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Our moving services include:

* Small or large loads
* Same-day moving
* Storage pickups and drop offs
* Additional insurance coverage
* Loading, transportation, and unloading
* Padding of all furniture with blankets
* Free visual estimates
* Punctual, professional, and efficient crew
* Fully equipped 24-foot truck
* Affordable services


Lithonia, GA 30058

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21 Reviews
  • Tee W. May 23, 2017
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    Pay the extra money and work with professional movers. This is the worst moving company I have ever worked with. The young men were mannerly, but clearly had no clue about what they were doing. I specifically marked the box fragile and wrapped the items with foam and bubble wrap, yet the box arrived with broken glasses and plates. Then the office manager called me and said that the move took 4 hours. This was virtually impossible given that the movers made it to my home at 3pm and it wasn't 6pm as yet much less 7pm. Then she tells me that her movers clocked in at 2:39pm at my house. I told her that was not accurate, they came to my home at 3pm. She told me she had to go by the time the clocked in, essentially calling me a liar. Her own mover got on the phone and told her that they indeed started moving at 3pm and she refused to listen. Customer service is non existent in her vocabulary. I refused the pay the amount she quoted and she became borderline disrespectful and told me that they would take my things to storage and I would have to pay for that. I told her to go ahead and keep the things because she apparently needed it more than I did. At this point she decided to accept the timeframe I was giving her and accepted the amount I said I would pay. All in all, movers are supposed to make your life less atressful, however, they added stress to mine by showing up way past the quoted timeframe, breaking my belongings and then having to deal with the nasty office manager Tammy and her trickery. If you know what is good for you. Pay the extra money to a reputable company and avoid Tuff N Speedy movers like your life depended on it. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!
  • William P. Feb 24, 2017
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    Not good
    Postponed due to mechanic issue with truck day before my move. The move was supposed to be postponed a few days, however, they claimed the truck was still under maintenance so I was forced to cancel.
  • Renita W. Nov 23, 2016
    Furniture Moving and Heavy Lifting
    Verified Review
    Nice Crew!...Not the Most Experienced for Involved Furniture Installations
    3.75 The guys that were sent out were very nice. They were just not used to doing this type of moving, which was more of prep work for an Interior Design installation. The office staff was accommodating, since it was a same day request.
  • Caitlin T. Jan 28, 2016
    Great service
  • Neil R. Jan 28, 2016
    really did a great job
  • Nick T. Jan 27, 2016
    Great job really helped us out when we needed a mover
  • A. F. M. Jan 25, 2016
    If you value you time, please choose someone else. They were supposed to show up on a Saturday at 9:00 am but they didn't come til Sunday at 8:30 pm. Pay more and get someone that value your time!
  • Dissatisfied Customer N. Jan 11, 2016
    They get NO stars!!! I made an appointment @4:00pm Sunday 1/10/16 for my move to be Mon. 1/11/16 @ 9:00am. Confirmed appt thru email. They called me at 10:10 to say they running late. I call at 12:00 pm, they say their having mechanical problems and the movers are'nt answering their phones so she had to call supervisor. 1:30 pm still no show she tells me to make other arrangements cause they not answering their phones. Sumbody finally calls back & say they should be here by 3:00pm. Like a dummy i wait. She calls @ 3:53 to let me know they will text me when they on the way & she gets off at 4:00 her supervisor will be available if i need them. I call 6 times after 4:00 it goes straight to voicemail. I call from another number, they pick up. So they blocked my calls.They answer from another number & tells me the driver is coming from out of town & should be here in 45 mins. NOT!! I call at 5:30pm and guess what the driver was "supposedly" in an accident! BULLSHIT!!! I missed a whole day of work waiting on a bullshit company on a move that wouldve took an hr to load & unload. I was moving out an apt to the storage right across the street. They told me they couldnt move me today cause of circumstances out of their control. They offered to move me the next morning with 20% off, i hung up in that bitch face!!! I missed out on 9 hrs of work in exchange for lame ass excuses from 9:00am-5:30pm..Waste of fuckn time. I calld another company, i told them my story. They charge an extra 50 bucks but will come between 7:00-8:00am to help me move an i can still make it to work on time. I DO NOT recommmend this company.
  • OLA K. Sep 14, 2015
    I used Tuff N Speedy Movers and it was a great moving experience. There were no surprises. I received the contract by email and was able to confirm everything that was to be done. Tammy Pough was very courteous and accommodating. I would rate this moving experience a five and recommend it to all.
  • Maryam H. Sep 12, 2015
    m a single grad student living away from friends and family. I needed help, and was taken advantage of. This company is a complete scam. PLEASE BEWARE. This company rescheduled my appointment the day of and moved it two hours up, broke several boxes of glass, scraped my leather couch, and packed my storage horribly. I called the company to let them know, TAMMY POUGH told me to email pictures and she would call me in the morning. I tried to call after receiving no call and it turns out she has blocked my calls. She said they would come to fix my storage for $50 dollars and hour, after they had already gotten paid to ruined my property and to place my couch on top of all of my boxes and bags so I cant access anything. Company Manager: Tammy Pough Company Phone: (678) 788-4860 Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/TuffNSpeedyMovers?fref=ts PO Box: P.O. Box 4110 Lithonia, GA 30058 Physical Address: 5500 Downs Way, Lithonia, GA BEWARE!
