Best Massage! Effective Therapy! Instant Healing!

Best Massage! Effective Therapy! Instant Healing!

Louisville, KY

24 years in service

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Licensed in KY – Validate
Massage Therapist – KY-0850

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About Best Massage! Effective Therapy! Instant Healing!

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Dear future client and friend!

You and all the people you know, love and care for, at any age and any conditions, are welcomed to discover the BEST QUALITY Prevention, Natural Health Care and Instant Natural Healing. The extraordinary, highly sensitive and highly effective care, which is on bioenergy level, is extremely attuned to you, your entire body-mind-energy-spirit's condition and its immediate needs. The all-in-one, from the head to the toes (recommended), genuine and top-notch care will naturally eliminate yours "small and big problems", ailments, imbalances & abnormalities, stress, tension & pain, its triggers & causes, and the bad memories your body and mind collected at time. The better solution which helps you to relax, maintain your Optimum Health and wellness, to feel amazing & new, healthy & happy, flexible & strong, youthful & energized - each and every time you need!
In 24 years my practice, I take care and satisfy more than 20,000 people! They all are different, the wide diversity of ages, health, physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

I am strongly against malpractice! I do just best for my clients interests and have zero complains. I have great credentials which supported by massage therapist license: 0850-KY. I have compete and been nominated "Best in the Profession"; I been nominated twice for the "Torch Awards for the Market Place Ethics" by the consumers and the Better Business Bureau. My commitment is to provide the highest quality individualized care for all my patients and clients, and, I want to do the same for you!

I will carefully listen to your concerns and share health secrets I discovered. Next, I will find and eliminate tensions, stress, triggers and the cause of your pain, decompress your joints, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and move out toxins and bad fats. I will relax and balance your body and mind, and make you feel youthful and energized. Lifelong I will be on your side, and help live naturally healthy and happy - pain and stress free! Here is your unique chance give a greatest gift of health and happiness to your love ones and good friends.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact me right away.

I am looking forward see you soon and take best care of you.

Additional information:

*Who am I

I am Dmitriy Greenberg - widely and highly educated in Ukraine, where I am originally from, and USA, Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, and passionate Master-Expert and Champion in Natural Healing.
Since childhood, I love discovering new things. I have wide education, many talents and skills, many hobbies and professions, knowledge and expertise in many different fields. My experience of physical and emotional pain, the unique ability to sense pain and stress in others, and willingness to help has turned my life into researching that unique phenomenon and to learning and practicing Natural Health Care and Instant Natural Healing.
Since 1991, after my graduation from the Ukrainian School of Folk Medicine, I practices Massage Therapy, Immediate and Chronic Pain and Stress Instant Relief, and Wholistic Natural Healing. I am passionate researcher, inventor and designer, life-learner and educator. Always and everywhere, I am promoting Healthy Lifestyle, multi-beneficial and advanced preventative and restorative Natural Health Care and Instant Natural Healing.
As a passionate Master and Expert of Natural Healing, I practices safe and non-invasive, an advanced and highly beneficial to you - natural and better health care that is alternative to expensive conventional medicine, their dangerous and unnecessary surgeries and scary needles, examination, and poisoning drugs with many side effects .
In my practice, I institutionally combine perception of extrasensory and bio-energetics, psychology and reflexology, neurology and shiatsu, trigger points and myofascial release, joints decompression and stabilization, massage and manual therapy, body-mind re-education, and many other modalities and approaches - all at same time! Many unique techniques and effective treatments I have invented during my practice. All that gives to me an advantage to quickly identify and eliminate your body-mind abnormalities and bad memories, tension, stress and cause of pain, and, help you to relax, restore healthy functions and improve your condition shortly.

