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About Echo Productions

Our wedding packages include planning, consultation and music list customization.

We know how important this event is for you, and we want to help. We offer extended services for your ceremony as well, even if it's at a different location than your reception.

All of our audio equipment is thoroughly tested before every event and is well maintained. All Echo Productions lighting equipment is based on LED technology, giving both a clean and modern look, but also allowing us to maintain a small footprint. This makes us ideal for even small venues. Our DJs and MCs have years of experience, and really know how to get a room moving.

This is your special day, and you should be able to have it the way you want. Our staff can help customize the way your reception looks and feels through the use of lighting and audio effects, or even in the way our staff appears and interacts with your guest. Our DJs will help keep your scheduled events during your reception (garter toss, cake, etc.). This is so you don't have to stress. Let us maintain your schedule, and we will make sure all the pieces fall in to place.

Basic Sound Package Package (BSP)

Echo uses only quality pro audio equipment to bring life to any event. Our gear is well maintained and tested before every show. Echo only uses high-quality digital tracks for flawless sound reproduction. Our digital archive has a vast array of music from all genres. Our DJ and MC teams are experienced event planners and are available for unlimited consultations. Let the Echo pros make your special event truly one that you and your guest will remember!

Price starts as low as $299 for 4 hours! Call today for more info.

Echo Delux Package includes BSP

If you want to keep the party going all night, Echo's Delux package is the perfect choice! We only use state-of-the-art LED smart DMX lighting systems, such as the 4-Bar and 4-Play combo from Chauvet. These effects help us bring your party to life, leaving your guest and your pocketbook more than satisfied! Don't settle for iPods and mall-bought cheesy lighting. Go Pro! Go Echo!

Price starts as low as $349 for 4 hours! Call today for more info.

Echo Premium Package

Let's pull out all the stops, shall we? I'm talking about uplighting! I'm talking about LCD screens showing highlights of your ceremony, or anything else you can think of! Let's throw in our Delux package, and every other toy we got! After all, this is your event, and it should be everything you ever wanted. Let the pros at Echo make this event something you and your guest will never forget!

Price starts as low as $499 for 4 hours! Call today for more info.

Even though a lot of time and planning goes into every event, Echo Productions wants to make this promise to you: we will do everything we can to make sure that the planning and execution of your event will be as fun and stress free as possible.

Congratulations on your big day from all of us here!


Vancouver, WA 98664

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Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Echo Productions has the experience and tools to make your event a huge success, but we need your help! After all this is your big day and we want everything to go just the way you want it. We believe that good communication is the key to our success. We want to take a second and walk you through how we will make your event successful from the time of hire to the end of your event!

So heres our advice, Remember that this is your day and that good communication between you and your DJ/MC before your event will make or break it!

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. I would want to know why I should hire a DJ instead of having little Tommy from up the street rent some speakers and play music off of his I POD...

A DJ/MC is an entertainer not a juke box. A good DJ or MC can motivate your guest and make it a real party! They will make all your anouncements and keep track of your schedule. Most of all a good DJ will make or break your event! If your spending a small fortune on your wedding don't put your reception entertainment on the bottom of the list! Most bride interviewd after their wedding said that they regreted it. :)

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. "These are the important questions that you should ask a DJ/MC before you sign or pay anything! Echo productions Asked one of or MCs to answer them for you here. "

1. Do you offer a written contract?

Yup! Echo productions will have this contract and make sure that you have a copy from start to finish.

2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

The DJ and MC that you meet will be the same team to show up at your event. However, life is unpredictable and if for any reason one of these team members finds himself unable to attend, you will be notified a minimum of a week in advance to meet one of our other team members. To be honest this has only happened once in the last ten years and that New year's party was still a huge success!

3. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?

It is just as important for us to meet you as it is for you to meet us. Meeting in person is part of our singing process and we wouldn't have it any other way!

4. How long will you hold our date for us?

Echo will hold your date for 5 days after your initial contact with us. After we come to an agreement and sign the contract Echo will hold your date indefinitely.

5. Do you work exclusively for this company?

Our DJs and MCs are exclusive to Echo productions.

6. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

I started DJ/MCn wedding out of high school back in 99. I have over a hundred of weddings under my belt and two of our MCs come from families of wedding professionals.

7. How many weddings do you do each year?

The most weddings we have been to at a professional capacity in a year... around 24.

