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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Stump Removal Pro
  1. 1. Be realistic

    Grinding machines pack tremendous power, and in the hands of the inexperienced, accidents can easily happen. Leave the task of grinding down tree stumps to a pro.

  2. 2. Shortlist companies

    Ask questions about the type of services they provide, their safety measures to protect the surrounding property, whether they have insurance, and if they clean up wood chips and debris.

  3. 3. Visit a site

    If possible, try to visit properties where your prospective removal company has performed work. Assess the quality of the job and how the yard is faring after completion.

  4. 4. Make your choice

    Choose a licensed, insured grinding company whose workers you feel comfortable with. Draw up a contract that outlines pricing and payment plans.

  5. 5. Make an appointment

    Once you have hired a tree stump removal pro, schedule the project. Consider the noise that the removal generates when choosing the time of day. Inform your neighbors beforehand.

  6. 6. Prep your yard

    Depending on where the trees or stumps are located, your grinder may have trouble getting to them. If possible, clear the area around the stumps for easier access for your pro.

  7. 7. Fill the hole

    This job can leave large, unsightly holes in your property. Have your professional fill these holes to keep your yard safer for kids and pets to play on.

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