The Art of Love


I started as a dating/relationship expert in Los Angeles with a column in a local paper and a TV show on local public access. After that, I started my weekly newsletter and then wrote my book, Lucia’s Lessons of Love. I began private coaching soon afterwards. The greatest challenge has been convincing people that private coaching is necessary, as friends at times tend to be biased or may have personal agenda.

Lucia Demasi’s most successful project was appearing on the Dr. Phil show to discuss the pros and cons of women dating wealthy men.

I make myself available 7 days a week. If I’m awake, I’m willing to do a last-minute coaching session. I can understand how someone might be anxious about a situation or need to speak to me on short notice, so I’m happy to be as available as possible.

Lucia has been a dating and relationship expert since 2004. Learn what she has to say!