Web Design Meister


Starting my own business happened pretty organically. I have worked for a few years as a web designer at an advertising agency in Phoenix. I was primarily working on design and front-end development. From there, I moved to a position doing back-end development full-time in PHP and Python. Over the course of those two jobs, I worked with some outstanding designers and developers, and gained an incredible amount of experience.

Joe di Stefano uses his technical know-how and experience in all aspects of web design from initial ideas through development to maintenance as a way to grow his own business. What started as a part-time work for him later soon became his full-time business when he was granted an initial contract that provided him a safety net while starting.

Do good work. There is no trick to keeping clients happy besides doing the best work you can do. If you put in the extra effort, your clients will notice. You have to also be an effective communicator, but good work comes first.

Joe has helped a range of clients including non-profit organizations to companies. Among them all, his favorite work to date was with Gossens Bachman Architects on designing their company website. It was not a first job with the company but, Joe is happy being a part of the transformation of the website.

If you want exceptional web design and development on par with much larger, more expensive agencies, along with very personal service that comes from working with a one-man shop, better try Joe di Stefano.