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Hauula, HI

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I focus on each couple and their uniqueness while not wishing to make any wedding a dogmatic ritual but rather a blessed by God event. After all , isn't that what every couple wants.... a blessed wedding day!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love my work and seeing people feel the blessing of love. It is an honor to minister or facilitate a Divine Love wedding or Renewal of Vows.


Hauula, HI 96717

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  • Brittany A. Jul 10, 2017
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Rev Jim was the most heart felt when it came to saying the vows and talking with us before/after our ceremony. We really felt that he wanted to make your day special no matter how small the ceremony. Thank you so much again for making our day something to remember!
    Rev James W. Jul 10, 2017

    Thank you Brittany and Stacie! I wish you every blessing !

  • Jhavine P. Jun 2, 2017
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Thank you Rev. Jim... You gave my husband and I a unforgettable wedding. He stayed in contact with us help us find a venue. He was there on time and his personality is really sweet. We appreciate you Rev and would recommend you to many. Thanks again J.W
  • Karen M. Mar 12, 2017
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Our blessed marriage
    Rev Jimbeau responded to my request shortly after I joined on to Thumbtack. I spoke to Rev Jimbeau on the phone and I immediately felt a connection. I could feel the positive energy in his voice and the holy spirts presence in our conversation. My husband and I were very blessed to have the honor of Rev Jimbeau perform our marriage!!!! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful with the presence of the holy spirt though Rev Jimbeau's words I could feel the Devine blessings. He is a very warm blessed man and anyone who would have him to marry them will feel the blessings we did. Thank you Rev Jimbeau for the honor of you marrying us.❤️❤️😇😇
  • Richard G. Jan 15, 2017
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Thank you Pastor Jim!!
    Pastor Jim went above and beyond for our situation. On our requested date an accident shut down the highway to our wedding destination. To keep our desired wedding date Pastor Jim agreed to marry us twice!! He and his crew were extremely flexible. We appreciate their professionalism and how easy they were to work with. Pastor Jim made planning a long distance wedding a piece of cake :)
  • Eva P. Jan 13, 2017
    Warm and Loving Person
    I have known Rev. Jimbeau as a friend for over two years. He is a warm, easy-going, loving and compassionate person eager to please. As a marriage celebrant, his experience is incredible – having married over 3000 couples of different beliefs and persuasions. In 2015, on a beautiful beach in Southern California, with the sun setting and the moon rising, I was privileged to be in the wedding party of dear friends who wanted to renew their wedding vows. It was a very special ceremony and a joy to witness Rev. Jimbeau’s interaction with the couple. The seriousness of being reminded of marital responsibilities alternated with lighter moments putting everyone at ease. Rev. Jimbeau’s prayer and blessing came straight from his heart and were a beautiful conclusion to the service.
  • Dennis T. Jan 10, 2017
    Simply the Best!
    Rev. Jimbeau was the most thoughtful and sincere officiant in a recent renewing of vows. And oh, what a beautiful spot that was selected on the sands of the ocean with the sun setting. Rev. Walsh was superb, professional, kind and helpful with every aspect of planning, including music suggestions. He answered everyone's questions, and he made everyone feel relaxed and part of the celebration. We couldn't say more about our experience, and we highly recommend Rev. Walsh to anyone who may be considering wedding or renewal ceremonies. He simply was the best! Thanks for the wonderful service. Dennis T., Southern California
  • Al F. Jan 10, 2017
    Couldn't of picked a better guy for the job!
    My wife and I wanted to renew our vows for our fortieth wedding anniversary and selected Rev. Jim Walsh as our guy to do the job and I think that he was the best possible choice. I liked his calm demeanor, sensitivity to what we wanted for our ceremony and his way of getting everything pulling together so that the ceremony was on time and flowed in a harmonious way. Reverend Jimbeau is a pro. He told me that he has married ( as well as remarried) thousands of couples. You can tell, just by the way he carries himself and knows what is important to us and what makes a great ceremony. We had a memorable time and his professional and easy going manor contributed tremendously to the success of our special day. Thank you Rev. Walsh for helping to make our recommitment a truly memorable time .. ....Al Fike, Canada.
  • Gemma M. Jan 10, 2017
