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About Colin Drew & Co. Designs, LLC

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Do you need a building violation removed? Do you need a building renovation? Are you in need of a certificate of occupancy (C of O)? Well, if so, let Broad Design Group take care of it for you.

We specialize in new buildings, renovations, violation removal and extensions. We believe that quality architecture shouldn't have to bankrupt you. So, if you are in need of architectural services, contact us, and speak with one of our project managers and schedule a free consultation.

The best part is that we will come to you for your absolute convenience. So again, feel free to contact us for an appointment.


Brooklyn, NY 11225


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  • 1/5 stars February 24, 2015

    Scammers, crooks, thieves. It all describe Colin and his cohorts.

    Colin D. from Colin Drew & Co. Designs, LLC replied to this review on March 18, 2015:

    You lost a non-refundable deposit because you used our services and initiated your job and tried to cancel your project because we asked for another firm of payment because the bank (YOUR BANK) put a 22 day hold on the check for a project that would be complete in a week. No one is going to wait 20 days for a deposit check to clear. Your father made raciat remarks over the phone comments towards me because we ask for a different format of payment to cover the deposit. You then after we measured your property took pictures and drew up a plan of the existing conditions you wanted to cancel the project.

  • 1/5 stars January 1, 2015

    he 100 percent ripped us off, he is unprofessional took our money and gave us nothing for it he was unlicensed but presented himself as licensed we had to hire another architect who told us h new of this guy. we opned the drycleaner but because of broadus we were delayed months stay away

    Colin D. from Colin Drew & Co. Designs, LLC replied to this review on January 20, 2015:

    I have never had a client named scott that I recall and one must wonder why you would conceal your true identity if your claim is valid. Here is why .....because it is not and you can sue people for making false claims against your business so to avoid retribution aka legal action you use a fake name.

  • 5/5 stars February 19, 2014

    I hired CD & Co. to design a 12 story mixed use building for my investment group. The design sense was amazing as I had not envisioned anything as high -end as what Mr. Colin designed could have the low cost that we had. They certainly held true to their ad of high end architecture at low end cost. I almost feel bad as I kept reiterating that we did not want to go too hi end for construction budgets sake but Colin reassured me that high end and modern i no way has automatically equate to a 10 million dollar construction project.   We will be breaking ground in March and I can't wait to see the finished product. 

  • 3/5 stars February 13, 2014

    I had my Brownstone Remodel by Colin Drew & Co. Designs and I am pleased with the results. My wife and I bought the Brownstone as a shell property and had it returned to its original luxurious state. Colin's design sense was very impressive and the drawings and renderings were beautiful. Everyone was very polite and professional. Colin the lead designer was a bit of a Diva and very passionate with regards to the design and drafting end of the project so the "Divatude" was definitely justified and he was very nice in any event and knows his worth even though their fees were definitely on the low end. I would recommend them anytime.

  • 5/5 stars February 12, 2014

    Colin Drew & Company Designs just complete the design and NYC Dept of Buildings application process and I must say I was impressed with the speed of their services and feared that somehow it was at the expense of quality but as it turns out it was not. I have almost completed construction and based on the quote below alone I cant wait to contact them when it's over so that they can take pictures of the finished work and post it on the net to silence any nay sayers whom I can only imagine have ulterior motives considering that I dealt with both Colin and a gentleman by the name of Keon who I believe was the Project Manager. There were very diligent hard working and attentive to my needs as the client. They completely exceeded my expectation as I came across this page after the work had already started and was a bit worried after seeing the negative review below however I was already locked in and so I road it out to th end and I am glad that I did because what he designed was pretty much what I envisioned with the exception of the placement of the closet in the master bedroom. So to them I say keep up the good work fellas and things will definitely work out for you. I think it is truly sad that we live in such a bitter cold world that the minute things don't go someones way the first thing that comes to mind is to attempt to defame some one and their livelihood to get your kicks. That is the clear signof a loser in my opinion. THANKS AGAIN GUYS. YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM ME AGAIN SOON FOR A REFERRAL TO MY NEIGHBOR AND FOR OUR HOME AS MY HUSBAND WANTS TO NOW EXTEND THE GARAGE AND ADD A STORAGE UNIT ABOVE SINCE WE CAME IN UNDER BUDGET O THIS PROJECt.

