Find a discount mover near Atlanta, GA

Find a discount mover near Atlanta, GA

Find a discount mover near Atlanta, GA

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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much do movers cost in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, the top movers range from $75 to over $100 per hour. This is an estimated cost that can fluctuate throughout the year and vary depending on several factors. Factors that can impact the cost of your move include whether you need flat-rate or hourly movers, specific moving services (i.e. packing services or moving boxes) or additional movers to load your belongings. 

How do I choose the best moving company in Atlanta?

First, you’ll want to compare the best moving companies Atlanta has to offer. When comparing, check the estimated costs. When you see movers who might fit your budget, read their profiles and reviews. Keep an eye out for movers who respond quickly and arrive on time. If you’re moving within Georgia, make sure the moving company you choose has a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. You can check by reaching out to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

What is considered a local move vs. a long-distance move?

Local moves are among the most common moves. Unlike a long-distance move, a local move is typically less than 50 miles and does not cross state lines. Generally, a local move only takes one day, and movers tend to charge by the hour. 

The definition of a long-distance move may vary depending on the moving company. Generally, a long-distance considered to be any move of 400 miles or more. However, some say a long-distance move is over 50-100 miles. 

Local Move

A move under 50 miles

Long-Distance Move

A move over 50-100 miles or over 400 miles; may also be called an “interstate move” or “out-of-state move”

Out-of-State Move

A move that crosses state lines; may also be called an “interstate move” or “long-distance move”

Interstate Move

A move that crosses state lines; may also be called an “out-of-state move” or “long-distance move”

Intrastate Move

A move that begins and ends in the same state, typically beyond 50 miles

Interstate moves require additional legal preparation and will incur additional costs for distance, the amount and weight of your items, the preparation required and various other factors. Moving companies tend to do an initial weighing of the truck, which you should be present for.

A move that crosses state lines is considered an interstate move or an out-of-state move. Contrast this with an intrastate move, which begins and ends in the same state, but is typically above 50 miles. 

To determine whether your move is local or long-distance, contact the best movers in your area.



Where can I rent a moving truck in Atlanta?

There are several moving truck rental companies in the Atlanta area where you can find an assortment of trucks available to rent, including pickup trucks and box trucks. However, many moving companies provide their own trucks when helping you move. Research and compare Atlanta movers to find a company that will take care of everything for you at a price you’re comfortable with.

Where can I get moving boxes in Atlanta?

If you’re looking for moving boxes, there are plenty of stores in Atlanta that sell them. Often, hardware stores and companies that rent moving trucks typically sell moving boxes of various shapes and sizes. You can also purchase some from stores that specialize in moving boxes, such as Moving Boxes Atlanta, at an affordable price -- many small and medium boxes are priced in the $1 range. Some stores, such as Georgia Green Box offer environmentally friendly options.

If you need free moving boxes to stay within your budget, there are a variety of low-cost options. Liquor stores, grocery stores, pet stores and bookstores could be good places to start. 

You can also ask moving companies in Atlanta whether they can provide boxes and packing materials for your move. 

How do I choose the best long-distance moving company in Atlanta?

The best long-distance moving companies in Atlanta will have a familiarity with the Georgia area and know how to manage some of the challenges of an Atlanta move, such as peak traffic times and high temperatures. You might also want to hire movers who are skilled in packing quickly and carefully, as well as efficiently relocating your belongings.

For moves within Georgia, you can check the Georgia Department of Public Safety website for more information on licensed movers in the state.

When researching the best long-distance moving companies in Atlanta, compare reviews and ratings. Pay attention to reviews that mention the movers’:

  • Quality of work. Have customers complained about their belongings being damaged during the move?
  • Punctuality. Are the movers known to show up on time?
  • Professionalism. Were the movers nice, respectful and responsible? 

After you’ve narrowed down your top picks, reach out to the movers and ask for estimates.

How much does it cost to move across the country from Atlanta?

The cost to move across the country from Atlanta may vary depending on various factors. For example, the long-distance movers you choose when moving from Atlanta to Seattle or moving from Atlanta to New York may charge you different rates based on your destination. They may also charge a flat hourly rate. The cost will also depend on the company you choose and the time of year.

To find out how much it will cost you to move across the country, contact the top movers in Atlanta.

What is considered a long-distance move in Atlanta?

