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Attention to detail, experience, and award winning DJs. Customer services is so important, but almost every company has to do it. But is what they try to "fake", and almost never succeed at it, is experience. Without experience and knowledge, they wouldn't know what details to have attention to. Without experience, they wouldn't understand the equipment needed to have a flawless performance. Without experience, they wouldn't be able to charge rates that are matched to their qualities developed over time. We stand out because we have accomplished all this and more! We understand everyone has to start out somewhere, but that is what the backyard parties and charity events are for…..NOT your wedding or professional event. Is your DJ Insured? We are! Most venues are now requiring that the DJs become insured. Why? Because those venues are suing customers (you) and patrons for the errors that the DJs make or the guests make. If the DJ doesn't have insurance, it's all on YOUR shoulders! Don't risk it with a DJ that isn't a professional. We have a 1 million dollar policy. Please email for a copy.

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For us, this answer is simple, we like happy customers! This is our goal, and it's what we like most about our job!
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33 Reviews
  • Jacklyn J. Oct 26, 2016
    Qorth every red cent....and then some!
    This DJ company came recommended by a friend who also used DJ Sound Productions. It was even better than my friends wedding. Granted, we had more requirements and a detailed outline, they were phenomenal in making it happen. We looked at other DJs on here as DJ Sound was more expensive (the most expensive actually), but upon comparison, it was a no brainer to go with this companay. We didn't want cheesy, corky, or corney DJs at our wedding. We needed EXPERIENCE. They brought that! Our ceremony was spot on to the dinner and then onto the dance floor where we all danced all night. It was worth every red cent spent for them!
  • Marianna C. Oct 24, 2016
    Amazing experience with DJ Sound Productions...
    Amazing experience with DJ Sound Productions. The music was perfect. Luke extremely professional and very helpful all throughout our wedding. They went the extra mile to help with other wedding details. We were very impressed. We paid $1500 for the full package but was well worth every penny! We are glad we hired this company and had the chance to have one od the best DJs we could find. Thank you!
  • Trevor C. Sep 10, 2016
    Perfect ceremony and reception.
    Thank you for a job VERY WELL DONE! Our wedding was made extra special because of your DJ. Everything was absolutely perfect and right on as we hoped. Thank you!
  • Monica L. Sep 9, 2016
    Amazing...every time!
    Our wedding was perfect! They picked us the perfect DJ, and as expected...he did everything we asked, kept dancers on the dance floor ALL NIGHT. Compliments from EVERYONE! I saw posts from last week here, and since this is our third time using DJ Sound Productions as a family, and three of their DJs and 100% Happy every time, im going to assume the reviews below are from super picky bridezillas, and customers that have unreasonable expectations and understanding or didn't communicate their event properly to DJ Sound. Three times we've used them....and we wont look elsewhere...EVER!
  • Micheal H. Sep 8, 2016
    Wow factor is a 10!
    I didnt direclty hire this company....but my neighbors did. The DJ was playing amazing music and i had to go see who was mixing the music. He said he was from DJ Sound. It was amazing! I just wanted everyone to know that for someone to go HAVE to see who the DJ is....that they are really THAT GOOD! Better than the club DJS downtown! Sound was amazing! Everyone should know!
  • Hlee Y. Sep 5, 2016
    Wedding DJ
    Verified Review
    Some music requests were being played, requested a lot of specific music genre that were not played. The crowd was into certain songs but the DJ could have tell that specific songs were not the right choice. Songs are being played longer then it should. professional DJs would normally mix a song within two min max unless the vibe is there. Wish we would have met the DJ a week before or knew who are DJ was a week in advance so the couple can have a better feeling of who the DJ is on a more personal level. Wish the DJ was more interactive with the crowd on the dance floor. Guests did not have good compliments about DJ. DJ however was willing to work with the couple. Would rather play music on iPad. Over paid.
    Replied to Hlee Y. - Sep 6, 2016

