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We take the time to get to know our customers and learn what they like and dislike and what their concerns are. Then we try to put together a design idea and price that fits their needs and budget.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Meeting new people is a great part of the job but the absolute best part is taking something that looked a little run down and turning it into their dream.


Asheville, NC 28803

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26 Reviews
  • Linda C. Jun 8, 2017
    Home Remodeling
    Verified Review
    We challenged Mark to start work on all new flooring, painting, AND a new kitchen in only a few short weeks before we were to move in. He pulled out all the stops and got more done than we could have hoped. We are very happy with the work and look forward to working with Installations Unlimited on our master suite renovation and a major upgrade to our basement half bath. When the work is all complete, I'll post some fantastic photos.
  • Ralph H. May 21, 2017
    Friendly, competent, attention to detail, does what he says he'll do, easy to work with and fair
  • Scott S. May 19, 2017
    On time, professional, listens, suggests and they do what they say they're going to do. Which all of the above is rare these days. Especially in Western North Carolina.
    Mark H. May 20, 2017

    Thanks for the kind words Scott. It was a pleasure working with you. Looking forward to the next phases. The house is looking awesome. BTW, once you get it stained, please come back here and post a pic of the finished deck. That would be great. Mark

  • Richard S. Jan 17, 2017
    General Contracting
    Verified Review
    Installations Unlimited, LLC: Highly Recommended Professionals!
    We are very fortunate to have found Mark Hayner, his son Jeremy, and his company - Installations Unlimited,LLC. Mark and Jeremy are true professionals at their craft. They are very knowledgeable, reliable, and talented which is why we used them for two separate projects: a centerline wall removal/remodel, and a kitchen wall removal/remodel. The work they performed completely changed our home to function and feel very modern. We can't say enough good things about their recommendations, results, and, customer service. They always keep us informed on the schedule, and were very punctual. We look forward to working with Installations Unlimited, LLC again in the future! Todd and Jess
  • Brianna B. Jan 3, 2017
    Tile Installation and Replacement
    Verified Review
    His communication and price were great, but tile work was unprofessional. We were in a pinch or I would have fired him and started over. The end product looks like a DIY job that I could have done myself. He did not seem to care about the details and left messy grout that we had to clean up. Overall, unimpressed. His bid was the cheapest and I should have known better.
    Mark H. Jan 7, 2017

    Brianna - I offered to come and look at the job to make it right and was turned down. Your father started the job and you told me that everything was ready to go. Unfortunately he had some medical issues which prevented him from completing the job. Our prays are with him for a speedy recovery. We were working off what he started and on a very limited budget which I was willing to work with under the circumstances. I showed you day one that the window and niches were out of level and square and you told me that it was to be expected with an old house. The window did look bad so we (with your input) worked out a solution on that. The walls (namely the studs) were never planed out prior to the cement board and waterproofing. We were told that your dad was an installer and it was all ready to go. I can only work with what I have and from our first conversation once again, it was all ready to go. Prep and layout are 99% of any tile job. The prep and layout were way beyond sub-par but with the limited budget we did the best we could. The only other option was to tear everything out and start from scratch. I am still willing to come look at the job and see if there are any easy fixes but without a response from you my hands are tied. Once again, I pray your dad has a speedy recovery.

  • Zeke E. Dec 17, 2016
    Kitchen Remodel
    Verified Review
    Wouldn't use again
    The general stuff was fine but some major and a lot of the finishing was sub par. Had to have him back several times to redo grouting, painting, and other finishing steps. Appliances were not in leveled. Wall mounted exhaust fan was put up with only one screw holding 60lb and other brackets glued on to the tile instead of screwed in. Instead of moving the drain for the sink the disposal was mounted on the opposite side from where our granite was cut for our soap dispenser. Overall mark and his guys were great guys there were just to many short cuts or marginal workmanship.
    Mark H. Dec 19, 2016