A long-distance move is generally considered to be 400 miles or more, but some consider a move of 100 miles or more to be long-distance. Some examples of long-distance moves from Atlanta may include moving from:

  • Atlanta to New York
  • Atlanta to Boston 
  • Atlanta to Dallas 
  • Atlanta to Houston 
  • Atlanta to Charlotte 

Contact the best Atlanta movers to receive help with your move -- whether it’s a long-distance, cross-country or local move.

What is considered a local move in Atlanta?

Some examples local moveS in Atlanta are moves to areas like Union City, Williamsburg Park, Marietta or Country Lake. 

When determining local moving costs, movers will likely take into consideration how far the move is, as local moving companies have to invest their own time and resources into the move. Short-distance movers can even move you within the Atlanta area, such as from Greenbriar to Buckhead. This service makes moving to Atlanta suburbs easier.

Do I need a parking permit for my moving truck in Atlanta?

You might want to consider getting a permit for your moving truck in Atlanta. A parking permit is a legal document that allows you to park in a certain spot at a certain time, and it might be necessary if your truck will be blocking a public right-of-way for several hours. To find out if you need a permit for your move, contact Atlanta’s Department of Public Works at (404) 330 - 6501. 

Reviews for Atlanta discount movers
Thumbtack Customer
There was a slight scheduling snafu, but Mitch called and gave me a discounted rate because of it. Day of the move, the movers ran about 3 hours behind, but did a great job once they arrived. Everything was wrapped, padding and moved without a hitch and set up in my new place as directed. Would definitely recommend them.
404 Movers404 Movers
Chris H.
This company should let the customer know that you only get 1 mover. The mover I had was great and I was given a $65 discount after I complained that I felt like I overpaid because their was only 1 mover the 2nd mover only came for 30 mins then left. It took the single mover almost 4 hours to move my 1 bedroom because he didn’t have help. I wish them the best with future business.
Wesley L.
Really Good work moving. Ran over time because of a previous job before hand, but a discount was given and move was successful regardless. They breakdown large items and reassemble at new location if needed. Quick note they don't move glass items, Guns, or TV's that are not properly packed. Not a big deal for a local move but anything long distance you may want to note to customers. However I will do business and highly recommend
Compass Liberty Express, LLCCompass Liberty Express, LLC
Wayne S.
They took my last minute request and arrived at 8am like they said..they wrapped my items and did the job at a discount..later that same night a friend had a difficult move they couldn't handle theirself..I reached out to Compass and they arrived in 20 minutes and got their job done!!
Compass Liberty Express, LLCCompass Liberty Express, LLC
Braylon B.
I just want to shout out my three movers for the day: Javon, Tommy and Roman. They were all professional and dedicated to their job. Because of the big rain that day, I thought they were going to cancel, but the crew worked non-stop until all of my belongings were in my new apartment. Not to mention it was from third floor to third floor with NO ELEVATOR! I could have never moved by myself and I greatly appreciate LIOO Moving. From the initial price they gave us, on top of the discounted rate… they both were the lowest to any other companies I received quotes from. Now I have a new understanding of the name "LIOO Moving", they really treated my furniture like it were their own. Highly recommend company!
LIOO MovingLIOO Moving
Thumbtack Customer
Overall I had a pleasant experience with 404 Movers, but it started disastrous. It started me receiving confirmation phone calls, e-mails, and texts a week before and three days before confirming my move. Awesome! Then on the day I got an e-mail and text confirming my moving time, but nobody ever showed up. My time was set for 2:30pm, and I hadn't heard anything by 3:15pm. I called every 15 minutes until I finally reached Mitch, the owner, who explained that the backend software system did not put my move on the movers schedule. He worked quickly to find a solution, and came himself with one of his movers to get me out of my apartment by 6pm that night. They did a great job moving my items, and I was discounted for the service hiccup. Overall, a solid company, good guys, and they truly care about their customers. I just happened to be put in a bad situation by them, but they redeemed themselves. Mike and Mitch are quality movers.
404 Movers404 Movers
John-Paul C.
I had to move from midtown to Decatur and at the last moment I realized I was going to need help. My wife's number to upon "Here to There" moving company and using thumbtack we were able to get a response within 5 minutes. We received a quote that was hundreds of dollars cheaper than some of the other movers in town. also I received a military discount which always means a lot. I was a little unsure about what to expect because the movers were at my house about three hours later. What I saw and what was the result was amazing. I was blown away that I could receive such an experience so quickly and that my things were taking care of and my wallet was taken care of too. I would highly recommend here to there movers to anyone whether it's long-distance are in town move that needs to be done. These guys are the real pros, take it from me I've been through them all.
