The Amazing L.A. Tour

Looking for tour companies that offer unique and competitive adventure tours?

The Amazing Los Angeles Race is an interactive, clue-based adventure game that has been created by LARF, Inc. These world-renowned adventure games specialists offer this competitive sight-seeing tour for both public and private events including corporate retreats, team building workshops, parties and more.

It is the unique way of experiencing Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. Not only do you get the best glimpse of its infamous landmarks, you also get to participate in an exhilarating race that you’ve never seen before!

We love the creative element of the work, and how unconventional it is. When we are putting together events, for instance, we get to intimately tour new locations, we get to sample great food, meet fascinating people, and we don’t have to sit behind a desk. (Larry)

The entire tour takes about four and a half hours, and you get to have the perfect touch-base of downtown Los Angeles through clues that will be given to you every time you hit a certain control point.

At the end of their time with us, we want them to feel like they’ve made new friends in us and in the people with whom they’ve shared the experience. (Bob)

Experience a breathtaking tour and race to the finish with  Amazing Los Angeles Race.