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Long Beach, CA

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Our goal is to introduce the proper, trending, and necessary techniques and sanitation procedures to each student seeking individuality and next level capabilities. We strive on building extremely confident, and knowledgeable students to ensure their success in their area of study. Our approach to excellence is through the development of our students comprehension of the fundamental elements of makeup; color theory, facial proportions and corrective techniques through science and geometry. While many Makeup Study Institutes ignore the importance of these fundamentals of makeup, we prioritize it. We support our students hunger for knowledge by guiding them well beyond the trends so they too, may create their very own timeless signature in this competitive industry. We exercise our students in various ways so they may challenge and practice their creative talent through hands-on work in a positive environment. Our graduates are trained and qualified, and with determination, they go on to take leading positions in the Makeup Industry. We have been known for our untraditional teachings and our unbeatable prices. We are able to continue to supply affordable tuitions by saving money on costly marketing and luxury classrooms. We are not focused on selling you a glamorous image, we are here to help you achieve your dreams of becoming, a well-known and respected, Next Level Artist.

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Throughout the years we have witnessed the growth of each and one of our students in this industry. To watch them grow as individuals and in their business is what satisfies us most.
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Long Beach, CA 90802

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  • Disappointed S. Jul 21, 2014
    SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! NO REAL PRO DISCOUNTS COURSE IS NOT APPROVED FOR ANYTHING!! You would learn just as much in a 1 day course as you would with Lyllie. The majority of the time in class is spent practicing after watching a demo not on actually being taught fundamentals. We didn't learn to apply lashes, and we didn't even learn how to custom make foundation which is vital to makeup artistry. The website says you MUST purchase all products for your kit prior to class, so I did just to see that was not really a requirement. I have a $200+ airbrush machine that I do not use and some students never got one at all. Lyllie told us that all of those things the site says it requires are really just "kit recommendations" when asked about it.The BIGGEST upset is that Lyllie is very misleading advertising the course saying you will be able to get pro discounts but the school IS NOT approved for MOST pro discounts, but only student discounts. YOU WILL NOT GET A MAC PRO CARD WITH THIS CERTIFICATION!!!!! Very misleading just to learn a little product info AND the "textbook" is mostly the Marinello makeup textbook info combined with things she gathered offline and Kevyn Aucoin prinicples. Don't spend over $1000 on this course and the products to be disappointed. I just saw that Glam Lab had a 1 day course teaching all she "taught" for $200 and you actually get oro discounts. Can't begin to tell you how much I regret believing the instagram hype behind Lyllie. I recently saw work she did on a bride and realized I never should have judged her sklill off the work she shows on her own face. AND get this, one girl didn't even pass the test to be certified and received her certificate anyway. Let's me know the whole course was a total joke! This course is for people who don't know any better who believe they're really learning she knows that. She's horrible. This certification doesn't count anywhere.
    Lyllie G. Sep 1, 2016

    As of July 2014, MAC changed their requirements for qualifying discounts recipients. A certificate of completion from any school (except those registered with them prior to the change of policy) and a business card (a cheap way of proving you're a business) simply does not qualify any longer. MAC has made it harder to apply for their discount card. Many people were taking cheap makeup classes to get a certificate that would regard them as Professionals to obtain a Pro Card. Makeup companies like MAC were losing too much money because they had to now offer discounts to anyone with a certificate. Tired of losing money, the company caught on to the fact and started requesting that anyone who applied must PROVE that they are PROFESSIONALS in the field of makeup. What is a professional? A professional is someone who is compensated for their skill or service in the profession of study. A lot of people go to college and obtain a degree and sometimes they don't put it to use. Am I correct? You can achieve a 4 year degree in architecture but if you have not pursued your career beyond graduation does it mean you are an architect? NO, in order to be a professional you must work, be compensated, or acquire the experience to have the title. Same thing applies here. Now, to obtain a discount card, you must PROVE you're a WORKING Makeup Artist and not simply applying to get a PROFESSIONAL discount card to feed your CONSUMER needs. These hard earned discount cards are meant for working professionals. It was the because of this scam people ran taking courses just for discounts that companies started to lose valuable retail market. Thanks to consumers in "Pro" disguises; we, real professionals now have to work harder to prove our legitimacy. Since learning the new change of policy for obtaining their pro card: we have taught our current students the proper steps to take to prove they're serious Makeup Artists and legitimate freelancers with active businesses. We now have an internship program to help those who are serious about their professional and earning their pro card accumulate qualifying hours, letters of recommendation, letters of reference, and certificates of recognition for their efforts and volunteer work. RESPONSE TO YOU SAYING WE LIED IN THE ASPECT OF THE CAPABILITY OF OBTAINING A DISCOUNT CARD THROUGH OUR COURSE WITH OUR CERTIFICATE: We do not not advertise ourselves as a "school" or "academy" or anything of that sort; and it is very much noted in our site and business name. We are a small business; a studio in which me practice teaching the art and science of makeup artistry. Here, in the state of California, a Makeup Certificate holds no significant value as our profession is not yet recognized or regulated by the State Board. If you or anyone who plans to enroll into our class just to obtain a certificate of completion, other than for means of recognition and lets us know about it, we ALWAYS discourage it. We take the time to learn about why you want to enroll in our course and why you want to become a Makeup Artist. You choose us as we choose you. We want to make the right business deal not just take your money like many other businesses or "schools." The only purpose of you coming to us is to LEARN. Our business has been around since late 2008 and our reputation means more to us than the face value of your tuition fees. We have survived many hurtles for a small business, including a recession, and WITHOUT ANY PAID ADVERTISING. We owe our success to the many students whom share their success stories with their friends, family, and clients. The very same students who are content with the knowledge they received through us and have practiced strong work ethic needed to strive in the makeup industry. We have plenty of students who are celebrity Makeup Artists now, who work in film, shoots, fashion shows, and run successful freelance business and have even open their very own studio. Our business continues to strive WITHOUT any paid advertising because of word-of-mouth. We are a very small studio and we are proud to continue our business on a small scale. We believe in the intimacy of our classes. Small classes build stronger artists. WHY YOU MAY HAVE BEEN DENIED YOUR CERTIFICATE: There are only 4 reasons why you may not receive your certificate of completion 1) You have not completed your course. In your enrollment contract (which you sign when you enroll) it is stated that one missed class will disqualify you from earning your certificate of completion. This should never be a reason to 2) You have not completed all assignments to fulfill the completion of the class. 3) You have not passed our exit exam. Each student must pass an exit exam. We work with each class to prepare you guys for this written and practical test. If you fail you are even given the opportunity to retake it, as many times as you need- at no extra fee. 4)We feel like you need additional training. We understand that 6-12 weeks is a short time for a beginner to fully capacitate themselves with a new learned skill. If your skill needs refining we commit ourselves to helping you achieve that- at NO EXTRA COST. WE DO NOT SELL CERTIFICATES. I apologize if you thought enrolling into our class would grant you a certificate without the work and passion behind it. We are aware that a certificate whether from a $100 school or a $35,000 school may mean nothing to the state of California, but we take pride in our certificate and it means something to potential employers.

