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I feel that I have accomplished ALL my personal goals and I am at peace with the fact that this life is temporal. I expect the day of 'departure" out of this world but before I "go" I want to be instrumental in helping people change their lives for the better.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

What I enjoy about my "work" is the realization that knowledge and experience can be used to help people out of their problems to better their lives while I do what I enjoy. As it is commonly said a work done with joy is not work at all.


Torrance, CA 90503

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35 Reviews
  • Bruce E. May 30, 2017
    Miguel helped me with filing for divorce. I am thankful that he offered me a payment plan. he is experienced, professional, He responds to my calls quickly and efficiently. I certainly recommend him
  • Kyra W. Apr 22, 2017
    I hired Miguel to help me with a child custody/visitation hearing in Long Beach court and I am happy that I did because the case took all day and he was able to get a very experienced attorney to help me on such a short notice. His help was valuable. He is professional and experienced: I will hire him again if needed and I recommend him
  • Brian L. Apr 12, 2017
    Divorce Attorney
    Verified Review
    A gentlemen to work with and appreciate his support verbally through questions and concerns I had. However, the promise to be with me in court, be a conduit between communications with my ex and I, and to prepare all my correct documentation was absolutely incorrect based on our initial phone call. I had to continually double check documents he said he prepared and ask questions for each paper and inquire about correct forms to ensure I was doing all the paperwork correctly. I told him up front that I did not have the time to go through all the documentation myself. I understand he is unable to answer questions that are specifically for me to answer; however, I am speaking in regards to court documents. Also, always wanted to wait to the very last minute for all the work to be done. Dates promised where he would have my documents in order were never met. I had to continually check in and ask for status reports. I would not hire him for any tangible work - but if you need guidance on certain legal matters he may be of some assistance. Again, nice guy but I feel is severely disorganized in his methods.
    Miguel C. Apr 12, 2017

    We live in a very complex world. Some people want to ride in a Limo but cannot pay or wish to pay beyond what it cost to ride the the bus. I find it very common that when people find themselves in a very complex situation, people go through a lot of uncertainties, nervousness and fear of the unknown. When I am able to use my private Jesuit University (LMU) education acquired through five years of education (at $50k per year), the over 20-year experience in family law as applied to their problems, just showing them "the light" through my life experience, academics and court-room experience (national and international) has value. Very little appreciated. Very disheartening.

  • Sepideh H. Jan 22, 2017
    Thank you Miguel
    I sought the assistance from Miguel on my own divorce since November 2014 since then until recently, He was always helping me with paperwork that included getting our home in Palos Verdes resolved in the courts. It was a simple divorce case except for the home because my ex did not want to participate willingly. Finally, with Miguel's help, It was resolved in Torrance Court house. I am grateful for his help. He is proffesioal, affordable and I happily recommend him.
  • Juanita W. Nov 17, 2016
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    If it sounds too good to be true
    Felt like a rip offf it stated 350.00 but we end up paying 700.00 very misleading advertising
    Miguel C. Nov 17, 2016

    It happens all the time, a client wants x in their request but once we meet there is the need for more work. The need is explained and the client has the option of accepting the extra charge or not. Once they accept it and get the extra work, "feelings of rip-off" are beyond the control of the service provider.

