The Bubbly Marketing Expert


Fast forward, 4 years into a career working in the education industry helping to build e-learning courses, I wound up meeting my one-day-to-be-husband, Chris, who ran his own business since the age of 16. He helped me build a network which brought me more client, and I ended up quitting my day job in lieu of the rush to freelance.

Roz Murphy had a bad first impression with being an entrepreneur, yet this changed eventually, and now she is the mind behind Creative Orange, a marketing creative exploration and design business. She provides clients with services such as web development, branding identity to graphic design.

I am the Good Quality & Time/Fast girl. I do good work, and I do it in a timely manner, but I won’t be the cheapest. There is no wrong answer, but everyone needs to be aware of the Ultimate Triad.

The business journey for Roz has been a great ride with her husband along with it. Among her many projects, she reveals that her favorite project so far was working with Erin Bosch of Xerion Dispensary. The project involved various marketing work from graphic design, packaging to websites and trade shows.

If your desire as an entrepreneur is to grow your business into an empire, a great marketing is what you need so better book with Roz Murphy now and see it happen.