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We offer a few things that none of the other trainers in the Central MN area can: 1. A Guarantee. We guarantee that you'll see a difference in your dog at the end of the first lesson AND we guarantee your dog will be flawlessly obedient if you follow our guidance for 30 minutes of practice between lessons. If you don't see a difference at the end of the first lesson, we'll refund your money for the remaining lessons. 2. An off leash future for your dog. Our goal is for every dog to know what it's like to live off leash - free! And for every owner to experience the pride, confidence, and joy of having a dog off leash that is reliably and consistently obedient, under any level of distraction. 3. Hope for dogs of ANY BREED, ANY AGE, and ANY SIZE. We don't discriminate - Pitbulls and German Shepherds are our favorite breeds! Dogs are never too old, too fat or too slow to learn using our methods. We can also help blind and deaf dogs, and dogs with other disabilities overcome them and be confident, obedient pups! Aggression or confidence issues? Call us - those are our specialty!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

What we love most about our jobs is making relationships between families and dogs, stronger and more fulfilling. Training sets the stage for a deeper bond with your four legged family member. That is the best feeling in the world.
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Saint Paul, MN 55117

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16 Reviews
  • Alli G. Nov 23, 2016
    BEST decision I could've made!!
    Jesse had my 7 pound monster Talulah for board and train and did AMAZING! Talulah left for board and train not listening to a word I said, still going potty in the house, eating other dogs poop (yuck) and acting crazy. When I got Talulah back she was still the fun puppy I fell in love with but she actually listened, no more accidents in the house and no more eating poop! It was a long two weeks without her, but SO SO SO worth it! Best decision I could've made with Talulah!! Thank you Jesse, for working your magic with my crazy little monster!
  • Elizabeth L. Oct 9, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Trouble Training Your Dog? Hire Jesse!
    Jesse is skilled, soft spoken, and effective. Professional yet personable, it is clear he loves working with dogs - and they love him!
  • John S. Aug 4, 2016
    Cassie has worked with our team the past year and has done a great job!
  • Sue K. Aug 2, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    So far the customer service has been great. I spoke with Corey on the phone for 45 minutes to get my many questions answered. He is so flexible and accomodating....I can't wait to start training mt puppy with him!
  • Sarah R. Jul 20, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Huge difference in our dog after 1 training class. Trainers are friendly, calming and showed is a very positive educational experience to help our dog. Our dog was almost killed at a beginner training at Petsmart so she was very defensive and nervous about other dogs but she is starting to trust with our trainor's help which is awesome! Highly recommend.
  • Janet L. Jun 18, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    I was looking for Board and Train for my dog. I received multiple quotes. And found the one I thought was best for me and my dog. Off Leash K9-Central, MN.
  • Terry W. Nov 9, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    We got a lot of good things to work with to train our dog but I was hoping to get more training on off leash like there name says
  • Kayla O. Oct 15, 2015
    Just wanted to give a shout out to Andy and Off Leash K9 Training for the great work they do! Before I came to them for help, my dog could never be outside without having to be either on a leash or tie out because she would run away. Walks were also a chore because she spent most of her time pulling. I avoided going to places like the cabin due to the anxiety it would give me with just the thought that she would get loose in the woods. At the first lesson Andy helped to put my mind at ease that she (and I) could both be trained and get to results that I was looking for. After completing the training sessions I am happy to say that I can have my dog outside without a leash or tie out and that she no longer pulls on our walks. She also seems happier with the new freedom she has been given and all around. This program exceeded my expectations and I don’t hesitate to mention Off Leash K9 Training to friends and co-workers. Thanks again!
  • Rodney M. Jun 1, 2015
    Best money I ever spent. Can't recommend them enough.
  • Will H. Jun 1, 2015
    I can not express enough about how great of a dog trainer Cassie...Best in the area and you will probably choosing wrong if you went anywhere else!!! Off Leash K9!!!
  • Danny W. Jun 1, 2015
    Cassie has a awesome teaching style. She truly cares for the people and dogs she works with . Will to spend the time to get the best out of every lesson .
  • Allison S. May 29, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Andy is fantastic! He is helping me gain trust and confidence in my young girl, Sadie. She is easily trainable, whereas I am the one in need of the coaching. It's amazing how in the time frame of a week and a half, how much more responsive she has become. So glad I did this!
  • Patricia F. Mar 23, 2015
    Cassie trained my 9 month old Mastiff and I am beyond thrilled and elated with the services provided. I started off with the basic obedience package but elected the 2 week board and train after meeting Cassie and experiencing her training style. My dog is awesome and 100% off leash reliable. I can call my dog back to me no matter the distractions. I have tried two other trainers before Cassie and my dog still wouldn't listen. Thank you Cassie for helping me become the best dog owner I can be!
  • Joe Z. Mar 16, 2015
    Great trainers! Changed my dog's life! I can now walk with him at my side and not have to worry about him chasing squirrels, cats, or other dogs! If you are on the fence, don't be! It is 100% worth it!
  • Steven W. Mar 9, 2015
    The Off Leash Board and train has completely transformed by dog. He is now so much more outgoing and happy. Prior he was very shy and scared of a lot of things but they were able to build his confidence! Its so great to trust him outside and obedience!
  • Jennifer C. Mar 9, 2015
    Cassie is simply amazing. The OLK9 training method truly works for any dog any size any breed. OLK9MN is highly recommend to help you have an amazing family pet. you will not be disappointed, make the investment today


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