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Introduction: Leadership Consultant I Executive Coach and Strategist I Speaker I Best Selling Author (Work + Love)- Coaching Done Through Zoom (If you need an inspiring keynote, group training, or have an event idea, please visit my website.) While I am new to Thumbtack, I am not new to helping Businesses and Leaders grow. For the last 20 years, I have worked for Starbucks and one of the largest Credit Unions in the country, at the Executive Level helping focus on any business's most important asset, their people. I have been highlighted on NBC, Medium, and Up Journey, sharing my message and Leadership principles that have been helped Leaders and Businesses achieve results that others dream about. My two main focuses are highlighted below: PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR PRICING. (Favor: Please check my pricing before reaching out because Thumbtack does charge me quite a bit when you reach out to me. FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: “Are you serious??... They are resigning? Are you kidding me? After everything we have done for them??” • If you are a Leader or Business Owner, you have probably cried out in frustration and pain in losing a great employee. • “I thought they would work for me forever?! They have been a top performer! How in the world am I going to replace them? (especially in this market).” • I had these thoughts and more when I first started out as a Leader. I really struggled not only attracting great, talented employees but also retaining the best. • Few things are harder for a Leader to go through than being short-staffed, losing your best, and not knowing how to fix the problem. • After a few years of struggle, I came to realize that there was something much deeper going on. People weren’t really leaving because of pay, benefits, working from home, better schedules, etc (those were factors for sure, but not the main reason) • The issue was Investment. • My people wanted a Leader who spent time not only getting to know them but helping them see the importance of the work they do. They wanted someone who would help them grow both at work and at home. • You see the biggest issue is that I was speaking a different language than my employees and it cost me dearly. • The same thing is happening today in thousands of Businesses. • Businesses often speak one language (pay, benefits, flexible schedules, shareholder value, etc) and employees speak another (purpose, investment, feeling valued, workplace culture, leadership integrity) when it comes to what they actually value. • It's the second language that keeps great people working somewhere or leads them to search for greener pastures. And when your best leave, they will tell you why they left in the language you can understand, but it's not the real, deep motivation. • Meaning is the new money. • Seeing this disconnect play out over and over with friends and family is one of the biggest reasons I started my own consulting company after 20 years in the corporate world and 10 years in Executive Leadership. • Once I understood my language barriers and started to lead differently, it empowered me to: :: Cut Turnover by 50% in three separate regions over the past 13 years. :: Fostering a world-class culture that drove double-digit sales growth, year after year. :: Keeping and promoting the best and brightest through investment, lead to low burnout and high engagement. As you can imagine, I’m excited to help EVEN MORE Leaders, keep their best employees, their most valuable resource. I help Leaders and Business Owners reduce their Turnover by 50% and increase their bottom line profits and help build workplace cultures that others wish they had. ONE ON ONE LEADERSHIP COACHING: Even with all the chaos in today's world, it's actually never been easier to realign with your core, to become the powerful Leader you were meant to be. • You don’t need to be perfect, have everything figured out, or follow some 2-year program. • You don’t have to “fake it till you make it” or get up at 3 am to “get everything done.” • It’s incredibly straightforward when one silences the noise. • Silencing that noise and amplifying the truth, that's the hard part…. • If you have struggled to become a powerful Leader and cut through the noise, I am here to tell you, you are not alone. • The world has not set you up for success. • There is so much bad advice, teaching, and training available today. • In fact, it's a miracle many of us are able to help others at all, let alone lead our teams and families with purpose, wisdom, and intention. • If you have a part of you that says, deep down in your gut, “There has to be more than this for me!”, relax and know that you’re absolutely right. • Together, we can take aim at the noise and tune into the frequency that matters more than any other, your heartbeat as a Leader. • As we do, we will make the process of finding your unique power louder and stronger than ever. • If you are a high-performing Leader ready to step into a new place, for you, your teams, and your family, it's time to get started. Pricing: One Hour Consult- $300 (For One on One and Business Consulting) My pricing increases after the first session based on the coaching journey you select for ongoing support. - You will get an hour of a breakthrough in your specific area of need and will walk away with three action steps you can implement right away in your Life and Business. * If I fit what you are looking for and I think I could serve you, I have an accelerated program that I can cover during our time together to help you achieve your goals even if you don't think you have time to take on one more thing and without taking a 2-year certification program to see real change happen. *

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Melissa W.