  • LUIS Z. Sep 19, 2016
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    Thank you for your services
    I hired the services of Miguel Centeno to help me with a paternity case. He came to me as he makes house-calls. He charges reasonable and from the time of payment he produced the work almost instantaneously. He shows that he has a lot of experience and with his humor the process is less painful. I highly recommend him as a very good professional.
  • Shirley W. Aug 31, 2016
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    Very professional and is always available to answer any questions that I might have. He made it so easy for me.
  • Susie O. Aug 25, 2016
    Legal Services
    Verified Review
    I hired M.C to help me in a domestic violence Situation in which I was the victim, he helped me served The TRD the same day that i Hired him. I'm happy to Recommend Him.
  • Dave W. Aug 12, 2016
    I had a file in family court a very complicated legal situation with issues requiring a restraining order, spousal support, and getting the final divorce judgment processed by the court. I hired Miguel to help me with the final step of getting the judgment approved.. He has a vast and robust experience in family law matters. He is mature, professional and efficient. and I am absolutely happy with the quality of his services and recommend him without hesitation.
  • Shane C. Aug 12, 2016
    I was referred to Miguel by a friend of mine. I hired him to help me with a family court problem. I needed to request legal custody of my 3-year old daughter whose mother was fighting me from Florida Courts. We spent nearly a year in court fighting this battle. I am happy that with his help we won and now I have my 3-year old daughter with me. I won sole legal and physical custody. I happily recommend him.
  • Gina D. Jun 22, 2016
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    Miguel showed up to my house and was very respectful and polite. He is helping me with a probate case where my brother is involved who stole over $150,000.00 from me and we don't talk. Miguel was sensitive to my underlying issues with my brother and has made this case so much easier for me to go through with it. He always replys to my messages quickly and even put a little humor in it to make me smile. He has kept me informed of all he has done and is going to do and freely answers any questions I have. I would recommend Miguel to any of my friends knowing that he will do an excellent job. Gina from Santa Clarita
  • Michael D. Jun 3, 2016
    I am happy to recommend Miguel Centeno as a very conscientious, professional, affordable, knowledgeable paralegal. I had him helping me with visitation, custody, child support and court hearing in downtown Los Angeles. He has been such a big help that I aim starting to enjoy my life !!
  • Frank L. R. Apr 15, 2016
    Legal Services
    Verified Review
    Miguel Centeno has refunded his paralegal fees due to his busy court cases schedule . I needed to respond on divorce paper asap. Nice guy.
  • Wullert Z. Apr 14, 2016
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    I heard about Miguel Centeno from Thumbtack about a year ago. He started helping me with complex issues such as international law, family law, separation of property, custody and visitation. We have worked together since then and by now it is going to be almost a year and a half working together and I consider his help very instrumental in navigating my divorce in Orange County.I highly recommend him as a someone knowledgeable, affordable, and capable. "
  • Enilda Y. Mar 23, 2016
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I used the services of Miguel Centeno for a paternity case in Torrance court house and a restraining order in Inglewood: We worked together with the paperwork and we both went to court to get me my daughter back. It took many days and trips to the courts. I was impressed with his dedication, his professionalism, and all at a low cost. I highly recommend him to others.
  • Leonard P. Sep 19, 2015
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    Miguel was amazing from the second he picked up my call. He took his time and explained everything going on in my case. Consultation was set up within 2 days of my 1st call to him. He is also taking this case on 3 week short notice. I can't express how much I value his work ethic and the way he's brutally honest. I rec. Miguel Centeno if you need a good affordable family lawer. I Will be referring his services whenever possible.
  • Bar M. Sep 5, 2015
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    I obtained the services of Miguel for a Paternity Filing in Santa Monica, CA and I am happy to recommend him as trustworthy, professional, honest, and always attentive to respond quickly to all my questions . As my case moves forward, I will not hesitate to call upon Miguel for more work as needed.
  • Wendy O. Jun 28, 2015
    Legal Services
    Verified Review
    Miguel was responsive, professional, and 100% efficient. He took time from his weekend to take care of what I needed without much notice. For such an emotional situation he took away some of the stress with how he handled situation. I highly recommend Miguel, he is a true professional.
  • Laura C. Jun 27, 2015
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    I received a prompt quote from Mr. Centeno. HIs price was considerably higher than the other quotes I received. I was told that this type of document preparation cannot cost over a certain amount and his price was almost double that. While he was prompt and seemed very nice, he did not explain why he was charging more than the amount allowed by the Federal Courts.
    Miguel C. Jun 27, 2015

    My immediate reaction to this review is as follows: A hamburger at in- n -out is three times more expensive than the one at McDonalds: There is a reason for that: In my case, Five years at LMU (my BA) cost $250K.(five years at 50K each-A private Jesuit education is expensive) Plus my twenty years of legal education and experience sets me apart from others;therefore, I may be more expensive than others. It is the forces of the market place: McDonalds will charge less for a humburger based on the cost of production and the quality of the product. Hope it helps clarify.