    A wonderful man
    I met Rev Jimbeau last year at a prayer retreat in the UK and instantly fell 'in love' with him he is easily one of the most kind and compassionate people I have had the good fortune to meet over the last few years since I have discovered the beautiful and inclusive world of divine love. Funny and wonderful at storytelling he is an accomplished speaker and when he prays he prays with his heart and soul, which brings a sincerity and depth to the words that are being spoken. A marriage blessed by God is a wonderful and very spiritual thing how wonderful also to have someone perform that ceremony that lives and breaths the love of God in his everyday life ❤️
  • Arie H. Jan 10, 2017
    A man full of love!
    Last September I finally met Rev. Jimbeau in person. We had “known” each other for quite a while already through the internet, both being active in the Divine Love Movement. When my wife and I organised the first international Divine-Love retreat in Germany in Frankfurt, we were ever so happy that Rev. Jimbeau decided to make the long journey and attend our gathering. During our retreat we had many wonderful prayer-sessions and also shortly after we had a private little circle at our place. Rev. Jimbeau’s presence at such circles is a true gift. He is a wonderful, open and warm character, who always finds the right words to create an atmosphere of relaxation and joy for everyone present. And he is so good at praying! Listening to his words you can just feel the connection with God and be carried away on the flow of Divine Love. He’s just 100% sincere and authentic! When my wife and I embarked on our marriage (the second one for both of us) four years ago we sincerely considered travelling to Hawaii and have us blessed by Rev. Jimbeau. Only lack of means made us to decide otherwise. But we still have this little dream that at some point we will want our marriage to be renewed, standing barefoot on a Hawaii beach with Rev. Jimbeau blessing us! We're sure this would be an experience never to forget and to cherish in our hearts.
  • Geoff C. Jan 9, 2017
    A very special celebrant for those very special occasions
    I have interacted with Rev. Jimbeau since I first met him in Hawaii in 2001, at a spiritual retreat he had organised, as it happens on the beach. He he a totally wonderful, genuine open-minded individual with an very wide spiritual knowledge having walked many paths in his spiritual life. He is blessed with an ability to relate to his audience and put things in their language. He is non-judgemental and will have a prayer with anyone. In fact he loves nothing better than to say a prayer with someone, especially at something special like a wedding or a vow renewal. More recently I have attended several services he has delivered for folks getting married on the beach, and without exception he has been flexible, and extremely well received. On one occasion when the bride and groom could not get to the beach, because of a road accident that closed the road, he re-organised everyone (photographer, videographer and caterer) to hold the ceremony the very next day, same place same time. But because the bride and groom really wanted to be married on the day of their original choice, he did that too - marrying them in a short service in front of their lanai, and happily repeating with the full monte the next day. Two marriage services delivered without any request for additional monies. I have also attended many prayer circles he has organised, and he has a totally delightful way of leading others in prayer. There is something very special about Rev. Jimbeau.
  • Michael D. Jan 9, 2017
    perfect ceremony
    We had our wedding right on the beach on the northshore. Rev Walsh was great and we loved the ceremony. Anna & Michael
  • Jim R. Jan 8, 2017
    Great find!
    Rev. Walsh was a great find! We found him polite, professional, responsive and well prepared. Those things are expected. What we did not expect was the time he took before our wedding to know us. Doing so made our ceremony heartfelt and personal. We appreciate knowing he really cares about us and our happiness and would highly recommend him for your special day.
  • Michael B. Nov 20, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    This guy is a liar and very unprofessional. I asked him about his plans and views regarding our destination wedding MONTHS in advance. We spoke and exchanged emails many times. Then Saturday before our Monday wedding, he all of a sudden decides to pull the plug and change the core points of why we chose him in the first place. Not a misunderstanding mind you, that I could deal with. No, clear deception. I'm happy to give anyone more information, but I'm sure you can imagine the complete shock this would cause a bride. Absolutely the worst experience you could imagine and the worst thing a "professional" on Thumbtack could possibly do. You really need to ask this guy a lot of questions to be sure his views on marriage align with yours.
    Rev James W. Nov 25, 2016