Mama's Movers, LLCMama's Movers, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
This was my first time using movers so I wanted to find someone cheap but not too cheap. First off, I was told that the movers would come at 8:30 am (I had to be out of my current house by 12 pm). Around 9:30 I get a call saying that the truck has broken down. They didn't come until 11:30 am. Then it took them 5 hours to move a enough furniture for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment. When we got there. A couple boxes marked fragile had all the contents broken. I will say that the men were friendly and courteous, and I received a small discount for my inconvenience. I will not use this moving company again because they seemed to unreliable and took much longer than quoted.
404 Movers404 Movers
Rosalind S.
My appointment was scheduled at 2 pm. I confirmed it at 11:00 Am. At 3:00 pm I call them because they hadn’t showed yet. I was told someone would call me and they would be their by 4:30 pm. I receive a call saying they would be their by 530. They finally get their at 7:00 pm. I had taken off work so it was a wasted day for me. The crew that comes in state they were not originally supposed to move me and they had just come from Macon. Obviously they were tired and one of the men kept reiterating that fact. One of the movers was rough with my stuff. They scratched my brand new nightstand and damaged my table. They did come back and fix it. So a 2 pm scheduled move started at 7 pm and ended at 1246 AM. Needless to say after the movers left, it was too late to unpack anything. I was given a discount for them being late but this was the most horrible moving experience I have ever had.
Brothers on the MoveBrothers on the Move
Thumbtack Customer
First off let me start off with the ONE positive thing that happened with my move regarding 404 Movers-My stuff was moved from my apartment to my new home in two hours. My new home is 25 minutes away from the old apartment so considering the travel time this was good time, however unfortunately this was the ONLY positive thing I can say about this company. The initial scheduling of the movers was easy as they have an online site where you can pick the date and time of your choosing. I scheduled the movers to arrive at 8:30 am on a Saturday. On the day that I scheduled the move, I received a text stating that the 8:30 am time was not available and asked if I would take a 1:30 arrival time. This was going to put me way off schedule however being that this company received a lot of good reviews, I decided to take a chance and accept the 1:30 arrival time. That same day a rep called from the company wanting to know the specifics of what I was trying to move, which wasn't much as I threw a lot of my old furniture away, so I literally had 2 couches and about 40 boxes. The rep then confirmed an arrival time of 2:30. I explained that I had just received a text stating the arrival time would be 1:30. I was then told by the rep "that's not what I have on my paperwork". With a bad feeling in my gut, I accepted the new arrival time of 2:30 and prayed that the movers would show up at 2:30 and get me moved. On the day of the move I received a call from "Mike" from 404 Movers at 1:51 p.m. confirming the move and stating the movers would be there "within the hour". This would take me past the 2:30 arrival time but I just said okay and patiently waited for the movers to arrive. At 3:30 the movers had not arrived and I called Mike back to ask for the ETA. He stated that the movers had gotten held up at their last job but they should get to me shortly. At about 4:30 p.m. I received a call from one of the movers and he stated that he "didn't know when he would get to me." I then called Mike back and asked what was going on. He then went into a long spiel how it wasn't his movers fault that they had gotten held up at their last job but that he would "make it worth my while" and indicated that I would get a discount in my final price. My husband wanted to cancel the job altogether but we were in a tough spot as we would have had to reserve a hotel for the night. I decided to go ahead and wait for the movers. I received a call about 6:30 from one of the movers asking"Ya'll still moving?" By this time steam is coming from my ears!!!! I had wasted an ENTIRE day waiting for these guys. YES I AM STILL MOVING!!!! The movers eventually showed up at 7:30 pm. I will say the guys were efficient and quick, but I didn't get moved to my new house until 9:30 P.M. that evening. To make matters worse I was ridiculed about the gratuity I gave(they are lucky I gave them $100.00) from one of the movers (I had a relatively small load and they were over 5 hours late!!!) AND I didn't receive the "discount" that Mike promised. I tried to call Mike multiple times the day of the move but after 4:00 he stopped accepting my calls and NEVER called me back. This is unacceptable customer service from a company that charged near $300.00 for the move + the $100.00 in gratuity that I paid to move 2 couches and some boxes. I had: NO BEDS, NO TVS, NO APPLIANCES. No stairs at the apartment, one small flight of stairs in new home. This was essentially an EASY move. Needless to say, if you value your time, money and want to be treated with decency and respect, don't choose this company!!!
