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Prior to becoming involved in online marketing in 1996, I had been in traditional national marketing for almost a decade. I managed the print publication and national marketing of Handmade, Homemade Catalogs which was featured in major magazines. I transformed the catalog, established a niche market for it, and cut $135,000.00 from the printing budget in the first 6 months by building it out as one of the first niche market online catalogs. I was also responsible for building SCwebTV in Columbia, SC starting in 2004 which was far ahead of the pack in introducing the power of online video. I produced and directed online commercials, interviews, and reports for streaming. SCwebTV was nominated 2 years in a row for the prestigious SC Palmetto Pillar Award for Small Technology Business. In 1999, I was Marketing Director for Syneractive in Columbia, SC handling multiple multi-million dollar accounts. I was directly responsible for managing several U.S. and global marketing initiatives including Shakespeare Plastics, H&H Yarns, Comstellar, and Impress In Print, Relocation Magazines, and Avenex, to name a few. Currently, my company holds the national contract for Marketing with a national home builder located north of Raleigh, N.C. We now have openings for 3 more full-time marketing contracts and are always available for training, short-term contracts (less than 2 years or with defined tasks that have clear completions). ANALYSIS. I have always been involved in research, analysis, and reporting. When I became involved in web development back in the mid-1990's, I naturally migrated toward finding out how to best market those web sites. I had the distinct pleasure of being involved with the well-known people and the development including testing of tactics and practices that eventually evolved into what we all know now as SEO. Being involved in the development and initial analysis of any technique is my preferred position. We are not followers - we are inventors.




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