    My weddings are all about love, God's Love. Michael B. is by his own account a 'very strict' fundamentalist and dogmatic Christian. He did contact me months in advance, interviewed me on the phone and after reading and approving the ceremony that I had sent to him, wanted me to make changes at the last minute that reflected his very strict religious beliefs. I politely declined to make the changes and told him that I felt I was not the right minister for his wedding. I recommended another group of ministers that conformed more to his religious beliefs. I never lied to Michael B or tried to deceive him in any way. I did not take any payment from him or perform his wedding ceremony. The truth is, he was furious that I declined to be his minister and that I did not share his very strict orthodox Christian beliefs. He wrote a review and called me everything from a charlatan to a phony and a "deceiver" (a code word for Satan or of the devil) .. and Thumbtack made him remove those very defamatory and hateful remarks. Even though I did not perform his wedding ceremony he was allowed to write a second review. Please feel free to ask my any questions about my religious and spiritual beliefs and take a look at some other reviews.

  • Ryan M. Nov 18, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Amazing service
    Rev is a true professional, from start to finish we were very impressed and I enjoyed creating a friendship throughout our wedding. The day of the event he was helpful and delivered and amazing ceremony that our friends and family were very impressed with. Thank you again Rev - Aloha
  • Robert A. Nov 14, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    The "MAN"
    Very Understanding and helpful, and overall blessing
  • Carolyn S. Sep 26, 2016
    Tale of a Wedding & More, in Paradise
    Rev. Jimbeau performed our wedding on the beach in North Shore. The wedding was magical, spiritually uplifting and everything we wanted. He specially tailored it to us - helping us with flowers, catering, getting housing, meeting us at the airport and more. He went beyond the call of duty. He was so personable, he even "saved the day." If he hadn't, the ceremony couldn't have been performed. My fiance and I were caught up in the oasis of being on the beach, caught up in the moment, enjoying the baby powder sand and purple, azure, warm water and each other, as the sun was starting to set, on a late Friday afternoon. Rev. Jimbeau came and found us. He asked again if we had gotten the license. We had forgotten the time restraints. No, we hadn't. He took us to a woman who was authorized to do it and had office nearby that she kept open because of his phone call to her. That was back in 2000. He was our go to person when we decided to do a vowel renewal ceremony in 2015. Of course it was on the beach to a spectacular sunset.
  • Michael N. Sep 26, 2016
    What an spectacular service - thank you Rev. Walsh!!!
    Rev. Walsh performed my wedding and many years later performed my wedding renewal. I highly recommend him. He is very personable and makes you feel at ease during the ceremony. He has a gentle and caring nature and does an excellent job at making everyone in the wedding party feel welcome. I am told that Rev. Walsh has performed over 3000 weddings! But you would never know it by his personable and the sincere way that he brought us, and our family and friends, together in Love. My renewal vows were on the beach, the sun was setting, and the moon was rising, and Rev. Walsh really helped to make the event spectacular. He is gifted in bringing out the best in you and making you feel special. He really helped to make a connection between me, my wife, and God. He doesn't just read out of the Bible, like other ministers which detract from the personable experience, but really speaks to you and your marriage in his own words, quoting from scripture from time to time. Rev. Walsh also has a wonderful sense of humor which helps to lighten what could be stressful time. He is really easy to talk to and accommodated several of my wife's requests with no problem. I highly recommend Rev. Walsh.
  • Michelle H. Jul 21, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    He did an amazing job, very cordial, accommodating, very attentive to our needs and request.
  • Mailan B. Jul 8, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
  • Sarah F. Jul 4, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Rev Jim was so awesome. He arrived on time and made me feel at ease because I was so nervous before our ceremony (my husband was too). The ceremony was so lovely and my family and friends loved it. I can't thank Rev Jim for being able to help me on short notice and I loved that he was affordable. You can tell he loves officiating weddings. I recommend him, you won't regret it.
