Your guide to packing and unpacking services

We've helped 11,081 customers pack and unpack their belongings in the past year.

Planning checklist

Prepare for success by getting started now.
1 week before: Hire your packing professional
  • Hire a packing professional
  • Communicate any unique needs you have (e.g., preference for type of packing supplies)
  • Set aside valuables or special items that you don't want packed for you (e.g., jewelry, photos, IDs)
The day of your packing project
  • Greet your packing professional and show them the items you need packed
  • Provide any special directions (e.g., how you want boxes labeled, how you want fragile items wrapped)
  • Pay your packing professional for a job well done

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Tips for success

Discover tips from our pros, helpful articles, and insider information.
Top 5 Packing Mistakes to Avoid
  1. 1. Don't load up big boxes with heavy items

    Big heavy boxes are more likely to break and cause back strain.

  2. 2. Don't pack key essentials

    Put your essentials in a duffel bag, which you can easily access upon arrival at your new home.

  3. 3. Don't pack items you'll never use again

    If you see something you’re unlikely to use or wear again, then donate it or sell it at a garage sale.

  4. 4. Don't wrap your items in newspaper

    Use bubble wrap or plain brown packing paper. Bubble wrap is especially useful for keeping glass and china safely protected.

  5. 5. Don't pack your valuables with everything else

    It’s better to keep your valuables (including photos, jewelry, documents) separate from the rest of your items - either in a small box or folder.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Use different size boxes

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Fill each box to the brim

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Develop a logical labeling system

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Give your pro an inventory list

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Ask about special packing crates

Top 3 Reasons You Need Professional Packing Services
  1. 1. Professional packers will expedite your move

    Professional packers know how to pack items in the safest and most efficient way possible.

  2. 2. Professional packers will protect your items

    Professional packers have an arsenal of packing materials to protect different types of items - from crystal to driftwood.

  3. 3. Professional packers will reduce your stress level

    Having someone else handle the packing will allow you to focus on other logistics surrounding the move.

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