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El Sobrante, CA

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I have over 30 years of hands on electrical installations and service calls. My father was a home builder contractor and I started helping him in my teens. I wired my first solo job with dad at age 15. I worked with five other electrical contractors after college and then joined IBEW 302 in Contra Costa county and am still a current union member contractor. I have done several high tech jobs for Chevron installed a complete fire-smoke-flash detection system in their jet fuel lab. I made from scratch a frequency drive motor speed control for eight large 2 hp fan units. I worked for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory on control wiring for the cyclotron and ran 4" rigid conduit in parallel for emergency power back-up. I have wired literally hundreds of homes and several hundred remodels. I have invested thousands of dollars in state of the art professional modern tools and equipment to facilitate the ease of installation and to keep customer cost down . I do the job right the first time and care for every installation as if it were my own.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Electricity is a science and requires a solid knowledge and background. building codes and technical aspects are constantly changing and improving. As a IBEW member I am able to take advantage of their ongoing upgrades in electrical training every year.
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El Sobrante, CA 94803

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23 Reviews
  • Corrine C. Nov 25, 2016
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    Great job!
    Kevin was great! On time, excellent communication and really helpful. I would hire him again as well as recommend him!
  • Ronnie F. Nov 18, 2016
    Switch and Outlet Repair
    Verified Review
  • Eric R. Jul 23, 2016
    I as a general contractor have been using Kevin Jensen as my only electrician for 25+ years.
  • Catherine B. Jul 15, 2016
    Verified Review
    Kevin Jensen of KJ's Custom Electric did an outstanding job, putting in three new electrical circuits and updating our old under-powered electrical system. When he came to give an estimate, his expertise was immediately apparent and we knew we were in good hands. He explained what needed to be done, then did the work quickly and at a very reasonable price. He was knowledgeable, experienced, efficient, and a genuine pleasure to work with. We will definitely be recommending him to friends and calling him back for any future electrical work.
  • Janice L. May 9, 2016
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    Kevin installed two hardwired cans with light fixtures and switches, as well as two electrical outlets. Kevin explained in detail what the job would entail and offered his best practice advice where needed. Also because he is such a nice man, he did some troubleshooting of one of our outlets and adjusted a faulty light switch for us, at no extra charge. He is definitely the skilled Good Guy! Thanks Kevin!
  • Ben K. Mar 23, 2016
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Kevin showed up quickly, replaced some questionable breakers and even came back for a follow up to find the real problem. Overall he had great service and dedication. I would definitely recommend him and would call him for future electrical help.
    Replied to Ben K. - May 3, 2016

    Ben had a problem that is not unlikely in the hills of the East Bay that constant fog and cool conditions rolling to the hills of East Bay can deteriorate the connections from the PG&E electrical wires coming into the house then initially thought his problem was isolated to one circuit I replaced a circuit breaker and the following day he had the same problem showing up and he informed me that more than one circuit was going off and then coming back on I contacted PG&E and had their service Personnel check the overhead wire connections and they replaced the connections and solve the problem after years of experience I know what to look for and confined the problem quickly and efficiently for my customers Type your response to this review.

  • marc d. Mar 17, 2016
    Outdoor Lighting
    Verified Review
    Kevin was fantastic. He really knew a good amount about outdoor lighting to begin with, and was able to recommend various systems and approaches. Once we met in person, he paid a lot of attention to how to make the lighting look good on the front of the house, so a good attention to detail. Once the lighting was installed, instead of just leaving, he had me come out and we tested the motion sensors together, tweaked them, etc. He really cares about doing a good quality job. I also had him install an outdoor outlet, which we did flawlessly as well. Finally, he's just a very nice guy to work with, and very responsive. I would use him again for other projects for sure.
    Replied to marc d. - Mar 22, 2016