    Zeke, I'm sorry you felt you had a bad experience. Glass tiles require unsanded grout and with that type of grout with unusual small grout lines there is always the possiblility of air bubbles. You menitoned those and we took care of that within 24 hours. On an entire kitchen remodel there will always be paint touch ups, we aren't God and don't pretend to be perfect. However, once you mentioned that, we took care of those within 24 hours. You purchased your appliances through Home Depot and/or Lowes. You did hot purchase those through our company. I agreed to put those in place for you but at the same time, I am not an appliance installer nor am I an appliace provider. I emailed you that you should contact them to adjust the appliances (I can attach the email here if you would like to dispute this). Your vent is braced with a 2x6 in the wall with 4 - 1/4" lag screws holding it up. I put those in personally so I know they are there. The top trim piece which weighs less than 2 lbs. was attached with epoxy. If that has been an issue, you should have contacted me. Otherwise, your hood is mounted beyond manufacturers recommendations. You were out of town for almost 2 weeks while we did the job. I contacted you via email that whithout re-working the plumbing your disposal would have to go on the other side (again, I would be happy to attach that email if anyone wants it) you said don't worry about it. Your soap dispenser was cut in after everything was done. I had to let your granite guys in to do that. You have neglected to mention that for the 2 weeks you were gone, we took care of your dog each morning, gave your dog Xanax whenever there was a thunderstorm, let your granite guys in to measure (we weren't working that day), helped them finalize the unusual pattern for the island top (which by the way looks awesome), came back and let them in to install the tops. Stopped 2 other days because I only live 3 minutes away to let your dog out. Of which I didn't charge you a penny more for. It always amazes me that if one little thing (i.e. a paint touch up) is bad how most people think the whole job is bad. The minor issues which will always arise in any remodel were remedied in a very timely fashion. I'm not certain why you gave this review since you haven't contacted me since the finish which at that time you and your wife seemed extremely satisfied. I can't fix things that I have no knowledge of. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If there are any issues I should be aware of please let me know personally. No need to vent somewhere other than the source. God Bless.

  • Dom F. Jul 29, 2016
    Deck or Porch Remodel or Addition
    Verified Review
    Mark and his team did a great job on our deck remodeling despite the incredibly hot weather. We made some last minute changes and Mark was able to accommodate us no problem. We will definitely be recommending him to friends and will use him again. Thanks Mark & Installations Unlimited!
  • Lisa B. Jun 13, 2016
    Verified Review
    My family and I recently relocated to the Asheville area from Florida. We had heard how hard it is to find a reliable and trustworthy handyman in this area, so when it came time to hire someone to do various fixes around our new home, we were skeptical about hiring anyone! We got in touch with Mark at Install Unlimited, and had him and his handyman Jeremy come out to take a look. Once we did walk through of the issues to be addressed, Jeremy began that morning tackling repairs. Over the course of 2 days he fixed the rings under 2 toilets and cut out and replaced the subfloor on one, shaved and rehung all the doors, added a vent in the bathroom and fixed another vent fan, rewired a new fire alarm, completely replaced the kitchen sink drains, repaired a section of drywall and fixed the plug, and installed a motion sensor light, repaired the supports and attached the front and back deck to the house (as they weren't properly installed to begin with), etc. He was very quick with repairs and each job he did was done thoroughly. While he was here he also had to work around a team of 4 painters and was very accommodating. He was very professional and trustworthy and I had no problem leaving him to do repairs while I was running errands. He was even very helpful when I had started a few projects of my own and realized I could not finish it properly. I asked for help and he solved in in a matter of minutes! After the 2 days, I had realized that there was a few doors that still jammed and another section of sink pipe started leaking. I contacted Mark and the next day Jeremy returned, quickly fixed the issues and was done! Jeremy was very hard working, professional, trustworthy, pleasant to be around, and was extremely quick and did great work on the repairs he had to do! Install Unlimited is a great company to work with and made my move to a new home and area so much easier! They were very affordable and would highly recommend them for handyman repairs of all kinds! I will be contacting them in the future if we are in need of any repairs in the future!!!!
  • John S. Apr 23, 2016
    Kitchen Remodel
    Verified Review
    Excellent work! Total kitchen remodel, including removal of wall to open area up. Mark and the rest of his crew are very professional and knowledgable. I would highly recommend Installations Unlimited and look forward to using them in the future. However, I would avoid using Victors Granite in Arden, NC. Victors Granite was difficult to work with, lacked professionalism, and made multiple mistakes.
  • Robert B. Mar 21, 2016
    Deck or Porch Remodel or Addition
    Verified Review
    We hired them to do our job.
  • Mark K. Jan 26, 2016
    Mark Haynor and his crew at Installations Unlimited did a great job. Took an original 50's kitchen and two baths and made them modern and wonderful without losing the character of the house. Saved us a lot of money on cabinets. Very professional on estimates and accounting without any surprises. Great on constructing a new space for a deep soaking tub with a tiled lip. Took space from an overlarge hall closet to make a great walk in shower in the master bath. Mark is masterful on his tile work. Great accents and details. We will love the space for years to come. That said, the project took longer than expected and there were challenges with things like refinishing of the new wood floors that took longer than expected. But in all it was well worth the wait. Our home is transformed. Mark Haynor was highly recommended to us. We can highly recommend him to anyone else asking.
  • Sarah H. Jan 19, 2016
    Home Remodeling
    Verified Review
    Mark was a nice guy to work with - he finished the job quickly & on budget. He and his crew cut 2 windows into exposed concrete walls in our basement. They reinforced the new windows nicely, which was our main concern. Mark also had excellent communication with us throughout the project.
  • Mark A. Jan 14, 2016
    Verified Review
    Excellent in every way. Very professional in providing a detailed a competitive quote, quick response to questions, good suggestions for improving the project, sensitivity to cost issues, commitment to completing the project on time, excellent workmanship. I would use Mark again and would recommend him to others.
  • Maia R. Aug 7, 2015
    Vinyl or Linoleum Installation
    Verified Review
    They did a great job, floors are amazing! Would definitely hire them again! Thanks!
  • Tim W. Jun 3, 2015
    Mark was very respectful, timely and communicated great. Unfortunately the quality was lacking as the job consisted of numerous short cuts that cost us additional money and time. 1) Bath tub (second floor bath) was incorrectly installed. The drain was not properly aligned and/or attached. This led to over $3000 of water damage to the first floor ceiling below the bath. Mark did respond instantly when I let him know. He quickly came back but when he went back in to "fix" the problem - which he said was a faulty drain pipe - the leaking persisted. The real issue was the overflow valve was not properly installed so the water was getting behind the seal and into the floor. I had to pay the $500 deductible with my insurance and was inconvenienced another 4 weeks during the damage repair. 2) About 2-3 months after the Bath was complete, i noticed the wall paint was bubbling. Turns out, the walls were never cleaned of dust nor were they primed like I was told they would be. I now have to pull back all the paint which peels off as easy as a wet band-aid, sand, prime and repaint. Yet again another shortcut that I must live with, spend money and time to fix. Mark was contacted and did respond with an offer to fix the paint. I felt it was better worth the inconvenience to fix it properly myself. 2 stars for great communication and respectful responses, but overall low quality of work.
    Mark H. Jun 5, 2015

