Provider Tip: Dealing with Stalkers

Stalking is a pervasive and injurious crime that affects approximately 10,000,000 people in the United States alone, every single year. For the most part, the victims of this type of crime suffer in silence due to inadequate legislation designed to protect victims, inadequate training resources for local and state law enforcement agencies, and a gross misunderstanding on the part of the majority of victims concerning the processes involved in dealing with stalking cases.

There are two strategies in dealing with stalkers.

  • Avoidance: Avoidance is recommended in most cases. Ideally, the stalker will not be aware of a well-implemented avoidance strategy. The client’s hope is then to endure longer than the stalker who may eventually move their focus on to someone else, or the stalker will be unable to locate the victim. This is if the victim can reform their lifestyle to avoid contact with the stalker.
  • Confrontation: Confrontation refers to the use of the legal system to attempt the removal of the nuisance stalker who presents a minimal threat in a case that is early in its development.

A careful combination of these two strategies is more likely to achieve a reduction in, or the removal of the harassment from a stalker.

Of course, there are private investigators who not only offer certified investigative expertise in this matter but also provide the risk mitigation and bodyguard services for those suffering at the hands of a stalker.


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