    The house was a beautiful craftsman-style 1930s in excellent condition it's very important to keep modern wiring concurrent with the style and hide it as much as possible yet give the benefits of modern motion activated energy conservation lighting. I was also able to install a car charging system that was hidden but yet easily accessible for his wife and himself to use for their new car. It's always a pleasure to work on a beautiful older home and keep it looking that way what delightful people they were to work for my pleasure thank you all again

  • Kiley M. Mar 10, 2016
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Kevin installed a series of outlets in my woodshop & cleaned up a very messy electrical box. He was very professional & responded quickly. He spent a lot of time explaining his work. He even added a few plugs for free. I will definitely hire him again.
    Replied to Kiley M. - Mar 22, 2016

    Working for Kylie was a true pleasure he reminded me so much of my father who was a builder himself and did excellent woodworking I have a feeling Kylie will be very successful in his business and wish him very much so success in the future

  • Susan S. Feb 17, 2016
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Outstanding and professional work! KJ's Custom Electric is the very best.
    Replied to Susan S. - Mar 22, 2016

    Susan called me to do a small repair job for her and I was so very impressed with the quality of the home it was built recently from the ground up but look like it had been standing for over a hundred years the quality and craftsmanship that contractor had put into the house was inspiring I only wish I could have been lucky enough to run the entire electrical for her to begin with a beautiful home that will last for a long time

  • Noah H. Feb 13, 2016
    Outdoor Lighting
    Verified Review
    Complete jerk. Politely asked him to take his shoes off before entering my house. He roles his eyes, begrudgingly enters. I get the sense that he won't be a pleasant person to work with so I ask him to leave and he slams the door.
    Replied to Noah H. - Feb 18, 2016

    This was a somewhat confusing interaction. I have an appliance, arch support and heal cup that I wear and complied in removing them even though the property I was supposed to view was outside. I wish this person the best of luck with his outdoor lighting needs but feel it's for the best that we didn't work together as I felt discriminated against in regards to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Sydney L. Nov 19, 2015
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    He installed an electric car charger and helped us troubleshoot other electrical problems in the house. He was on time, friendly, and efficient. Great job!
    Replied to Sydney L. - Mar 22, 2016

    While installing a 240-volt high capacity car charger for their new electric car they mention that three of the outlets in the kitchen area had not worked since their remodel two years ago I took the time to use my electrical wire sniffer and was able to find an open uncapped wire behind a buffet that was hard to get to but managed to pull it out far enough to do the repairs and get the plugs working for these fine gentlemen

  • Brian M. Nov 8, 2015
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    Kevin was extremely knowledgeable, communicative, and diligent in his work. He took the time to explain the repairs we had requested which assured me about his craftsmanship.
    Replied to Brian M. - Mar 22, 2016

    Brian was a pleasure to work for he was able to take quality pictures on his cell phone and email them to me showing me the problems he was having connecting a new dryer to an old Outlet this saves me time and trouble and was able to bring the proper Parts with me and install everything correctly I even helped him pulled the washer up into the laundry room and set it up for him I wish him and his lovely wife happiness in their new home

  • Frank P. Oct 23, 2015
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Very efficient. Troubleshot electrical problem within 15 minutes and corrected everything that needed to be corrected. Very reasonable rate also. Will have him do more electrical work for us in the near future.
    Replied to Frank P. - Mar 22, 2016

    Having the proper testing equipment and tools is essential for a quick and easy repair without the proper tools a person can spend lots of wasted time costs in the customer unnecessarily

  • Steve C. Jun 14, 2015
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Kevin shows up on time. He recommends the best solution for my problem while it also costs me less money. I definitely would recommend Kevin.
    Replied to Steve C. - Mar 22, 2016

    Steve had had an ongoing problem with a circuit breaker that repeatedly was tripping upon inspection I found the circuit breaker was causing the arking on the connection inside the sub panel we were able to turn the power off to the sub panel and with a grinding wheel and a wire brush attachment on a power tool I was able to clean up the damage to the bus bar of the sub panel and get everything corrected properly

