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How much does swedish massage therapy cost?

Average cost in 20149: $85 See National


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The average cost for a massage therapist is $85. You are likely to spend between $60 and $125 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Swedish massage is a type of therapeutic body work provided by licensed massage therapists. It can provide relaxation, stress relief and increased flexibility. Swedish massage is generally available in 30- to 120-minute sessions, and pressure levels vary as requested by the client. Divine Touch Bodyworks in Arlington, Texas, uses massage oil or cream for Swedish massage along with smooth, gliding strokes and firm but gentle pressure to promote health and relaxation. Several factors affect the cost of Swedish massage.


As with most body work, the longer the Swedish massage session, the higher the cost. Some massage therapists have varying rates for different types of massage, and Swedish massage is usually lower on the cost spectrum than other, more strenuous, forms of bodywork.

In-studio massage

Some massage therapists ask clients to come to their location, which may be their own studios, at fitness centers, offices or other venues. In general, in-studio Swedish massage costs less than when the massage therapist travels to the client’s location. Here are example prices for in-studio massage services:

Garry Commiato LMT in Dallas, Texas:

  • 30-minute Swedish massage: $25

  • 60-minute Swedish massage: $40

  • 90-minute Swedish massage: $65

Divine Touch Bodyworks:

  • 60-minute Swedish massage: $50

Off-site massage

Some massage therapists travel to their clients’ home, office, or hotel for Swedish massage services. In general, off-site massages cost more than those provided in a therapist’s studio to help cover the extra time, effort and transportation expenses in travelling to and from the client’s location with their massage table and other equipment. Garry Commiato LMT charges the following for off-site massage services:

  • 60-minute Swedish massage: $55, which is $15 higher than in-studio pricing

  • 90-minute Swedish massage: $75, which is $10 higher than in-studio pricing


Some massage therapists offer couples massage, where two people receive bodywork at the same time, generally side by side. People often opt for couples massage on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Typically two massage therapists work on the couple or two friends simultaneously; however, one therapist can provide the massages one after the other. Garry Commiato LMT charges $120 for a 60-minute couples massage.


Massage therapists in different regions may have different rates for Swedish massages. Geographic factors that affect massage prices include the cost of living for an area and the local competition among providers.


Buying a bundle of massage sessions upfront can provide an opportunity to save. Clients receive the benefit of paying less per session than when buying each massage individually, and massage therapists benefit by ensuring future work and securing customer loyalty. Garry Commiato LMT offers 10 percent off of the total price when any number massages are pre-purchased as a package.

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Rob Fekert at Physical Edge

Rob is really good!!! He did an awesome job on my injured shoulder and had great leg stretches. I received a 90 minute massage for $100 which is slightly higher than I pay at my gym and other places but it was well worth it. The only negative was having to fill out health history form with private info which I have never had to do at other places. I highly recommend Rob. He is highly skilled. Pete

Divine Light-Healing Arts by Jazmine

Jazmine responded to me very fast when I first contacted her through your email offers. Jazmine answered all my questions and kept in contact with me. I was sure she would be a good therapist for me. When she arrived at my apartment, I couldn't believe how professional and friendly she was. Not that it matters, but you can't help notice that she is a beautiful woman but handles that in a good way. You also can't help notice that she has spiritual involvement all around her. She brightens up the people that are near her and the places she is in. Makes it easy to be comfortable. I have had many massages over the years and Jazmine was the best I have ever had. Gifted hands, the best I have ever felt. There is energy and love in those hands. It matters. She seems to know what must takes years for a therapist to learn. yet she has learned it at an early age. I was going crazy during the massage and ready to sign over the pink slip of my car and cashing in my 401k for her. She could have had it, but she wouldn't let me do it. I have been a massage client for years. Way back when they had not invented tables, not to mention donut cushions with a hole to stick your head in. Back then, 2 therapist showed up on outcalls. One for you and another for the horse they rode in on. She is the best. I had 1 problem with Jazmine She did not tell me that we would be going on a trip. I was not prepared to do any traveling, but she led me into that anyway. I have never been to the Numbered Clouds before. Never believed they existed. If they did exist, the highest I could ever expect to go would be maybe cloud 5. She dropped me off on Cloud 9. That's all, Bill

Robin Evans

Robin is a first class masseuse . Her prices are too low, but reflect the fact she is working in a rural setting. So you really get a well trained professional at great prices.