* Individualized Care you need:

Best Quality Massage, Effective and Enjoyable Therapy, Pain and Stress Instant Relief, Totally Natural Healing; Relaxing Massage and Treatments; Sport Massage and restorative treatments before-, between- and after exercises and competition - accordingly to the type of sport you in and your body immediate needs; Highly Sensitive and Highly Effective Medical Massage; Trigger Points and Myofascial Release - non-invasive, surgeries alternative care; Immediate and Chronic Pain Relief; Joints Decompression and Stabilization, Alignment and Ligament Restoration; Balance Energy, Body-Mind Reeducation and Natural Healing; Pregnancy Care and Post-pregnancy Restoration; Toddlers and Children Care; Hot/Cold Stones and Water Treatments; Air Pressure and Vacuum Treatments; Aroma Therapy; Music and Sound Therapy; Weight Lost and Body Shaping; Fitness and Health Improving Exercises that will fits your individual needs.

* Your Benefits

You don't need Health Insurance at my office! Your dollar, invested in your health, will give you greatest benefits - that any health insurance couldn't!
I will naturally and instantly relieve your tensions, stress and the cause of pain; move out toxins and bad fats. All at once - I will relax and balance your body and mind, and give you Peace, Enjoyment, Harmony, Health, Strength, Energy.
The highest quality, wise and generous care will help you live longer and Naturally Healthy - PAIN and STRESS free!
You will save yourself and your health, your time and money from many unnecessary doctors visits, expensive and dangerous examinations and procedures, surgeries and poisoning medical drugs!

*The Fees

Here is your unique chance have Best Quality, Genuine and Enjoyable Natural Health Care, Advanced Prevention and Instant Healing.
Here is your best choice make direct investment in Your Better Health and in Your Better Now and Future!

The fee for the highest quality and non-medical care, Best Massage and other non-medical treatments are $2/min.
Time you could choose: from 10 minutes trough 2 hours.

The fee for Natural Health Care: eliminate Stiffness of Muscles; Pain-Stress Instant Relief; Trigger Points Release and Instant Natural Healing are $100-$400 - according your conditions and time of treatment. The treatment would be a last-long as 10/15/20/30/40 minutes long - as usually in most conditions.

Time and fee for Medical Massage, Reflexology, Quick Restorative and other Effective Health Improving Treatments are individualized and based on your immediate condition, types of injury, surgery, and, how you and your body respond on effective care.

BEST EXPERIENCE and BEST RESULT at shorter time guarantee.

Your session time and the money you willing to spend would be in your controls!

* Health Conditions I take care :

Stress; Fatigue; Depression; Anxiety; Autism; Headaches; Migraine; Sinus; Throat Problem; Allergy; Asthma; Bad Posture; Scoliosis; Tight Muscles; Poor Circulation; Inflammation; Degeneration; Arthritis; Fibromyalgia; Diabetes; Immediate & Chronic Pain; Myofascial Syndrome; Trigger Points; Joints Pain; TMJ; Carpal Tunnel; Neck Pain; Back Pain; Abnormal Blood Pressure; Heart Discomfort; Nerves & Functional Disorders; Muscular Dystrophy; Memory Lost; Parkinson & Alzheimer Diseases; Muscles Tingling; Muscles Numbness; Muscles Stiffness; Stroke; Paralysis; Past Injury; Past Car Accident; Past Surgery; Cancer; and many other conditions Advanced Prevention and Totally Natural Healing.

