Inspiring Motivational Speaker


The inspiration behind starting Gutter Enterprises came about when I realized how many people were oppressed from the negative experiences that they’ve encountered from their past. Gutter Enterprises emerged as I began to testify about my life experiences through public speaking, writing, music, and media.

Delvyn Crawford has been conveying messages that are encouraging and uplifting to his clients who come from all walks of life. They are non-profit, government, business, and faith based organizations that are focused on the well-being of others and want to improve the better quality of life for all. Accessibility, authenticity, and accountability are the keys for him to make his clients happy and satisfied.

Delvyn has done several successful projects, and one of those was being the Keynote Speaker at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI. He was commissioned to speak at Discovery World for the United Way Campaign Kick-off. It wasn’t the number of people that made it his favorite, but what made it special were the responses that he received from various people. People of all races and backgrounds approached him to say how much their lives were changed and impacted by his speech.

Determine to book me, by the fruit that you see, and the actions that follow.

Fashion Statement that Fits You


Marina Ignatyev needs to move from Germany to the United States. Though it was a difficult change in her life, this led her to pursue her passion – to become a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. With the love for beauty and creativity, Marina fulfills her dream of becoming one of the top stylists in town.

Some of my clients are stuck in the fashion rut and need me to guide them out of there. Some want to maximize what they already have. Some want a total overhaul of their wardrobe which starts with a closet audit, followed by a personal shopping session and finished with a complete wardrobe styling session.

Though some find it difficult, Marina has the gift of effective communication. She is able to take into consideration what the client really wants and create the right image for that person.

Every single client is different and just as important as the one before and the one after. I am so happy to be doing what I love so I am very grateful for each and single one of them! It’s amazing to see and be part of the confidence they discover once they find their own personal style!

Plan your dream event

Rose Grant

Thanks to the Internet, couples are getting tons of ideas for their wedding. While these sources of inspiration can be helpful, the overwhelming number of choices can also cause unnecessary stress to any couple planning to tie the knot. This is where Rose Grants expertise comes in handy.

Wedding and event planning involves hard work but I can make it simple by taking care of everything so the couple doesnt have to sweat the small stuff.

Knowing that each couples style or preference is unique, Rose Grant listens to their requests, keeps calm under the pressure and maintains a positive attitude while she manages all the details of the big day.

Rose Grant understands that there will always be challenges when managing a wedding or any other event. She recalls a time when a couple got married in an outdoor setting with rain pour and fire alarms.

That was my favourite wedding because the bride and groom didnt have a care in the world. There was only love in their eyes that day.

Is your big day coming up soon? Rose Grant will certainly make your wishes come true.

Discover passion for music


Music is an integral part of life, even if it is just a hobby.

Even before she started giving official musical lessons, Noga Shefi was already eagerly sharing her musical knowledge and best practices to anyone who wanted to know more about music. Now that she has made teaching music a career, Noga Shefi is happy to be surrounded by people who love music.

She works with people of all walks of life, regardless of age, heritage or gender. Her useful tools and gentle guidance helps people who are passionate in improving their craft, whether it is playing bass guitar or learning about music.

No matter where you are, it is never too late to pursue your passion for music.

Are you a music lover too? You are in good company with Noga Shefi.

Innovative artist tells stories with mixed media

Kevin Beaty

A picture paints a thousand words and a video tells a story. Kevin Beaty manages to combine photo, video, sound and amazing storytelling to produce interactive, out-of-the-box projects that speak about his passion and bring commercial advantages to his clients.

Inspired by entrepreneurial parents, Kevin Beaty went on to create his multi-media company that provides photography, graphics and animation services for mom and pop shops, non-profit organizations, publishing companies, national brands and individuals.

Constant communication is the key to a projects success so I let people know upfront how my skill set can work for them. My clients appreciate my work as a visual journalist because it brings new dimension to their projects.

With his work ranging from commercials, documentaries and visual art displays, Kevin Beaty aims to tell good stories and to play a positive role in shaping the industry of visual storytelling.