404 Movers404 Movers
Mike J.
I hired Compass Liberty to move a 1 bedroom apartment in Midtown to a 4 bedroom house in Powder Springs. Two movers arrived at 11:45am and began working. The building allowed access to a shared elevator until 1pm, at which time we would have a dedicated elevator until 3pm. The truck was not loaded until 3:45pm. I was told that two tempered glass shelves, despite being shrink wrapped in bubble wrap, could not go in the truck and I had to take them myself. One of the legs on a jewelry armoire was broken off and I was told I had to take it as well. Several times I was asked about which items were to be moved and which could stay, due to a concern about not being able to fit everything in the truck. Drawers were removed from a waist high dresser, which I have not seen the previous two times it was moved. I was told that I had an exceptionally large amount of furniture, but I have moved the exact same set of furniture twice in the past three years and have not been told that. Unpacking did not finish until 6:45pm. Due to the number of items I had to move in my own vehicle, I requested and was given a discount. Several pieces of furniture and brand new floors received damage. I filed an insurance claim for the floor damage, which was reimbursed.
Compass Liberty Express, LLCCompass Liberty Express, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
My husband and I hired 404 Movers for our move within the same city (only about 5 miles from the old place to the new place). We scheduled the move to start at noon, however, the 2 men we hired did not show up until 4:00. We didn't have any deadlines or any timeframe to move within, and we're both really laid-back, but it was definitely annoying to have to wait another 4 hours after our scheduled time to even begin the process. When we found out we were the company's third move of the day, I thought it was a bit ridiculous that they thought they could do two entire moves BEFORE ours at noon. I just wish they had called us a few days prior to reschedule for a later time—that would have been much better so we weren't just waiting around. As far as the actual move is concerned, the guys were efficient and did a great job, especially with our super-heavy sofa bed and washer/dryer up 3 flights of stairs. They were courteous and moved quickly. There was damage to a few of our items (scratches on some of our wood furniture; a shattered glass shelf), but the movers handled it very professionally and honestly, and we were covered by insurance, so it ended up not being too big of a deal—although, obviously it was not ideal. We ultimately got a pretty substantial discount because they were so late, so in the end it all worked out. Mitchie was great to work with in that respect. All in all, I think the company could improve their scheduling process a bit, but overall it was a good experience.
404 Movers404 Movers
Jolomi I.
Unfortunately I had a terrible moving experience with M-town. I booked to move a few pieces of furniture about a week in advance. The movers were supposed to show up at 10am, load up a couch, bookshelf, rug, and bed, and move it 4.5 miles up the road. I got a confirmation email stating it would be about $275 ($85 for the truck and $95/hr for 2 hour minimum) and M-town would supply all materials and disassemble/assemble at no additional cost. On moving day, I hadn’t heard from anyone by 10:30am. I called and left a voicemail. The manager called me at 10:45 and said they were overbooked, but would be able to come between 2 and 5. 5pm rolls around and I haven’t heard anything, so I call again, and now he’s saying it’ll be between 6:30-7, and reluctantly agrees to a $50 discount for the delay. The guys finally show up right before 7 in a rented Uhaul truck with only blankets. They didn’t bring any cellophane wrap and didn’t have the proper tools to disassemble the bed frame, so one of the guys has to run to Home Depot. They finally finishing loading and unloading everything shortly after 9pm. They tell me I owe $300, even though it should really be $225. I’m too tired to argue, so I pay $250 which includes the discount. I get a call 5 min later from the manager saying that I owe money because they have a 4 hour minimum. I told him that is NOT what my emailed contract stated, and I would not be paying any more, especially since they were 9 hours late and scuffed up my creamed colored sofa. They manager says he’s not happy with that, then gets off the phone. I was scared he was gonna show up at my house! The movers themselves were nice, but I wouldn’t say they were highly skilled professionals as listed in the email. I have never experienced such terrible customer service and poor organization from management. I would not recommend this company at all.
M-Town Movers LLCM-Town Movers LLC
Calvin M.