My previous clients' letters and testimonials with their first-time experience is a good example what you could expect!
8) Letters & Testimonials of my patients and clients
I have suffered from traumatic muscle spasms in my lower back-neck. Two lumbar vertebrates 4th and 3-d, I was pushed into a hard painted hinged that injured my back. For 37 yrs I suffered chronic pain! Today, Dmitriy worked on my lower back for 1 ONE MINUTE. He could track the Myofascial lesion. I felt increased circulation and relief of painful spasm. Dmitriy has a 6th sense to recognize pain and to heal. I was impressed.
Jeffrey Kriegel, 11 / 30 / 09
Orthopedic Surgeon, Martial Arts Instructor, New York City
While visiting Louisville for a psychiatric conference, I had the good fortune to have therapy with Dmitriy. I have been in treatments for over 10 years for a thoracic spine injury and more recently for autoimmune arthritic. I have used chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and conventional medicine as well as healing touch, and guided imaging.
I can honestly say that this healing therapies provided by Dmitriy are great unique in that the relaxation experience, release of pain and tension resulting in an experience where the body feels remarkably different after therapy. This evaluates a feeling of breathing more deeply and less rapidly.
In sum, this experience is for beyond simple relief of pain, and it transcends other experiences I have had. Thank You.
Sincerely yours (sign)
Don Alexander, Doctor of Psychiatry from Texas. April 12, 2008
After 30 years of Chiropractic work, I now am sure that this new method has done more for me in just 20 minutes then all my past adjustments.
Bob Ealister. Healing show at Hikes Ln. Church. Summer 2003
P.S.(DG) His wife was persisted for the treatment he denied.
The fragment from the The Highlander's article "BEST MASSAGE" - written by Anne Delantre, formerly ballerina from the New York City.
July 2007, Louisville, KY, USA
As a former dancer, I have always appreciated a good massage. I've had a wide range of massage experiences as from a well known massage therapist in New York City who worked on professional ballerinas, to a fellow modern dance friends. I have had the luxury day spas experience as well.
None compare in quality or uniqueness of experience to the massage I had by Dmitriy Greenberg, of Russian descent, and trained in massage therapy in the Ukraine. Greenberg operates Best Massages and Effective Therapies on the East Broadway, that is 1.5 blocks from Baxter avenue. (Louisville, Kentucky).
Stepping into Greenberg apartment is what I imagine stepping into a massage therapist's apartment in the Ukraine might be like...
...The variation in his touch were unlike anything I have felt before subtle changes from hard to light within every stroke, as if he were finding the tension and sort of flicking it off. His hands literally felt as if they were dancing on my back, constantly changing in tempo and dynamic range.
The most amazing part was the work he did on my arms & hands, which unknown to him are my problem areas. He must have spend 15 minutes on my left thumb joint, which has been hurting since I injured it a year ago but I had not mentioned this. He felt or sensed a problem there, I guess. I am still blown away that he found that spot and worked on it so effectively. I am a big skeptic when it comes to people claiming they do thing like that, probably because my dad is a medical doctor. But my joint no longer hurts at all.
Next, he moved on to my legs and feet. All my limbs were rubbed, gently shaken, and struck with gentle (but not too gentle) striking gestures. We had not spoken the whole time. I had been transported to another level. I did not want to move and felt that great, glazed-over feeling that results from really good massage.
After I got and dressed, Greenberg offered a piece of Ukrainian waffle cake he had made, with strawberries on top and was delicious.
No more luxury day spas for me. I prefer sensitive massage...
D.G. Alan Miller, 65 years young Teacher from Texas, Athlete Swimmer, 2007 Senior Olympics Games' Champion, was come to Louisville to compete in 2007 Senior Olympic Games. During her training, she got an injury. The Hilton Hotel's Concierge, where she was accommodated, called me, and, she had comes over. After her Pain Instant Relief treatment and two hours of Total Relaxation, she have written:
I am a champion swimmer from Texas. Louisville is the site for the 2007 Senior Olympics. 6 events in the next 3 days will be exciting & challenging. I trust the fabulous massage and stretching treatments from Dmitriy will allow my shoulder (which was seriously injured yesterday) to function at its best. I am also trusting my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, who led me to Dmitriy, to make me strong & help me swim. In my weakness He will be my strength and my Victor.