  • 1/5 stars January 27, 2014

    I truly hope this serve as a warning to anyone that plans to work with Mr. Broadus. Firsty, our firm was vetting Mr. Broadus for a small project in the Hamptons. After a phone call in which Mr. Broadus lost his patience, he wrote the following to me:

    "Don't have to work on my demeanor. You are wasting my time and that became clear several emails ago and I am not gonna waste man hours ducking around with you on some rinky dink project and a banged up building that looks like crap for a roof replacement and have people give me the run around about it like I may not be able to understand the complexity of a lousy roof replacement you condescending dips**t. You don't know code there, you don't have a license there the person they shouldn't have hired that's too far away is the asshole in CALI THAT DOES KNOW DICK ABOUT THE LOCAL CODE OR PROCESS A LIC ENTERTAINMENT OR HAVE SEND ENOUGH TO REAL ICE WHEN HE IS SPEAK ING TO SOMEBODY THAT DOES.."

    Does this sound like a professional Architect anyone would like to work with? My initial gut after his first quote was to not consider Mr. Broadus' professional services, however due to his attractive pricing my client wanted to explore his services. So after a little due diligence on my part, I was able to find out the true personality of Mr. Broadus. I'm more inclined to agree with the other negative review posted here, as I've never met any professional that would write an email to a prospective client in this manner.

    Colin D. from Colin Drew & Co. Designs, LLC replied to this review on February 12, 2014:

    First and foremost this guy hung up on me several times after lying about the status of the project. I sent license numbers, references work sample after work sample and over 30 conversations so finally after jumping through every hoop placed in my path I was inclined to say that I was no longer interested in his project as you are clearly not convinced and there is but so much I can do to convince you that we are capable of interpreting building code of a municipality that I practice in constantly and if my not living withing a few miles of the township is a deal broker than then I must gracefully bow out as there is no point in running in a fixed race. Especially when with each conversation you seem to be leaning more and more towards the person that is more local to them and questioning whether or not we can travel from Brooklyn to Long Island. I merely expressed that from California you may not understand what you are asking and provided an analogy that what you are asking is no different than assuming an Architect in Brooklyn is incapable of traveling to Manhattan and in the name of ending what seemed to be a never ending free consultation that is clearly not going anywhere I need a definitive answer as to whether or not I have a realistic chance of earning your business. This very post shows that you are in fact the unprofessional one as you found a add on craigslist not on this site but are so disgruntled that I turned down your project as to halt the waste of man hours consulting you for nothing for several weeks for a project I was clearly not getting that you have gone out of your way to comb the net and look for places and ways to bad mouth my business because we chose not to do business with you and all because I ultimate told you that you are based in California and do not understand the local code and zoning however that has no bearing on whether or not I can understand or decipher it I'm 20 miles away and practice there frequently you are 2000 miles away. There is a difference. In any event as I said this person leaving profanity and such on my profile foes to show your character or the lack thereof and that you are simply upset that I walked away from you and did not allow you to take advantage of my practice or further insult it. You need a hobby clearly.

  • 5/5 stars January 19, 2014

    CD and Company just finished my structural plans and new extension design. Their design capabilities were just what we were looking for and I expected to pay way more but they were very affordable and did excellent work. I was hesitant to work with Colin at first because of a negative review I came across however he. explained that he recently had a few cliens that ran out of funding for their project and tried to get out of paying and tried to bad mouth him and so he agreed to do the design and receive payment upon completion. What I got was great and as a business owner myself I understand that many times when we don't bend over backwards for clients and customers or don't cater to things outside of our agreement they try to retaliate by harming your business and most review sites don't even allow you to respond to negative reviews and a lot of the time the people use fake names under the review because they know they can be sued for false defaming statements and claims without proof as it has happened to me. When I met with him and asked him about the review below he immediately opened his laptop and showed me his client list and sure enough he never even had a client named Steve. So keep l

  • 1/5 stars January 7, 2014

    Weird that the only positive review on here happens to be a guy name Colin B. when the guy who owns Colin Drew & Co. Designs LLC is named Colin Broadus. Anyways, Colin is a scam artist and I had a terrible experience with him. He delayed my project, did subpar work and then tried to scam me out of money.

  • 5/5 stars September 6, 2013

    Colin recently designed and drafted plans for my brownstone renovation in Brooklyn and I must say he was quite professional prompt and knowledgeable. We completed construction today and was hoping I could post pics here. Thanks for the good work. I will definitely be referring you to neighbors.

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