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How does your service stand out?

I provide basic obedience training and problem solving of common and not so common canine behavioral issues such as jumping, door dashing, potty accidents, nipping, or destructive chewing. Leash pulling is one of the more common issues I help clients with. My system attacks the problem in phases controlling the environment in which you and your dog are walking. I also specialize is rehabilitating aggressive or reactive leash behavior. Many dogs tend to lunge, bark and bear their teeth at skateboards, bikes, children or other dogs. Rather than believing the myth your dog is bad or mean, it is more likely that your dog is fearful and barking and lunging is a way of making these fearful things go away. As a dog trainer, I can be your coach in helping you train or rehabilitate your dog through force-free positive reinforcement training which has been widely accepted as the most effective scientifically proven method. Todd Campbell, South Orlando Dog Training Gentle Guidance For You And Your Dog

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I thrive on helping my clients and their dogs develop a deeper bond and better communication through positive reward based training without the use of force. Not only do I enjoy working with dogs but I love working with people. This is an asset because essentially I am teaching you, the client, to train your own dog. What I love about the dog training industry is that it is constantly changing and I feel it is important that I stay current through continuing education. You ultimately benefit from my enthusiasm and dedication to the field.
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  • Beth P. Jul 8, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    My experience with Todd was exceptional to work with.From the beginning he clarified the problem with dog so you could understand. (Aggressive behavior was my dogs problem) He explained thoroughly from start to finish how to correct problem and what would be involved. Todd had very flexible scheduling so it was easy to work a time for the training. I would highly recommend him.
  • Donna G. Jul 1, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Very knowledgeable dog trainer. I highly recommend Todd.
  • Misty L. Jun 19, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    We enjoyed the training as it was convenient (in the home training ). Very knowledgeable about what was needed. Could not have asked for a better trainer.
  • Saul S. May 17, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Had a great experience and helped improve my dog's behavior.
  • Mikayla H. May 5, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Todd was extremely professional, helpful and accommodating. I had been using a different dog trainer before hiring him and it was a worlds difference!! He came prepared with informational paperwork, a protocol to follow for Bentley's separation and even CHEESE!!! Bentley can be a fearful dog and often displays what I thought was separation anxiety. After one session with Todd he was able to evaluate Bentley and come to the conclusion that Bentley DOES NOT have severe separation anxiety. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked away from Bentley and he didn't follow me but was literally eating out of the palm of Todd's hand. Since our visit I've implemented the suggestions Todd made to provide Bentley with a distraction upon my departure. He has improved tremendously and it's only been maybe a month of the new treats and toys?? All and all I am VERY pleased and impressed with Todd's service. I would highly recommend him for your dog training needs!
  • Lawrence D. Mar 21, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Aggressive German Sheppard when he is on leash.
    I hired Todd from South Orlando Dog Training to help me with my aggressive German Sheppard Tanny.. After 3 sections I have seen great improvements. Todd has given me the tools to continue with Tanny's training. He is doing well and he is improving more each day.. thank you Todd
  • David O. Feb 7, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Excellent Dog Trainer!
    Todd is a fantastic dog trainer. He took the time to make sure he fully understood all of our needs and then created a plan to address each issue. Todd made sure to make himself available at any time to answer any questions we had. Todd's methods were also very effective. Our main problem was resource guarding and Todd created the perfect plan to combat the guarding. We can't thank him enough for his help.
  • Amber B. Jan 3, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Great Training and Professional Service!
    Excellent communication and very professional services. Taught me some essential skills so I can train my dog to heel like a pro. Thank you~
  • Juliana A. Nov 10, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Worth It!
    Todd is great!!! We're already seeing progress after the first two sessions! :)
  • Becky D. Oct 3, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Todd Campbell
    Todd is extremely professional and thorough. He has made a point of discovering the root cause of our dog's behavior. He is a pleasure to work with and his functional protocols are positive for our dog.
  • Angelina S. Aug 24, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    My fiancé and I have 2 pit mixes at home. I had my girl before I even met my fiancé, and she loves people, dogs, exploring new places, etc. While working as a veterinary nurse, we had a little pit mix puppy come in to our clinic. He was relinquished to the clinic, because the family "could not longer afford him". He had parvovirus and was skin and bones. Poor 2 month old pittie baby!!! Long story short, we adopted him, treated him, and brought him home once he was rehabilitated. Fast forward a year, and our little guy unfortunately developed separation anxiety when we were at work,fear aggression, and aggression towards other dogs. Once we noticed how bad things had become, we searched for a trainer and found Todd. We can't say enough good things about Todd !!!! He's kind, patient, compassionate, well educated, and I literally think he speaks "dog". 😊 Todd uses clicker training and not only trains dogs, he effectively trains people too! While our boy isn't 100% "cured", he is MUCH improved. Todd couldn't even get near him during the first lesson, and after about 4 weeks, our boy couldn't wait to love on Todd !!! We had family stay at our house recently, and usually we would have to keep our boy in another room away from family for the first day or two until he adjusted. Even then, we would be nervous. This time, we walked him outside to meet our visiting family members,and he didn't even bark !!! He got along with everyone perfectly! Everyone was so impressed!!! We still have a few things to work on, but we couldn't be happier with his improvement. Todd, THANK YOU for all that you do! You gave us our dog back!
  • Melanie C. Aug 18, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    I am so glad I finally decided to call a trainer and that I chose Todd. We needed some special help, not just command training, and he is so patient. Because of his willingness not to push the dog he made more progress in one hour than any of our friends can make in three hours. He was very knowledgeable, very affordable and I was very grateful with the plan he decided we should try. I definitely feel like he cares about my dog - he's not just some guy trying to make money. I highly recommend him.
  • Meredith D. Aug 11, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Todd was great with our 8 month old puppy Jake. I loved how even before we hired him he was reaching out to me to see if he would be the trainer for us. Jake looked forward to seeing him every week and has really helped our family keep Jake safe through commands and calm when new people come to the house. We highly recommend Todd and South Orlando Dog Training.
  • Tyler P. Aug 4, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
  • Ben T. Jul 29, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Todd was great. He was always on time and great with correspondence. We were very happy with his teaching method, although he is very understanding of different forms and doesn't immediately dismiss other teaching styles or methods. We feel that his style that he tends to lean on has been very beneficial for our dog (shiba inu) who tends to be very stubborn and individualistic. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
  • Ginia M. Jul 5, 2016
    I just wanted to share our experience with Todd and South Orlando Dog Training. We had an incident with our dog Bella- she's terrified of skateboards. Usually we just avoid skateboards all together- but on a walk, a guy came up behind us on a hover board which makes no noise- and cut us off. Bella got scared and bit the guy- not doing major harm... but it easily could've ended very badly. The guy was apologetic and said he should've known better than to come up behind a dog like that. It was at that time that we knew we needed help- we NEVER want to relive that situation again. It's our job to protect her from herself... and we were beside ourselves. We didn't know what to do! We just recently relocated from Los Angeles to Orlando so we really didn't know anyone that could refer us to a dog trainer. I came across a business card from South Orlando Dog at a local coffee shop in Celebration and called to see what could be done. We've been working with Todd now for a few months and I have to say- it has made a HUGE difference. South Orlando Dog Training is all about positive reinforcement. We NEVER thought Bella could break this habit. Todd is so patient and so caring- you can tell he really loves what he does and he truly cares about his clients. I would say we hit the jackpot as far as dog trainers go. If you are even thinking of hiring a trainer for your dog- Todd is the way to go.
  • Mitchell O. Jun 4, 2016
    I had the wonderful privilege of working with Todd at South Orlando Dog Training. He did an amazing job with our two dogs Sheldon & Tiffany. It was amazing to see him work directly with the animals. What a patient, peaceful instructor... with the humans too.
  • Sharon J. Jun 3, 2016
    Three months ago, we adopted a six year old miniature poodle/terrier mix. He was fully housebroken and a people-pleaser but had not been taught to walk on the leash correctly or,even, simple basic commands. Todd worked with us on addressing these issues and we did follow through with all of his suggestions. Today, we have a people-pleasing, housebroken obedient dog which makes for a wonderful experience in having this pet as a family member! Thank you, Todd!
  • Bill B. Jun 3, 2016
    Todd Campbell was on time, every time. He was considerate of our home situation. He understood our Labradoodle and her jumping habit. He was quick to note her good qualities. His training is one of positive reinforcement; our Doodle immediately fell in "love" with Todd because of the positive support Todd gave her. When he trained our Doodle, he trained with us present so we could learn and continue after he left. His techniques and abilities with our Doodle seem almost "magical," and we're glad he came over to visit and "train us all." I wouldn't hesitate to call him back again if the need arose.