Dmitriy, Thank you for helping me in such a time of need.
Sincerely, Jan Miller - Senior Olympic athlete swimmer.
After, when Jan Miller got home, she send me an E-mail, Thanks Letter and Card, and article from her local newspaper:
My sincere thanks for all your help last weekend! Your 2-hour
healing therapy & massage was exactly what my extremely knotted up shoulder joint and muscles needed. Your massage made such an important difference! To receive four gold medals, a silver and a bronze was very humbling. I was so grateful to God and you. I truly believe God arranged for me to meet you. My thanks too for the downtown Hilton Hotel valet finding your number and calling to make an appointment.
Before seeing you, I did not sleep much because of the constant pain. Nor could I raise my right arm without tremendous pain. The range of motion of my right arm was extremely limited. To come all the way from Texas to compete in the 2007 Senior Olympics Games and realize I was temporarily crippled was a real challenge and a definite concern.
The results of your healing massage was amazing!
I swam my fastest times in the past 4 and 5 years. My hopes of medals came true. Plus, I took over 17 seconds off senior game records in five events. So, a one second place and a one third place were not a disappointment at all. The competition was very good.
Again, my sincere thanks for helping my shoulder to heal so quickly.
My name is Jason Bittner and I am a Professional drummer who plays in the band Shadows Fall. I have been all around the world and have gotten massage / body treatments from Russia to Australia, to Japan and beyond. My session today with Dmitriy was unlike any other treatments I've experienced. He was attentive, thorough, addressed all my needs and "fixed my body." I feel energized and exited to play my show this evening, and will return to see him anytime I'm in Louisville.
Jason Bittner. 6/2/12
"ONLY A FRACTION OF SECOND but that is all it took..."
About 2 and a half months ago I had bowling league on a Monday night. I apparently got to into it and ended up pulling a muscle in my left gluten. I was so sore, I couldn't walk or even go up and down stairs without a substantial amount of pain.
Dmitriy had asked me what was wrong and I told him of my pulling a muscle in my left gluten. At this time, I had at least three of my employees around me listening to the conversation. He then asked me to come to him. So, I did as he asked. He then told me to put my head down. So, again, I did what was asked of me. He then touched me on three different spots on the back of my neck. Keep in mind that his hands were on me for ONLY A FRACTION OF SECOND but that is all it took. I felt a calming tingling sensation race down the back of my neck and it kept trailing down my back. He then told me to walk around from behind the counter. I did so and could not believe that I was feeling no pain whatsoever. I could run up and down the stairs and walk the front line with no pain.
Dmitriy is an amazing healer. I would highly recommend that you take any business with your body to this man. He is truly gifted. I would also like for you to keep in mind that this was done in front of several of my employees and Dmitriy is no sham. He is the real deal. I will definitely keep his number handy. I also have a couple of my employees that witnessed this encounter sign this sheet as well to verify they witnessed our little display of healing.
Very Sincerely,
David G. Tingle Jr., Louisville, Value Market
Manager at Mid-city Mall
I can tell: Dmitriy is enjoys what he does. My own experience was absolutely relaxing. I felt my body completely relax.
When he finished, my senses where fine tuned and stimulated. I knew that once he finished, I would return again & again for a regular session. In fact, I honestly would like to become a student of his because he know exactly would to do get the nervous system re-aligned. He is extremely passionate about his work. I am truly inspired by his conviction too my people genuinely healthy & happy.
Don Withers, Medical billing, 11/28/08, Louisville, KY
Dmitriy is Wonderful! Can really help with painful spots and really know his stuff! That pain in shoulder and neck was killed me!
Dmitriy really helped relieve pain.
Nancy Newman, Louisville, Kentucky
Body totally relaxed. Feels so good. Will see him very soon. Does great healing work.
Tim Lee, Courier Journal, Louisville, KY.
Dmitriy has Healing Hands with Knowledge.
Hester Rainmaker, Elementary Teacher, 9-8-02, Louisville, KY
I am 28 years old and have been to other massage therapists before. This guy is definitely a legitimate therapist. He used techniques that are taught by schools. I was more than happy!!!
John Gilliland, Louisville, KY.
Dmitriy - This guy is just downright awesome!