Mar 7, 2022
Working with Michael Wolsten Consulting has been a welcomed breath of fresh air. Micheal's approach focuses on internal recognition, a humanistic attitude, and seeing your team as individuals. He supportively walks you thru the process of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, along with ways to grow each of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed Michael's perspective of seeing and treating your team as individuals, identifying their needs and unique forms of communicating, and treating them as humans. His healthy dose of kindness needs to spread like wildfire in the current workplace culture. Every time I hear Michael speak, I gain knowledge and insight that I can immediately implement. His experience as a leader makes him an influential speaker, and his passion for helping others is contagious. Five stars are not enough for Michael Wolsten Consulting.
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Shawn M.
Mar 4, 2022
I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for roughly 5 years. This relationship is the reason I changed my entire approach to management. I first began in leadership with a heavy focus on numbers and growth. It wasn’t until I began mentorship by Michael that I discovered a better way. He helped me build better relationships with my employees which empowered me to lead with my heart. Not only did I find lasting purpose but I helped my employees find their own unique value and ownership in accomplishing our goals as a team. Now when difficult conversations arise I find that they are extremely effective because I have been able to build a foundation of love and trust with my teams. The outcome has been tremendous and I have had top performing teams wherever I go for the last 4 years in a row with my company. There are piles of self-help business books, seminars, and speakers in our world today and honestly I have read and heard many of them. What sets Michael apart is his genuine heart which is rare to find. I would highly recommend Michael’s approach in leadership to anyone seeking an improvement in workplace culture, team member satisfaction, and better bottom line results.
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Darin H.
Mar 8, 2022
Consistent and focused one on one coaching with my team was something I struggled with before working with Michael. In working with Michael I have been able to make this both more consistent and also more effective. I am able to coach to specific objectives with each team member while allowing them to lead these coaching sessions. Their ownership of this coaching enables and empowers them to drive their own success and development.   My personal leadership style and philosophy has always been to teach and guide the team toward desired behaviors but in working with Michael this has evolved to empowering the team to individually define some of those desired behaviors. Each team member has specific goals that they have set for themselves, separate from those that the company has set. Their progress in these goals is celebrated along the way.   Through the last 8 years since starting to work with Michael, my team culture scores have risen to above the company average. My location has produced multiple top performers who have been promoted into higher level positions with the company. The location itself has achieved multiple top tier awards and it has grown faster and larger than the company projected. Customer satisfaction scores have consistently risen as the happiness and contentment of the team members has risen.   On the spot coaching was a struggle for me since I wanted everyone to like me and didn’t want to ruffle feathers. Since working with Michael I am better able to see and understand that immediate coaching, especially when improvement is needed, is most beneficial to the team member and their long term growth/development. The fear of offending someone is gone because I am better able to communicate with love and concern, rather than just focusing on a bad behavior.   I would recommend Michael’s speaking and leadership message to any manager who is struggling to connect with their teams, suffering from a weak culture, having trouble finding ways to motivate their teams (or themselves), or simply looking to improve their bottom line.   Michael has the ability to quickly understand a workplace culture and identify the areas that can be improved upon. He knows that love is a word used too little in most company cultures but that the power of that can change companies. Michael individualizes his approach to each manager/leader that he works with and truly cares about seeing them succeed.
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Jack R.
Mar 3, 2022
Michael has a good grasp for the needs of employees and the responsibility managers have to Inspire, Train and Transition them to their fullest potential.
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Steve W.
Mar 3, 2022
Michael has been such a blessing to work with! I’m so grateful for all of his wisdom and insight. My faith, family, and career I’ve never been more aligned!
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