    Hi! This is the owner of DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment AND the DJ right with me as I type this. We would like the opportunity to respond. The mixing out of a song was never expressed, especially when there were dancers on the floor all night, until the bride and groom went up to their hotel room at about 11:15...and there were still dancers. The DJ has been on stage with some prominent national recording artists and has performed at some of the biggest dance Club Venues in the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, people have their own "views" on how things should be run. We were told to cater to the dancers of the crowd. The DJ had dancers on the floor all night. The interactivity, vocally and musically, was there. Our Dj's do not leave the DJ area to dance on the floor with or interact with guests on the dance floor. This is highly inappropriate. If this was the desired action requested by the bride & Groom, we would have either accommodated with a Different DJ or declined the event. As far as your quote of "SOME songs were not the right choice", the DJ has to feel out the crowd, read the crowds actions, and adapt. This is what was done. With the bar being outside the room, the DJ starting at 7:15, and various activities going on, this was done pretty well. We provided uplighting that was perfect and also got tons of compliments. Comment from the DJ: I had many compliments, best man, father of the groom, grooms men, guests that had danced. From old to young! I know you could not have done what I did with an iPad and I know you know that too. I incorporated last minute events, was VERY vocal with the crowd, vocally interactive, and there wasn't a mention all night about the music that I played, how I played it, or that the dance floor was full. You had access to talk with me about the performance but was unable as I saw you having a pretty good time on the dance floor. and....that's what we do! You essentially paid the rate for a DJ and company that would have offered MUCH less in skill, talent, sound, and time. We had a discount that was offered and NO holiday rate for about almost 10 hours of service.

  • Hannah R. Aug 17, 2016
    Wedding DJ
    Verified Review
    We were very impressed with the DJ. Our guests loved him as did we, but we wish he would've moved things along a little faster. He forgot about the dollar dance until we reminded him and it took awhile for him to get the first dances started.
    Replied to Hannah R. - Sep 6, 2016

    Hi Hannah! Thank you for the compliments! I apologize that the DJ didn't do the Dollar dances in a timely manner and will be addressing that with him this week to keep an eye on the planner that we give him. I'm not sure all that transpired, but starting the 1st dance on time is also important to us as well. Thank you and congrats on your new marriage!

  • Bill B. Aug 14, 2016
    Sweet 16 DJ
    Verified Review
    I hired them for my daughters Sweet 16 party. DJ CREW was our DJ for the evening. Unfortunately the DJ never once got on the mic to announce the birthday girl or say happy birthday or even play any sort of birthday song.( kind of weird I thought) . He was very hum drum as if he wasn't too excited to be there. I had to go up and ask him to turn his light show on after about 3 hrs of the 4 he was paid for had past. Also many requested songs were never played and when he did it was a very long time after it was 30 minutes or more. He had his own agenda and stayed staring down at his machine with his headphones on in his own world. I expect a DJ to take control of the evening and keep everyone upbeat and on the dance floor. It's very hard to do when you never once address the crowd....look at them...or even make the person who the party is for feel specialike or acknowledge her in any format. I'm sure all of their DJs aren't like this but it's very unfortunate I got stuck with this one.
    Replied to Bill B. - Sep 6, 2016