I come in to Dmitriy and was cured! He is truly Kind Soul, and I was happy to have found him for a massage therapist.
Collin McLean, VA
Thanks Dmitriy for excellent massage. Left hand feels like new - all muscles in the body are relaxed. Highly recommend Dmitriy's services to all. He is true healer.
Anna Alexandrova (Bloomington, IN)
At Louisville Contra Dance, Saturday 1-21-06
At first, I didn't believe him, just another way to get my husband's money. But once he got started my mind took a trip back to Cancun, Mexico. He's Blessed with the hands. He's wonderful.
Martina H., At Healing Show, 12-01-02, Kentucky
Dmitriy -
Thank You For restoring
My Faith In My Own
Power Over My Pain.
You Have Taught Me A
Lesson That Will Stay
With Me The Rest Of My Life.
Marlys Kunka, Clay's Artist from Texas
St. James Arts Festival 2008, Louisville, KY
She wrote and signed her gift of Clay's Art
Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Slipped Disk, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel
I have had:
Diabetes 3 years
Fibromyalgia 3 years
4-th + 5-th slipped disk in my back 8 years
Arthritis in my neck + hands + feet 6 years
Carpal tunnels syndrome in my hands
I have gone to several doctors for ten years are now.
I currently take 8 to 10 needles a day and still do not feel much better.
After my massage I felt like a new person! Feet completely relaxed, for the first time my neck did not crack or hurt. All my stiffness was gone. After many years of pain it was gone. Like magic! Thank you!
Janice Gregg
P.S. I make Crafts Derby Hats to help me relax. I enjoy doing this.
Phone: 502-xxx- xxxx. April 28, 2006
Fibromyalgia, COPD, IBS, GERD, Seizures, PTSD, Narcolepsy, Arthritis, Anxiety Disorder, Sciatica Nerve.
Before: Fibromyalgia, COPD, IBS, GERD, Seizures, PTSD, Narcolepsy, Arthritis, Anxiety Disorder, Sciatica Nerve.
I have suffering from those things for over 10 years. Been to Dr after Dr, and offered nothing but drugs & even had to get help to get off some of them. Continued to get worse until I walked by and figured I've got to try anything at this point. 21 medical doctors can't do anything obviously. Another 30 or 40 years like this? God? Please, tell me no?!
After 40 minutes: There are no words in our English language to express the amazing difference - my pain is GONE! Pain I have feel for more than 10 years gone after 40 min!! Believe or not, but if you don't try it - you're missing a miracle. Also, after a mugging in a bad part of town more than 3 months ago, I had been knocked unconscious and left with a large knot in the back of my neck. Yep, it's Gone too! Stay tuned: I plan on writing about my long term blessing too!
Therese Shepherd, 41 y.o, Louisville, KY, 3/21/13
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Headaches, Migraines, Pain
I have had migraine for over 10 years and nothing never work! But after 1 session with Dmitriy I feel relax, youthful and rested. It was a great experience! It relieves pressure on my head and back. I hope to do more Business with Dmitriy!!!
My Husband Marvin, owner of Heavenly Cut Barber Shop made all of this possible. I thought I would never experience a massage until now. Thank Marvin for introducing me to Dmitriy! Thank.
Rachel Hayes
Felt tight, small headache, some tension in neck.
After I felt loose, no tension, no ache.
Curtis L. Ruidson
This is the first time in a long time that I have been without neck pain and headache. I have been declaring for years w/migraines headaches, and this is better than taking any prescription or shots. Thank you very much.
Shaun L Riddle. 9-13-2003, New Albany, Bluegrass Fest
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Patients after Surgeries
Dmitriy is Amazing!
* I had surgery on my shoulder 9-nine years ago; since then I have had sever pain and I was limited to motion. After only minutes, Dmitriy made my arm feel amazing! There is no more pain & I can move it a lot more now.
* Another amazing fix was my hands! I am always working with my hands and I never realized how tense they were. Dmitriy made them feel light as a feather & my joints feel so good.
* Also I have had back pain almost all my life. Dmitriy took it all away! Thanks Dmitriy!
Maggie Rondon, medical worker. Fort Knox, KY. 2/14/09
1-20-03. (First time) My back was stiff and tight, and sore. After the massage I feel wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Thanks from Denise to Dmitriy.
May 2003. (The second time, she was coming to my Natural Healing booth @ 7th street Flea Market in Louisville)
My name is Denise Bailey. I had back surgery in 2001 and four rods put in my back. Before surgery, I could not stand up straight. After surgery, I was better for a while.
I am now starting to have problems again in my low back and upper back.
When Dmitriy gave me my first massage, I was pain free. I felt wonderful. He has save me from having another back surgery.
