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“Business owners seeking a financial boost are among her most
devoted clients…” ELLE Magazine.

Since 1996, Judith Wendell, New York Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, has been explaining to her clients how their environments affect their life situations and then helping to improve them. Wendell’s expertise has recently been lauded on The NBC Today Show with New York real estate guru Barbara Corcoran, when she offered advice on selling a home in a down market.

Wendell spoke at the International Turning Point Spa Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand on “Feng Shui and Spa Profitability in the 21st Century” as well as at the Global Spa Summit In New York on “Creating, Maintaining and Designing a Soulful Spa”. She soon after had a feature in Spa Business Magazine.

In the NY Times Dining Section August 6, 2003, Alex Witchell said, “Candle 79 hired Ms. Wendell to go where no contractor had gone before, and fix what seemed to be ailing the two-story town house...” Mr. Potenza owner of the new Candle 79 was enthusiastic; “We used feng shui in the Third Avenue location and after being in business there for nine years and going strong, we think it’s an element that has added to its overall success.”

According to Wendell, every building is like a sponge. If the tenants who occupied an office, home or retail space were happy and successful, the next owner will inherit their good ‘chi' or life energy. Conversely, even a distant history of negativity or disturbances in the land can affect current usage. But steps can always be taken to improve the situation.

Ms. Wendell is called upon to help corporations, retailers, spas, restaurants and homeowners with everything from health and financial issues, to improving their business and personal relationships. With her gentle approach and an accent on the positive, Wendell says: “The clearing of an environment or building site preserves the good and cleanses the less auspicious. The timeless rituals I perform have been practiced in all cultures to honor the land and consecrate dwellings.”

Ms. Wendell holds a three-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Professional Program. Her knowledge of both classical Flying Star and Form School feng shui inform all her consultations. She brings a successful career in fashion as well as training in interior design and a lifelong interest in architecture to her work - recognizing that beauty and order are integral to well being and success.

Judith Wendell has also appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, ELLE Magazine, The NBC Today Show, CNN International Business Report, Spa Business, Fuji Japanese TV, New York Post, Time Out, NY1 News, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Glamour, PBS, Real Estate Weekly, Fox News and others.


New York, NY 10128


2 Reviews
  • Nicole D. Mar 11, 2013
    Judith Wendell is the person to go to for Feng Shui, decorating and design. She has helped me Feng Shui 3 separate apartments and if I ever do construction she is the first person I will call. Most recently she helped me with my current apartment with my husband and young baby. With the new baby I wanted to clear out any of the old energy. Plus something always felt off. The master bedroom felt claustrophobic even though it’s pretty sizeable room. By the time she left the apartment I felt like I could breathe for the first time in it. It felt lighter, like a huge weight was lifted. She cleared the space of old stagnant energy. Judith also made simple and inexpensive recommendations that made a huge shift in the apartment’s energy. My husband keeps saying how impressed he was with the recommendations Judith made. Her prices are reasonable and she will make suggestions to fit your budget. I recommend Judith to all my friends when they move.
  • Sara B. Mar 1, 2013
    I cannot recommend Judith enough! I have worked with her for over 10 years on various residences and offices and her input and expertise has been invaluable. She is the first person I call when I move to a new space. The work we have done together has been a great gift to me and to my quality of life.