  • Vione T. Jun 8, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Rev Jim was amazing! From the moment we met, it was evident that he truly cared about us and our special day. He radiated genuine love! The ceremony was fantastic and the vows were heartfelt. My husband and I will be forever grateful that Rev Jim was such a special part of our wedding. Our day was just perfect! ❤️
  • Roy S. Jun 1, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    what an incredibly connected, caring and capable person... he made our spur-of-the-moment renewal ceremony special, personal and as memorable as our wedding... and we found him just hours before... truly a special spirit!!!
  • Shyra S. Apr 26, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Jimbeau was great. His communication prior to the ceremony as well as the ceremony itself exceeded my expectations. He was incredibly patient and helpful even when my purse was stolen out of my car while we got married. Eek. Thank you for being so kind.
  • Brigitte J. Feb 16, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    My husband & I renewed our vows. Rev. Jim helped us decide on the perfect location. His blessing was beautiful & included our boys as well. Thank you to Rev. Jim for helping to make this such a memorable moment for us! Britt & Price
  • Amy B. Jan 26, 2016
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Rev James Walsh dropped everything he was doing to help us out with the last minute vow renewal for my parents. He is such a blessing! The service he delivered was amazing! I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of ministry services.
  • Grischa D. Sep 27, 2015
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    From the first email, I had already had a great feeling, and my gut instincts turned out to be true on my wedding day. Reverend Jim just has a naturally calming aura about him and he trult makes you feel so comfortable around him. His reading blew us away and touched everyone's heart, ESPECIALLY mine! He didn't just stick to the reading but he also shared a few of his own words and advice with us. That spoke volumes to me about him as a person. He's really not there for the money, he truly puts his all into his work and genuinely celebrates with you on your wedding day. I will remember every word Rev Jim said and I will forever be grateful for him. He truly made my day special! All my guests kept complimenting my choice in the officiant and upcoming newlyweds already wanted to hire him. The price he charges is truly not enough for the service he brings! So if you're looking for an officiant, believe me when I say you don't have to look any further! You won't be disappointed with Rev Jim! Thank you so much again Reverend Jim! We really appreciate you more than you'll ever know! Aloha!
  • Leiann T. Jul 21, 2015
    Wedding Officiant
    Verified Review
    Rev. Jim was just the sweetest person. We met over coffee, got to know each other and that was it. The next time we saw Rev. Jim was the day of the wedding. He was there with the groom and best man awaiting my arrival and after a stressful week and hoping that everything would go smooth, he made me feel at ease. I joined him and the groom(my husband) and what happened after was just perfect. He is a down to earth, really chill kinda Rev. full of love and makes you feel at ease on the most stressful day. Nothing but Aloha for you...Needa catch up soon over coffee again...Much mahalo for your service and much blessings to you Rev. Jim -Lei and Shane Kumura


What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
I like to find out what each couple wants for their ceremony. I always am happy to help with the ceremony , location and any special wishes my couples might have. I ask about their spiritual and/or religious beliefs so as to tailor my words to resonate with their hearts.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
I am an ordained minister who has been marrying couples for almost 20 years now.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I was already an ordained minister doing prayer services when a couple who were my friends asked me to marry them. I resisted at first but then obtained a license from the state and never looked back. It is many many wonderful weddings since that first one. I have married over 3000 couples.
What types of customers have you worked with?
Weddings and Vow Renewals .
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Experience and a real blessing is what you want! And it should be fun!
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
Ask for what you want. Tell the minister about your spiritual/religious beliefs and ask him or her what kind of minister and service they perform. Work together and trust your feelings as to the minister's sincerity and goodness.