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Salt Lake City, UT

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About Benji's Auto Repair

Complete auto repair, safety and emission inspection, electrical, engine diagnostic, etc.

I have 30 year experience in domestic, import (Japan, Europe) brakes, engine, front end, transmission, emission fail, noises.


2747 S Redwood Rd, West Valley
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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  • 1/5 stars August 13, 2014

    He replace my transmission in Honda odyssey and I from out of state. He did not put van back together all the way there are two screws missing from hood and four miss each front wheel well that holds plastic cover. Windshield spray not working now

  • 1/5 stars December 10, 2013

    He sold me a car and I took right back to him cause I heard a noise and he look and drive and say no its ok and he do a oil change , so I go home drove for 2 days and the noise got louder I went back he still said nothing's wrong so I left and 1 week later the moter died and he try to say it was cause no oil ? He just done oil change? Now im stuck with no car, and im out 1200 bucks, and im disabled so I cant ride the bus! I asked him are you sure this car is good cause I drive my grandkids around. Thanks for nothing, he should of done the right thing and nothing. Sad!!