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We offer voice lessons and vocal performance classes and the Ecstatic Choir. Michele Jennings is our voice teacher and performance coach. Michele has been teaching for more than 10 years and loves encouraging her students to express themselves through blues, R&B, jazz, folk, pop, funk, country, rock 'n roll, and more. Michele has a unique ability to identify and bring out the latent talents of new and inexperienced singers and gives them the confidence they need to express themselves in a style that is supportive as well as challenging. She is keenly aware that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach and tailors her teaching methods to the needs of each student. She brings a caring and professional attitude to her leadership that fosters an assurance from which her students immediately benefit. She records portions of private voice lessons to mp3 or audio CD format for the students to use at home. Michele has directed Boulder's Ecstatic Choir for eight years. This is a community non-traditional choir, where all are welcome to join with no experience necessary. She has created and led vocal empowerment workshops for business leaders through the Boulder Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program and directed the singing program for children's Boulder Conservatory Summer Camp. She also enjoys mentoring teenage students in solo or group vocal technique and harmonies. Michele teaches vocal performance classes as well, where students learn to sing on stage into a microphone, direct a live band, and to connect with their audience. Classes focus on learning to do the following: - Honestly and authentically communicate yourself through your song's message - Confidently lead and communicate with the band, using language they understand - Understand and apply music theory and song structure - When under pressure, find your true presence - Use vocal technique effectively - Rehearse and use performance technique and stage presence to find power "I hold the radical assumption that if a person can talk, that person can learn to sing with ease, power and full control. Learning to sing in this way filters over into other aspects of our lives, and I find that students become more effective communicators and more confident individuals" - Michele Styles taught include jazz, pop, blues, rock, R&B, funk, motown, soul, oldies, disco, country, folk, and children's.


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