I recommend that all people who have any kind of pain come and get help from him. He has a gift send from God to help people and to relieve our pain.
"Thanks Dmitriy you are great"! I will continue to get all of my massages from you. Thanks Again!
Denise Bailey, receptionist at HOPE
Highly Beneficial Therapeutic Care during Pregnancy
Today I received a chair massage. I'm 15 wks pregnant and have had back problem. When I first set down in his chair, I was in pain. But after wards I'm like new all over again. He has hilling hands. Thanks a lot.
This is the first time for massage. I was just taken away with it. It was a feeling of a lifetime; just in 30 mins he took me around the world. He worked my feet, legs, back, arms, neck, and also my head.
It was a wonderful experience.
Irine, 15 wks pregnant.
(Dm. G.) P.S.: Her boyfriend previously receives my massage at barbershop. He gives her a Gift of Dmitriy's Healing.
I am 25 weeks pregnant and am a hairdresser.
I have a lot of lower back and shoulders pain. I had a massage and felt great. It worked out the pain in my back & shoulders and felt revitalized. Thanks!
Melissa (Gary Brewers ness), 2003
I am 6 months pregnant. My Back often hurts. Dmitriy's massage made me feel great. Afterward I felt relaxed & mellow. Thank you.
Natasha, 4-27-06
I was real tight and 7 months pregnant, and now feel looser and relaxed. Thanks.
Erica Sauer, Housewife
I'm a bricklayer and I was real tight in my shoulders before, and now I feel loose and relaxed.
Alan Sheckles, (husband), Louisville, Ky.
My back hurt, legs hurt. But now I feel allot better. Thank you, & God Bless you.
Bridget Jacks, Housewife, pregnant, 4 children.
My leg hurt, my back hurt. Now feel like new. Thanks! God Bless.
Daniel Smith, Husband; Louisville Installation
Enjoyable Massage with Effective Therapy for Infants and Children
When he started massaging me, I already felt better. He pressured my back and it, which I really needs, and my favorite part was when he massaged my head. ctr. He got rid of my tic. Thank you!
Christian, Age 8, ( At Beauty Salon)
Weston Williams, 12 years, brother.
I felt really tense, and I had a real bad headache.
I felt like I couldn't even getup to go somewhere.
I just felt like sitting around doing nothing.
But, after Dmitriy gave me a massage, I am totally relaxed. I didn't fill tense any more. I fill great like could go anywhere.
My experience with massage therapy: I liked it a lot. I felt so relieved. It is my first massage therapy.
Amanda Williams, 10 years, sister.
I felt O.R. But after the massage I felt even Better.
I also had a litter headache, but after the massage I felt much better. I feel great now!
P.S. I was going to get a massage, but after my Brother got one & felt Better, so I tried it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Isaiah Lison. I've been stressed out for 10 years. But I went to Dmitriy and I feel different, but I can't explain it.
Isaiah Lison, 13 years old - brother
At Rockford Ln Church
At first, I felt tense. When I got done, I felt really good. He is a nice person.
India Webster - Age 12, sister
Church Anniversary, 2004, Rockford Ln.
P. S.: (Dm. G.) Their mom was unconscious after her Brain Surgery. I help her return to life when her friends brought her to Church.
Shanika Fuce, Age 11
My Back and my Neck have been hurting. And I have not gotten a lot of sleep on school days.
I felt energy flow going through my body. It felt much better after Dmitriy was gave me therapy. Also I felt flexible after he gave me that wonderful massage. I very much thank him for helping my Back and Neck. When you experience it, you will feel like you were Born again.
Thank you, Dmitriy.
I am Tarytha. I am 6 years old. I have a massage by Dmitriy. It is first my massage. I like it. it is feel good! You will feel good to.
Thank you. Winter 2005
Feel Pain Before. After, relax and pain Free. I like it, in a couple seconds the pain was released.
Dmitriy is the man for the Healing. Try it.
Thank you, Dmitriy.
Terry, 13 yrs, at Healing Show
That was the first time of doing a massage. I feel good now. My Back was hearting and you gave me a massage and made me feel good. God Bless you.
Sakia Whaley, Age 12/24/03
at her birthday, at BJ's Beauty Salon
Before Dmitriy gave me that massage, I had felt pretty bad in my back. But after my massage, I felt a whole lot better! Thank you Dmitriy!
Leighann Townsend, Age11
After my father, I tried my first massage therapy and it felt really good. Before, I was tight and stiff. Now I'm loose.
Heva, 14 years
Joseph Coleman, Age 12. I felt sooo good. It is kind of hard to explain, it is just good soothing his hands were good with finding every position in which I felt or had pain.
(At Church) Louisville, KY
Thank you for the massage. It is feel good.
-Morgan Hurrigan, 6 years old girl

