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Los Angeles, CA

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The influence of image and the power of presence are undeniable.

The goal of Personal Image Development is to help my clients define or refine his or her own unique, essential style. My approach is holistic and collaborative. Personal Image Development is about you, including your lifestyle, your body type, your coloring and your personality, the authentic expression of who you are at your personal and professional best.

When your image and personal style effectively communicate who you are and how you want to be perceived, the effect is dramatic; the impact is immediate; and the results are long term, such as the following:

* Make dynamic and lasting first impressions
* Feel more attractive, empowered and self-confident
* Project credibility and professionalism

Be good to yourself. Discover the transformational benefits of Personal Image Development.


Los Angeles, CA 90046

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8 Reviews
  • Noga C. Oct 21, 2015
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
  • Stephanie J. May 18, 2015
    Tasha's style is truly unique. She has unbelievable creative vision and an eye for detail. After assessing my closet, she was able to put together outfits I never would have begun to come up with. Before we even went shopping I had some new looks! Then once we were out at the stores, Tasha knew exactly what to look for and how to fill in the holes in my wardrobe. I really felt I was shopping with purpose - not just wandering aimlessly like I normally do. Her scouting ahead of time and propensity for a bargain made me feel like I was in the stores I needed to be in. I was ecstatic with just the shopping trip, but Tasha's talent truly shines when she creates outfits from your new items and what you already have in your closet. She put together clothes, jewelry and shoes I never would have imagined could go together. The pictures are lifesavers! It's like I am picking an outfit out of InStyle each time I dress. And its amazing how many fewer items you need, once you know how to pair them. Tasha is also very good about recognizing her clients' individual style. She doesn't force her ideas, she just enhances the style you naturally gravitate toward. However, the risks she suggests you do take are well worth it! I can't believe how many compliments I have gotten from friends and strangers on my outfits since I've worked with Tasha. I have NEVER been considered a fashionista, so it is so fun to hear! Lastly, Tasha is kind, patient and incredibly easy to work with. She is the girlfriend you WANT to go shopping with!
  • Andrew W. Apr 30, 2015
    Dear Tasha, Thank you so much for helping me create my new personal image. Prior to working with you, I knew inside there was an image that I wanted to share with the world, but I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to make it happen. You took my very basic ideas and built them into an elegant and sophisticated reality. AND, you taught me how to continue enhancing my image, on my own. I continually receive compliments from my friends and colleagues and have noticed that both acquaintances and strangers take me much more seriously since working with you. Your services have enriched my life in so many ways. With sincere gratitude, Andrew
  • Jar B. Apr 30, 2015
    Letting go of my old style was a bit scary at first because I didn't really know what I wanted. I only I knew that I had to make a change. After our initial consultation I knew I was in the hands of a pro. The results we achieved verified that. I am so glad I hired Tasha! I feel like an enhanced version of myself now, and that is exactly what I wanted. Not only did you change my wardrobe for the better, I got an education in style that I can use for the rest of my life.
  • Donna C. Apr 29, 2015
    I’ve worked with Tasha since 2011, and I could not recommend her more highly. I was a tough case, but she approached me with kindness, patience and a compassionate heart. She made shopping, building a wardrobe not only easy for me, but fun. She has a creative eye and a really special way with color. She will match things together that I would never think of, and taking me – personality, body type and what I do – into consideration. She takes pictures of the combinations and sends them to me for reference. She works only for herself and clients, and so, does not have a store or manufacturer’s agenda in mind. She came shopping with me and had the sales staff taking notes on what combinations she put together for me. It’s fun shopping with her – I just try to relax and she brings the outfits to me (since she knows my wardrobe and taste). When I need a big “redo” or have a special occasion, I will ask her to come shopping with me. She also works with a friend of mine, who is an easier client. She had a very special 50th birthday party this summer – and she looks knock-out fabulous, but very much herself and comfortable, with the look Tasha put together for her.
  • Sarah M. Apr 27, 2015
    You definitely want to invite Tasha into your closet! With a wardrobe consisting almost entirely of jeans and t-shirts at the advanced age of - how about "over 21"? - I was in serious need of change. I got lucky and found Tasha. Tasha overhauled my entire wardrobe with efficiency, humor and a straightforwardness that was surprising and welcome. She's well-educated and well-versed in fashion and has a unique, deeply creative twist that I personally love! Tasha has the uncanny ability to find the perfect pieces for YOU, to connect you with your own sense of style and make you comfortably fashionable and vice versa. She is an innately talented image consultant. Most importantly Tasha removed the guesswork, putting it all together in ways that not even I could mess up! My closet remains a no-fail environment but in a much more fun, creative and sophisticated way.
  • Shila D. Feb 9, 2015
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
  • Madelyn H. Oct 17, 2014
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    I found Tasha on Tumbtack after spending several hours researching other Image Consultants and I can not be happier ! I needed help with getting an outfit together for a wedding I was attending, plus just wanted to sharpen up my image over-all. I am an interior designer by trade and, dealing primarily with high-end clientele, it is very important that I look professional, elegant, current, unique and still maintain my own personal creative flair without breaking the bank. If I calculate how much money and time I wasted on returns and ill-fitting clothes I want to cry ! It was a very worthwhile investment for me. I think her rates are reasonable; what I ended up spending on her consulting rate saved me more than double on good quality items that were uniquely tailored to me AND we stayed well below my budget. I was also surprised by how many wonderful items she "shopped for" in my own wardrobe. She put together things that I would never of dreamed of so effortlessly and with so much enthusiasm and tact that I can't wait to work with her again on my winter wardrobe! I have gotten so many compliments since then and, just yesterday, I wore one of my Tasha outfits and was told that I looked very chic at one of the high-end furniture stores in the design quarter where I shopped for a client. I look and feel so much better and can confidently go to any meeting without deliberating and agonizing for hours about what to wear. It was worth every penny and she was amazing with feedback and questions. Highly recommended! Thanks Tasha and hooray to whomever invented Image Consultants! She's a keeper.