My knowledge in visual arts and journalism fused with realistic and story-driven style will bring a fresh look to any personal or commercial media project.

Do you want to capture an audience with your story? Kevin Beaty will show you how.

Photos that put the focus on you

Matt T

As a popular saying goes, Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Matt Tetrault, a photography enthusiast, is happy he followed this advice. After several years of providing professional services such as wedding photos, family portraits, fashion shoots, art images and food photography, Matt still enjoys capturing the special moments in the lives of his clients.

It is valuable to bring a personal touch to every project I handle. I treat the clients event or photo session as if it were my own.

Knowing that captivating photos speak for themselves, Matt Tetrault continues to hone his craft and generously shares his knowledge by offering photography workshops and one-on-one instruction courses.

In the photography industry, it is imperative to understand the people you work with and to change techniques according to what works best for your clients.

Who doesn’t want to remember beautiful memories forever? Matt Tetrault listens to your needs and translates these into beautiful photos.

Fast and Reliable Tax Professional

The word tax alone can cause headaches and raise stress levels for a lot of people. If you are one of them, fret no more because Brian Lang can take care of your tax matters.

I take pride in responding quickly to all emails and calls from clients. Long-term relationship is important to me so I make sure that I get back to customers right away.

Brian Lang understands that filing taxes can be a daunting task for many so his assistance services cover tax returns preparation, individual or corporate tax consultation and management of complex tax issues. As a licensed tax professional, he strives to provide prompt and personalized service.

After being employed by large companies that oftentimes offered impersonal tax services, I decided to work independently to provide better services at a better price all-year round.

Are you looking for a tax expert who is thorough and easy to work with? Entrust all your tax concerns to Brian Lang.

Setting people up for success


For Christopher Wirth, quitting is not an option. This is something he passionately advises corporate executives, professionals, students and other individuals whenever he conducts training courses and coaching sessions. As someone who firmly believes in the significance of personal development and leadership, Christopher Wirth pushes his clients to get out of their comfort zone and work at accomplishing their goals.

With our user-friendly approach and effective strategies, we help people who need structure in their professional or personal lives to go beyond the limitations they impose on themselves.

Christopher Wirth’s services include individual or business coaching, consultations with organizations and teams, motivational speaking engagements. He strives to exceed clients expectations every time.

My favorite project was being a speaker at a 9th grade graduation. It was amazing to have an opportunity to motivate, inspire and help kids to aim big.

Aim high. Christopher Wirth will help you get started.

Be picture perfect


Even supermodels get a little help to appear flawless on photographs. Talented in bringing out the best features of her clients, Jessi Stansberry has done the hair and make-up of countless brides, actors, models and individuals attending special events.

My goal is to make the customer feel at ease, have fun and walk away happy. I strive to be efficient but I also take my time to ensure the high quality of my work.

It is easy to get along with Jessi Stansberry and she makes people feel good about themselves. It is no wonder returning clients from the cosmetics, modelling and fashion industry book her services. Her attention to detail and relaxed attitude helps people look their best in portraits, wedding photos, video shoots and important occasions.

I am here to enhance and highlight your natural beauty so that you can feel the best version of yourself.

Jessi Stansberry’s hair and make-up services make you want to take more selfies.

Experienced Non-denominational, Interfaith Wedding Officiant

John Boye

Reverend John Boye has been a minister since 1996. He finds joy in helping out stressed and confused couple, offering them flexibility and options for collaboration and changes.

John specializes in both interfaith and non-denominational services, one of his favorite weddings was a ceremony he performed for a pagan bride and an atheist groom. Not only did the wedding creates a need to tear down everybody’s preconceived notions, but it also reinforced the need to speak the universal spiritual language of the bride and groom- the language of love.

As I matured, I realized the importance of helping others to not only experience that closeness for themselves, but also to help people acknowledge the changes they were undergoing in their lives. I began to focus heavily on working with people who were getting married, bidding farewell to a loved one, or who simply wanted a blessing for their child, or their home.

Choose somebody who truly cares for you. Choose Reverend John!