    Thanks for the response. However, I do feel that i need to clarify a few things. The original tub seal (supplied by you) was faulty. We replaced that and you, your wife, myself and my helper all agreed that the leak was fixed. I offered to repair the ceiling downstairs but you declined. You said there was other old damage that the insurance was going to fix also. Hence the $3000 charge, a spot less than 2' square would not run anywhere near that much. If there was further leaking, you didn't contact me therefore, there is no way I could take care of it. As for the paint, we used paint that you supplied. I always use Behr ultra premium and have never had this issue. When you called, I offered to come over the next day and fix any areas in the sheetrock and re-paint the entire bath at no charge. You declined that offer also. I'm sorry you a had a couple of issues Tim but I can't take care of things that I don't know about or that you won't let me take care of.

  • Traci T. Jun 1, 2015
    General Contracting
    Verified Review
    Very nice guys. The communication I think was a little lack but that could have been my fault as I'm not the best at communicating via email. Over all our kitchen looks a lot better then before. My husband and I are all about the details so we can be challenging to work for. Mark handled it well. Thanks for the kitchen update!
  • Stuart T. May 9, 2015
    Deck or Porch Remodel or Addition
    Verified Review
    Mark is creative and thoughtful and realistic at the same time. He gave us some great ideas and options for our deck. He is easy to work with and his estimate had every detail listed. He is a gifted craftsman, two thumbs up!
    Mark H. May 9, 2015

    Thanks Stuart. You have a lovely family and I know you will enjoy many years with them outside on that beautiful deck. It was a pleasure meeting all, of you.

  • Sean S. Mar 26, 2015
    Kitchen Tiling
    Verified Review
    Provided efficient work of very high quality. Actually came in under the estimate and was finished on the short end of his estimate. Tiled our kitchen, 1/2 bath, laundry, and sunroom. All look terrific. Would hire him again in a heartbeat.
  • Greg A. Mar 11, 2015
    Tile Installation and Replacement
    Verified Review
    Mark was timely, accommodated our schedule, and his work was more than satisfying. I wish I could clone him. 100% satisfaction.
  • Lyn F. Mar 2, 2015
    Bathroom Remodel
    Verified Review
    Mark and his crew were a salvation and went above and beyond! We had another contractor start the bathroom renovation (found him highly recommended on another 'list') and Mark and his crew cleaned up a deplorable job in two weeks that the other contractor took just shy of two months to make. (Note: We have about 40 photos to back up my statement about the initial job quality). Mark's team was professional, courteous, hard working, knowledgeable, capable, understanding. They were there when they said they would be and professionally completed what they said they would, plus some. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
    Mark H. Mar 3, 2015

