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I'm an artist before I'm a business person. I care deeply about the work that I make, and I'm long past the point where the evidence of my talent is "did I get all the shots?". The personal pressure of my work is "what meaningful things do my photographs say about this couple, their family, and their friends?"


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  • Kelsey A. Aug 3, 2016
    CHRISWITHCAMERA captured our wedding reception on 7/9/16 in Atlanta, Ga. I have known Christopher Wong for quite a few years, and I couldn't imagine anyone else I would rather have to capture this important event. His ability to capture moments of genuine emotion and joy are unparalleled, and all the guests keep saying how nonintrusive he was during the party. This allowed everyone to be themselves, and we now have these moments with our friends and family forever. He is extremely easy to work with and very accommodating. He really takes time to learn about the people at the party so he can capture them in their best light -- no pun intended. He made sure to take pictures of everyone, and he gave me a variety of edited photos. The editing was also great; however, there was not much needed since the photos were already great to begin with. You know he's a good photographer when even the original photos are spectacular. If I could give CHRISWITHCAMERA more stars, I would. I'm keeping him in mind for future jobs ;)
  • Dan H. Jul 17, 2015
    Wedding Photography
    Verified Review
    Amazing guy who's work is even better. My wife and I not only got the wedding pictures of our dreams but we made a great new friend. Thanks a ton Chris
  • Ladi L. Feb 25, 2015
    Wedding Photography
    Verified Review
  • Jennifer H. Feb 17, 2015
    Verified Review
  • Brittany K. Jul 18, 2014
    Headshot Photography
    Verified Review
    Wonderful to work with. Easy to talk to and provided more than promised. I hope to work with him again soon!
  • Ashley W. Nov 4, 2013
    Verified Review
    Our experience with Chris was wonderful! We hired him to capture maternity shots, and he did a beautiful job! Not only were the photos so beautiful, but working with him was a breeze! He was more than happy to accommodate our location request and communicating with him throughout the months leading up to the shoot was seamless! Can't wait to have another session with him again once our baby girl is here!
  • Kim H. Sep 28, 2013
    Chris photographed my boyfriend and I a couple of years ago in various locations, and every single picture he sent back to us was incredible. He captured the perfect moments in just the perfect way - of course he knows how to do this completely on his own. I got the vibe that if we wanted to be more involved with the direction of the photos, we definitely could have; however, we didn't need to be! We loved them so much that we transformed three of them into canvas prints to proudly display in our home - and we want to do the same with more! He is professional, but has a great sense of humor that puts his clients at ease. We were extremely relaxed, and he brought out the best in us. He is my go-to photographer for as long as he continues to shoot, and I wholeheartedly recommend him without hesitation. Thank you, Christopher!
  • Brianna G. Sep 27, 2013
    My husband and I had the pleasure of having Chris as our wedding photographer last October. He was there for the entire day and took some truly amazing photographs! Chris was extremely prompt, professional, and personable. All of our photographs came out beautifully and we had them back to us within a few short weeks of the wedding. My husband and I are already looking forward to working with Chris again in the future!
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    I'm also down for any pick-up Quidditch games you guys put together. Ha!

  • Landon D. Sep 27, 2013
    Working with Christopher was an incredible experience. Aside from having captivating photography that captures mood and moments, he was incredibly personable and warm. It felt like he cared about us, and it showed in the photographs. Definitely five stars in all areas, highly recommended.
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    Good memories :)

  • Bryan W. Sep 27, 2013
    Before I scheduled a time to actually shoot, he asked me what my desired outcome would be. He also asked me to provide some samples of photography that was similar to what I was looking for. This was quite helpful, since it is not always easy to describe creative things in specific ways. The shoot was in a very comfortable atmosphere. He was very open to my ideas, and had technical insights on how to achieve those ideas. Before I left, I was shown some of the best unedited shots. Seeing examples really put me at ease, and he asked for feedback. I expected to see nothing but the final result. I would certainly refer other people's photography needs to Mr. Wong. From weddings, to more private settings.
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    Whether wearing Death Cab for Cutie or mud in the wilderness, you're a champion to photograph, Vasco. Keep being awesome :)