    Hi Bill. I noticed that you still had left a review, even after talking to us and stating that you weren't since we had discussed the situation. But since you did write a review, I feel inclined to write a reply even though we went through this over the phone. I feel that there are some key points and situations that have been forgotten about that have lead to this negative review. Not playing a "birthday song". He was asked if there was one, on the day of the event he said yes, then he asked that person to pick out of the 10 he had, he was told that he didn't have the one that was "being thought of" and he didn't have to play one. But yet, he played one later in the evening. We have it on the DJs software history. Light show. It was turned on just before two hours into the event. Why? Becuase all the lighting was on in the room and the venue wouldn't turn off any of the lights for "safety reasons". With the natural light shining in from outside, and the full lighting on in the room, LED lights do not have much effect. He was also told to wait until they had turned down the lights. Also... He was told, in the beginning, and you also stated to me on the phone, that the first hour to two hours will be low key dinner music. NOT dance music and the volume to be kept at a low level so that people could talk. This is what he did, and thus another reason the lights were not on and people NOT dancing because they were eating. Everyone was seated. Requested song. You had never submitted a song list. No one had. So to say that the "requested songs" were not played is false. The requested songs...on the day of the event, are limited to the music the DJ has on hand. If songs are submitted within 10 days, they are GUARANTEED. But we do not carry every song ever made. This is why we require a song list for requests. So I apologize that your selections were not played when requested on the day of the event, but this is explained in your contract that song selections MUST be in 10 days before your event to be guaranteed. To your comment: "He had his own agenda and stayed staring down at his machine with his headphones on in his own world." Yes, Professional Dj's do have headphones to listen and cue music. This is a standard in ALL Pro DJs. This is a must for DJs so that they don't play a song blindly. He did have his own agenda because you had not submitted one or even a music play list. I apologize, but when you don't submit one, the DJ has to come up with his own agenda. To your comment of: "I expect a DJ to take control of the evening and keep everyone upbeat and on the dance floor." It's the Dj's job to play music, pick music appropriately. He did, and he did play requests on the day of your event if he had them. The DJ, not you, nor I, can force people to dance. If someone will not dance, because they don't dance, the DJ will not go up to them and "make them dance", or call them out, or make anyone feel pressured and unwelcome. That's unprofessional and not what we are all about. He was told to play music from YouTube. This is ILLEGAL! We DO NOT partake in the theft of music. You Tube is for "home use" and not professionals as the artists did not get paid for their work when we use their music. We will not break the law and strongly believe that every artist should get paid for the hard work they do. I'm NOT faulting you for not knowing this as most people don't. But we do, and since we do, we know better and what's right and wrong. After the dinner (as stated above) was completed (about two hours), he turned up the music and had dancers on the floor, requests that came in, and the ones he had played. They danced. There was also a break that the Dj had to take because you had asked him to stop so that you could give her a car for her birthday, which was outside, and NO one was inside. In the end, I understand the customer(s) not to have full attention to the DJ, and when drinking, not to remember the full course of the event. That's why our DJs don't drink. When the DJ was told to turn down the music for dinner, he did. When he was told to turn it up so they could dance, he did, and they did dance. He was focused on his music as he should be and conducted himself professionally, and appropriately.

  • Jessica H. Aug 10, 2016
    We wanted BIG and we got even BIGGER! The DJ was awesome! He knew how to mix music, make it interesting, and was a true music performer! He actually had a REAL DJ set up. The last DJ we hired claimed he was good. He only brought a computer and....some little gizmo. We thought he was good....untill we saw this DJ from DJ Sound Productions. He mixed video and just about everything. Put dance party was awesome. Next, the sound system! It was HOGE sound, loud, and pounded! We paid extra for massive and they really produced! It was soooo amazing! Everyone danced all night. BEST PARTY EVER!
    Replied to Jessica H. - Sep 6, 2016

    thank you for your review of our DJ for your Minneapolis Party. DJ Cru is known for his mixing skills on the big stage and off the stage for parties and events. We were able to provide a much larger system than what was paid for because we had the extra and knew it would be a benefit for your event. We are happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you!

  • Robert T. Aug 9, 2016
    We actually got a REAL DJ. We've hired other thumbtack DJ'S before and they were good salesmen....and nothing special compared to this company. He mixed music and did some really cool things with it. Other DJ'S here just brought a laptop which we can do that. But this dj we hired this time made music like we hear on the kdwb friday and sat night dance. We were impressed! Unlike the rest, we will hire this company again!
    Replied to Robert T. - Sep 6, 2016

    Thank you Robert and we are excited to be at your next event! In fact, we'll give you 33% off that event next time!