The massage was great. I never felt anything like that before. At first, I was a bit tense, but afterwards I was loose and muscles were loosened. My first experience with Dmitriy is great!
-Taylor Tinsky, Age 14

You are welcome to see my full collection of Letters and Testimonials of my patients and clients, pictures and articles in news about my unique healing work.

P.S. My pricing is reasonable and I can create a custom package to accommodate your budget. Please, ask me for a 20% of appreciation discount for new clients and for a purchase of Gift Certificates. All that would be a great gift of Care, Love, Health and Happiness to you and people your care for.

I am wishing you the all the BEST and looking forward to give you the BEST CARE accordingly your conditions and needs!


1157 East Broadway, Suite 2
Louisville, KY 40204

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  • 5/5 stars

    This treatment was much better than anything I experienced with a massage therapist in the past. I wish I called and met him sooner! I have been to him 4 times already, my friends enjoy going to him as well!

    Dmitriy G. from Best Massage! Effective Therapy! Instant Healing! replied to this review on February 9, 2015:

    Mary! Thank you for good words! It is pleasure help you at time you need! I am wishing to you and yours all just BEST! Sincerely, Dmitriy G.

  • 5/5 stars

    I came to Dmitriy for the first time on October 2011 with a pain on my left shoulder due to a sport injury. The pain had been bothering me for a few months and was getting worse. A couple of physicians had suggested a surgery as the solution. But I still kept looking for a natural one. From the first time I was impressed by Dmitriy's passion for his profession, and in the first few minutes with him I notice his sensibility for the pain in others, his charismatic and friendly personality, and his devotion to teach others natural ways to live a happy and healthy live. While I listened to a relaxing music, sitting in the massage chair, he worked on different areas of my body. It was an amazing experience. He had a unique sensitivity and ability to find out the solution and eliminate my pain. When he finished, the pain had almost completely disappeared. A week later I was totally healed. After that experience I became a believer in natural healing. Dmitriy has a genuine intention to help others. His extensive knowledge and unique talent make him a natural. He is an amazing healer. We became good friends. I have used his services many times since, and each time it has been a great experience and he has been 100% effective.

  • 4/5 stars Massage Therapy Verified Review

    Very relaxing.

Question and answer

Q. What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

A. Every 2 years, as a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) I am responsible to have 24 hours of Continuing Education.
I love to learn at any way & any thing!
Always, I am learning if I not asleep!
My wide knowlege make me see what others can't!
My skills help fix what others can't!
All that makes me confident & help reach Heights in Natural Healing!
I am not a "Massuer" - I am Master & Champion of Natural Healing - I am able make MIRACLE!
I invite every one, all conditions, to experience THE BEST - to FEEL NEW TODAY!

