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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Hiring an Outdoor Pest Pro
  1. 1. Make contact

    Explain your situation and see which approach each extermination company would take in fixing your infestation. See if any of the companies have dealt with a similar situation in the past.

  2. 2. Verify licensing

    Make sure the company you are going to hire has a license. Pest control companies and exterminators working independently must operate with a state-issued license.

  3. 3. Stay healthy

    Make sure you are fully aware of the chemical makeup of the pesticide, as well as any potentially harmful side effects its application may have on children or pets.

  4. 4. Check insurance

    Before hiring a company, make sure to ask for an up-to-date copy of its insurance policy. You want to be sure you will be covered if unexpected damages occur.

  5. 5. Read thoroughly

    Carefully review your contract with the exterminator before signing anything. Ask for a copy of your contract so you can keep it for your records.

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