Topnotch Freelance Writer

Bruce Shutan 2010 head shot

I treat each article as though I were competing for a Pulitzer Prize, but another way to pleasing my clients is through taking a constant check on my ego at the door and follow instructions on article revisions.

Bruce Shutan is a versatile Los Angeles freelance writer who has written for more than 90 publications or corporate entities for more than 30 years and recently began ghostwriting self-published books.

I have had many favorite projects through the years – from covering the Oscars and Emmys for a publication specializing in behind-the-scenes talent in Hollywood and interviewing celebrities to writing in-depth articles on how employee benefit packages can motivate the workforce to ghostwriting the memoirs of a Canadian-born accountant who became a philanthropist and sought to inspire younger generations with his vision of giving back to the community and helping repair the world.

Grab the opportunity now, and get a topnotch service from Bruce!