My movers were very courteous and pleasant. The guys worked fast and efficient at a really late hour with no complaints and all smiles the whole time. They handled all my belongings with care and had all the tools needed for my move. Unfortunately, I have to ding them for being extremely late (I know they were taking care of another client, but our agreed upon time and the show up time was very off). And the second ding is there was no compensation or discount for being extremely late (I paid the full agreed upon hourly, travel fee, and gave a tip) but this extreme lateness cost me a whole vacation day and a possible penalty with my apartment complex. Would I hire them again? I actually would. But from my experience and some of the reviews before, they have to work on punctuality and set a maximum time expectation for a job also.
Nicole D.
We used these movers for a short distance move. We were quoted mid $600's for the entire move. The ended up costing us over $2000. We lived in a 1200 SQ foot 3 bedroom with an elevator. We requested 4 movers and we're told they would disassemble and reassemble furniture when necessary.  The movers showed up on time but only three men came. The next 8 hours were spent watching only one of the three men do any work. It got so bad we had to say something to them around 5 pm when we were already hours beyond the estimate. We had minimal furniture but ended up having to leave all four beds behind because they showed up without any tools and then when I furnished them with tools they told me they were unable to disassemble any of the beds (but only after breaking one). These were Ikea beds, all of which were assembled  properly and professionally by Ikea. The move lasted so late that we had to postpone the delivery to the new address until the next day this resulted in another full 6 hours of charges in addition to the cost of having to stay in a hotel for the night. They were rude and confrontational when we questioned why the move was taking so much longer than they quoted. They said it was because we had "too many boxes". The kicker is that we also had the same company pack our boxes for us and they delivered a box count to their company in my presence before they left. Later after they left I learned they packed my car keys, so I had to spend hours unpacking then repacking  the box looking for a little set of keys. I did finally find them, thankfully. Stay away from this company. They are scam artists and will draw your move out as long as possible to jack up your bill. What was quoted as a 6 hour move ended up taking 12-14 hours. They refused to refund us any of the money beyond a $100 discount for their additional Transit time because the move had to be completed the following day. We are now disputing the charges.
Next Door Relocators,LLCNext Door Relocators,LLC
Grace B.
This will be long, but please read as I wish someone would've posted about them like this before we hired this company... I've already reached out to the BBB, but unfortunately, this company has not responded. I've given them a month to get back to us and make things better; but, it's clear they will not be. We had nothing but a very disappointing experience with Next Door Relocators. For starters, we hired (and paid for) 3 movers, however only 2 movers showed up. Management said they would send us additional personnel, but no one ever came. To make matters worse, the movers were over an hour late and gave us no courtesy call to say that they would be late. They also had trouble finding our apartment complex even though the sales rep we spoke with said they had moved people from our complex many times before. When the driver called me to get more specific directions, we tried to explain very clearly how to get to where we were, and he was very rude and barely let my husband finish my sentences. When the driver finally found our loading zone, he and the other mover showed up in an unmarked truck with a tear in the side (no logo on the outside of the truck that would indicate that these were in fact Next Door Relocator movers) and wearing street clothes (no uniform or identifying piece of clothing). They also offered no apology for being late. I will say that they got to work quickly and efficiently. They had pleasant attitudes for the first hour or so and had good senses of humor. However, they took the comfort level too far at times. The driver asked if he could have some tequila that was being moved, then later for some wine (keep in mind that it was 11:00 am at this point, and he was the driver). Later, the driver spent about 45 minutes in our master bath room. Upon leaving the bathroom he said to me, "I wouldn't go in there." GROSS. The driver later asked if we would go to a gas station to get him an energy drink. On top of all this, he even asked if we were selling various pieces of furniture, and how much we would be willing to accept for others. They also asked my husband to help them move some heavy pieces to hurry up the process (this is why we hired 3 guys). They soon seemed annoyed with the move and essentially rushed out of the apartment without saying bye or letting us know they were leaving. They left behind many boxes and other items that my wife and I had to collect and move on our own on later dates. Since we had to pack up more stuff in our cars after they left, we figured they would surely beat us to