  • Connor A. Sep 27, 2013
    Christ has photographed me in the past. I'm not a very photographic person at all. However, Chris somehow manages to bring out the 100% best in people and makes every photographic opportunity worth it.
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    Don't sell yourself short! You're awesome! .. at least Slender-man thinks so! >:D

  • Jennifer W. Sep 27, 2013
    I am a recurring client of Chris Wong for over 7 years. There is something about a photographer that can capture the simple beauty of a moment you remember and execute it in such a profound way. He captures the essence of the being while making you feel comfortable beyond belief, which is a rarity with my experience with photographers. Not to say I have not had others make me feel comfortable, it is the ratio to those who do not. I have referred him to multiple clients who all were thrilled to have his work portray their companies image. I am so grateful for his continual great work and look forward to working with him as much as possible. Chris, thank you again and I am always excited to see your work come to life!
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    This is extremely nice to read. Thank you so much! I always enjoy working with you and I look forward to more shoots in the future. Kill'm dead!

  • Robin G. Sep 19, 2013
    Wedding Photography
    Verified Review
    The quality of work done for our engagement session by Chris's employee/photographer, Kristi Ford, was INCREDIBLY SUB-PAR. I will gladly send ALL (there wasn't many provided) of our engagement session photos to anyone who is considering working with his photographer. Stay away. Far away. From green hair, to part of the picture in focus, part not, to almost all of the pictures being from behind and 20 or more feet away to pictures actually sent to us that including car keys and make-up bag in hand....the composition of the pictures was just truly terrible. I cannot review Chris's work, as he was not our photographer - but I can tell you how, as the proprietor, he handled this situation with total lack of professionalism. He promised to re-do our engagement session and to shoot our wedding himself and would do so 'only charging extra for gas.' The next day, Chris Wong went back on this and stated he needed $1000 more. We were appalled. Chris then said, via email, that he'd refund our money (a $100 deposit was paid). After asking several times, he never provided this refund. Indeed, he threatened he'd rather go to the trouble and expense to SUE US IF WE GAVE HIM A BAD REVIEW than simply refund $100. We found another photographer, Jessie Modlin, who re-did our engagement session - doing an amazing job and supplying 3 times the shots - and eventually our wedding, too - ALL AT THE SAME PRICE POINT charged us by Chris for Kristi as our photographer. Bottom line, his employee's work was terrible, and Chris Wong handled the situation with total lack of professionalism and with broken promises.
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    This review contains some elements of truth, but also some details that are completely fiction. In fact, portions of this review are entirely untruthful. It is entirely reasonable that this reviewer, Robin, may feel dissatisfied with the images she received for her engagement. Robin called me in order to express that dissatisfaction and in response I apologized that she was unhappy and that told her that I would re-shoot her engagement photographs at no cost other than travel. She asked me if I could photograph her wedding instead and I told her that I was pretty sure that I was available on her date and that I would need to double check to be sure. There was absolutely no conversation about whether there would be a cost associated with that, because at the time of our conversation, I was not even sure if I was available. I, of course, never even suggested to her that I would photograph her wedding at the rate she was quoted for another photographer's work and and the reason for that is very specific - I employ a number of photographers are varying degrees of experience and levels of equipment in order to accommodate a variety of couples with a variety of wedding budgets. My rate is $2000 to photograph a wedding as a result of my experience, education, and level of equipment. Kristi charges $500 to photograph a wedding via the same measurements used to determine price. Krist is very talented, but she does lack in experience. Robin understood this at the time of hiring. Regardless of that, Robin is still perfectly justified to have the opinion that the photographs she received did not make her happy. I can never claim on behalf of anyone that they should or they should not like a photograph or a video that my company gives to them. My response to that dissatisfaction was very clear and simple: 1) I offered to re-shoot Robin's engagement at only the cost of travel. 2) I offered to reduce my rate by 50% to bring her cost to $1000 rather than $2000. I suspected I would receive back a response from Robin either accepting that offer or her telling me that she could not afford the $1000 rate either, at which point I would have been happy to completely refund her money. Instead, she wrote me a letter very similar to the review she has left above. The anger, bitterness, and demanding nature of the letter was abusive and extremely offensive. So, it's very important to understand, at this point I stopped going out of my way to do favors for Robin. I stop being nice to a person when they stop being nice to me. It's important to understand that Robin's total payment had been $500 (engagement included) in total with $100 of that being a deposit for the date of her wedding. I immediately refunded the $400 Robin had paid for her wedding (including the cost of the engagement). However, I did not refund her the $100 she paid as her deposit. The reason for that is very simple - a deposit is specifically for that purpose. Robin's date had been secured and unavailable to other brides and Robin chose to withdraw her business with Kristi. The purpose of the a deposit is that it is not refunded in the case of a person electing to no longer use a photographer's business. Is this a very literal and cold interpretation of that usage of a deposit? Yes it is, because Robin was very rude and cruel to Kristi in her letter. Further, she was very rude and cruel to me as well. So, I gave the $100 that Robin had paid as her deposit to Kristi in order to make sure that Kristi had been paid for her time, and quite honestly Robin's unnecessarily abusive behavior. Had Robin simply said that she was uncomfortable with Kristi photographing the wedding and could not afford the $1000 50% rate that I had offered her, she would have received all $500 back as a refund. However, again, her behavior was extraordinarily abrasive in response to what had been very kind treatment.