    All I can say is "WOW", thank you for the wonderful review. I only wished we had been able to start the job for you instead of having to come in after things were a total mess. It was a pleasure working with you and your family. Thanks

  • Matt P. Feb 13, 2015
    Deck or Porch Remodel or Addition
    Verified Review
    I took a number of bids from Thumbtack to have a 12'x19' wooden deck built in my backyard. I had Mark Hayner from Installations Unlimited and a couple of other companies come out and look at the job and give me quotes on the work. Not only was Mark's bid extremely competitive, he had a great personality and seemed to really grasp what I was looking to build. I found Mark very easy to work with. I needed a written bid and illustration for my HOA and also made some design changes before we started and he was quick and amenable to everything. Once the deck build began, everything ran smoothly. His deck builder was on time, professional, and did an excellent job. He seemed very interested in my satisfaction with his work. In the end, I got a solidly built deck with wraparound seating and I couldn't be happier with it. I will use Mark and Installations Unlimited in the future for other jobs I that come up and have no hesitation recommending him to others.
    Mark H. Feb 14, 2015

    Thanks for the kind words Matt. It was a pleasure working with you. Helping people bring their ideas to life is what makes my job so enjoyable. Hope you have many great outings on your new deck.

  • Steve C. Feb 13, 2015
    Framing Carpentry
    Verified Review
    Mark is our lead in building our B&B. Marks crew is on time, he has fair prices, and a very high level of craftsmanship. Mark is creative with solutions and is a great resource for any building project. We will continue to use him in the future.
  • Edwin G. Nov 7, 2014
    General Contracting
    Verified Review
  • Debbie K. May 17, 2013
    Mark Hayner is the owner of Installations Unlimited. His name was given to us as a referral and it was the best referral we have ever received. Mark is outstanding in every subject of expertise. His work is beautifully crafted and his finished product is consistently elegant and professional. He is always, ALWAYS on time and consistently arrives on the job whenever he has stated he is going to be present for work. He offered wonderful design ideas for our job and consequently, the finished product was completed in a superb manner. He takes his job and his craftsmanship very seriously and is the most professional craftsman we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He gave us a complete, simple to understand, concise estimate of his proposed work description prior to starting the job. I would recommend Mark Hayner to any individual or family for any job that needed to be done. Additionally, Mark can perform literally any type of work that might be needed in the home. His skill level on any type of job required is outstanding. Last but not least, after working with Mark and his son, we considered them both as friends - it was a pleasure (and fun!) dealing with him on a daily basis. Mark - we look forward to bringing you back to our house for more jobs in the future!
  • Pete F. May 17, 2013
    Kitchen Tiling
    Verified Review
    Professional clean courteous. Very pleased. If your looking for a tile guy look no further
  • Robin L. Jan 11, 2013


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
Pricing isn't complicated, the jobs are. I've been to literally hundreds of homes and businesses over the years and I have never seen the same thing twice. I don't like giving quotes over the phone/internet because I don't like to short change the customer or myself. Once I look at the job and give an estimate though you never get hit with change orders unless you personally change something. What you were quoted is what the price will be.
What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
I like to sit down with them and find out what it is that they are looking to accomplish as well as get an idea of their tastes. On kitchens and baths, I generally do a CAD drawing so we can lay out the space better and they can get a visual of what the finished area will look like.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
I trained under an experienced flooring tech/carpenter for several years before going out on my own. I am also a licensed physical therapist which comes in handy when we are making a home handicapped accessible. I also have a 20 hour OSHA certification and attend several continuing education courses a year to keep up with the latest trends and innovations.
What types of customers have you worked with?
We have been working with commercial and residential customers for almost 40 years now. We primarily do bathroom and kitchen remodels but are not limited to just those. We can take care of decks, basements, or any other project you need done around the home or office. Hence the name Installations Unlimited.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
We took a 1900 bungalow that was literally falling apart due to water and termite damage and turned it into a dream cottage that the owner currently uses as a vacation rental when they aren't in town. The entire project took about 3 months to totally gut the house, fix all the structural issues then put it all back together. The transformation was unbelievable.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Make sure that they are insured and ask for at least 3 references that you can call and or go by and see the work.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
The biggest two items would be what they are trying to accomplish and the budget. You aren't going to get a champagne kitchen on a beer budget. Over the years, I've found that keeping the customer to their budget is probably the most challenging aspect of the job.