  • George R. May 6, 2015
    Legal Services
    Verified Review
    I will recommend Mr, Centeno to all of the people that I know. Mr.Centeno has done some work for me and I am totally satisfy with his performance and knowledge on any legal problems that any person may have. Tambien, quiero indicar, que es bilingue, lo cual es una ventaja en su profesion y para aquellas personas que no hablan ingles, yo creo de que el es la persona indicada, para resolver cualquier tipo de problemas legales por su experiencia adquirida, en legalidad, en este nuestro pais, the USA. George R. Acosta, Realtor en Torrance Ca. 90505
  • Kristy H. Mar 4, 2015
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I traveled a hundred miles round trip to meet face to face with Miguel and he traveled 100 miles round trip to help me with a move-away declaration in my attempt to get a court order approval to move out of state: He and I worked side my side for three hours writing, editing, printing etc. As a bonus he even personally served the other party. I highly recommend him and the services that he offers.
  • Alis M. Feb 18, 2015
    This month, Miguel Centeno helped me with an Ex parte in downtown Los Angeles. We filed it by noon and within three hours, I had my Order Granted. I highly recommend his services and I already recommended him to my sister, who hired him without reservations.
  • Helga A. Feb 15, 2015
    Legal Services
    Verified Review
    "I used the services of Miguel Centeno to assist me in the preparation of ten subpoenas for various banks and I am satisfied with his work and I highly recommend him as an accomplished professional"
  • M. T. Dec 17, 2014
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    Mr. Centeno is very knowledgable and has a good sense of humor. I would recommend him to family and friends. Thanks for helping me in my time of need to get my legal business taken care of. Mr. Centeno has the most reasonable prices for the services he provides. Again he knows his stuff. Thanks. Maria from Pasadena.
  • Hector C. Jul 23, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    "I used the services of Miguel for Process service, paternity and other issues and must say that I am fully satisfied with his fees and his professionalism, I highly recommend him as his knowledge and availability can be of great value to someone litigating in court. I told him several time that I will happily recommend him to my friends and acquaintances who find themselves dealing with family law issues"
  • Ileana H. May 6, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I met personally with Miguel for a same-day filing for divorce, custody and child support in Torrance Superior court. We finished it and filed in court all within a few hours. I highly recommend him for his professional work and his experience in family law. His price is reasonable.
  • Nadeem A. May 5, 2014
    Legal Document Preparation
    Verified Review
    "I hired Miguel for a Request for an Order in San Bernardino Superior Court and his works was reasonable priced, professional, and it shows that he has a lot of experience in family law. I would have no problem in recommending him to others specially if you are looking for some you can trust"
  • Tyler V. Apr 27, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I hired Miguel to help me with a modification of custody and visitation and once we finished my exclamation was "PERFECT". I must say that I believe he goes the extra mile until the task is complete I called him late at night to check the status of my draft and he was up working on it for me until it was done. And he also charged me a very fair price for the services provided I will be sure to refer him to friends and will be coming back for any legal needs.
  • Luis E. Apr 3, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I met with Miguel and the attorney at San Fernando Court where we spent the whole morning on an Ex parte on parental kidnapping by the mother (Mexico) and seeking paternity for me the father because the Birth Certificate was incomplete. I must say that they both are dedicated to helping their clients, they are affordable and with lots of experience. I highly recommend Miguel and the attorney. They will stick with you until the end."
  • Erica G. Apr 3, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    "I had Miguel help me with a paternity, custody, and visitation problem in Torrance Superior court and I am satisfied with his service and highly recommend him."
  • Joyce M. Apr 2, 2014
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    I was fortunate to use the services of Miguel and the attorney for my child support in San Fernando Court. I am completely satisfied with their professionalism and dedication; They helped getting good results.
  • Maikeida B. Sep 5, 2013
    Family Law Attorney
    Verified Review
    “I had a “Parental Kidnapping” issue involving my daughters, California and Texas, and when I contacted Miguel for his services, he was very instrumental in helping me with law enforcement and the courts. I noticed that others have made reference to his humor and to my satisfaction, it was all true, I felt that his professionalism made a huge difference”.  I found him to be very human, understanding, and quick with providing service. I recommend him as someone very affordable."
  • Kyle Y. Sep 5, 2013
    “I had the pleasure of having Miguel Centeno helping me with Child Custody , Child Visitation and Child Support and must say that I was impressed with his efficiency, humor, wisdom, and his affordability. I highly recommend him.”
  • Saul O. Jul 23, 2013
    I first had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Centeno on a phone consultation and I was immiediately impressed by his wealth of knowledge in all legal matters. Miguel providing me with great insight and lead me to making the appropriate actions to my case.The supervising attorney was great and had also expressed admiration with Miguel's logic to my court hearing made successfull. Miguel is a excellent paralegal that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Miguel Centeno Paralegal and Attorney Services. Thanks Miguel!
  • Shelly G. Sep 10, 2012
    Miguel came literally to my rescue to help me draft motions for modification of custody, visitation, and child support-He made me feel I was in good hands. His service if very professional, caring and even humorous- I already referred him to another person who is very pleased with his service. Given my previous experiences with the legal community, it was very refreshing getting his help"" Shelly S-Torrance CA


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
Yes, $350 per project
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
I study law, mathematics, philosophy, and do legal research; almost daily.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I had to go through my own divorce in 1192; I had my own share of problems and conflicts with the ex, with lawyers, with judges, with police, with social workers, etc. I enjoy the power of knowledge and I get satisfaction from learning how to solve simple and complex family issues.
What types of customers have you worked with?
while explaining to them that I am not an attorney, I tell them I have personally experienced their problems and found solutions. I have been accused,booked and jailed (over the weekend-temporary) bailed out, and prevailed in jury trials through five days of litigation. I know how it feels to be accused falsely.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
A mother having her daughter taken away: I helped them reunite, all within a few days. Also there was an old lady facing problems with her family in her last years of life,;I was able to get her money secured and her well-being secured..
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
There is a solution.. No matter how huge and threatening your problem may seem to you, the judge, the attorney and myself, will confirm the proverb "There is nothing new under the sun".
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
How simple/complex is my goal? If I am responding, do I keep it simple or do I "escalate" ? Do I want to be in the driver seat and have someone help me ? or Do I wish someone would lift all this weight from me?