our new home. However, they didn’t arrive until an additional 45 minutes after we arrived at our new home. Keep in mind, this was after my husband stopped to grab them lunch, as we thought this would be a nice gesture (one of the many regrets of this whole experience). They rushed as quickly as possible to dump boxes wherever they could in our new home. We even had labels on each box for which room the box should be placed, which were fragile and needed to be place upright. They left virtually everything on the first floor in a very unorganized fashion, many of which were upside down or had heavy boxes on top of the fragile ones. They never built any of our beds or bed frames as promised in the contract. We also discovered several broken platters and vases (wedding gifts of ours). One of the movers eventually began complaining of back pain, so I offered him a bag of ice. He didn’t move any other boxes after that. Oh, and they asked me to help remove tape from the furniture covers to make things go faster (this is why we asked for 3 movers). Throughout the entire moving process, the driver continuously mentioned tips, and how he was getting us a deal with the company to save us money so we could offer larger tips (he stated that tips were the main source of his income). When it came time to pay the bill, the driver called the management office, who said that we owed the full amount. We told the driver that that would be unacceptable for all the reasons above especially considering that they were hours late. Management eventually offered to dock $45 from our bill. Eventually we got so uncomfortable and frustrated with the entire process that we wrote them a check and asked them to leave. After the whole moving experience, we called the management office many times to explain our frustrations. Management never offered any solutions to address our grievances. They explained to us that they fired the driver who moved us because they had problems with him before-- yep... the driver was so inept at providing quality service that the company fired him, and the company never offered any sort of discount to us. Eventually after many calls to management, they offered us an approximately $50 discount. That’s it. They could have easily offered us a fair discount for the terrible service we received. Like I mentioned earlier, it eventually got so bad that we contacted the BBB. The BBB informed us weeks later, that Next Door Relocators never responded to any of their calls. In summary, hiring Next Door Relocators was a horrible decision. I strongly encourage staying away from this business and would never recommend them.
Next Door Relocators,LLCNext Door Relocators,LLC
Myesha D.
Update: 12/15/17 This situation remains unresolved. Scott was able to find the original manufacturer of the artwork - great. It's still not repaired, and all I've heard from him is implications that it was cheap (so apparently that made the damage okay). The drywall damage at the old house was never addressed or repaired. After I finished unpacking, I noticed lots of damage to the walls in my new house and several items stolen or missing. Scott said he was not responsible for that. As several people have mentioned in their reviews, Scott & Mike from NDR are very rude and reply to "every" concern by blaming the customer and denying any responsibility. After more than 9 calls between me and 9 calls the day of the move and the days immediately following, Scott still complained that "I" was wrong because I did not give them a chance to attempt to resolve my concerns before I posted a review. As a service member, I've moved multiple times and have never had an experience this horrendous. I don't know how this company stays in business. Absolutely terrible. They started by arriving at 11a for my 8:30 to 9:30 window. The explanation was the hrs are 10-10:30 on Sundays. The lead estimated the job at 2-3 hrs for 2 ppl, and it took 3 ppl 6 hrs. Screws for the bed were left in the house and buried in the rug. The movers tried to hide it and told me the bed was fully assembled. They broke a $1000 piece or glasswork that was taken to the truck unwrapped and leaned on the wall. I was told they would attempt to repair it but not pay to replace it. The walls and furniture were scratched, and Mike tries to overcharge me multiple times, even stating the movers arrived am hour earlier than they had, claiming he was giving me a discount.
Next Door Relocators,LLCNext Door Relocators,LLC
Susan C.
I was very disappointed by my experience with these movers. The only good things I can say are that they called to tell me they would be late and the two guys who came were polite. They arrived 40 minutes later than the arrival window of 10-12 and were already talking about how worn out they were from their first job that day. The estimate to load my furniture was 2 hours and since everything else had already been moved I fully expected to be done in less time. The guys were extremely slow, took long breaks between loads, had not brought water or eaten lunch before coming over (despite the 12:45 pm arrival). They mentioned several times how hot it was, how worn out they were, how long the week had been, etc. The job ended up taking 3 hours and 15 minutes and they also had to stop for lunch in the middle so the move that should have been done by 2:00pm at the latest lasted until 4:30. I was also extremely disappointed in the care that was taking with my stuff. I watched them drop 2 loads of boxes (while I was helping move the entire time) including a box labeled "All Breakable" that had my antique teacups, and the box of my linens so my sheets were dropped in the mud. At the end of the time when I had to tally the bill with them no effort was made to acknowledge all of the time wasted or lack of care. Instead they told me where I can leave a review to get $10 off so now I know why there were so many good reviews for this company. I did not leave one at the time to get the discount since I did not want to hold them any longer detailing all of these issues.
