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Top Movers is an industry-leading moving company specializing in full-service moves for families or businesses moving locally or nationally.

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Our team is dedicated to providing courteous, professional service from the time you contact us until the time when your last box is unpacked.


Linden, NJ 07036


10 Reviews
  • Marilyn D. Jun 19, 2016
    We moved from a 3-bedroom house to a 7th floor condo. My ex-husband relocates a lot and he suggested us to hire Top Movers to help with the move. I think “help” is a term to be used loosely with this company. In reality, they do all the work. We just sat there watching them excelling at their job. The crew was so efficient. Not only at packing and loading our stuffs at our old house but also at carrying our heavy furniture up 7 flights of stairs. It was an inhuman effort from these guys. This company is really affordable too.
  • Samuel C. Jun 14, 2016
    I cannot praise Top movers enough. They handled our move very efficiently. It was a very sudden move and so I had to hire them hastily. But it was not an issue for them. They provided me the same services they would provide any other client. They were early to arrive and very early to finish. That is what you really want when you are paying by the hour. All four movers seemed very friendly and helpful. They were careful not to damage the wall or floor. The delivery was made on time. I’m looking for something to complain about. One of the movers didn’t speak English. Is that really a complaint?
  • Lisa T. Jun 12, 2016
    I hired Top movers for my move simply because the word of mouth about them was so good. They are well known to be honest and very experienced. As I watched their men at work, I thought the same. They were very experienced and it showed when they had to carry my humongous couch out of our house through tricky doorways. All my valuable antic pieces were taken special care of and everything was wrapped neatly before being loaded onto the vans. The vans were in excellent condition and I could easily rely on them for the journey ahead. I received all my valuables right on scheduled date and everything was in proper condition. Nothing was broken or lost. I should mention here also that they charged me very reasonably and I was very happy with their services.
  • Carlos P. Jun 5, 2016
    I hired top movers to move my things last month. The movers they sent were very capable and experienced. They systematically worked together to pack up everything and then load them to the truck. Even the truck was very spacious and brand new. I knew my valuables were safe in their hands. I was proven right when they delivered everything in excellent condition. Not even a glass was broken. It was a great move and I’m very thankful.
  • William P. May 29, 2016
    I hired top movers purely basing on the recommendations from my friends. They sent four movers who were all very competent. They packed all our stuffs with proper packing materials and then loaded them onto the van. I was curious to see how they were going to travel to my new house. Surprisingly, all our furniture traveled well and nothing suffered any damage, not even a scratch. My wife and I are very grateful for how efficiently our move was handled.
  • Barry M. May 22, 2016
    I just hate drama and hassle. I seriously cannot deal with them. When I called top movers for quote I did warn them about this. They promised me a 99% drama free move. They delivered 100%. Who would have thought relocating could be so easy! The movers arrived early and packed up everything within just 2 hours. I offered them some cash on the spot to get some hours off the bill and they refused. I felt like an idiot. These men were so freaking professional! I believe I was the drama queen during this move after all.
  • Sammy C. May 16, 2016
    The pieces of furniture I own are really heavy. But I have to give it to the boys from top movers. They handled my relocation without any issues whatsoever and in the end all my valuables survived the journey without even a single scratch on them. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very helpful. I really have never seen a more helpful bunch of guys. The movers were fantastic. They maintained the timings and worked very efficiently. I will definitely hire them again.
  • Richard B. May 12, 2016
    I am a veteran client of Top movers. My job takes me to new places every once in a while and I always go to them for sorting out my move. The movers are extremely punctual, both during arrival and delivery. It’s always a treat seeing these men at work because they make it seem so easy. They always show amazing skills when it comes to the packing-loading process. I have worked with different crews sent from the company and every crew is just amazing. I have a lot of respect for the crews and I always instruct them well as everyone should. I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better moving company in this country.
  • Pete G. May 5, 2016
    Everyone always keeps complaining about how painful and hectic relocations are. That is not the case when Top Movers is your moving company. I hired them a few months back and they were, in one word, perfect. They gave me a very inexpensive quote, the movers maintained the timings and nothing was broken at the end of the move. I don’t expect smiles and chats from my movers. I wanted a professional relocation and I got it.
  • Victor M. Apr 30, 2016
    It was a hasty relocation. I hired Top movers in a hurry but they really came through. I didn’t have to move a finger, they did pretty much everything. My stuffs were all neatly packed by the men. They loaded everything very carefully into the amazing looking vans. I couldn’t be any happier when I received all my stuffs intact. These guys are just awesome and I have only praises for them.