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I am not just Xboxes I Do all Game systems, Flat screen TV's, PC's, Laptops Ect.

NOTE: You can find slightly cheaper Repair men with fancy adds on Craigslist but "this is not a joke" I have seen 99% all their past work ask for their license & Proof of actual background in component level electronic repairs other than self thought off YouTube or
your game system will be in the trash before the end of the year 100% Guaranteed or worse that Repair man can cause a fire hazard that will put every member of your family in serious Danger! Ask for there 2nd license threw the [bureau of electronics and appliance repair] Every electronic shop must be licensed thew them as they regulate the electronics repair industry.

(("All MY Game system Repairs are 100% Guaranteed no not exceeded the listed prices Regardless of red light, yellow light, fault or Error code"))

(("Disk Drive Repairs for any and all Game systems are also 100% Guaranteed no not exceeded the listed prices Regardless of parts required to get them working properly"))

Although some repairs of your game systems can be 100% Free or as low as $5.00 for any of the blow game systems it is impossible to guess at the actual repair price for any given problem.

My name is Daniel and I have a military grade component level background in electronics and have Repaired 4 thousand+?+*+ Game systems

I have repaired game systems that my customer was told the game system was absolutely not repairable (How is that possible you ask?) simple most your repair centers like Game Stop, Play-N-Trade, cyborg games, computerguyfresno, I Repair Wizard, Geek squad, AMC and Game-X-change just to name a few have Gone on YouTube to learn how to repair your game systems or have hired kids that claim they could repair Game systems some do better than others and I cannot say if one store is doing repairs right or wrong today, but I can say I have videos showing repairs by the above mentioned stores on my channel youtube channel the HGCGamersClub or firsthand experience in dealing with their aftermath!

I offer Quality professional Repairs and back all my Repairs with a 1 Year Warranty that is as follows:

Game system motherboard repairs "100% Free of any labor (OR) parts" for any repairable eschew regardless of Red Light, Yellow Light, Freezing or Error code ("If needed as needed for 365 days that's 1 full Year") if it is Repairable i will fix it free.

DVD Drive Repair warranties for all game systems is as follows:
100% free of any labor charges. You pay only coast of replacement parts only (Rarely more than $12 even if you accidentally kicked the tray out of your Game system.)
("For 365 days that's 1 full Year")

At Clovis Xbox Repair I pay a premium price for Quality parts and most replacement parts come with some warranty form the suppliers.

If you want a good lasting repair with no surprise fees, parts or offers of extended warrantees or service contracts you pay extra for look no more!

Game system Flashing and modding services are available if requested but are not subject to the above prices as they are not repairs call for a quote on modding for your game system or Cell phone?

If there is any electronics repair job I cannot or will not do I will find you someone that can that I trust to do the job rite the first time.

Repair pricing:
preventative maintenance clean out only service: $5 to $10 for game systems (other electronic items quoted)
Xbox Repair $50 or less 100% Guaranteed
Xbox 360 Repair $50 or less 100% Guaranteed
Xbox 360 Slim Repair $50 or less 98% Guaranteed
All Wii Game systems Repairs $50 or less 100% Guaranteed
Play station PS1, PS2 or PS3 $65 or less or less 100% Guaranteed
PC or laptop motherboard Repairs, $65 or less 100% Guaranteed
((((No Successful Repair No Charge 100% Guaranteed)))

Networking virus removal or other service that requiring a in-home visit is by appointment only and are quoted and billed by the service agent.

Call Clovis Xbox Repair at: 559*765*2470 5 days a week M-F 8AM to 8PM
license# BL10117523
BEAR lic# 88169


Clovis, CA 93611

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