  • Barry N. Jun 3, 2015
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Professional accommodating personal and cost effective. Kevin installed a sub panel and 240v to accommodate a charging station for our new leaf. He was heads and shoulders above a year of the other electrians we spoke to. Would definitely recommend him and would hire again!
    Replied to Barry N. - Mar 22, 2016

    Barry had other electricians look at the job and was told that there was no room in the panel for anything else to go in but by rebooting the air conditioning circuit breaker to a new sub panel in the garage I was able to supply enough power for the air conditioner and the 240 volt charging station for his car there's many ways to look at a project and after 33 years of work I am able to see things that others cannot

  • Nate W. Dec 1, 2014
    Lighting Installation
    Verified Review
    Kevin installed a chandelier over our dining room table, using the power and switch from an existing outlet that was set up for lamps. While this wasn't the most technically difficult job, we are happy with how the job turned out, and he even patched and mudded the drywall holes he had to cut to run the cable to the ceiling. We'd definitely use him again.
    Replied to Nate W. - Mar 22, 2016

    After talking on the phone I realized some Sheetrock would have to be removed in order to install a new chandelier above the dining room table I brought a carpenter contractor friend with me and he assisted me and replacing the sheetrock taping it properly and putting a coat of mud over it to hide all of the removed sheetrock and making it look almost new again it's important to have contractor friends that work together and let the trades do their jobs for a proper installation

  • Donna F. Oct 31, 2014
    Verified Review
    Kevin was prompt, professional and tidy. He tested my kitchen light to verify the problem and was able to fix the fixture's ballast. While I explained other projects I would like help with, Kevin walked me through what I needed and the cost. Once I am ready for these projects, I will definitely be calling Kevin.
  • Betsy D. Oct 28, 2014
    Verified Review
    Kevin was professional from start to finish. His 20+ years of experience was evident right away. His quote for our complex job was very thoughtful, thorough and reasonable. His service level when he arrived to do the work was outstanding. He even gave us tips on how to save money (at expense of his services) because he's truly looking out for the customer. Highly recommend A++++
    Replied to Betsy D. - Mar 22, 2016

    Betsy called me to install a three-way operated outdoor outlet for garden decorations and some kitchen lighting and replace some fixtures throughout the house she is actually in an employee of Thumbtack and I was so pleased to meet with her she gave me some great ideas on expanding my profile and I wanted to thank her for all of her help.

  • Gretchen M. Aug 21, 2014
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    Timely, friendly, knowledgable and reasonable!
    Replied to Gretchen M. - Mar 22, 2016

    I did this job about a year-and-a-half ago and Gretchen and Roy called me again this week to come out and do some more work for them still a pleasure to spend some time talking to Roy he loves his Warriors and we had a great time talking about their success go dubnation

  • Linda M. Jul 7, 2014
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Kevin came on time, diagnosed the problem, saved us money and was pleasant. What we thought was a circuit breaker was a bad switch. He did more than I asked him to do. Would definitely call him again. Thanks Kevin.
  • Chris S. Jun 13, 2014
    Switch and Outlet Installation
    Verified Review
    Kevn did great work. While working on my repair found an old fixture that was not up to code and a very dangerous fire hazard. Fixed that as well as all of my odd electrical jobs I requested. A+ service. I will call him again in the future
    Replied to Chris S. - Mar 22, 2016

    While repairing a switch in the kitchen I found a total Hazard wires not installed in a junction box and spliced inside the wall even though it took a little extra time it is my duty to fix any hazards that I find and I will do so the project was a bit difficult as the plumber had a vent pipe in the location where the switch box should have been but with my knowledge of equipment and products available I was able to find a shallow box and install it without disturbing the plumbing or the finish on the sheetrock

  • Tony M. Jan 17, 2014
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    Mr. Kevin Jensen from KJ's Custom Electric was hired to fix the electrical problem with my microwave oven. He was courteous and on time. His quote was the most reasonable from the four I had received. He was able to find the problem and fix it immediately. I was very impressed and hope to hire him back for several future projects. Tony M. from Walnut Creek
    Replied to Tony M. - Mar 22, 2016

