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Louisville, KY

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How does your service stand out?

I am unique, high quality and most advanced Licensed Massage Therapist, passionate and dedicated Master/Expert and Champion in Natural Healing. I have the extensive education, knowledge, skills and expertise in many aspects and areas of Natural Healing and many other fields. Most unique and important, I have high sense and the ability to see and recognize the problems, ailments, imbalances and abnormalities, stress, tension and pain in humans and canines Body-Mind-Energy-Spirit. I able to find and instantly eliminate their triggers and causes, and able restore healthy functions and self-correct at winning time. Since 1991, I provide an alternative, BEST QUALITY & Highly Effective Preventive & Restorative Natural Health Care, Family/Pregnancy/Pediatric/Geriatric/Relaxing/Orthopedic/Sports/Injury/Medical and many other Massage types & Therapies, Stress/Tension/Pain Instant Relief and INSTANT NATURAL HEALING. I take BEST CARE of the people of any ages and any conditions. I am extremely attuned to each and all my clients, their entire Body-Mind-Energy-Spirit's conditions and their immediate needs. 25 years in field, I have help more than 20,000 people live healthy & feel better, flexible, strong, youthful and energized; help reach their goals, help to compete and win. I have the extensive education, knowledge, skills & expertise in many aspects & areas of Natural Healthcare, Natural Healing & many other fields. That included Machinery Mechanics, Precise & Long-Lasting Tools Making, Electrical & Robotic Engineering, Dental & Nursing Assistance. All those and super-sense to info of Bioenergy make me see widely, deeply, farther and beyond. With the perception of Bioenergetics, Psychology, Neurology, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Massage, Manual Manipulations and Treatments, Joints Decompression & Stabilization, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Points & Myofascial Release, Body-Mind Reeducation, I precisely combine and apply my unique techniques & approaches to eliminate the problems, imbalances & abnormalities, their triggers & causes, stress, tension & pain. I relax tight muscles, release pinched nerves, decompress stiffened joints; improve circulation & lymph flows; stop inflammation and reduce pressure. I help my clients to relax & unwind, restore their Peace & Happiness; help maintain & achieve Optimum Health. I restore their flexibility & strength, help exercise, compete & win. Always, I achieved BEST RESULTS at winning time! I invite you to see me and the unique healing place, to gain unique and unbiased knowledge, answers your questions, and receive BEST CARE and INSTANT NATURAL HEALING you need. You will see my amazing collection of clients Thank-you letters & many credible testimonials after their unique care and instant healing, my nomination & gifts, pictures & articles from medias. Those all will better describes my unique care and what you need to expects. No one doctors, chiropractors or any therapist would replicate my care or make you feel better. And, You will recognised that from the very beginning!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I am genuine, passionate and dedicated Therapist-Healer. I have high sense to stress, pain, trigger points and imbalance Bioenergy in others. I loves people and animals, and, I want help them live and feel better. I use my knowledge, skills and expertise in Prevention, Natural Health Restoration and Totally Natural Healing to help them live naturally healthy and happy, stress, tension and pain free. I loves what I'm doing, and, the people and animals I take care of love it too! For me it's fun to find the problem and abnormalities, which disturbs and interrupts normal life, and fix or eliminate those fast. I seen many people in pain and able make them feel amazing, healthy and happy. I love discovering and learning new things. I learn and research myself and extremely attunes to other needs. I design new techniques and treatments for Faster Natural Healing, and able to reach BEST RESULTS at winning time.
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Louisville, KY 40204

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5 Reviews
  • Cristina G. Dec 2, 2016
    Pregnancy Massage
    Verified Review
    Thank You Dmitriy!!
    This is the absolute best service that I have never recieved, Hands Down. Very good work, I was pleased, still am please, and I will be back". I am bringing my relative with me so he can recieved treatment and help too! I am glad that I finally got the help I have been wanting for years. I'd advise anyone to visit, and use him as your therapist!
  • Dmitriy G. Apr 8, 2016
    While visiting Louisville for a psychiatric conference I had the good fortune and pleasure to have therapy with Dmitriy. I have been in treatment for over 10 years for a thoracic spine injury and more recently for autoimmune arthritic. I have used chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and conventional medicine as well as healing touch, and guided imaging. I can honestly say that this healing therapies provided by Dmitriy are great unique in that the relaxation experience, release of pain and tension resulting in an experience where the body feels remarkably different after therapy. This evaluates a feeling of breathing more deeply and less rapidly. In sum, this experience is for beyond simple relief of pain, and it transcends other experiences I have had. Thank You. Sincerely Mark Alexander
  • Mary W. Jan 19, 2015
    This treatment was much better than anything I experienced with a massage therapist in the past. I wish I called and met him sooner! I have been to him 4 times already, my friends enjoy going to him as well!
    Dmitriy G. Feb 9, 2015

    Mary! Thank you for good words! It is pleasure help you at time you need! I am wishing to you and yours all just BEST! Sincerely, Dmitriy G.