Q. Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

A. I am working by my self. I am business owner & service provider. I just offer Best Quality Massages, Effective Therapies & Immediate Natural Healing. However, my prices is low: just 1% from the total price of traditional "HEALTH CARE" or surgery - because, I willing help more people from most conditions FEEL NEW TODAY!
I have a talent, and, I willing help every one: human & animals, all ages, all conditions & with most their needs.
I have a Price List where any one will found service they may need for the price they could afford.
Service time is wary: from few seconds to few hours.
Keep in mind: I am Master & Champion of Natural Healing. I am able make "miracle" in fracture of second!
I am people oriented, Generous Man. I willing give my clients THEIR BEST & make them FEEL NEW TODAY.
However, I am not a slave & not like "gready people" who looking for the BEST for bargen price. "Gready man pay twice!" - this wisdom I learn in Ukraine where I from.
I guarantee: If you are looking for the BEST CARE you are extremely need and willing pay the resonable price that service cost - I will make you FEEL NEW TODAY, and, life long, I will keep you inthe GOOD SHAPE with FEEL YOUTHFUL & ENERGETIC, HAPPY & HEALTHY! All that will help you save a lot on "doctors bills" & on "pescription drugs".

Q. How did you get started doing this type of work?

A. Since childhood, I love discovering & learning new things. I love creative art & love fix any thing or make it better.
I had many hobbies & mechanical professions. My wide knowlege & humanity, my experience of pain & high sensitivity to pain in others has turned my life to research that phenomena, learning & provide BETTER HEALTH CARE & HIGH QUALITY - AMAZING NATURAL HEALING!

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. I am a multi talented man. I have many hobbies & mechanical professions. I am machinery designer & precise tool maker. I know electrical & mechanical principles, refrigeration & plumbing, etc. My love to research & find "secrets", wide knowlege & persistancy has mastered my ability to make any thing simply. I am a passionate Naturalistic Healer - practitioner & educator. I love to fix or cure any thing! My passions is my professions with any merges.

Q. Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

A. I am Master & Champion of Naturalistic Healing!
I have an Unique Ability & I use it to help other.
Every day, I see & help people to RELAX, eliminate their stress & pain, & help them FEEL NEW TODAY - FEEL YOUTHFUL & ENERGETIC, STRONG & NATURALLY HEALTHY!
Many my clients & I have had bad experience when going to the traditional doctors & chiropractors for the Professional Care.
Therefore, I am proud when I saved my clients from having surgeries or from cracking bones 2-3 times every weeks "for free". I am proud to show every one my amazing collection of patients & clients Letters & Testimonials. It is a life picture with many histories; it is like my children I care.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Find the BEST is very hard!
However, if you read that - you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Be SMART!!! Be PERSISTANT! Be GOOD!!!
If you able to afford BEST - looking for the BEST!
1(one) BEST you experience, love it & pay for is better than many "good" you don't know, better than "miracle in the hidden box" or "poison for free"!
1(one) BEST THERAPIST-NATURALISTIC HEALER you love will save you from many "other healers", from many "good" doctors & chiropractors you was trust and are tired about, from their many appointments, examinations & medical bills!
1(one) BEST THERAPIST will make you FEEL NEW TODAY & will save you from many "great surgeries" & from artificial body parts, from many drugs & pain pills, from other "miraculous pills with side effects"!
1(one) BEST THERAPIST will help save a lot of $$$, so you could spend it for yourself - for your HEALTH!

Love your self! Be wise & widely educated! Learn more - so you could trust your self!
Don't be "hipnotized" by "great advertizing" with few "good words"! Confident provider will answer all your questions & make you simply understand it all. Best Therapist as a Passionate Healer will promise give you BEST EXPERIENCE & BEST RESULTS you expect! Best Therapist is extremely attuned to your needs, able approve his/her quality and will give you the BEST you need!
Ask for REAL Refferences!
Be sensitive to recognize the FALS or TRUE!
Appreciate your BEST THERAPIST & his/her MIRACULOUS JOB - so you will be welcome whenever you need & life long FEEL JUST GREAT!

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. I am unique, extraordinary Therapist - Passionate Master & Champion of Naturalistic Healing.
My profession based on wide knowlege & experience in the different fields. I reserch pain & health, and, I know how prevent health problems. I know how eliminate the cause of pain & I do it. I improve condition & restore Health, and, I help many people experience "HEALING" & from most health & physical conditions "FEEL NEW" - as my clients says.

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