  • Mandy C. Aug 5, 2011
    I'm a former student of Lyllie's of Next.Level.Artist.Makeup.Studio. I was very interested in makeup. I came across Lyllie's YouTube page where I became so impressed with her work. I was excited to learn that she actually taught a class in my town of Long Beach! I came in knowing absolutely nothing about makeup. I was so nervous and intimidated coming into it, but determined and driven, I dove in and experienced a whole new concept of makeup! I gave her a call and set up an appointment to talk about class,pricing,scheduling etc... and was blown away! She is the sweetest person and so is Chris! We all clicked right away and I felt right at home. I worked full time, so I was hesitant of the scheduling, surprising enough she had weekend classes available which was perfect! On top of that, the pricing for the class was unbeatable! It is so affordable and for what she taught me, I don't think anywhere else can compare. That's not the best part! ;] The intimate setting of her class was what I needed! She taught me personally, showed me step by step the tricks of the trade. I learned so much with her! Btw, The kit that is available is so worth it! I still have the majority of the products and fell in love with the brow and blush/bronzer pallet! Since completing my class successfully, I've received a MAC PRO card, attended many MAC PRO events, had offers for shows,events, and get complimented on my makeup almost everyday! I've been networking with celebrity makeup artists and the best part. I have more confidence than I ever had before thanks to this class. (I rock Lyllie's signature "Perfect Brows" look every day) and I can't thank her enough because my brows were a hot mess before! haha This class is so well worth it, you will not be disappointed or discouraged. Pros* -Affordable -Convenient schedule/times -Great atmosphere -Friendly instructors -Amazing products (KIT provided if purchased) -Short hours -Lyllie keeps up with her students Cons* -That I had to leave so soon =*( I love that class! Wish i could've stayed longer. ;]
  • Adriana N. Apr 8, 2011
    i love the class and its the best class ever that i took !!! you learned stuff that you thought you knew but you didnt know you learned hands on practice practice !!! teach you how to shape eyebrow i had hard time and know is like nothing
  • Deondra C. Mar 27, 2011
  • Evelyn P. Mar 26, 2011
    Lyllie is the best. I learnd so much in her class and not only that its cheap.. And when I mean cheap is that I took another class before I took her yes it was less money but I dint learn ass much ass in the class.. For what she teach i think its great...
  • Judy S. Mar 26, 2011
    Hello all, well first off the class was very good, lilly is such a sweet person,kind and humble, when i first started the class i new a little about makeup, but as i finished the class i even knew more things that i didnt know, one of the best things that i love about the class was the togetherness we all had, when one person make a mistake we all come together and fix it, or what can we do to enchance it, it was just the togetherness we all had for each other, and lilly made us fell so free and comfortable. I've learned so much from this class.....OMG I can assure you that you will enjoy and learn a lot from lilly she is the Best...
  • Natalie A. Mar 26, 2011
    hey guys! these are the best classes ive ever taken. they took my artistry skills to a whole new level, plus my teacher lyllie is so sweet and so much fun to be around. i would really recommend for you to take these courses. much love
  • Jackie V. Dec 8, 2010
    hey there! just wanted to stop by and say this is a very good class to take its very reasonable prices too! im very glad i took this class (I flew in from Little Rock, AR) its not only the basic everyday make up! Lyllie is amazing, with mad skills..classes r small and u get the extra one on one attention...i had a great time cant wait to stop by next time im in LA ...
  • Natalie A. Dec 8, 2010
    hey guys im just here to let you know about these classes. this was probably the best decision ive ever made. the classes are so helpful and ive learned a lot. As well as the teacher lyllie is very nice and sweet. thanks a lot lyllie. I highly recommend the class.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Please do your research, ask questions, and know your instructor. Many just get a class and the instructor is teaching them past trends from their era. As makeup artists we must keep up with the latest trends!!!
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
You will have fun with me, as my student you can always call me or text me throughout your profession for additional help or advice.