Melody Y.
I contacted Precise Movement (along with a # of other moving companies) on Friday for a Saturday moving request. My project details included the following message: “Hello. I'll be moving out of my condo tomorrow. I need help unloading the condo. The items need to go from the 3rd floor of the building into a truck that will be located downstairs. There are no elevators. I'll be moving out of state so I do not need assistance beyond moving the items into the truck (that I already have). There is not a lot of small items. More so just furniture including: 2 king mattresses, 2 king bed frames, 1 couch, a kitchen table set, 4 small bookcases, washer & dryer & kitchen appliances (including refrigerator, oven, dishwasher & microwave). I estimate 2 hours to move everything out.” Upon calling, Precise Movement provided the most reasonable estimate: $175 total - $150 for the 2 hours of labor and $25 for a stair fee. There was an additional $25 for a long distance fuel fee that was removed because my location was right at 10 miles. I said “do you have moving equipment because the appliances are heavy?” I was given a response of “Oh, we have everything you need to move.” Cool, we agreed to a 1PM arrival time. After our phone conversation, Jeremy (Precise Movement) said he would send an invoice to confirm. I never received an invoice but thought nothing of it. The next morning, I request an invoice and confirmation. Jeremy calls to confirm (provides no invoice) and asks if he can come earlier at 11AM. I say, no problem and proceed to get the truck early to accommodate his ask. As it gets closer to arrival time, he asks if he can instead come at 3PM and even offers to provide a discount for my flexibility. I say, no problem… take your time! 3PM comes and goes with no communication. By 4:30PM I’m calling other movers to see if they are available. No one can come until tomorrow (when I’m supposed to be out). By 5, I’m calling and texting Jeremy, no response. It’s now 7PM and Jeremy finally calls me to let me know his keys and phone got locked in the car. Fishy but understandable. He can still come and will be there in an hour. I say, ok. I’m getting ready to go because I have to leave for an event. My boyfriend will stay and help with the move. So, I’m not even looking at the clock. Jeremy arrives 2 hours later at 9PM with NOTHING, no hand trucks, no back straps for the heavy items, no tarps for safe moving, no wrap for the appliances, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I don’t think anything of it, because I assume he has stuff in his car. Jeremy, his helper and my boyfriend start moving stuff into the truck while I’m heading out the door. As I’m leaving, Jeremy and friend are struggling with the king mattress and he says “ I forgot my back straps for the heavy items.” So… you were performing moving jobs ALL day and you somehow forgot that you were a mover??? I leave and say text me when you’re done, I’ll CashApp you. It’s now after 11PM and I haven’t heard from Jeremy. I text my boyfriend to ask how it’s going and he says “not good, I’ll tell you later.” They don’t get done moving until midnight. I receive the text from Jeremy that they are done and my total is $435. FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS. He said he would give me a discount down to $400 for my flexibility today. If you recall, my original total was $175. How did the total jump over double the original stated amount? I immediately call Jeremy to ask for a price breakdown. He’s miraculously able to finally provide an invoice. It’s sad that he didn’t plan on giving me an invoice until I demanded it. On said invoice, I was charged for the 3 hours of work performed ($225, that’s fine), I was charged a $30 staircase fee (was originally $25), I was charged the fuel fee $25 (he originally agreed to remove this), and I was charged an appliance fee of $125 ($25 per appliance). If you did the math, you probably noticed the math wasn’t mathing. That’s because he originally quoted me $175, then quoted me $435 over the phone. And the invoice actually says $405. At this point, I was very grateful for my $5 discount and paid the man his requested $400. Here’s what grinds my gears. We verbally talked about what was included in the move and I physically wrote down what was included in the move. Yet, I was never told about an appliance fee. After reviewing the invoice, I’m not even mad about the extra fees because the work had to be done and you did the work. I call to tell him, in the future, if you’re doing business you need to be honest and upfront about everything that’s included so customers can make an informed decision. Because I had other options and I didn’t need to go with you. Here’s where the s**t hits the fan. I get home and my boyfriend (who was a professional mover for 2 years) says you shouldn’t have hired them, they were not professionals. Apparently, they were “organizing the truck” for a large amount of time. My boyfriend took most of the smaller items down himself because they were so slow and in the truck far too much. And on a number of occasions he had to tell them to speed it up. I get it, you get paid by the hour so you’re trying to get your money. But I believe, if my boyfriend wasn’t there, they would have taken 5 hours if they wanted to. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM: There was significant damage to the appliances, particularly to the refrigerator. Jeremy didn’t provide any covering for the larger appliances. Which is odd given the additional appliance fees. The smaller appliances like the oven and washer/dryer are ok. I saw a couple dings here and there that weren’t too bad. But, the refrigerator front looks like someone was beating and scraping it. Now, if these appliances were old and dusty, I wouldn’t mind so much but I just paid over $7k for them just 1.5 years ago. Almost brand new, top of the line stainless steel name brand appliances. And for as a mover to treat them like crap is so disappointing. Jeremy and friend couldn’t handle the weight of the fridge going down the stairs, so they leaned the front of the bare fridge on the metal railing as they descended which is what caused the damage. After seeing this occur for one of the 3 flights, my boyfriend took over to do it properly. As a professional mover, he was able to guide the fridge from the back and asked both men to take a side each on the front. I would imagine since you’re both now in the front, you should be able to help course correct and monitor both of the sides of the fridge. When I brought this up to Jeremy he said “your boyfriend actually was the one to bring the refrigerator down the stairs.” Jeremy basically said any damage done was not his fault. In fact, he claimed there was a blanket over the fridge that my boyfriend removed. My bf has no reason to lie. He would gain absolutely nothing from it. So, not only did you (Jeremy) refuse ownership over the damage that you made but the larger concern is that you are so busy finger-pointing that you are not taking ownership of what you SHOULD HAVE DONE as the HIRED CONTRACTOR to better prepare for your job. As a professional, there are things you should have done to prepare for an appliance move. Why weren’t the appliances wrapped beforehand? What did the $25 fee per appliance go towards? Why wasn’t there extra help? I never mentioned my boyfriend would be there to help. So you brought 1 other person to move an extra large refrigerator that encourages 4 people for a safe move? If you weren’t able to provide the equipment, personnel and knowledge needed to professionally move large appliances, you shouldn’t have taken the job. Simple as that. Photos of damage included but it's hard to take quality photos of stainless steel.
Precise MovementPrecise Movement
Tony A.
I used this company twice with a long distance move from Atlanta, GA to Bethesda, MD and from Bethesda, MD to Atlanta, GA, within 6 month time frame. In fact I purchased their movers lunch at whole foods and paid them a tip of a 100 dollars each. The first move they broke my mirrors and busted my bedroom night stand drawers. Stripped my canopy bed screws. They gave me $100 discount which was not a reasonable amount of damage they have cause to my furniture. The second move they waited until the last day of the contract of my job and condo rental to pick up my items. This inconvenienced me Causing me to take extra days off of work. I paid them 95% of the money after we arrived. They waited an extra week to deliver our items. The contact guy Frank Castello was rude about the entire experience and could care less about our concerns. I normally don’t write reviews but this company was so unprofessional potential customers should be aware. At one time he insulted and yelled at my pregnant wife for not agreeing with how they were treating us. They didn't accept PLATINUM AMERICAN EXPRESS and I had to get the cash from another savings account. They insisted that I go to a check cashing place to get the money buy borrowing it. This was a total mess. He did not know my wife was pregnant until I wrote this letter. His response is an outright lie. Customer service sucks! Please see attachment of their response to me. The movers wrapped our TV’s in BOXES WITHOUT ANYTHING to protect its edges and screen. I turned on my 55’ TV and it no longer works. Who ever picked our items up were not the same team who dropped it off. The gentlemen who dropped our items off were experts unloading and they unloaded and stored our items so well that I was totally impressed. Overall I would not hire them again because they are not consistent and their processes are broken, terrible communication, and they don’t value repeat customers.
Pick Up Movers LLC GAPick Up Movers LLC GA
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