8. How many other types of events do you do per year?

Echo attends 4-5 non wedding events per year mostly Holiday parties.

9. Do you perform for more than one event in a day?

Yes. Echo can run up to 2 teams on any given day. However we are careful not to bite off more than we can chew.

10. What makes you different from your competitors?

Our DJs and MCs aren't stale.. We mean no offence to our competitors but these are parties and need to be celebrations! There is nothing worse than a mono toned game show personality and a microphone. :)

11. Have you played at our reception site before?

Echo productions has also done business as White Star productions and has played at many popular venues all over the northwest.

12. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

Of course! however the level of interaction between our MCs and your guest is up to you. After all this is your big day and we want it to go just the way you want it.

13. How would you define your "style" when making announcements?

Fun, Energetic, and loving our job! Being an MC is the best job in the world. :)

14. What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

Over the years our MCs have learned many fun games and other motivators and mixed with a good DJ for the sound track we can get even stubborn crowds moving!

15. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?

life is unpredictable and if for any reason one of these team members finds himself unable to attend, you will be notified a minimum of a week in advance to meet one of our other team members.

16. Will we meet again before the wedding?

We can meet for as many consultations as you like or as needed.

17. Can we visit you at a performance?

Unfortunately not. Echo productions has a very strict privacy rule when it comes to our clients.

18. May we speak to your references?

Of course! I personally have made a huge effort at putting our name out to sites were our clients can leave a review.

19. How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?

Our archive is updated once a month to keep our playlist popping!

20. How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

It's your event, we will play whatever you want however, it does make it easier for our DJs to keep things hopping if you let them read the crowd.

21. When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

there are a couple of ways that we can go about this. We have paper copies of our forms and digital that can be filled out and submitted via email or in person at least a day before your event.

22. Do you take requests from our guests?

As long as you want us to and as long as they are appropriate.

23. Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?

Yes please! if there are tunes that you dislike let us know.

24. When do you arrive to set up for our wedding?

Echo productions will arrive a minimum of one hour before your event to setup. This set up time is on our dime as we don't start the clock until your guest arrive.

25. What will you wear to our wedding?

From a professional casual appearance to a custom tuxedo pre selected by you, our guys will dress to impress.

26. What will you wear when you set up and break down your equipment?

Professional casual.

27. How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?


28. What is included in the cost of my event?

Basic Sound Package Package (BSP) and any other package upgrades DJ/MC team unlimited consultations and good times

29. How much would you charge for overtime?

Over time charges vary based on your package.

30. What do you require from us?

A phone call or email and a chance to meet and discuss your event.

31. Do you require a meal?

lol This one always cracks me up a bit. Our guys and gals are going to work very hard for you, before and on your big day. If you want to feed our staff your awesome! However, because we run a 2 man team we can find a moment for a quick snack if need be. :)

32. Are you insured?


33. Do you take any breaks?

Our 2 man teams will cover each other if a break is needed but the party will keep rolling.

34. What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during the wedding?

We don't drink during wedding or events however we do like beer after gigs! So If we rock it up think kindly of us when it comes time for a tip. :)
As far as smoking goes if a staff member smokes it will be outside and out of sight from you or your guest. Echo has a NO DRUG policy for our staff and we will not play if there is any kind of illegal stuff going on around us.

35. What kind of equipment do you use?

Echo productions uses active speaker systems ranging in size and power from brands like Yorkville, Harbinger, Behringer. All our music and mixers are digital for flawless reproduction. All Echo lighting equipment Uses LED technology running far cooler and allot longer than conventional units.

36. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

All of our pro audio gear is designed to be redundant. We have fail safes and backups.

37. Do you have a wireless microphone?

Yes when its needed.

38. Do you have a “light show”?

We have awesome LED light setups.

39. Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?

WOW people do that? that's hella tacky... This day is about you and that's what should be in your photos not tacky banners. The only place our logo can be found is on our table screen or sometimes on the LCDs. The best advertising we could ever ask for is word of mouth, so I think we will just give you a kick @#$! reception instead and maybe you will tell your friends. :)

40. Why do you seem so laid back when answering these questions Mr. Echo guy?

Because we are real. You will find no fake smiles or such around here. We really do like what we do and can't wait to DJ your event! :)

Written by MC Snowman

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Where, When and how many guest will be attending your event. This is very important because it can change pricing. :)

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