    Not a particularly difficult job but while looking at a circuit breaker that did not appear to be tripped test equipment is necessary to determine the problem and correcting it was easy as replacing the circuit breaker sometimes you can't believe the circuit breaker is off unless you have a proper test meter I carry most varieties of common circuit breakers in stock in my utility trucks and vans so the customer doesn't have to pay the extra time to go shopping you can't always have what you need but I find I will stocked van will save the customer time and money

  • Ellyn K. Nov 4, 2013
    Electrical and Wiring Issues
    Verified Review
    I had a mystery problem that no one had been able to trace. Kevin happily solved it in record time and said he liked a good challenge. Then he charged me only his minimum fee. A terrific experience and a highly skilled electrician.
    Replied to Ellyn K. - Mar 22, 2016

    One of the best inventions in the last few years is a wire tracing tool that sniffs the path of the wire through walls and ceilings and makes it easy to determine its path even through a 4-unit apartment building I was able to locate the path of the unknown While others had given up on and was able to correct the problem within an hour you gotta love new technology. During my investigation I found one unscrupulous tenants had tapped into the house power to supply electricity into his unit I inform the landlord of the problem and corrected it to save her money off of her house Power electric bill sad people do that


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Every electrician MUST have a license to be a certified electrician. (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS). Every two years the electrician must take a minimum of 32 hours of continuing education. As an electrical contractor I also maintain my membership as a journeyman electrician with IBEW 302 and all classes are free and members are encouraged to take as many different classes as possible.
Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.
The cost of a job will vary on the complexity and accessibility. I bid my jobs at $75 per hour. My price has not changed in over 15 years. Remember you get what you pay for. Don't pay for what you don't get.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I was brought up in construction My father was a building contractor my Uncle was a building inspector in a local east bay city. My second uncle was an engineer for Kaiser Industries working out of Oakland, and, actually began his career at the Kaiser shipyards here in Richmond! I had the best of mentors. I started taking electronic classes in eighth grade in high school and thru college. I truly love my work as every job is a new and challenging experience. I strive for perfection.
What types of customers have you worked with?
Most of my work has included collaboration withe three other General contractors. we have worked together for 25 or more years doing a variety of projects. One of them, as a private contractor, does many remodel jobs on UC Berkeley campus, as well as for residential customers; another is a remodel expert on local upper class homes, and the other specializes in kitchen and bath remodels. These colleagues are my priority, however, I have found Thumbtack helps me with periodic slack time that I can devote to individual work. Other than Thumbtack and an occasional ad on craigslist I have never had to advertise as all my jobs come from happy, satisfied client referrals.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
I have a ongoing contract with UC Berkeley and have the job of replacing all of the old outdated lights in many of the campus parking structures. I recommended that new LED flood lights will give as much or more lighting (lumens) than the outdated fluorescent lighting at a much lower cost. A LED flood uses 30 watts compared to 160 watt tube fixture. I received many compliments from staff and students on these jobs.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
If possible do your homework, check that the contractor is licensed and insured. Talk to the contractor on the phone or in person, look for any red flags. Try to verify work experience and make sure the job you want is one the contractor is competent to complete. Get more than one bid, three is a good minimum. Look at the work vehicle. Is it properly set up, are the tools sufficient for the work you need done? As questions.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
I have been in business as a licensed insured contractor for over 33 years, I have a very good reputation and guarantee all my work. I have passed my background checks, and have never had a legal dispute in over 30 years. My work history includes service positions for all of Wells Fargo Banks from San Jose to Concord area. However working for a large corporation became much to demanding because of the many times I had to stop what I was doing and travel to fix their problems immediately, ignoring my private business customers. I much prefer being my own boss, depending on my own skills, knowledge and abilities and the quality of my work and satisfied customers to ensure my success.