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I've been helping people communicate effectively from a distance for over 25 years. As a Baby Boomer myself, I understand the privacy issues my peers have with social media. I totally get the frustration they're feeling about doing business online. And, in addition to having a ton of skill using Web 2.0, social media, and virtual meetings, I have a deep sense of humor about what it takes to get past our web angst so we can all get on with making our finest contributions in the 21st Century. My clients love working with me because I coach "over the shoulder," helping them make sense of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and all kinds of FREE online tools that make sharing their gifts easier than ever.


Ashland, OR 97520

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    • Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
      A recent client is a retired biodynamic farmer who knew no more about the internet than how to download his email. But he was setting up a new program to share his love for the Earth, good food, and the kinds of biodynamic farming methods he has been using all his life. And his program was going to take place on his farm in Ecuador! Walter and I worked together online for 8 weeks a couple of times a week and he worked hard between our live sessions. He practiced the new routines I showed him for making smart use of Facebook and Twitter and he quickly learned how to use them to connect with young people all over the world. I set him up on a very simple but highly "social" blogging platform and he began posting pictures, sharing his knowledge of biodynamic methods, and talking up his workshops. (Since he was about to publish a memoir of his life experience farming, he also began promoting the book on his new blog.) The upshot, in just over 3 months of working together, was that my client - a man with no social media experience whatsoever - successfully filled two workshops this winter with people he'd never met in person. He's regularly receiving 1500 or more views of his blog posts. And he's having a ball! Walter is touring the US right now with his wife, but when he returns to Ecuador, soon, I'm confident he'll have an abundance of people ready to sign up for his next biodynamic workshops - in Ecuador. All in a day's work for us at BeingSocial.Us. If this story piques your interest, I'm happy to share more. I have successfully helped lots of smart people get through their web angst and get on with making their lifetime contributions. I'd love to help you, too...
    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      My best advice, if you're looking for social media coaching, or help with virtual meetings, is to have a real-time phone conversation or a Skype meeting with anyone you're considering hiring. It's essential for you to trust your coach and feel confident that s/he understands your specific challenges and has the specific knowledge and skills to help you. Without that, you may "feel better" because you've got "a coach," but you're unlikely to make any real progress yourself. Watching someone else do things online - or, worse, just listening to their entertaining stories about what they've accomplished - doesn't help you do what YOU need to do with social media. I offer - and in fact require - clients have a FREE 30-minute phone conversation or virtual meeting with me so we can explore the fit between your needs and our programs. There's never an obligation for this meeting. I feel like I owe it to you - and to myself - to be sure we can work together. While we're coaching, I'm always just a call away...but I know I've done a great job when my clients quickly don't need me at all.
    Coverage Area for BeingSocial.Us is about 30+ miles of Ashland, OR.