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Boston, MA

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I do celebrity-worthy personal shopping and styling. I unclutter closets to create stunning outfits and determine what to keep, donate or consign and shop based on what is lacking from the wardrobe.

I have past experience at Chanel, Valentino and Bendel's.


Boston, MA 02116

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  • Thumbtack Customer Jul 25, 2017
    I enjoyed by experience with Ali. She did a nice job of efficiently moving through my wardrobe with me and giving me practical advice for what I was solving for. She did not try to change me (i.e. she did not fight me when I told her how much I hate shopping). All in all, a relatively painless experience and I have a much more streamlined closet to show for it.
  • Susan J. Apr 16, 2017
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    Perfect fit!
    My first session with Ali was terrific! She was knowledgeable and helpful and we had so much fun! I am looking forward to spending more time with her and having the benefit of her insights and guidance.
  • Susan M. Apr 7, 2017
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    Ali - A fantastic Style and Calm Demeanor
    Ali is a true professional. She has a fantastic style and calm demeanor. She helped me go through my closet -- and she made it fun! I highly recommend Ali if you're looking for the honest truth about your clothes choices and want advice on how to "pull it all together" to present the best you in any situation.
  • Alice C. Apr 5, 2017
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    Hire an expert, it will change your perspective
    Ali met me at the Natick Mall to help me shop for a "capsule wardrobe" for Spring. Honestly I dreaded the appointment because shopping generally just makes me unhappy with myself, my weight, my age etc. I expected this to just be an exercise in frustration. But it really does make a difference hiring an expert who sees the world a certain way. Ali walked into a store, quickly grabbed a few things, put me in a dressing room and waited patiently by my door. I'd say 95% of what she picked at first grab was unbelievably perfect for me. And it was interesting how fast she "got" me even though we only had a few brief emails and a quick coffee before the shopping began. And to top it all off, it was truly fun. I was actually sad when our time was up. I will be going back for my Fall capsule for sure.
  • Nancy M. Sep 29, 2016
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    Best decision!
    I reached out to Ali via Thumbtack and she responded instantly. I had already read about her while Googling similar services in my area. So happy that she responded and we were able to connect. She came to my house promptly as scheduled, chatted with me for a bit as to what I hope to accomplish, my wardrobe style, etc and then she went to town on my closet. Knew exactly what to get rid of, what to consign, what to repair and what to keep. She organized everything, gave me styling tips and left me with names of a great consignment shop, a fabulous cobbler among others. This was small money for a HUGE return. Since then, she's checked on how things are going with the consigning and even sent me links for items on sale that she somehow knew I would love (she's 2 for 2!!). Can't say enough about her. She did such a good job that I know have so many clothes to style from my own closet that I don't need her shopping services right now but can't wait until I do! She has an amazing eye, is so low key and just the perfect "best friend" that everyone needs for getting dressed each day!!!
  • Lauren O. Aug 1, 2016
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
  • Kate W. Jul 10, 2016
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
  • Kelsey M. May 20, 2016
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    I purchased Ali's services for my Mum as a Christmas present, and she absolutely loved working with Ali! She is very efficient, professional and extremely good at her job. Thanks Ali!
  • Katie S. Mar 18, 2016
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Verified Review
    After reading Ali's info on Thumbtack as well as her fantastic website, I asked her to help review my wardrobe and fill in the gaps. We poured through every garment and she lovingly arranged them back into my closet. She had lots of great advice, suggestions and connections to get me started. She's also shared lots of ideas with me after our session (which I have been following up on ASAP!) I have hard to fit feet and her shoe ideas have been fabulous. The first day after I was able to dress beautifully in record time. I can't wait to have her help my husband next!
  • Leelee K. Jul 10, 2015
    Ali's styling and closet organization skills are the best I've ever come across. She is easy to communicate with, has an expert eye and focuses on the needs of the client and what suits their bodies and lifestyles best. She also has the best laugh and anyone that can make shopping fun is the best in my book. I would recommend her to fashionistas and novices alike!