  • Maya T. Aug 1, 2016
    Their service was amazing....but not tried because of our mistakes. We submitted a playlist to them. Thought our year of wedding music research was sufficient. We told them to stick with it no matter what. Turns out, after 1.5 hours of our play list, all but 25 people left. We panicked, told our DJ that we'll probably go home 3 hours early. He said that's not going to happen. He asked if he could play the songs he knew would make this crowd dance and if he could, he promissed they would stay the remaining three hours. We were desperate and said yes. The first song got everyone out on the dance floor! And then guess what....EVERYONE danced the remaining three hours! We didn't end early! But I guess this is why they are the true professionals with the experience. I haven't been to a wedding where the DJ didn't end early. Infact, the DJ said he hasn't had a wedding end early in over three years and we believe it! This DJ was awesome! It was soooo much fun and saved our wedding night. Definately book these will NOT regret it.
  • Rose S. Jun 20, 2016
    Wedding DJ
    Verified Review
    DJ was awesome. He was professional and extreemly flexable. He kept the program moving and made it appear seamless. It was an outside wedding that required he move from one spot to another without more than a couple minutes of down-time. He was wonderful. Would definately recommend him to a friend.
  • Jessie K. May 28, 2016
    Couldn't have picked a better DJ company. They were very accomidating. Their music selection is amazing and had every song that we wanted at our wedding. The DJ was very professional, on time, and his skill level was much higher than the price we paid for. We are extremely pleased. We've been to many other weddings in the past and haven't seen a better DJ than ours! Go with this won't regret it at all and pleased that you did. We are!
  • Krista C. Feb 23, 2016
    Thank you for making our wedding on Feb 21st the best! Dave was awesome. Karaoke was the best. He knew exactly what to play when to play and keep both our families dancing. Worth every cent and will definately reccomendations to everyone. Thank you! Steve & Krista.
  • Jim l. Feb 16, 2016
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    DJ did not come prepared not having the appropriate equipment and therefore could only play music without lyrics, came only 10 minutes early and was not set up in time, basicly there was no dance because he was unable to do his job due to lack of equipment
    Replied to Jim l. - Feb 16, 2016

    This is our first complaint and 1 star ever, out of 3500 events. As discussed over the phone with Jim, we have immediately taken action and that DJ has been let go after 7 years with our company and 287, 5 star reviews. We also didn't charge you for the event. We have a ZERO tolerance policy and immediate action policy which was taken. The DJ was given appropriate equipment by our company, but his personal equipment was not checked as required by company policy and that is unacceptable. The DJ also never called in to request our back up DJ or back up delivery of equipment and that is also against company policy. Not everyone's perfect and DJ's do have bad days and things go wrong. It takes a tolerant customer to make contact with the DJ company as well to see if there are any other options. When this doesn't happen, nothing can go right but typically blame the DJ company, not the DJ. However, we do not allow our DJ's to have bad days and also demand perfection. We train to prevent this. When that is not achieved, immediate termination is always given and was.

  • Will B. Nov 5, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
  • Crystal B. Oct 2, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Luke was very kind to go over everthing on the phone versus me doing it online, saved me time. Our DJ was open to anything and was nice.
  • Dennis S. Sep 28, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    The DJ was on-time and upon arriving he approached me and discussed our music selection. Our music selection was supplemented with many requests from the younger guests at our reception. The DJ these energetic guests had a great time and gave us complements on our choice of DJ. We were both very happy with our DJ selection and would recommend DJ Sound Productions to others.
  • Katie H. Sep 28, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Our DJ did a great job of keeping people entertained throughout the night. Minor miscommunications were resolved speedily and with grace.
  • Lee P. Aug 11, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Correspondence was good. Play list was very good. Paying attention to bridal couples requests was very,very good. A few things were forgotten but nothing of any all went with the flow which was an informal barn setting. Thanks!
  • Carol A. Aug 7, 2015
    Karaoke Machine Rental
    Verified Review
    Outstanding customer service and my event was awesome. Thank you!!
  • Rachel L. Aug 2, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Very respectable, customer oritented company !
  • Lauri A. Jul 13, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    From the time I introduced myself to Luke through the entire process, it was flawless. Our graduation party was a blend of different families, age groups, and personalities...the DJ, David, did a wonderful job. The engineer did a great and efficient set up and take down of the equipment. It was fabulous. I won't ever hire a different company for my future events!
  • Pam M. Jul 2, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
  • Thayne J. May 4, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Luke was great to work with. He did a great job of checking in with us to make sure that everything was covered for our event. I would definitely work with him again.
  • Kellie K. Apr 25, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
  • Missy C. Apr 12, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Awesome! Our DJ was up and above perfect. They had so many music selections, they allowed me to plan my wedding the way I wanted it. Their DJ was a perfect fit. They did so much during the evening To get and keep things going. The dance floor was packed. The sound was crystal clear and perfect. The lighting was awesome. BOOK THEM! I would....if I was getting married again. Great job!
  • Veronica '. Jan 22, 2015
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    Hired DJ Sound Production for a party because they specialized in Karaoke, well they had next to nothing to choose from which is a big bummer as that was a huge reason to hire them. Our guests were disappointed cause every song they picked he did not have. If you want a DJ that plays music they are good for that.
    Replied to Veronica '. - Feb 3, 2015