  • Amber A. May 9, 2013
    Chris, by some power of the fates, was standing behind us when my fiance proposed. He introduced himself and gave me his card. I got in touch with him soon after to do our engagement photos. We told him we were not planning on anything traditional, and we didn't want the same pictures of a couple sitting in a park that I've seen everywhere. He took our ideas, met us at our favorite bar, and shot and shot and shot. What he came back with was more than anything I could have expected. They were beautiful. Artfully edited, sure, but more importantly they pictured two people hopelessly in love and brimming with personality. The pictures were of US- as we really are, and how we really behave. I can't express enough how impressed I was. Chris earned 5 stars in every category by leaps and bounds. I can't WAIT to see what he captures for the wedding.
    Christopher W. Jul 22, 2013

    This makes me so happy :)

  • Christie V. May 7, 2013
    Whether it is a portrait, wedding photo, advertisement or just playing around with his camera, Christopher creates attention-grabbing images. Any time I post of image he shot of me online, I get such a positive response. He even shot my actor headshots and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. He took the time to get to know what I wanted to portray in my images and what angles I thought flattered me the best to help me feel comfortable with someone else taking my pictures. If you are considering hiring him, just take a look at his images... it says it all!
    Christopher W. May 7, 2013

    Thank you! You are always awesome to work with!

  • Lindze M. May 7, 2013
    Christopher did an amazing job with my video, it was edited PERFECTLY, I didn't even have to say what I wanted, he just did it the right way the first time. I absolutely can't wait to work with him again!
    Christopher W. Sep 27, 2013

    I had a wonderful time :)

  • Allison S. Mar 18, 2013
    Wedding Photography
    Verified Review
    Chris pulled out of shooting our wedding with just six days left. He offered to send some of his assistants, but upon viewing their portfolios the work was not acceptable. He even made a comment through correspondence that I was getting a great deal, and they were very sympathetic to my situation...when he was the one who gave me the quote through thumbtack and then reneged. Extremely unprofessional to leave a bride hanging with less than a week to go before the wedding...
    Christopher W. May 7, 2013

    I was unhappy to add to Allison's stress here. However, as with most negative reviews, there are a few important details missing here. The first is that we first spoke only a little over a month before her actual wedding date, second was that we only finalized the fact that I would be shooting her wedding just over a week before her wedding itself, and third is that the photographers I offered to send in my place when I discovered I could not be there were not my assistants, they were other photographers I often hire and do wonderful work.

  • Chester N. Jan 10, 2012
    Verified Review
    Chris is great and extremely professional. He was on time and knew exactly what i wanted. I described my vision and he delivered. Will use him for all of my photography in the future.


What types of customers have you worked with?
I'm here on thumbtack primarily for weddings, but I am all over the place. I'm a fine artist - I create portraits, document events and parties, and make conceptual and abstract art.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Communication is the key! Keep in touch. Ask questions. The relationship between a photographer and their client is not too far off from a friendship. It's important to understand each other - the more you talk, the better it is.