  • Virginia T. Jul 8, 2015
    I'm embarrassed to say I have a closet full of clothes. Mostly, really nice clothes. My problem is that I have absolutely no eye for what goes with what, so instead of maximizing what I have, I tend to buy more, just out of desperation. It seems to me I never have the right outfit, when really I do have the building blocks...I just can't envision how they should work together. I once read an article about how "ordinary" people (like myself) hire stylists before they go on a trip, or before an important event. I did the math. Hiring Ali, from Right Up Your Ali, was the best investment I ever made! From the moment Ali came to my house, I felt instantly at ease and trusted her. She is so stylish but in a completely unthreatening, approachable way. And she was so enthusiastic the sessions were so much fun! Ali saw my closet in a whole new way, pulling together fabulous and wearable outfits from everything I already had. We made lists and labels because I was afraid I'd forget what she taught me. Ali also helped me make the challenging day-to-evening transition with several different outfits, and even managed to help me pack for an upcoming trip. I can't recommend Ali highly enough!
  • Sarah A. Jul 1, 2015
    I first worked with Ali when my closets were a mess: I held onto items because some were designer and expensive and though I never ever wore them, I was certain some styles would make a "comeback." I just had no idea which ones, or when! Ali was awesome: she was the definitive word in fashion and was especially helpful when it came to purses, clutches, and shoes; she had ideas for replacement items that would be practical and current. I also enjoyed Ali's demeanor. She was patient and really listened to me: no judgement! As a stay-at-home mom, I dress for comfort, which means often staying in exercise clothes all day (and praying I would not run into people I knew!). Ali showed me how a white GAP t-shirt, a good pair of jeans and one of my designer belts could be worn together with such taste and style. Another time, Ali came shopping with me. She knew every brand of jean and showed me how to change up the top part of my outfit so I did not look as though I was wearing uniform every day. Thanks to Ali, I now know how to wrap and bright colored scarf with a pretty button down blouse one day with jeans. And the next day, pull together a tank top, a patterned sweater, and keep on my lulu exercise pants. My husband is especially grateful to Ali because she found a great-looking tote for me that has tons of pockets so now I can actually find my phone and car keys within a second. Now I don't have a decent outfit once a week: I look put-together almost all the time, thanks to Ali!
  • Joanne M. Jul 1, 2015
    I had the pleasure of working with Ali when I was at my thinnest and now at my heaviest. Never easy for me in either case. To be able to walk into any store with Ali, where within minutes she has inventoried, edited and selected clothing for me to try on, is beyond convenience. It literally takes the angst out of trying on pieces over and over and slowly losing my confidence and desire to shop. The other strength she possesses, is the clothing she chooses, nine out of ten times looks great! To be able to walk out of a shopping experience without feeling defeated, and have fabulous purchases as well, is a well worth the services! In the past, Ali also organized and edited my two closets! To be able to open the doors and see organization and easy accessibility to what I am looking for, has further taken the angst out of my life. After having this experience, I would never think to shop on my own! Why would I when I have the keen eye, comforting advise and fashion guru in my life!!
  • Fifi S. Jun 25, 2015
    Working with Ali was great! She's extremely knowledgeable and knows what's best for the client. I really enjoyed working with her and I'm grateful for my new look and wardrobe! Ali really makes the whole experience fun and I highly recommend her!
  • Yvette Y. Jun 24, 2015
    I had an appointment with Ali Ehrlich, from Right Up Your Ali last week and I am so excited about it I wanted to share. My closet was a total mess. I had a ton of clothes and nothing to wear. We spent time going through each item (I had to try on most of the items) First we made piles: alterations, sell, donate. We then looked at each item again and made sure I had a full ensemble (no skirts with out a top to wear). Ali kept a list of what I need to shop for. My closet was pristine when we left and many old items were resurected. Two days later I was in desperate need of a cocktail dress. She helped me shop. I got the perfect dress. (she knows my shape after all that trying on) It was within my budget and I will it wear over and over again. I was happy that I didn't have to run around from store to store. She knows exactly what's out there and what looks good on me. Awesome Experience. I will use her services again, that's for sure.