    A reply to our review. We tried to call Veronica after the event to follow-up and get her opinion and didn't receive a call back and then saw this review. Although we appreciate the compliment on on the music playing part, I would like to touch on the karaoke portion since that is what is in question. After talking with the DJ, he did note that some requests were made that we didn't have. However, the guests did find songs that they wanted to sing and sung them. We have over 55,000 titles. One of the largest databases of karaoke on the midwest and a huge investment. However, not all artists release their songs to be remade into karaoke and sung by others. If we make them, it's a copyright violation and being a properly registered company with the music industry and the State of Minnesota, we do not infringe on those copyrights. With millions upon millions of songs out there, we can't have them all unfortunately and as every karaoke event goes, there will be some titles that just aren't made into karaoke versions. Some artists release them for a short period of time, and then stop the release making the selections hard to obtain. We get asked if we can pull from YouTube among other online video sources. WE can not as we do not have permission to use these videos "for profit". They want us to pay for them. That would be copyright. So just because they are on youtube, doesn't mean their for sale. We are limited to the sources that we have to purchase legal music from. On the night in question, our DJ stated people did sing, those that wanted a song that we didn't have, picked other ones they wanted. He didn't get anyone telling him otherwise that night or any concerns were brought up. He also stated that he did have the party dancing (which is the positive review part). We also have our complete karaoke list on our website to view publicly before anyone purchases our services. I'm sorry to hear that guests were disappointed in not having selections that they may have wanted to sing. We will keep adding to our database of karaoke songs to make sure that we maintain the biggest database of any company in the midwest. Thank you!

  • Ilia B. Oct 13, 2014
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
  • Nicole C. Aug 31, 2014
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    I was very impressed with DJ Sound's professionalism. Though we did not chose them based on price? I was impressed with their business practices and quick responses. They would be a great company for any event!
  • Missy H. Nov 26, 2013
    Event DJ
    Verified Review
    We hired DJ Sound Productions and their DJ who they call one of two of their best DJs (Headliner DJs), DJ Mike. They claimed that it would be worth the price. We had a budget of $900. However, Mike was $1500. So we thought we'd take the chance and roll the dice to get the best DJ in Minneapolis and Minnesota as they claimed. They had a guarantee in the contract that if they didn't fulfill the contract obligation, we'd get our money back. What was the result? THE BEST PARTY EVER!! Hell yea! Just like on TV! He was the real deal. I've only herd this stuff on TV. After we had our party, we actually checked out this DJ. Yep...a Star! This company knows what they are talking about!!! When they say the best....I'll never challenge them again. The sound was totally like the clubs sound! Good Bye Cheesy wannabe DJ's in Minnesota, because were stuck on this company. Email me if you want the full story!
  • Paola O. Nov 7, 2013
    Karaoke Machine Rental
    Verified Review
    This is my first time working for DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment. We usually have couple parties a year at our house and we were not happy with the past DJ we used, so we decide to go with DJ Sound Productions. We were beyond pleased with the music choice, the equipment and the professionalism. The DJ came early to set up and played a great list of songs for our 80's theme party. We had a big crowd in the dance floor until 2 AM!! I will definitely hire this company again.
  • Jason F. Sep 4, 2012
    Karaoke Machine Rental
    Verified Review
    DJ Sound Productions & Ent. did a fantastic job at our surprise birthday party, they were very professional and courteous. Their equipment was state of the art and sounded great. I would highly recommend them for any party.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
YES! We attend seminars about equipment and current wedding trends all over the country to bring you the latest and greatest products and service. We invest heavily in education so that you don't have to!
What types of customers have you worked with?
Everything from Wedding services, karaoke, party's, Night Clubs, bars, even setting up sound for major national recording artists in major twin city venues.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Does the company your interested in have particular attention to detail? "Detail" can be in various ways. Like detail AND knowledge of their own equipment? Attention to details about your event? Does the person you're talking to over the phone ask you questions? Do they offer advice and knowledge that you haven't thought about? These are all things that a well-respected, experienced DJ & Entertainment company does.