  • Aliyah H. Sep 11, 2015
    This company moved my friend Anique yesterday and destroyed property. Glass on the storage floor. Ripped leather couch, she has had to cal them from different numbers to try to get someone to answer the phone. My finger was cut while I was helping her go through a box in her storage that was full on broken glass.
  • Anique H. Sep 11, 2015
    They damaged box of glass, a leather couch and packed my storage horribly. Run away! Do not use them! Now Tammy the owner won't return my calls. Please don't use them! Email me if you want to see photos of my damaged property! Do NOT use.
  • Catherine M. Jul 25, 2015
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    They were friendly, professional, fast and made my move a pleasant experience.
  • Sheri R. Jun 11, 2015
    They did a fantastic job! This is my 2nd time using the service and they were early. The guys worked very fast and made sure that my belongings got to my new home safely. They helped with set up and everything. Great price, great service! I will definitely be using this service from now on and telling all of my friends to use them too! Thank you very much!
  • Kenidra W. Jul 14, 2014
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    Horrible experience! Damages, lost items, no return calls or emails. Would absolutely never recommend to anyone.
  • LaToya G. Jun 6, 2013
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    This company is horrible. I was overcharged and they came late with a small old truck. I clearly stated that I needed minimum 20 ft truck. Therefore a smaller truck would cost me more in time and money. One of the guys looked like a kid and kept dropping boxes and standing around looking lost. They scratched my armoire and dresser, which is irreparable. They didn't assemble my desk, set up my appliances and beds. It took them nearly 8 hrs for a simple move. I am so disgusted and upset. The owner only cares about money and claims that they are all "professional". That's a joke. Save your money and spend it on a name brand nationally known company that stand by their service and quality. This company should be shut down. I want to be compensated for my damages.
  • Tom S. Jun 1, 2013
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    Tuff N Speedy moved my office / studio. They were very attentive keeping me informed about time and scheduling even though I gave a very short notice on my move. The cost was more than reasonable and I enjoyed working with Matt and Cory. Very good experience. Tom S. / Real Characters, Inc.
  • Nathalie C. Mar 15, 2013
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    Tuff N Speedy moved me back in December. The move was a disconcerting ordeal. The movers were nice young men and very cordial and on time. However, their truck was old and too small. They also seemed to need more training on how to maneuver old equipment around forested houses. The truck got stuck on the side of the house due to a tree and it took about 30-45 minutes to get it free around trees and brushes, damaging my former landlords shrubs. The back of the truck got damaged due to the maneuver and we spend another hour driving slowly to the nearest home depot to purchase chain to hold my furniture to the back of the truck. On an exterior cage was held my washer, dryer and all wood Wall unit, all exposed to the elements. The move went well over time and I was charged over $60 above the originally quoted price due to error not of my own doing. In light of all this I think the end result would have been reasonable and my final rating much higher if I had not gotten damage to my furniture and been offered a measly$50 when the TV alone cost $125 to replace. TV cable line was broken off the back of my TV, my dryer was heavily dented and I had scratches from the wire cage hold my Wall unit as well as scratches to my dining table due to insufficient furniture covers. When I contested the amount they were willing to repay and asked for an explanation as to how they came to the $50 refund figure, I was ignored and have not heard from Tammie since. POOR Customer service!!!
  • Annabelle A. Jan 8, 2013
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    The movers were really nice gentlemen, however, they arrived late, they damaged my dining room table, my leather couch, and dining room chairs. I was overcharged, the owner/manager said the arrival time was 10 am but they arrived at 10:15 am which is still billable time. Despite my detailed description of items to be moved, the truck they brought was way too small, ended up having to do two deliveries. Luckily I was only moving to a nearby neighborhood, however I was charged for their underestimation. After the second load was completed, I left ahead of the movers at the house I was moving out of to take care of one errand and said I would meet them at the house I was moving into. I arrived ahead of them and waited but they were unaccounted for by about 25-30 minutes, time for which I was billed. I was very disappointed with the overall service. i showed the leader of the moving group the damage to my leather couch but he didn't offer to make repairs although he acknowledged it was their doing. i tried talking to the owner/manager to refute costs but phone reception was bad and I couldn't hear a word she was saying. Frustrated, I ended up paying the overcharged price but will never use this service again nor do I recommend them to anyone.
  • Margarita M. Sep 23, 2012
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    T. P. Sep 25, 2012

    Please express why we received a 3 out of 5. It will better prepare us for the future. Thanks

  • Paul S. Aug 15, 2012
    Local Moving (under 50 miles)
    Verified Review
    I used Tammy and her company for my moving needs last week. Overall everything was good. The movers arrived about 1/2 hour late and there were some issues with their phones to be able to accept a credit card payment so I had to run to the bank for cash. Once that was all settled, they got to work and were very efficient and handled my belongings carefully. Understandably things do happen but all in all they performed a good service for us.