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How much does relationship counseling cost?

Average cost in 20149: $80 /hr See National


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The average cost for a counselor is $80/hr. You are likely to spend between $55 and $120 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Relationship counseling is available for both people in a relationship or just one of the people in the relationship. A range of professionals provide relationship counseling—many of whom are licensed marriage and family therapists. People seek relationship counseling for help with better communication, conflict resolution, family planning, rebuilding trust, and gaining more passion and intimacy. Counselors offer services to people with or without insurance, and some offer services on a sliding scale. Several factors affect the cost of relationship counseling.


Geographic location can play a role in the cost of relationship counseling. Typically, counselors in cities and areas with a higher cost of living charger higher rates than those living in smaller towns and areas with a lower cost of living. The number of and competition among providers in an area also affects pricing.

Session rates

Therapists set their rates according to their location, the services they offer, their training and other factors. Rates for individuals are typically less than session rates for couples because two people receive the benefit of the services and the professional must attend to two clients. Also, in some cases, couples sessions are longer than individual sessions. Here are some pricing examples:

Kathryn Armstrong, MA, LPC in Austin, Texas:

  • 50-minute individual session: $95

  • 80-minute couples session: $140

Suzanne Freid MA, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, Texas:

  • 50-minute individual session: $150

  • 75-minute couples session: $195

Lisa Dyck, MS., LMFT in Thousand Oaks, California:

  • 50-minute individual session: $125

  • 50-minute couples session: $125

Angela Hayes, Licensed Professional Counselor in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • 55-minute couples session: $35–$60

Training and reputation

Licensed therapists who have higher-education degrees, more extensive training or a long-established practice sometimes charge higher rates than those who are new to the practice and don’t have as an established clientele.

Sliding scale

Many relationship counselors offer sliding-scale rates in addition to their standard rates. Sliding scale rates are generally based on financial circumstances, and some counselors require clients to show proof of income. Suzanne Freid MA, Licensed Professional Counselor reserves a set number of sliding-scale appointments for those in need.

Remote sessions

Many relationship counselors offer remote sessions to clients via phone, Skype or other online services.


Many relationship counselors do not accept insurance. Clients typically must file for reimbursement through their insurance provider or pay for services out of pocket. If direct payment through insurance is a priority, be sure to determine whether a therapist accepts insurance before scheduling sessions.

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