Illustrator and Graphic Artist


Sometimes people have overwhelming ideas in their heads that they cannot put on paper themselves. Mike Reese, a creative Illustrator and graphic artist, can understand what the customer sees and brings this visual to life. It can be an illustration, caricature, or portrait, anything is possible as long as it can be fully interpreted. A freelance artist like Mike can help crystallize the idea.

Mike has various clients who want unique artwork and services. Some of them enjoy live caricatures in special events such as retirement parties, birthdays, and weddings. This is one way of entertaining guests and enhancing the ambiance of the occasion. Graphic designing on the other hand, caters more to businesses which are being used for marketing strategies.

His projects has been successful, and

I am currently working on a series of illustrations for an upcoming fantasy book that will be called ‘The Adventures of Doot and Buck-Meeoww.’ I have completed two of them and will be working on a third soon.

Occasions can be more fun when you hire Mike Reese to do some illustrations or live caricature performances. He will create something cool that you are going to love.