  • Benito B. Jul 17, 2014
    I came to Dmitriy for the first time on October 2011 with a pain on my left shoulder due to a sport injury. The pain had been bothering me for a few months and was getting worse. A couple of physicians had suggested a surgery as the solution. But I still kept looking for a natural one. From the first time I was impressed by Dmitriy's passion for his profession, and in the first few minutes with him I notice his sensibility for the pain in others, his charismatic and friendly personality, and his devotion to teach others natural ways to live a happy and healthy live. While I listened to a relaxing music, sitting in the massage chair, he worked on different areas of my body. It was an amazing experience. He had a unique sensitivity and ability to find out the solution and eliminate my pain. When he finished, the pain had almost completely disappeared. A week later I was totally healed. After that experience I became a believer in natural healing. Dmitriy has a genuine intention to help others. His extensive knowledge and unique talent make him a natural. He is an amazing healer. We became good friends. I have used his services many times since, and each time it has been a great experience and he has been 100% effective.
  • Aneisa B. May 27, 2014
    Massage Therapy
    Verified Review
    Very relaxing.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Every 2 years, as a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) I am responsible to have 24 hours of Continuing Education. I love to learn at any way & any thing! Always, I am learning if I not asleep! My wide knowlege make me see what others can't! My skills help fix what others can't! All that makes me confident & help reach Heights in Natural Healing! I am not a "Massuer" - I am Master & Champion of Natural Healing - I am able make MIRACLE! I invite every one, all conditions, to experience THE BEST - to FEEL NEW TODAY!
Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.
I am working by my self. I am business owner & service provider. I just offer Best Quality Massages, Effective Therapies & Immediate Natural Healing. However, my prices is low: just 1% from the total price of traditional "HEALTH CARE" or surgery - because, I willing help more people from most conditions FEEL NEW TODAY! I have a talent, and, I willing help every one: human & animals, all ages, all conditions & with most their needs. I have a Price List where any one will found service they may need for the price they could afford. Service time is wary: from few seconds to few hours. Keep in mind: I am Master & Champion of Natural Healing. I am able make "miracle" in fracture of second! I am people oriented, Generous Man. I willing give my clients THEIR BEST & make them FEEL NEW TODAY. However, I am not a slave & not like "gready people" who looking for the BEST for bargen price. "Gready man pay twice!" - this wisdom I learn in Ukraine where I from. I guarantee: If you are looking for the BEST CARE you are extremely need and willing pay the resonable price that service cost - I will make you FEEL NEW TODAY, and, life long, I will keep you inthe GOOD SHAPE with FEEL YOUTHFUL & ENERGETIC, HAPPY & HEALTHY! All that will help you save a lot on "doctors bills" & on "pescription drugs". I guarantee: my TOTAL & BEST CARE will help you to RELAX YOUR BODY & MIND; ELIMINATE MOST "PROBLEMS"; IMPROVE CIRCULATION & INCREASE ENERGY and give you MORE BENEFITS AT THE SAME TIME! You will FEEL NEW TODAY: will SLEEP AS A BABY & THINK FAST, will WORK BETTER & LIVE BETTER!
How did you get started doing this type of work?
Since childhood, I love discovering & learning new things. I love creative art & love fix any thing or make it better. I had many hobbies & mechanical professions. My wide knowlege & humanity, my experience of pain & high sensitivity to pain in others has turned my life to research that phenomena, learning & provide BETTER HEALTH CARE & HIGH QUALITY - AMAZING NATURAL HEALING!
What types of customers have you worked with?
I am a multi talented man. I have many hobbies & mechanical professions. I am machinery designer & precise tool maker. I know electrical & mechanical principles, refrigeration & plumbing, etc. My love to research & find "secrets", wide knowlege & persistancy has mastered my ability to make any thing simply. I am a passionate Naturalistic Healer - practitioner & educator. I love to fix or cure any thing! My passions is my professions with any merges.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
I am Master & Champion of Naturalistic Healing! I have an Unique Ability & I use it to help other. Every day, I see & help people to RELAX, eliminate their stress & pain, & help them FEEL NEW TODAY - FEEL YOUTHFUL & ENERGETIC, STRONG & NATURALLY HEALTHY! Many my clients & I have had bad experience when going to the traditional doctors & chiropractors for the Professional Care. Therefore, I am proud when I saved my clients from having surgeries or from cracking bones 2-3 times every weeks "for free". I am proud to show every one my amazing collection of patients & clients Letters & Testimonials. It is a life picture with many histories; it is like my children I care.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
BEST IS BEST! Find the BEST is very hard! However, if you read that - you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Be SMART!!! Be PERSISTANT! Be GOOD!!! If you able to afford BEST - looking for the BEST! 1(one) BEST you experience, love it & pay for is better than many "good" you don't know, better than "miracle in the hidden box" or "poison for free"! 1(one) BEST THERAPIST-NATURALISTIC HEALER you love will save you from many "other healers", from many "good" doctors & chiropractors you was trust and are tired about, from their many appointments, examinations & medical bills! 1(one) BEST THERAPIST will make you FEEL NEW TODAY & will save you from many "great surgeries" & from artificial body parts, from many drugs & pain pills, from other "miraculous pills with side effects"! 1(one) BEST THERAPIST will help save a lot of $$$, so you could spend it for yourself - for your HEALTH! Love your self! Be wise & widely educated! Learn more - so you could trust your self! Don't be "hipnotized" by "great advertizing" with few "good words"! Confident provider will answer all your questions & make you simply understand it all. Best Therapist as a Passionate Healer will promise give you BEST EXPERIENCE & BEST RESULTS you expect! Best Therapist is extremely attuned to your needs, able approve his/her quality and will give you the BEST you need! Ask for REAL Refferences! Be sensitive to recognize the FALS or TRUE! Appreciate your BEST THERAPIST & his/her MIRACULOUS JOB - so you will be welcome whenever you need & life long FEEL JUST GREAT!
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
I am unique, extraordinary Therapist - Passionate Master & Champion of Naturalistic Healing. My profession based on wide knowlege & experience in the different fields. I reserch pain & health, and, I know how prevent health problems. I know how eliminate the cause of pain & I do it. I improve condition & restore Health, and, I help many people experience "HEALING" & from most health & physical conditions "FEEL NEW" - as my clients says.