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
Generally, you should expect to have multiple lessons from me. Training should be methodical and in order to encourage my clients to reach a certain milestone in training, I offer multiple session discounts when they pay for at least 3 sessions up front. That way it discourages the client from quitting training too early. Both the client and the dog get cheated when training hasn't been perfected over the course of several weeks.
What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
1.Initial consultation and interview to get to know the dog, get to know you and find out what’s causing the problem or what you want out of training. 2.Schedule weekly lessons teaching you to train your dog or give you tools that will help to rehabilitate your dog. 3. Build confidence in your dog so that you can enjoy your canine to the fullest.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Todd is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through the independent certifying organization called the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers or CCPDT. It is the leading certifying organization not tied to any school or large corporation. Trainers who have passed this rigorous certification exam have demonstrated a mastery of humane and science based training methods. When you choose a CPDT-KA trainer, you can be assured that this person has received at least 300 hours of training experience and is also required to stay current with the latest in training research and trends through mandatory continuing education units. Todd is one of over 2000 certified trainers worldwide that maintains this mark of distinction. He is also a graduate of Animal Behavior College(ABC). ABC is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and is an internationally recognized school. The education consists of a ten-stage research based learning program covering animal behavior and training principals that concludes with an internship under an experienced, trained mentor. Outside of helping clients, Todd is a dedicated volunteer logging hundreds of hours socializing and training dogs at the Pet Alliance of Orlando, Houndhaven of Minneola, FL and Orange County Animal Services. He was also recently honored with the 2015 Orange County Citizen of the Year Award for his countless hours of volunteer work in his own community.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I got started training difficult dogs in local shelters and had my own difficult dog that I rehabilitated.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Always look for a positive force-free trainer. Stay away from dog trainers who use antiquated methods of training using force, pain, intimidation or fear. These types of trainers aren't educated on the newer methods of training. Most of all, never hire a trainer who uses a shock collar, E-collar, remote collar, etc. This method of training has horrible side effects. If you are looking for a service dog trainer. Be careful. There is a lot of fraud out there and a service dog trainer should be certified through the Assistance Dogs International (ADI). I am not an accredited Service Dog Trainer. I focus on solely pet dog training.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
Before choosing a trainer look for these qualifications. Are they certified with a CPDT-KA certification? I am. Have they signed an oath with the Pet Professional Guild not to use any force, pain or fear to train dogs? I have and I don't use E-collars, choke chains or prong collars. Is your trainer participating in continuing education to get the latest trends and research in dog training? I am required through the CCPDT to get 36 CEU's every 3 years.