homes. They are the customers who look for someone they can trust about these matters. Mike works honestly and seriously; that is why his clients are satisfied with his services.

In order to make his clients happy, he makes it a point to be prompt and dependable. Mike does what he say and provides the best results. This way, these customers refer him and his team to other members of their family and friends.

If you want a reliable company to do improvements and other repairs at home, Blue Sky Exteriors can easily handle this need.

Advertising Photography

1965 Cobra-Coupe

Being a commercial advertising photographer has been a long part of how James Marks decided to start his own state-of-the-art studio and accommodate the rise of technology. He helps various people with their advertising photography needs like getting the images of precious artworks on their website.

I have decided to instead work within the technology, giving my clients the best value AND quality for their advertising dollar. My business has become more of a digital service bureau than a traditional photography studio.

James has helped many clients get their products represented into a more artistic way. One shoot he particularly enjoyed was with a craftsman who works with aluminum cars and aircraft. It was a creative shoot and fulfilling for James and his client.

Keeping clients coming back can be a challenge, because we are a premium studio, serving professional and businesses. The standards we offer are quality and fast turnaround. These never change. Those, in my opinion, are what our clients are looking for most, and we ant them to have it.

If you would like professional service at a reasonable rate, book James Marks now.