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Castro Valley, CA

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Life is meant to be full of joy, happiness, love and connection! My passion for helping others and solving problems relating to psychology and human interaction is what drives me. I find ways that enable people to change their habits and thinking. These are based on research studies on what men and women need to be happy in a marriage, other relationship seminars; and dozens of modules that I found necessary to create in order to ensure my clients' marital success. I customize each program because no marriage is the same. Each person in the family processes information in a unique way. One secret is that my extensive knowledge of different learning styles and NLP is essential to teaching better communication in order to have positive conflict resolution between spouses. For example, visual learners feel stress with too many details and non-stop talking; while auditory learners repeat themselves until they are convinced they are being heard. This is a tough combination if you don't know the principles included in my unique family conflict management system. I have helped hundreds of couples and families celebrate and utilize their differences to meet each other's needs of trust, respect, admiration, meaningful communication and connection. I've excelled to the top with enthusiasm in everything I've ever put my heart and mind to. Coaching people to success is what I love and do the best!

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Opposed to counseling where problems are drummed up over and over, I focus on solutions marital success and creating new empowering memories. I use creative emotional equations like: DISAPPOINTMENT = EXPECTATIONS - REALITY to explain and motivate positive change. Part of the answer is not just to withdraw and lower expectations. I enjoy seeing people finally get results with my program when talking to friends, relatives, counselors, psychologists, self-help books, videos and other programs have failed them in the past.
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Castro Valley, CA 94546

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5 Reviews
  • T Marie S. May 18, 2017
    Marriage and Relationship Counseling
    Verified Review
    Darren was very inspirational, informative, and humorous. We thoroughly enjoyed our session and look forward to working with him going forward to attain our goals.
  • Greg B. Feb 15, 2017
    Music to My Ears
    My wife bought me a life coaching session gift certificate with Darren. In it was a note from my wife that read, "I believe in you honey, be the great man that I know you are and achieve your dreams!" The issue that was affecting our marriage was that I had started a company with a partner and was in charge of sales. But as a musician, I just hated the word "sales" and didn't want to push things off on people. I came home every day frustrated and under a lot of stress because my business partner was very upset at my lack of motivation and lack of sales. Darren was able to illustrate very cleverly how my personality and experience in bands and performing was well suited for "selling". It changed my attitude and opened up my mind to many different leads and marketing strategies. We continue to meet to help me become a master salesman and small business owner.
  • Sophie D. Feb 13, 2017
    Happy couple again
    My marriage was at a breaking point when I met Darren. Now I realize that is not that love has died between us; it is just that I shut down emotionally because of how my husband was withdrawing and that in part was caused by the way I was treating him. Darren worked with my husband to get him to be more empathetic and making me feel like a queen again. At the same time, we worked on ways that I could show my husband how much I appreciated him. That stopped a lot of the conflict and brought more tenderness between us. We still meet with Darren regularly and in between visits, he calls to encourage us or to resolve any conflicts. We are a much happier couple now.
  • Karen N. Feb 7, 2017
    Hope restored
    My husband and I met Darren with an open mind after talking to him on the phone about our problems. After just a few sessions, Darren's use of NLP and practical exercises, showed us that focussing on conflict resolution only worked when we prioritized generosity, intimacy and teamwork instead of rehashing things and pointing fingers at each other. Love for each other comes more naturally now and our hope has been restored.
  • Brian F. Jan 28, 2017
    A definite game changer
    Darren was professional, enthusiastic and made me feel comfortable talking about my problems. By the first half of the first session, his creative questioning helped me dig deeper to explore my feelings. I was able to realize things that I never knew before. He helped me replace my negative beliefs with empowering thoughts to solve my problems. Now after several sessions, I am a happier person, have tools to solve conflicts, and most importantly express love for my wife more effortlessly again. The one thing I suggested to him was to text instead of email me inbetween appointments for follow up, which is working well. My important emails get lost in the hundreds of other emails each day.


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NLP Certification, Empower U International Leadership Awakening and Leadership Adventure Training, EFT