For the Spirit of Horses

Sunol, CA

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How does your service stand out?

Teaching humans how horses think about what you're asking them to do; responding, not reacting. I start everyone, no matter what level, from the ground up into the saddle. Learning how to build a foundation of mutual trust and respect which benefits every horse and rider, no matter what discipline.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Teaching people how natural horsemanship is a holistic approach. And the WOW moments that are followed by the HOW moments. Also it's a personal journey about one's self.


Sunol, CA 94586

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11 Reviews
  • Terri Y. Aug 14, 2016
    Horseback Riding Lessons (for adults)
    Verified Review
  • Angela S. Apr 24, 2015
    Anyone interested in equestrian riding lesson's or just curious about horses, should give Susan a call. Susan has a world of knowledge to share with you. She was able to help me understand how a horse thinks and learns, and help improve my riding. All while having fun!!!
  • Susan C. Apr 22, 2015
    Whether you are a beginner with horses or an experienced rider, Susan can help you. She teaches natural horsemanship, which emphasizes the nature of the horse and the relationship between horse and rider. She is patient and non-judgmental and willing to answer any questions. In my own case, it had been many years since I had ridden and it was like a new world of horses was opened to me. With Susan’s help, I realized that working with horses, both on and off the saddle, could be both challenging and rewarding. They are beautiful, intelligence animals and deserve owners and riders who appreciate and understand them. Susan is a genuine resource and excellent teacher.
  • Joy C. Apr 21, 2015
    I wanted to learn to ride and be more confident around horses. I wanted to find someone who has a natural approach to this and stumbled upon Susan's natural horsemanship lessons. So happy I did! I have learned so much in the past year. I am more confident, enjoy and look forward to each lesson. Great and fun way to safely introduce yourself to the awesome world of horses. Highly recommend checking out Susan's lessons.
  • Karleen T. Apr 19, 2015
    Susan is just amazing. She helps me to see things from my horse's perspective which ultimately leads to breakthroughs. I've had my fair share of instructors in the Bay Area and many do not have the knowledge, nor sensitivity that Susan has. Others are downright not trustworthy. But Susan is one of the rare people I know I can trust 100%.
  • Alice T. Apr 18, 2015
    Susan is an outstanding instructor, she works with myself and my two horses, two different horsenalitilie, one is an extrovert and the other an introvert so there are different approaches to each horse. The lessons are always productive and I learn something new each lesson.
  • Jessie J. Jul 15, 2010
    Susan is an excellent teacher! What I’ve found in Susan is not only a person that will teach me how to “ride” horses, but a person who has the knowledge to educate me about everything from what horses should and shouldn’t eat to how to work with each horse’s “horse-onality.” Susan has patiently taught me how to groom, tack, and work with a horse. She is patient and has a great sense of humor. Susan bases her training on “natural horsemanship.” Susan has a great sense for knowing when to push her students out of their comfort zone. She encourages her students to take notes after the lesson and welcomes questions that may come up after the student has had some time to think about the lesson. Even though I am brand new to horsemanship, Susan is able to work with individuals of all skills levels. I am very lucky to have found such a great teacher/mentor in Susan.
  • Lana S. Jul 14, 2010
    Susan Tambara is second to none when it comes to her commitment to helping humans develop wonderful partnerships with their horses. Susan's vast knowledge of Parelli Natural Horsemanship coupled with being such a gifted teacher enables her to help you accomplish things with your horse that you never thought possible before! I have know Susan for about 16 years and the lessons I've learned from her are invaluable! It is because of her that I discovered the wonderful world of natural horsemanship and all my dreams with my first horse came true. Were it not for Susan, I would have never known what a wonderful partnership I could have with my horse. Susan will keep you safe, she will teach you want you need to know, what you want to know, and what your horse wants you to know. Susan is an extraordinary human being and is one of the nicest people that you will never meet! If you have an opportunity to work with her, go for it!!!! I recommend her without hesitation!!!!
  • Christine G. Jul 13, 2010
    I came to horseback riding rather late in my life, and at first I was a bit apprehensive around horses. But right from the start, Susan was able to create a such a sphere of peace and calm around us and the horse, that I was able to center myself and let myself be totally absorbed in the experience. Any uneasiness I might have felt just evaporated. This first impression of peace lasted throughout all the lessons I took with Susan. She was able to gradually, naturally introduce new elements in the riding / handling of the horse so that I felt each time comforted and elated at what I was able to accomplish. At the same time she challenged me just so to make it interesting, especially since I always felt safe in what she was asking me and the horse to do. I knew I could do it, and my confidence and enjoyment grew steadily. What I like about her approach also, is that she considers the horse and the rider as a whole, as a team moving together. Doing ground work with her is an eye-opener. With fun and creative exercises, Susan will point out all the little details that make you understand and feel closer to your horse. And what a thrill to experience that you can, at a distance, be "in sync" with your horse, running along together at liberty, but being connected nonetheless by that invisible thread that is the mark of a real, close relationship based on trust, understanding, and respect. If you are in the SF Bay Area, I would highly recommend that you check her out. I don't live there anymore, but if I did, I would go back to her. Why don't you give yourself a little break, especially if you feel stressed out? Take the time to be out in a beautiful natural environment, get close to these great animals and be helped by this special teacher, and it will make you forget about everything else, leaving you very relaxed, joyful, and revitalized.
  • Lauren M. Jul 13, 2010
    Susan is an inspiring horsewoman. Working with Susan not only taught me about horses but about life. I met Susan at the very start of my horse journey. I took lessons at several Bay Area stables and felt something big was missing. I encountered either very snobby horse people with whips or cowboys with spurs and a show them who's the boss attitude. I knew there was a better way. I didn't want to use force or dominate a horse. Susan taught me horses are highly sensitive and deeply intuitive. I learned how to have a partnership based on mutual respect and being the kind of leader your horse wants to be around. Done right horses are a life changing experience and above all fun.....and Susan can show you how to get there! Thank you Susan, Lauren
  • Kristi W. Jul 13, 2010
    As a beginner just getting into horses I was looking for a place that would not just teach me to ride but also to be able to really understand the horse and know how to handle a horse safely and effectively both under saddle and on the ground. We talk about putting a good foundation on horses all the time, but we riders also need a good foundation and Susan really gave me a solid start in true horsemanship and how to cultivate a relationship between human and horse that is built upon developing a mutual trust, respect and understanding instead of fear. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Watching DVDs, going to clinics if schedules allow and reading or researching the current goings-on.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
Always have loved horses. Started helping out my instructor at the time part time along with another full time job. Then an opportunity came up to go full time so I took it.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Come observe a lesson or two. Talk to the existing students and the instructor.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
It's a passion, not just a hobby.